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Where can you download a PlayStation 2 BIOS?

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In any case, its possible to download BIOS for PlayStation 2, I can help you with link)
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Where can you download free Bleem for PS2IN the software FAQ?

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Bleem is apparently out of business. Sony sued them and won. However, there are still a few gaming sites where you can download Bleem demos (with no time limit on them!) but you can't get support for these d/l demos. It's a small file too.!.shtml And, of course, you can always check or another online auction site. I've seen auctions on eBay for the Bleem software. You might check eBay periodically and search for 'Bleem.' The ones I've seen were not downloads but the actual disk in a jewel case. Very inexpensive - last one I saw went for less than $2.00. Just watch out for high S&H costs if you decide to bid. They can get rather exorbitant, considering the low cost of the software.
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What is Eng file extension?

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If on a video file it typically means when you play the file it ask you to download a unique video codec to watch. In reality it is givig you a boatload of trojans & spyware.
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Where can you download the trial demo of 3DS Max 5?

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To view the downloads for this software, please check out the Related Links listed below this answer. Thank you.
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What causes the error 'Winlogon ese-application error the instruction at 0x759723ee referenced memory at 0x00000000 the memory could not be read'?

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first u change the BIOS battery and restart the PC in last known config mode. Also can try removing RAM chips and re-seating them. There are 3 step to repair 0x759723ee error If you got 0x759723ee error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair 0x759723ee error you need to follow the steps below: * Step 1 - Download a 0x759723ee error repair tool RegInOut Cleaner, and install this error repair tool. * Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you pc for Free. * Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair 0x759723ee error. **************************************** I DISAGREE COMPLETELY! First of all the person who answered this question doesn't know what kind of PC you're using or how old it is. They don't know what OS you're using or what level of comfort you have troubleshooting in such sensitive areas. Your best bet is to visit a site that has the credentials to answer your question. After you give them ALL the info about your pc - i.e. brand & type, (laptop or pc) age, your CPU and which OS you're using. Then they can give you educated and SAFE suggestions. If you mess with the Registry or BIOS and don't know what your doing you could really do irreperable damage. You may not have to but If you make a post on any site you should state your comfort level of fixing this issue yourself. The fact that you came here for an answer (instead of going to a tech site or googling the error) tells me that you're not at the level that's required to do the instructions above. (Besides I'm sure neither one of those areas are the problem) I know you're using Windows so here are some links to go to where you will get a much better answer. Don't forget to give them the info they need about your pc. BTW - Winlogon.exe is the application that logs you on/off the system. It has nothing to do with the BIOS and using a Registry Cleaner is very dangerous if you're not familiar with Registry values. Even the ones that tell you to let the program do the "cleaning" is dangerous - 90 percent of the time they remove files that are needed to keep your system stable. DON'T EVER USE A REGISTRY CLEANER UNLESS YOU KNOW & UNDERSTAND REGISTRY VALUES. Don't worry this problem is fixable. It's usually caused by security issues (virus, trojans, etc) that have caused damage to one of your volume drives OR faulty hardware like RAM or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). You'll probably have to do a chkdsk fix which is pretty simple, but Changing your BIOS or messing around in the Registry will not help. You could just pull up the event - go to your events monitor - find the event, r-click on properties and when that pops up at the bottom there should be a direct link to the Windows online event help. From there you can go to the Tech Library or try the related links below. Or, check out the link to the Windows forum - you will have to choose which OS (XP, 7, VISTA, etc) forum you want from there. You'll have to register and then they will validate to make sure you've got a legitimate Windows OS. After that do a search for your propblem by typing in 'Winlogon.exe Error' in the search box. If you can't find one then start a new thread. GOOD LUCK
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Where can you get a Windows XP compatible driver for Pinnacle Miro DC10?

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A Google search produces some links to the Pinnacle sys website and some for a Linux driver. The Pinnacle sys site shows only win 9x drivers and a link to a Linux 3rd party driver. It also calls this a legacy product. If that driver doesn't work, the outlook is grim.
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Application of Computer?

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What is acresso software manager agent?

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It is a software management tool provided by certain software manufacturers. These style of tools tend to allow the manufacturer to add software updates and whenever those software publishers provide updates, it will signal an update to install. It is used to connect to the Internet to check for software updates for the following software applications: Roxio, DragonNaturally Speaking, Corel Draw, Acronis, Articulate, and other programs that make use of the service FLEXnet Connect.
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How do you open files with the emi file extension?

