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The T-Mobile myTouch is a smart phone designed by HTC that uses Google's Android operating system. Ask your questions about features, prices and troubleshooting the myTouch here.

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How do you activate my lycamobile simcard?

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You need to activate the sim card online or call the network provider.
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Can you upgrade your graphics card to get pixel shading 1.1 to work with it without buying a new one?

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Try the latest drivers from download.sys.com. if they don't work, email me and I'll try to help you further. can't get into site Help is near search on google after the program 3d-analyze open the program and tick emulate pixel shader option and off you go. (its a free program)
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Meaning of sour cream in Tamil?

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Sour cream translated to Tamil is புலி குழ (pronounced as puli koozh) Cheers!
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What does cx mean in texting?

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It's a face. With the eyes of xD and the mouth of c:
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Can Netflix stream on mytouch 4g?

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not yet. drm - open source (Android) issues: some speculate affiliated studios to netflix are worried.
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I want to touch a girl that is my friend but where should I touch her I know where not touch and how should I touch her I want her to like me more?

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just hug her if she likes you a bit but if she says get off then sorry man :S umm if she does like you maybe it will work p.s. do it at the rite moment just do it when it feels right not just out of the blue and if she likes you then just make it feel right to the both of you ok it sounds to me like ur panicing so your probly young i wood hug her tell her u like her if she likes you shell go out with u unless she has a boyfriend if she doesnt like you then ur SKREWD it will b acward 4 the rest of ur life expesialy if you touch her in the hug
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Where can you find wallpaper borders?

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i believe a shop in lichfield called Decor sell all kinds of wallpaper, apparently they did have wrestling paper last year, but cannot find number to confirm decoratetoday.com
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How do you remove the silent mode from your samsung messenger phone?

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press # until you see "exit silent mode" , But on some phones when you have a full keyborad you have to hold down the shift button along with the # button at the same time
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Does Guaranteed Coverage mean guaranteed to anyone regardless of lack of coverage in the past and immigration status?

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It means guaranteed if you meet the "qualifications." m is guaranteed IF you have been denied in the private market, resident - Mr. Mip doesn't ask immigration status, can't be eligible for Medicare, can't be eligible for COBRA, If you're talking about Group Coverage - I've never seen immigration status come up, lack of coverage in the past is not an issue to get coverage. It might be if the new policy has a pre-x clause, as prior coverage counts.
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How much does the mytouch 4g cost?

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$450 without a contract $100 with a contract
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What are some excuses to get off the phone with someone because the conversation is too quiet?

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1) Tell them you have another call waiting. 2) Tell them your parents just called you up for supper. 3) Tell them you have to get back on your homework. 4) Simply say you'll talk to them later. Most importantly, if this is a person that calls you alot, switch up your excuses. Have these memorized for the future, because you never know when situations like this will come up.
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Should I get a my touch or my touch q?

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It depends on what you are if u are texter then get my touch q but if you want a bigger touch screen and face time then get the my touch.
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Are cellphone numbers going to telemarketers shortly?

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Telemarketers and people who do telephone research or charities are not allowed to call any cell phones by law. If they accidentaly call your number, just tell them it's a cell phone and they won't call you again.
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Is wallpaper outdated?

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If you are trying to sell your house it might as well be considered out dated. Take it off the wall and paint a boring off white to make it a neutral space. People simply just prefer paint and don't like the idea of having to remove wallpaper.
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My 98 Bonneville is stalling at a stop and idle also cutting out while driving?

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I have been having the same problem, I have a 99 bonny se and it stalls while driving,I actually had to replace my starter . I bought a sensor diagnostic obo2, the sensor came up mass air flow,whicch there is a actual cleaner for it . DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT IT. any parts dealer will tell you how to use. I used it and it helped i have more on the pedal but it still stalls in the same way. I was told about a vacumme canister or replacing my egr sensor, hope this helped a little... auto101...
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How do you take off safe mode on mytouch?

