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The Royal Family of England traces its history back many centuries. They remain an object of interest and fascination to the world today.

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Royal Family
Elizabeth II

Who are the children of Queen Elizabeth II?

On 19th November, 1947 The Princess Elizabeth, as she was then, married Philip Mountbatten (date of birth 10th June 1921), a prince of Greece and Denmark who was later created Duke of Edinburgh.

Their children are:

  1. Charles Philip Arthur George born 14th November, 1948.

    His Royal Highness Prince Charles is the heir apparent (i.e. next in line) to the throne and is Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and, in Scotland, Duke of Rothesay.

  2. Anne Elizabeth Louise born 15th August 1950.

    Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne is currently eleventh in line to the throne and her formal title is "The Princess Royal."

  3. Andrew Albert Christian Edward born 19th February 1960.

    His Royal Highness the Duke of York (his present title) is currently fifth in line of succession to the Throne.

  4. Edward Antony Richard Louis born 10th March 1964.

    His Royal Highness the Prince Edward was created Earl of Wessex in 1999, on the occasion of his marriage to Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones. He is currently eighth in line of succession.

Royal Family

Why did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the royal family?

Prince Harry and Meghan quit their roles as senior royals primarily because they wanted to be financially independent and because of their frustration with their treatment in British tabloids. From Harry’s statements, it seems they were envisioning a rather loose arrangement in which their lives weren’t publicly funded, but they could still partake in charity activities as emissaries of the queen.

Instead, the break from Buckingham Palace seems to be a rather harsh one. Their exact roles and titles are still in flux, but what is for sure is that they’re no longer allowed to use the highly-exclusive “His Royal Highness” or “Her Royal Highness” titles, and Harry will also give up his military titles.

Royal Family

Where is the home of the British Monarch?

Technically, the official residence of the British Monarch is St James' Palace, London. However, no monarch has resided there for over 200 years.

The official London residence is Buckingham Palace, while Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse act as the official county and Scotland residences respectively.

Queen Elizabeth II also can reside at four private residences: Sandringham House, Balmoral Castle, Craigowan Lodge and Delnadamph Lodge.

Royal Family
Elizabeth II

Where did the Queen and Prince Phillip honeymoon?

Broadlands in Hampshire home of Lord Mounbatten Prince Phillips Uncle and Birkhall in the Balmoral Estate

History of England
Royal Family

Who was the first King or Queen of England?

The first king to rule all of England as king was Athelstan, grandson of Alfred the Great. His forebears were kings of Wessex, to which they attached Kent; it was Athelstan who united Mercia and Northumbria to Wessex to create the united English kingdom.

However, there are a few tricky points of terminology:

  • Athelstan's title was "king of the English", not "king of England". Same thing really, but the first to be king of the English land rather than of the English people was Henry II.
  • Before there was a single kingdom, several rulers had be accepted as overlord over all the English kings. Among those was Alfred the Great's grandfather Egbert, king of Wessex, and before him Offa, King of Mercia

House of Wessex:





Ethelred I

Alfred (the Great)

Edward (the Elder)

Athelstan *First King of ALL England*

Edmund I (the Elder, the Deed-Doer)



Edgar (the Peaceable)

St Edward (the Martyr)

Ethelred II (the Unready)

House of Denmark:

Swen (Forkbeard)

House of Wessex

Ethelred II (restored)

Edmund II (Ironside)

House of Denmark

Cnut the Great (Canute)

Harold I (Harefoot)


House of Wessex (restored)

St Edward (The Confessor)

Harold II

Edgar II (the Atheling)

House of Normandy:

William I (the Bastard, the Conqueror)

William II (Rufus)

Henry I (Beauclerk)

Stephen I (of Blois) or the Empress Mathilda (Maud)

House of Plantaganet:

Henry II (FitzEmpress, Curtmantle)

(Henry the Young King, briefly co-king with his father, Henry II)

Richard I (the Lionheart)

John (Lackland)

Henry III

Edward I (Longshanks)

Edward II

Edward III

Richard II

House of Lancaster:

Henry IV (Bolingbroke)

Henry V

Henry VI

House of York:

Edward IV

House of Lancaster (restored)

Henry VI (restored)

House of York (restored)

Edward IV (restored)

Edward V

Richard III

House of Tudor:

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Edward VI


Mary I (Bloody Mary)

Elizabeth I (the Virgin Queen)

House of Stuart

James I & VI

Charles I

The Commonwealth

The House of Stuart (restored)

Charles II

James II

House of Stuart/House of Orange

Mary II & William III

House of Orange

William III

House of Stuart


House of Hanover

George I

George II

George III

George IV

William IV


House of Sax-Coburg-und-Gotha

Edward VII

George V

House of "Windsor"

George V

Edward VIII

George VI

Elizabeth II

Royal Family

What color eyes did King George VI have?