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It is for a file used by a program called Pocket Tanks, by BlitWise Productions, LLC. See related links for information about Pocket Tanks.
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What is the most secure operating system?

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Security is a difficult and sometimes controversial thing to analyze. The only truly "secure" operating systems are those that have no contact with the outside world. The firmware in your DVD player is a good example. Among all modern general purpose operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) the most secure by defualt is by far OpenBSD. OpenBSD has an extremely stringent security auditing policy; only two remote attack vulnerabilities have been found in the last ten years. This is because OpenBSD doesn't create a large attack surface by running a large number of networked apps. Of course, the sad fact is that any networked operating system can be made insecure through careful misconfiguration. Window's problems with security stem mainly from the fact that it runs with a large number of network services on by default, and that it (XP and prior) let the user run with full privileges by default. Windows Vista attempted to fix this issue, but people rejected it as "too confusing" and complained that their old apps did not work correctly under limited accounts. Mac OS X is better about user permissions, but still has had a (in)decent number of remote exploits. Apple's slow response to patch many of these issues will be even more worrying if it gains significant market share. Most Linux distributions have an excellent policy of quickly patching known security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, two of the top ten distros deliberately use outdated code (Damn Small Linux) or make it too easy to run as a privileged user by mistake (Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux). Were these distros to gain significant popularity, their users would be exposed to a larger number of vulnerabilites than if they encouraged proper security policies.
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How do you convert PDF to ePub for iTouch?

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PDF is the worst file format for reading on eBook devices. However, you may try GoodReader or ReaddleDocs iPhone apps. They have a text reflow feature to extract and show only the text from the PDF file. Also, you may try this tutorial about how to convert PDF to ePub. Results depend entirely on the PDFs that you want to convert. Use a 3rd party software will be the fastest and easiest way, just like Aiseesoft PDF to ePub converter, it provides powerful and professional functions, with it, you can convert PDF to ePub with super high quality.
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What is the serial number and authorization code for all Adobe software?