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Turn your phone off and back on again, however, in order to get into safe mode you have to hold the menu button when you power on. So if your button is stuck, you will not be able to get out of safe mode, this happened to me. If taking out your battery and sim card for 1 full minute and power on doesn't work, you need a new phone weather that means taking it back with or without insurance, or just buying a new one.
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How do you get water out of the screen of a Samsung A840 flip phone?

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Don't ask how, but I had to fish my wife's phone out of the toilet. Leave it open in front of a space heater with the battery disconnected for 24 hours. DO NOT attempt to reconnect the battery or power up the phone for at least that long.
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Does a phone turn on without a SIM card?

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Yes, but there isn't any service.
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What are the combinations of the droid alchemy game?

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1UP= life + mushroom Air= starter Airplane= air + car Alcohol= fire + water Alcoholic= man + beer/vodka/alcohol Algae= plant + water Aluminium = Airplane + Metal Arable= earth + tool Arms= metal + tool Ash= fire + snake Ash Tray= ash + glass Assassin= man + poisoned weapons Avian Flu= flu + bird/chicken Bacon= fire + pig Bacteria= life + swamp Bar= brick house + beer Barbecue= fire + meat Bat= bird + vampire Batman= man + bat Beach= water + sand Bear= beast + forest Beast= earth + lizard Beaver= dam + beast Beer= alcohol + wheat Beetle= earth + worm Berry= grass + fruit Bicycle= wheel + wheel Bird= air + egg Bitumen= kerogen + pressure Blood= beast + hunter Boat= water + wood Boiler= metal + steam Book= feather + paper Bow = Robin Hood + Arms Bread= dough + fire Brick= clay + fire Brick House= brick + concrete Butterfly= air + worm Cactus= desert + tree Cancer = Cigarettes + Man Car= cart + combustion engine Caramel= sugar + fire Carbon Dioxide= oxygen + man Carmine= cochineal + fire Cart= wheel + wood Cat = Hunter + Mouse Caviar= human + hard roe Cement= clay + limestone Cemetery= grave + grave Ceramics= clay + man Champagne= wine + soda water Chariot= warrior + cart Cheese= quark(cheese) + fire Chicken= egg + life Christmas Tree= tree + lightbulb Cigarettes= paper + tobacco City= skyscraper + skyscraper Clay= sand + swamp Cloth= tool + wool Clothing= cloth + man Cloud= air + steam Coal= fire + tree Coca-Cola= soda water + carmine Cochineal= cactus + beetle Coffin= corpse + wood Combustion Engine= steam engine + gasoline Concrete= cement + water Continent = Country + Country Country = City + City Corpse= fire + man Dam= brick + water Desert= sand + sand Diamond= uncut diamond + tool Diet= man + yoghurt Dinosaur= earth + egg Dough= flour + water Dragon= fire + flying dinosaur Dust= air + earth Earth= starter Ectoplasm= ghost + energy Egg= life + stone Electric eel= snake + electricity Electric Ray= fish + electricity Electricity= energy + metal Energy= air + fire Explosion= gasoline + fire Faberge Egg = Egg + Diamond Farmer= man + seed Fat= man + pig Feather= bird + hunter Fern= moss + swamp Fire= starter Fire Elemental= fire + life Firearms= arms + gunpowder Firefighter= hero + fire Firefly= light + beetle Fish= bacteria + plankton Fisherman= hunter + fish Flour= stone + wheat Flower= water + seed Flu= air + bacteria Flying Dinosaur= air + dinosaur Fondue= cheese + fire Forest= grove + grove Fossil= dinosaur + earth Frankenstein= corpse + electricity Frog= lizard + swamp Fruit= tree + farmer Fugu = Fish + Poison Gasoline= petroleum + pressure Genie= lamp + ghost Geyser= steam + earth Ghost= ash + life Ghostbusters = Ghost + Hunter Glass= fire + sand Golem= clay + life Grape= earth + wood Grass= earth + moss Grave= earth + corpse Grove= tree + tree Gunpowder= dust + fire Hen Coop= chicken + hut Hero= dragon + warrior Hospital= brick house + sick Hourglass= glass + sand Hunter= arms + man Hut= man + stone Hydrogen= water + electricity Ice = Water + Glass Idea= man + light bulb Iodine= algae + fire Jedi = Hero + Lightsaber Juice = Fruit + Pressure Kama Sutra= book + sex Kerogen = fossil + pressure Knife= meat + tool Lamp= fire + glass Lance Armstrong = Cancer + Bicycle Lava= earth + fire Lava Golem= lava + life Lava Lamp= lava + lamp Lawnmower = Grass + Tool Leech= blood + worm Library= book + book Lichen= mushroom + algae Life= energy + swamp Light= electricity + light bulb Light bulb= electricity + glass Lighthouse= skyscraper + light