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Statistics deals with collecting, organizing, and interpreting numerical data. An important aspect of statistics is the analysis of population characteristics inferred from sampling.

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What is the percent error formula?

Percent Error is the difference between the true value and the estimate divided by the true value and the result is multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage. The percent error obviously can be positive or negative; however, some prefer taking the absolute value of the difference. The formula is the absolute value of the experimental value (minus) the theoretical value divided by theoretical value times 100. % error = (|Your Result - Accepted Value| / Accepted Value) x 100 ...
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What depicts data in graphical form?

A graph or chart.
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Is income a ratio or interval scale measurement?

Income is a ratio measure. In ratio measures, one can order categories, specify the difference between two categories, and the value of zero on the variable represents the absence of the variable. Thus, income can take on values of $0, $10, $30,000, etc. Zero dollar income means the absence of income, making income a ratio measurement. ...
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A nominal scale variable is?

Descriptive, non-numeric, qualitative. Furthermore, they cannot be ordered (as in small, medium, large) ...
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What does the median score mean?

the number that is in the middle of that particular set of numbers.
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What is the value of z if the area between -z and z is 0.754?

Since the normal distribution is symmetric, the area between -z and 0 must be the same as the area between 0 and z. Using this fact, you can simplify this problem to finding a z such that the area between 0 and z is .754/2=.377. If you look this value up in a z-table or use the invNorm on a calculator, you will find that the required value of z will be 1.16. Therefore, the area between -1.16 and 1.16 must...
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How can you do double graduate?

If you are referring to graduating with a double major, then yes you can.
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What is objectivity in statistics?

the use of random sampling that results in an unbiased conclusion.
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What event has a probability of 0?

-- The freezing over of Hell. -- A confirmed sighting of flying pigs. etc. Besides anything that is impossible, as noted above, the simultaneous occurrence of two mutually exclusive events has a probability of zero: It is raining and it is not raining, it is on and it is off, etc. ...
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What does CL mean in mathematical terms?

It may stand for the number 150 (Roman numbers). In statistics, CL usually refers to "Confidence Level," which establishes a likelihood (typically 90 or 95%) an estimated value will fall within a given Confidence Interval (a range of estimated values). For example... [I'll get more done on this later] ...
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What is the meaning if the examinee has a percentile rank of 79 in the entrance test?

It means 79 percent of the people did not was well as he or she did. It also means 21 percent of the people did better. ...
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How many four digit numbers are made of odd number?

If you're asking for 4 digit numbers where all four digits are odd, then the lowest number possible is 1111, and the highest is 9999. You only have 5 digits to work with. The answer is: 54 - 53 = 625 - 125 = 500. Subtract the 5 cubed for the numbers less than 1111, which are not four digits. ...
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What is the probability of obtaining exactly 4 heads in 6 flips of a fair coin?

The probability of a head in one flip is 1/2. The probability of HHHHTT is (1/2)6 = 1/64 The possible correct flips are HHHHTT, HHHTHT, HHTHHT, HTHHHT, THHHHT, HHHTTH, HHTHTH, HTHHTH, THHHTH, HHTTHH, HTHTHH, THHTHH, HTTHHH, THTHHH, TTHHHH, each with a probability of 1/64. Total probability is 15/64. ...
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What is traversing in data structure?

visit each element in a list at least onces.
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What lottery number occurs most often?

Please try and understand the enormity of what you are asking, as this question has come up before. Lottery "numbers" are a series. Various balls or slips or number segments are generated, typically with two digits a piece, and a certain number of pieces selected. Thus there might be six balls each with a two digit number on them. I cannot conceive, given the thousands of lottery game types - let alone how many times each has been played - that there is...
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How do you do a stem and leaf graph with money?

Instead of 4|5 meaning say 4.5 have it mean £4.50 so like £|pence or if in whole numbers just the same 4|5 means £45 ...
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What does a frequency chart or table look like?

Another name for a frequency chart is a stem and leaf plot. EXAMPLE: If i have the numbers 72,73, 74, 87, 88. 92,99 First you need to order them into least to greatest. DEFINITIONS stem- (basically like the tens) so 73's stem is 7 leaf- (basically like the ones) so 73's leaf is 3 Stem l Leaf ____________ 7 l 2,3,4 8 l 7,8 9 l 2, 9 In the graph I've shown you I've numbered the numbers from least to greatest going vertically (stem) horizontally (leaf) IT IS INCORRECT IF...
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What is the least four digit number?

1,000 is the least 4-digit number.
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Which digit in 4.628 has the least value?

The number 8 in that question is the number with the least amount of value (0.008). ...