Saints are individuals of exceptional holiness. They have dedicated their lives to serve others as per the will of God.

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Who is the patron saint of truth?

There is no designated patron saint of truth since all saints proclaimed the truth.


What did Saint Martin of Tours split for the beggar?

He gave the beggar half of his cloak.


Who is the patron saint of poets?

The following are the patron saints of poets:
Brigid of Ireland

Virgin Mary

Did Mother Mary know her son Jesus would die?

Yes, she knew it must happen.

Simeon told her that Jesus would die at (Luke 2:34-35) which would fulfill the prophecy at (Isaiah 53:10-12)(Psalm 22:14/Matthew 26:28)


Where did Saint Elizabeth live?

There are a number of saints named Elizabeth. Please be specific. If you are referring to Saint Elizabeth who was the Cousin of Mary the mother of God, she gave birth to John the Baptist. She lived near Jerusalem in the hill country.


When was Saint Peter born?

Saint Peter was born about the year 1 a.d and died between the year 64 and 67 AD. Two thousand years ago, birthdates of people who became well-known only later in life were not recorded. The date is unknown but probably occurred about the year 1 A.D. in Bethsaida, Galilee.

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Use incorruptible in a sentence?

The bodies of some saints have remained incorruptible even centuries after they died.


Who is the patron saint of plants?

There is no patron saint of plants. However, St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of just about everything having to do with nature.


What are facts about Saint Valentine?

St. Valentine of Rome was a priest, possibly a bishop, in the third century. When the Roman Emperor made marriage illegal (he was having trouble rasing an army because he could not draft married men) Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. That did not please the emperor so he had Valentine thrown into prison and then beaten and beheaded about the year 269. Shortly before he was killed he sent a note to a young girl who had befriended him asking her to remain faithful to God. He signed it "From Your Valentine."


Which Norwegian King was canonized?

Olaf the second . Olaf Haraldsson

Famous People

Who were all the suspects for Thomas Becket's death?

King Henry II was the untimate person responsible for the death of Thomas. He would have been the person to order, or approve, his execution.


How did Saint Paul believe in Jesus?

It does not seem as if Paul believed that Jesus was a real, historical person who had lived in Palestine in the recent past. He always seems to write of Jesus in the abstract. When Paul spoke of his travels, even to Jerusalem, he shows no interest in Jesus as a person, nor talks of visiting the birthplace of Jesus, the place of the crucifixion or any other place associated with Jesus. It seems that either he did not expect such places to exist or he would have seen little to interest him in them.

This does not mean that Paul did not believe in Jesus, just that he might have believed in him as a person from the more distant past, or as a purely spiritual person, such as the Epistle of the Hebrews seems to suggest. His description of the ascension of Jesus is consistent with the resurrection and the ascension being the same, spiritual event, or of the crucifixion taking place in heaven.

In 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, Paul said that Jesus died and was buried, rose again according to the scriptures, then was seen by Cephas, then the twelve, then by more than 500, most of whom were still alive, then by James and all the apostles, and finally by himself last of all. Paul implied that the appearances were all of the same nature, with no suggestion that any of the appearances to Cephas, the twelve, James or the apostles were somehow more real than the spiritual appearance he experienced. Paul seems to say that the risen Jesus did not show himself physically, but only through visions or dreams.

Catholic AnswerSt. Paul was converted personally by Jesus, this is recorded in the 9th chapter of Acts. Up until that point Paul, (or Saul as he was known) had never met Jesus. Jesus appeared to him and identified Himself: "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting" (Acts 9:5b). From that moment Saul, who had been a very zealous Jew trying to wipe out the new Christian sect, now became the most zealous apostle to the Gentiles. Paul had studying under the greatest rabbi that had ever taught in Judaism, Rabbi Gamaliel, so he knew his history, his Scripture, and he had been the Rabbi's greatest pupil. His knowledge of the Scriptures made him the perfect choice to evangelize the pagans who had no knowledge of God or the Scriptures.

What is Saint Jude's symbol?

