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Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, is a superhero character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics. Introduced in 1962, Spider-Man quickly became one of the most popular and commercially successful comic book characters of all time, thanks in large part to a strong multimedia presence through television and film. Today, he is one of Marvel's most iconic heroes.

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Who owns the rights to spider man?

Spider-Man is published by Marvel Comics, a part of Marvel Entertainment. On December 31, 2009, The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment. ...
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What is the name of Spider-Man heroine?

In the movies it is Mary Jane Watson, however do note; In the upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man's heroine is Gwen Stacy. Also, in the comic books the 1st heroine was Gwen Stacy but after she died it was Mary Jane. Different comic issues have different heroines though. ...
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What was Spider-Man's uniform of?

A silk/leather material. - The original Spider-Man suit, his traditional red and blue, is made from Lycra and spandex. His most recent Iron Spider-Man costume manufactured by Tony Stark, Is made from much of the Iron and technology of the Iron Man suit while maintaining a Mesh base for Spider-Man's flexibility. ...
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Can you use a copyright image of spider man?

For personal use yes, but if you want to reproduce it for other people to use or see outside your house you will need to get permission from the copyright owner and probably pay a fee, ...
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Where did you first wear black suit?

IN the secret wars miniseries. -The black Symbiote suit is first worn in Amazing Spider-man #252: Secret Wars #8. After discovering the Symbiote is dangerous he ditches it, however in Amazing Spider-Man 265 he returns to wearing a black suit which was stitched for him by Black Cat. After Mary Jane is attacked by Venom he retires his stitched black suit out of respect for Mary Jane. He returns to the black suit following the Civil War in Amazing Spiderman 539. ...
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What does spider mans costume represent?

Spiderman's costumeb represents the super powers he was granted after being bitten by a spider. Also the costume represents his separate identity when he is using his super powers. ...
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Why did Spider man's parents get killed?

In a plane crash was what was first thought to be the cause of their death. In the 90s his parents came back to life saying they had worked for the government and got caught by the Russians for 20 years. It was later revealed they were robots made by Chameleon and Green Goblin ( Harry). The real way they died was that they worked for C.I.A and OSS the third red skull Malik caught them spying and sabotaged there plane....
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Is spiderman in the avengers?

Yes he's in The New Avengers Yes, Spider-Man is currently a member of the Avengers and Future Foundation. Spidey will not be in the Avengers movie. ...
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How the peter Parker became spider-man?

As a high school student, young Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider at a science fair field trip. He developed spider-like abilities and then made mechanical web shooters as well as a costume. That was when he decided to try to make money as a professional wrestler. After being too selfish to stop a running criminal and finding out that same guy had killed his beloved Uncle Ben- he started helping people in danger by remembering the words: "With great...
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Why is Spider-Man's suit red and blue?

Spidey's Suit Colors Here are friendus and opinions from FAQ Farmers: That was the color of the spider who bit him in the movie. As far as the comic books go, those were just the colors he chose. Most superhero costumes in the 1960s favored bright primary colors such as red and blue, sometimes with yellow. (Recall Superman, the Flash, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, the X-Men, etc.) Exceptions include Green Lantern and Green Arrow. By contrast, villains often sported purple and/or green, along...
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What nemesis does mary-jane turn into?

She was once possessed by the soul of Red Sonja who is a hero and not a villian. ...
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Where to get a spider-man pillow pet?

We can get it in a spider man pillow shop
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Why does Peter Parker live with his aunt and uncle?

He was told his parents died in a plane crash when he was just a kid- but they really were spies and that had to be kept classified. ...
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How much is the Amazing Fantasy comic where Spider Man makes his first appearance worth?

Amazing Fantasy #15 is probably worth as much as you are willing to pay for it. However, it is currently selling (2010) at approximately $120,000 at the upper end of the scale; if you are willing to believe some auction houses. Even low grade copies are selling at a premium. I believe that there are about 1400 copies known to exist and very few of these are high grade copies. Like most valuable items it is a matter of supply and...
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If you put Spider-Man in a giant bathtub could he escape?

obviously he's just a man dressed in a costume.
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Where does Spider Man live?

Forest Hills, New York City, NY.
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How do you unlock black suit Spider Man in Spider Man 3?

You have to collect all of the Spider Stone stuff to unlock the suit
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How much is the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man worth?

nout mate x Amazing Spider-Man comic from 1963 in mint condition is worth approximately $75,000 or £49,000 (2010). It does depend on whether you are willing to pay that much for it though. The problem with pricing the top end comics is that the prices are artificially inflated by auction houses. These organisations have private sales to self-publicise; Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 being auctioned for approx. $1,000,000 dollars each are a case point. The auction was held, lots of publicity,...
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How much is the amazing spider-man 151 worth?

Depending on condition between $25 - $75
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Will spider man show up in The Avengers movie?

No, Spiderman did not apear in the Avengers film. He had his own film that came out this year AFTER the Avengers so it would be strange for him to make an apearance ...
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When is spiderman's birthday?

1960's by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko I think it's August 15.
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In the TV series 'Peter Gunn' which actress played the role of Peter's girlfriend?

Lola Albright Played 'Edie' According to "Biography," it was the actress Lola Albright who "enjoyed her greatest fame in the late-'50s and early-'60s television series Peter Gunn, playing Edie, the private detective's on-again, off-again love interest." Read more about the actress on, via the Related Link. ...
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How expensive is the Ferrari 360 Modena and the Ferrari 360 Modena Spider?

Around 80,000 to 120,000 for the original modena and around 95,000 to 160,000 for the spider it depends who is selling. ...
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What are the details on Spider-Man 4?

The fourth film that had been planned as a follow-up to "Spider-Man 3" was scrapped. Instead- the next film is a reboot which is retelling the origin story. However, things will be different this time around as the villain is going to be the Lizard who is Peter Parker's friend and mentor Dr. Curt Connors transformed. His lover will be Gwen Stacy who is the daughter of the police captain George Stacy. The details of the plot are unknown at this time-...