George VI had blue eyes.

Royal Family
Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria

Who was Queen Victoria's husband?

Queen Victoria's husband was her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Victoria's mother and Albert's father were brother and sister.

Albert and Victoria's common uncle Leopold (who was King of Belgium) thought that they would make a good pair. Because Leopold was like a father to Victoria she agreed to meet with Albert and his elder brother Ernest when they were all teenagers.

Several years later Leopold wanted Albert to visit England again, and Victoria gave in. During this trip Victoria fell in love with Albert and proposed to Albert.

Queen Victoria
Royal Family

What was prince albert's royal house?

Prince Francis (Albert) Augustus Charles Emmanuel; 26 August 1819 - 14 December 1861), the Prince Consort of Queen Victoria, was from the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Royal Family
Elizabeth II

When did Queen Elizabeth II mother died?

Queen Elizabeth II's Mother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother died 30 March 2002 at the age of 101

Royal Family
Prince Charles
Princess Diana

Did Camilla Parker Bowles choose Princess Diana's wedding gown?

No, that was another of Charles's close friends, the late 'Kanga' Tryon, who ran a popular dress boutique.

Royal Family
Prince Charles
Prince William

What is Prince Charles and Prince Williams lastname?

As members of the British Royal Family, they do not really have surnames. They can however be known as Mountbatten- Windsor (a combination of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's family names) or can take the surname 'Wales' due to their titles. For example, William's name within the RAF is William Wales.

Royal Family

Was King George VI's wife a commoner?

No, she was born The Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, fourth daughter of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, a Scottish noble family.

Royal Family

How do you marry royalty?

To marry a royal heir you have to either be part of the royal family somehow or have high classed parents (like princess Diana) or you can be at the same school had one get to know the and start being an item(like Kate Middleton)

Royal Family
Prince Charles

Why is Prince Philip not called the king?

It has to do with long-standing customs in the British monarchy. The spouse of the sovereign is usually given a symbolic title only, and "king" can't be a symbolic title, although "queen" can. It's a seemingly arbitrary (and very patriarchal) rule, but it's a long-standing one, and the royals are nothing if not traditional.

Prince Philip was given the titles Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich when he married Queen Elizabeth (then a princess) in 1947. When Elizabeth became queen in 1953, he was not crowned or anointed, and she didn't give him the title of prince until 1957. His official styling was then announced as "His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh."

Royal Family
United Kingdom

What is a British stable called?


Royal Family

What did a queen call her lady in waiting?

A Queen would usually call her lady in waiting by her first name.

Politics and Government
Royal Family
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

Who is the current king of Sweden?

Royal Family
Elizabeth II

What do you call the queen in a letter?

In correspondence, as in conversation, the rule is to address the Queen as 'Your Majesty' first (instead of Dear..........). Subsequently, she should be addressed as 'Ma'am'. eg. Please accept, Ma'am, the expression of my very good wishes. Yours sincerely,.........

Royal Family

Is Prince Philip a Freemason?

Prince Phillip was initiated into Freemasonry in 1952 in Navy Lodge.

Royal Family
Society and Civilization

Is it possible to overthrow the British monarchy?

History teaches us that any monarchy or political system can be overthrown.

Royal Family

Who is christiana al maktoum?

She is one of Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashed (rulerof Dubai) daughters, from a Greek woman!, Internet talks says she was born in 1993,

Royal Family

How do you address Sarah Duchess of York?

As you would address any other person. Sarah, Duchess of York is not a member of the Royal Family.

Royal Family
Princess Diana

What day of the week did Princess Diana die?

If she die on August 31 1997 then she died on a Sunday.

Royal Family
Elizabeth II

What are the names and ages of Queen Elizabeth's children?

Full Name, Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy

Charles Philip Arthur George, 14/11/1949

Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, 15/06/1950

Albert Andrew Christian Edward, 19/02/1960

Edward Antony Richard Louis, 10/04/1964


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