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This cinematic genre is based in the future and involving extreme, although not impossible, advances in science and technology.

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Who is the best captain in Star Trek?

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This definitely goes to Jean-Luc Picard, as portrayed by Patrick Stewart. I think what makes Picard such a great captain in particular is the personal responsibility he feels for the safety of everybody on board his ship, whether they’re a member of the crew or family. Throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard displayed a deep camaraderie for those who served under him, despite his outward demeanor usually being professional and stern. It’s this balance that I feel not only defined him as a captain, but showcased what made him the best captain.
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In inception if you kill yourself in limbo do you come back to reality or another dream?

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You are dead... if you die in Limbo it kills you! But when saito dies too early, he is sent to limbo, and you see Dom who later dies in a dream level and goes to limbo where saito is (first scene and near ending scene), saito is very old because 5 minutes in reality is an hour in a dream but within limbo it is much longer. so that is the old sentai. This is limbo because they said if you die in a dream you get sent to limbo, and in limbo it showed a clip of dom and mal killing themselves under a train sending them back to their home in reality. so if you kill yourself in limbo, you don't in fact die, you are sent to reality. In limbo, sentai and dom have a gun in that room in which sentai shoots dom and him and they find themselves back on the plane. The plane can't have been a dream as you can't dream if you had died. the question is whether the final scene where dom gets to see his kids faces is actually reality, because the kids are wearing the same clothes as in the memories and they are depicted as being in the garden playing. people believe that the final scene is dom dreaming on the plane because he can now dream again without aid now saito has made the call. The totem is never show stopping on the table at the end, but it does slow down, meaning that it is open to interpretation . this is the most likely analogy towards the ending. to conclude, in limbo, the idea of being killed and being brought to reality is a likely idea as proved twice when dom and mal are killed by the train and both dom and sentai shoot themselves in limbo and are not killed as you cant dream once you die in limbo, because that's just the end, another idea is that mal could be true believing they are living in a dream and dom should kill himself as "a leap of faith". the whole thing is open to interpretation- a seed planted into your mind, an idea that you won't stop thinking about, this is what the movie was trying to do and haven't they done it well!
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When did the Star Wars movies come out?

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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - 1977 Star Wars Episode 5: Empire strikes Back - 1980 Star Wars Episode 6: Return Of the Jedi - 1983 Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace - 1999 Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones - 2002 Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith - 2005 Star Wars Episode 7: (TBA as of 11|2013) - 2015
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Will there be a sequel to the magic thief?

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There is a second and third one out now the second is The magic thief lost And the third is the magic thief found there is a forth one coming out in 2014 This is the exact passage from the sight: Magic Thief book four A question that I get a lot (and it makes me very happy to be asked it, too!) is this: "Will there be a fourth Magic Thief book?" Here's the answer. At first it was only supposed to be a trilogy, but when I finished writing book three, The Magic Thief: Found, I realized that I wasn't ready to stop writing about Conn and Nevery and Benet and Rowan and Embre and Captain Kerrn. And that bad baby dragon, Pip. Yes, I had a lot more to say about Pip. So the answer is YES, I have written a fourth Magic Thief book! It is done. The problem is, publishing is s-l-o-w. I have two other books coming out--Winterling in 2012 and its sequel, The Summerkin, in 2013--and only after that will my publisher decide if the fourth Magic Thief book is coming out. If you add that up, it means no fourth Magic Thief book until 2014. I know, that's a long time to wait.
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What did the Oracle say to Neo?

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The Oracle said to Neo that he has the gift, but he seems to be waiting for something, maybe his next life.
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Is Starship Troopers rated R?

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Rated R for graphic sci-fi violence and gore, and for some language and nudity.
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Where was mad max filmed?

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the city of Melbourne, Victoria ,Australia and it's surrounding area's
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What gift does Susan Pevensie get in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

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Susan is given a horn that will bring help whenever it is blown. In addition, she receives a bow and arrows which, as Father Christmas describes, "will not easily miss."
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Will there be another Star Wars trilogy?

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The third trilogy of films will conclude with Episode IX when it debuts in December 2019. Disney announced on November 09th 2017, the director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, would write & direct a fourth Star Wars trilogy. Naturally release dates are unknown. Episode X isn't likely to open until 2021 at the earliest, also it remains to be seen if they actually happen since problems could always arise.
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When does the movie the lost hero come out?

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No dates have been released and so far, no discussions of a movie yet.
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Who wrote the screenplay for Blade Runner?

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The screenplay for the 1982 film "Blade Runner" was written by both Hampton Fancher and David Peoples . The film itself was predicated upon Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?"
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How old was Drew Barrymore's character in ET?

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It was comparable to Barrymore's real age, which was 7 years old.
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Special effects in Star Wars a new hope?

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You're gonna have to be more specific. Yes, yes there are.
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Are there really trailers out for a third Star Wars trilogy?

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Naturally Episode IX does not have trailers as the movie won't begin filming until January 2018 & there won't be enough footage for even a teaser trailer until much later.
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What happened to Captain Nemo's family?

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Verne does not say for certain. It is revealed in his sequel to "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", "The Mysterious Island", that Nemo's real name s Prince Andre Dakkar and that he lost everything because of a war between India and Britian. It does not say whether his family was killed or they were separated.
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What are the elevators in Star Trek called?

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The elevators on Star Trek are called turbo-lift(s) .
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How does chewbacca die?

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25 years after the events of "A New Hope," during a mission to Sernpidal, a moon collided with the planet and since Han Solo's son, Anakin Solo, was unable to rescue Chewbacca in time before escaping the moon's path, Chewbacca was crushed to death along with several inhabitants who couldn't escape