Lightning Rod= thunderstorm + metal Light Saber= arms + light Lime= fire + limestone Limestone= shells + stone Livestock= beast + man Lizard= snake + worm Locomotive= cart + steam engine Man= beast + life Manure= grass + livestock Mario= 1UP + man McDonald's= Coca-Cola + sandwich Meat= beast + hunter Mentos = Coca-cola + Geyser Metal= fire + stone Metal Golem= life + metal Milk= livestock + man Mirror = Aluminium + Glass Mite= life + dust Mold= mushroom + mud Molotov Cocktail= fire + alcohol Moon = Cheese + Sky Moss= swamp + algae Motorboat= boat + combustion engine Motorcycle= bicycle + combustion engine Mouse = Cheese + Beast Mud= dust + water Mummy = Paper + Corpse Museum= brick house + fossil Mushroom= earth + algae Obesity= man + McDonald's Old Man = Man + Time Omelette= egg + fire Oxygen= water + electricity Oxyhydrogen= oxygen + hydrogen Ozone= oxygen + electricity Panda= tree + beast Paper= reed + tool Pearl= sand + shells Peat= swamp + tree Penicillin= mold + scientist Perfume = Flower + alcohol Petri Dish= glass + bacteria Petroleum= bitumen + pressure Phoenix= bird + fire Pig = livestock + mud Pillow= feather + cloth Pinocchio= wood + life Pizza= cheese + dough Plankton= bacteria + water Piesiosauria= dinosaur + water Poison= mushroom + tool Poisoned Weapons= arms + poison Pressure= earth + earth PRISONER= assassin + time QUARK(cheese)= soured milk + fire QUETZALCOATL= snake + bird REED= grass + swamp Robin Hood = Forest + Hero RUST= water + metal SAILBOAT= boat + cloth SAILING SHIP= cloth + wooden ship SAILOR= boat + man SALAMANDER= fire + lizard SALTPETER= limestone + manure SAND= stone + water SANDSTORM= storm + sand SANDWICH= meat + bread Santa Claus = Old man + Chrismas tree SCARAB= beetle + manure SCIENTIST= library + man SCISSORS= knife + knife SCORPION= beetle + sand SCOTCH WHISKEY= alcohol + peat SEED= life + sand SEX= man + man Sex in the city = Sex + city SHELLS= plankton + stone SICK= man + flu SILICON= pressure + sand Silver = Moon + Metal Sith = Jedi + Assasin SKY= air + cloud SKYSCRAPER= brick house + glass SMOKE= fire + tobacco SNAIL= Shells + Worm SNAKE= Swamp + Worm SNIPER= Assassin + Firearms SOAP= Ash + Fat SODA WATER= Carbon Dioxide + Water SOLDIER= Firearms + Man SOURED MILK= Milk + Yogurt SPINNING WHEEL= Wheel + Wool STAKE= Wood + Knife STAR= Sun + Scientist Starwars = Jedi + Sith STEAM= Air + Water STEAM ENGINE= Boiler + Coal STEAMER= Steam Engine + Wooden Ship STONE= Air + Lava STORM= Air + Energy SUGAR= Lime + Reed SULFUR= Bacteria + Swamp SUN= Sky + Chariot Sunflower = Sun + Flower SUSHI= Fish + Algae SWAMP= Earth + Water SWEATER= Yarn + Tool SWINE FLU= Pig + Flu TEAM= Beast + Cart TEQUILA= Alcohol + Worm The Beatles = Beatle + Beatle THUNDERBIRD= Bird + Storm THUNDERSTORM= Storm + Electricity TIME= Life + Hourglass Tractor = Lawnmower + Arable TOAST= Fire + Bread TOBACCO= Fire + Grass TOOL= Man + Metal TOTORA= Forest + Ghost TREE= Earth + Seed TURTLE= Egg + Sand TWILIGHT SAGA= Vampire + Werewolf TYPHOON= Storm + Water UNCUT DIAMOND= Coal + Pressure UNDEAD= Corpse + Zombie VAMPIRE= Blood + Man VINEGAR= Alcohol + Oxygen VODKA= Alcohol + Water VOLCANO= Lava + Pressure VULTURE= Corpse + Bird VW BEETLE= Car + Beetle WALKING TREE= Life + Tree WARRIOR= Arms + Hunter WATER= Starter WEEVIL= Flour + Beetle WEREWOLF= Beast + Vampire WHALE= Beast + Water WHEAT= Arable + Seed WHEEL= Tool + Wood WHEY= Soured Milk + Fire WIND= Air + Air WINE= Grape + Alcohol WOOD= Tool + Tree WOODEN SHIP= Boat + Wood WOOL= Beast + Hunter WORM= Earth + Plankton YARN= Spinning Wheel + Wool YOGURT= Bacteria + Milk YOSHI= 1UP + Egg ZOMBIE= Corpse + Life ZOO= Beast + Museum Australia = kangaroo + country China* = dragon + country Clock = tool + time Dog* = wolf + man Egypt* = cat/mummy + country Finland* = sauna + country France* = champagne + country Germany* = vw beetle + country Iceland* = ice/volcano + country India* = kama sutra + country Italy* = pizza/Venice + country Japan* = sushi/sun/totoro + country Kangaroo = frog + 1up/beast Kilt = clothing + Scotland Mexico* = tequila + country Planet* = continent + continent Romania* = transylvania + country Russia* = vodka + country Salo = pig + man Saudi Arabia* = petroleum + country Sauna = steam + hut Scotland = scotch whiskey + country Swiss Army Knife = knife + Switzerland Switzerland = clock/fondue + country Transylvania = vampire + country Ukraine* = salo + country United Kingdom* = the beetles/robin hood + country USA* = McDonald's/coca-cola + country Venice = city + water Wolf = werewolf + moon Statue of Liberty = USA + France Dilemma = Chicken + Egg
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Can anyone help your 2002 Hyundai Accent died while driving and will not restart?