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Adobe Creative Cloud Service / Program Download and Activation If you're a subscriber to Adobe's new Creative Cloud Service (where all of Adobe's flagship programs and more are available for download and use for a subscription fee) or you're subscribing to an individual product, your activation code is automatic after install once you sign up. There is no serial number. For those of you wondering whether it's worth subscribing or buying, Adobe's Cloud Service is outstanding. If you're a previous Adobe Suite customer, you can literally subscribe annually to the service and have access to more programs than you would if you just upgraded, and for about the same cost. That includes Master Collection users. The seat license number is the same though, for subscription or a copy you've purchased; 2 seats (computers) can have a single program activated at the same time. It doesn't matter how many systems you install a program on, but you can only have it activated on 2 systems simultaneously. Where is the Serial Number? For hard copy versions of Adobe programs, the Serial Number should be located on the DVD case or in your documentation (booklet) that came in the box. You will know it is your serial number because it is a long mix of numbers and letters separated by dashes that seem to make no sense at all, usually 16 characters. Each Adobe product has its own serial number - unless you have a Creative Suite in which case there will be one serial number for the whole suite, and each buyer will have a different serial number than another buyer. Note that just viewing the information in the program itself doesn't show the whole number; the last 4 digits are intentionally missing. Online Purchases Older programs and suites prior to CS2 will have SN's on the email invoice. CS3 programs and up will have the SN's and Activation Codes on the invoice, and in your online Adobe Account Download Manager (My Adobe). If you've purchased online through your Adobe account and the Adobe Store, your serials and activation codes will remain for as long as your account is active. I have serials and programs available going back over 10 years on my account, including pre-merger Macromedia titles and SN's. NOTE: While earlier CS versions (CS1 and 2) had a Master Serial, CS3-CS6 contain a Master Serial and individual program serial numbers for certain programs and suites packages. It is more typical in the Master Collection. Install Without Serial This serial number is necessary to install the retail version of your software. When installing the software, follow the on screen instructions. There will come a box that asks you for your serial number - this is where you will enter the number - and installation will continue. You can't use the software without installing it with a serial number. NOTE: Beginning with the release of Adobe CS3 programs, all serial numbers must now be Registered and each program Activated online at the Adobe site via the user's online Adobe account, and no more than 2 registrations per program/user will be allowed (2 system installation, e.g., notebook and desktop). If you wish to move a registered program from one system to another, you must first deactivate it from within the program (Help - Deactivate), install it on your new system, then re-activate it on the Adobe site again. Program Activation is necessary to complete the installation of all programs CS3 and above. With CS4/CS6 programs, Activation happens automatically during installation. See "Activation" below. What To Do If You've Lost Your Serial If you have lost your serial number, you will need to contact customer support services at Adobe. They will instruct you on how to obtain a new one if possible. You will probably need to have proof of purchase, such as a scan of the UPC code on the box or a copy of your original receipt from the purchase. If you are a registered Adobe site customer/user, and have purchased products or registered them on the Adobe site (something you should always do) then you can obtain your product serials from your Adobe online account. Login, go to your Account, and select Product Serial Numbers. What Is The Activation Number? Adobe's Program Activation feature has been implemented by Adobe to put a halt to widespread piracy of its programs. By rendering programs useless until registered and activated on the Adobe site, it makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the type of piracy experienced in the past. Those of us who spend thousands on their Adobe programs also benefit as Adobe can use money saved by this feature to put into program development. Activation numbers are different from program Serial Numbers in that Serial Numbers are in effect the product's legal license number identification. Activation numbers are used to activate and enable the program for use on a user's system. The program will not function unless properly activated using the correct number, and only 2 activations of the same program license (Serial Number) are allowed at any given time. This means you can have 2 copies running on separate computers, but if you want it to run on another one you have to deactivate one (from the Help Menu in the program). The program must also be activated again on the new system in order for it to work. For authorized program owners, if you attempt to activate on more than one 2 systems, the activation procedure will prompt you to deactivate one before continuing. The activation number that is generally asked upon the first time running an Adobe product is gathered by following the on-screen instructions. You can choose to get the activation by Internet, phone, or mail**. Internet is the quickest and easiest way to activate. For phone activation: there will be a phone number that is toll-free you must call, provide your serial number and the activation code in the box on your screen. You will then receive the activation key that you need to enter into the next box. You only have to do this procedure once for each Adobe product you installed, or once for all Adobe software in a purchased Creative Suite. **NOTE: As of the release of Adobe CS4 Applications, all Adobe Software programs are now required to be activated online via a registered Adobe User Account. Only older applications will continue to be supported by other methods of activation. For Downloaded program delivery, the Activation code is in your Email Receipt and on your Adobe account downloads section. For Boxed delivery by shipping, the code is on your invoice. If you lose the invoice, you'll need to contact Adobe with some proof of purchase - invoice or transaction number, etc. Since Adobe customers are assigned a number and your order history is recorded, it's usually not a problem. For those who are not the original owner, unless the original owner transferred the serial numbers of the program/s to you, you will not be able to obtain the code. Transferring Adobe Program Licenses Adobe allows the transfer of single or volume product licenses from an individual or business to another individual or business. There is a formal process that must be completed in order to complete the transfer. See the attached link, "Transferring Adobe Product Licenses" More Info Wikifriendus does not provide serial numbers for full version retail software. This is a form of piracy if you did not purchase the software and thus do not have a serial number to install the software. It is also illegal to obtain one from the Internet if you legally purchased your software but lost your original serial number (see above for contacting Adobe for a new one). It is also a form of piracy to use key generators (keygens) to create a serial number and cracks to bypass the need to use a serial number or to remove the time limit for trials. It is also illegal to download the software on the Internet anyway - except for the Trial versions offered on their site - in which case you still have to purchase a serial number to continue using it. Note: This is a catch-all question. Neither it nor its alternatives should be removed and it should remain protected. Please do not merge this question and/or its alternates to combine it with another catch all question.
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Compare and contrast hardware and software?

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Hardware is any physical part of the computer necessary for it to operate ( basically anything inside the case) Software is any programs or operating system installed on the computer, it is not essential for the computer to run but is necessary to complete certain tasks, it cannot be physically touched. Hardware is essential for the computer to operate, without it nothing will work. Hardware can be; Motherboards, Memory, Harddrives, CD Drives, Video Cards etc... Software can be; Operating Systems e.g. Windows, Linux. or programs e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player. or Updates from the OS or Hardware Manufacturer Need more assistant, visit
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How do you insert a PDF file into an excel sheet?

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You want to insert an OBJECT (select from file), then select PDF from the choices of what to insert. That is: Insert>>Object>>Select "Adobe Acrobat Document">> OK If you wanna convert PDF to Excel, then you'd better use enolsoft PDF to Excel with OCR converter.
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How do you convert bmp files to dwg or dwf?