St. Jude Thaddeus is represented by:
bearded man holding an oar
boat hook
carpenter's rule
square rule
nearly every image depicts him wearing a medallion with a profile of Jesus, and usually with a small flame above his head
often carries a pen or sits at a writing location to make reference to the canonical Epistle


Who is the female patron saint of runners?

There is no male or female patron saint of runners. However, St. Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletics.

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Is there a Saint Tyler Scott?

I can find no reference to a saint named Taylor Scott.


What was a symbol for Saint Colette's life?

She is represented in art in the habit of a Poor Clare nun, holding a crucifix and a hook, often seen walking beside a stream.


What is Saint Jerome's symbol?

Jerome is sometimes represented by one or more of the following: cardinal's hat, often on the ground or behind him, indicating that he turned his back on the pomp of ecclesiastical life
lion, referring to the one that befriended him after he pulled a thorn from the creature's paw
man beating himself in the chest with a stone
aged monk in desert
aged monk with Bible
aged monk writing
old man with a lion

Native American History

What were Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's miracles?

There have been a number of miracles attributed to Bl. Kateri but most occurred shortly after her death and no one is still alive to verify them. The first occurred at the moment of her death. Her face had been badly scarred by smallpox when she was but 4 years old. At the moment she died her skin became blemish free as the scars disappeared. A number of people claimed to have been healed when they visited her grave soon after she was buried. All these alleged events led Pope John Paul II to declare her Blessed in 1980. Now the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome is investigating evidence that documents what could be the final miracle needed for canonization. All the information is being kept secret until the Congregation reaches a decision. Her canonization could be near!

"On December 19, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI approved the second miracle needed for Kateri's canonization. The authorized miracle dates from 2006, when a young boy in Washington state survived a severe flesh-eating bacterium. Doctors had been unable to stop the progress of the disease by surgery and advised his parents he was likely to die. The boy received the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick from a Catholic priest. As the boy is half Lummi Indian, the parents said they prayed through Tekakwitha for divine intercession, as did their family and friends, and an extended network contacted through their son's classmates. A Catholic nun, Sister Kateri Mitchell visited the boy's bedside and placed a relic of Tekakwitha, a bone fragment, against his body and prayed together with his parents. The next day, the infection stopped its progression." FromWikipedia

Kateri was canonized on October 21, 2012, by Pope Benedict XVI.

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Who is patron saint of pancreatic cancer?

Patrons against all forms of cancer
Ezekiel Moreno
James Salomone
Peregrine Laziosi


What was Dorothy Day famous for?

Dorothy Day was an American journalist, social activist and devout Catholic convert. She worked closely with fellow activist Peter Maurin to establish the Catholic Worker movement. She is currently being considered for sainthood and is now titled Servant of God.


What is Saint Wendy the saint of?

There is no Saint Wendy.

Although there isn't a saint called, "St. Wendy", It's short for "Gwendolyn".

St. Gwendolyn:

Feastday: October 18

5th century

Widowed martyr sometimes called Blanche, Wenn, or Candida. She was the daughter of a Chieftain, Brychan or Brecknock. Saxon pagans martyred Gwen at Talgrarth.


Who was St. Patrick?


Who is the patron saint of welding?

St. Eligius is the patron saint of metalworkers which welders are.


What miracles did Saint Maximilian Kolbe do?

Maximilian did not perform any miracles. However, through his intercession, Our Lord performed the following miracles which were used as evidence in his canonization cause:

St. Maximilian's beatification miracle was the July 1948 cure of intestinal tuberculosis in Angela Testoni, and in August 1950, the cure of calcification of the arteries/sclerosis of Francis Ranier was attributed to the intercession of St. Maximilian.


What miracles does the Church recognize Saint Bernadette for?

Bernadette was responsible for many, many miracles and they continue even today. However, the Church must investigate and verify a number of miracles (today I believe it is two) before a person can be beatified and canonized a saint. Rather than listing the miracles here that were accepted by the Church in the cause of St. Bernadette I have inserted a link below that describes her complete canonization process and gives vivid accounts of the miracles that supported her cause.


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