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It depends, first open your hood so you can hear the engine. If your car fast clicks when you turn the key, its probably your timing belt, starter or spark plugs. If you hear nothing, or slow clicks, it's the alternator. Try charging your battery, if your car starts working, it was your alternator. In this case, buy a new alternator, DO NOT drive the car, it will die again soon. Addendum: Actually, if the engine suddenly dies while driving, then there are two likely causes for the problem. One is that the ignition module has given up the ghost. The other is that the ignition harness in the steering wheel column may have developed an open circuit. There are other possibilities as well.
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Can you touch stingrays?

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you shouldn't without a person who knows what there doing, but i have done it before only if they cut of the ends of the tails cuz they killed Steve Irwin with the tail so yah the tails don't need to be cut off. you just need to have proper supervision and only touch the wings. Even if you know what you are doing you shouldn't handle them unless it is absolutely necessary, Rays, Sharks and fish have a protective mucilaginous coating that provides protection from things such as parasites, fungal infection and the sun. When you touch them you wipe off the mucilage and so to the protection. If animals are regularly touched (such as approachable resident fish in popular dive sites) they are more prone to infection and sunburn. If you snorkel or scuba dive and you happen to see a tame fish with white scar-looking lines this is the reason
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How do you use sd adapter i cant get the mini sd out of it..?

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It won't damage the card or do anything bad. I asked the GEEK SQUAD and they told me that all you have to do i grab the part of the mini SD that you can see sticking out of the adapter and pull it. It should come out but, you have to pull it hard.