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BMP is raster image which means when zoom in to the most detail of the image, it will get much blurring. Method 1: Use Autocad to add OLE * Click "Insert" on toolbar of AutoCAD and choose "OLE Object…" * Select "Create New" and from the list of object type choose "Bitemap iamge" * From the pop-up Windows paint application, choose "Edit" on tool bar and click "paste from" * Find the BMP file which you want to add * Save and close Windows Paint * The BMP file is right now added as OLE in Autocad * Save the drawing as .dwg directly in Autocad or publish to DWF file using Autocad Method 2: Use Autocad to add raster image XREF * Click "Insert" on toolbar of AutoCAD and choose "Raster Image Reference…" * Find the image file and load it into AutoCAD * Specify the settings and it is now referenced * ** Save the drawing as .dwg directly in Autocad or publish to DWF file using Autocad * Method 3: Raster to Vector conversion At this time, you need to get the raster image into a vector one which can be used to be modified in .dwg in Autocad, what you need to do is seeking for a raster to vector conversion. This may usually happens when the BMP is a company logo and you would like to get the image edges traced and edit them. After you successfully get the raster to vector .dwg file, you can use Autocad to publish it into DWF or use some other applications to get the dwg into dwf.
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How can you transfer software from a computer to an Opentel satellite receiver and Zeta cam?

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you have to zip the Opentel file backup drive to the computer using a ZRS 5 switch cable running 54mb then connect the zeta cam to both configuring your TQ panel switch.
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Where can you get the Chii ears accessory for MMD?

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try searching with google "chobits chii cosplay ears" and you should find them!
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What is the purpose of a table in a database?

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to hold information of different domain. without it, all data would have been scattered around every fields. it would have been a choase istiak
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Communications software consists of programs that?

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a. help users establish a connection to another computer or network b. help run a spreadsheet c. help manage a database
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What are some disadvantages of driving a car?

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There are advantages and disadvantages when driving a car the major disadvantages will be listed below: - Costs Money - A car must be bought or rented, you must pay for fuel, road tax, insurance, mainenance etc etc. In case of an accident you may or may not be reimbursed (depending on your insurance plan) and definitely not the initial value of the car. - Long trips can be tiring in any car but more comfortable one's are best suited if you plan to drive long hours - While driving you should not multitask, that means no sms and no facebook checking among others. - You can always be fined by the police for an infracture - You may cause an accident and harm yourself or others so must be extra careful when driving. - Finding empty parking spaces can be frustrating at times. - Getting stuck in a traffic jam. Seriously one of the most irritating things about driving. - Your car may break down leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere and god knows what beasts lurk in the dark. (both human or animals - I would prefer animals) - When you drive you must be sober
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What are the advantages of word processing over the typewriter?

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There are many advantages of using word processors over a typewriter. Some of them are: -The word processors are faster and easier to use than typewriters. -In word processors, you can store documents and you can make as many copies as you want, while with typewriters you cannot do so. -With word processors you have formatting choices and can change the font, text size, use bold,italic e.t.c. -Word processors help you improve your writing skills e.g vocabulary and also spelling mistakes.
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How do you get the CD code for gunman chronicles?

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You have to have the original case that the purchased game came in. There is no universal code or alternative method. Sharing keys is not allowed. Furthermore, the game has been long since discontinued, and is no longer supported. This also means that there are bugs remaining in the original game, and online multiplayer is impossible since the servers are no longer up. Now, if you're lucky enough to find your box and key, claims: "...redeeming a Gunman Chronicles CD-Key on Steam gives access to a "Half-Life Platinum Pack" that includes Half-Life 1 and several mods: Blue Shift, Half-Life Deathmatch Source, Opposing Force, Team Fortress Classic, Ricochet and Day of Defeat, but not Gunman Chronicles." I'm willing to bet they don't allow duplicate keys on Steam, so sharing keys for that also isn't allowed ;) Hope this helps!
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What type of laptop and DJ software and song editing software is recommended for one to be an amateur DJ?

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any newer laptop should do, as long as it has a good processor and a decent sound card. as for the software: Virtual DJ is a good DJ program ( not free) Mixcraft is a program for producers, so you can create loops and songs with it (not free) thenpurely for editing: audacity, a free program, very handy. (free, many addons with effects available) i don't know about free DJ / producing software
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What is a NADIA software system?

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Nadia aims to be a multi-platform universal modular programming IDE similar to Eclipse, but written in C++ using the Qt Framework.