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Dining establishments include bistro, buffet, cafe, cafeteria, restaurants, pub, fast food and coffeehouse. They differ from the food they serve, preparation methods, pricing, as well as the ambience of the place.

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What's your favorite bizarre food combination?

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When I was around sixteen, I discovered the amazing interaction between eating microwaved popcorn and drinking chocolate milk. Normally, I'd find the combination of butter and chocolate unappealing, but there's something about that sweet and salty mix that hits the tastebuds just right. It's still my go-to movie snack at home.
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What is the proper amount to tip for customer service?

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Generally speaking, most people in the United States will tell you that good service deserves a 15-20% tip. As a former server myself, I tend to give more than 20% to support my fellow industry friends as a sign of solidarity. Also, I'm proud to say that when I was last waiting tables, I averaged above 25% tips, but that's because I was lucky enough to have wonderful regular customers. Truly great service can be rare, but in my opinion, there's no ceiling on what percentage of tip your server deserves. I've given out 100% tips on special occasions when the experience was extremely special and personalized.
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How many restaurants are there in Italy?

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The number of restaurants in Italy are constantly changing. If you were to try looking for a more specific branch or type of restaurant, in might be more conducive in your search query. I am sorry but I can't state the specific number as of now.
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What is formal food service?

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a sweet tender starter which may include pieces of a choice of fish, chicken, lamb, etc. If vegetarian you can serve dishes of vegetable potatoes or other fresh ranges. I think the question may refer to 'Silver Service': the diners are seated and waiters or servers move round the table offering each dish. Food is offered to the right of the diner and is placed on the diner's plate by the waiter using a fork and spoon, rather like chopsticks, to lift and transport the food. Between courses wine waiters move around the table filling glasses which are placed on the table just above the knives at the right hand side of the plate. After a course, plates and cutlery are cleared by servers moving in to the Left side of the diner. Then the next course is served in a similar way to the right of the diner. There may be a toast in between courses when the host at the head of the table or a toastmaster will announce the toast. Diners may be expected to stand, to raise their glasses and repeat the phrasing of the toast, for example, "The Queen" before reseating themselves. The array of cutlery and wine glasses at a formal dinner may be bewildering - the usual rule is to begin outside and work inwards. The serving staff will remove each piece of cutlery, crockery or wine glass as it becomes redundant and you simply pick up the outermost utensil for the next course.
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What is the Minimum wage for waitress per month?

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Impossible to say without knowing the average check. At say a Chili's you can make between 40,000 and 50,000 per year if you work good shifts. At a Capitol Grille you could make 120,000 to 150,000 per year with good shifts.
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How much does a barback make?

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The pay really depends on the house (bar). The house will usually pay a barback an hourly rate plus 10-20% of all earned tips. That depends a lot on how much total revenue the bartenders bring in. When all is said and done, the bartenders are the ones who pay out the barbacks. Usually the pay out percentage is between 15%-20% of the total tips the bartenders earn. So, for instance if the bartenders earn $200 per bartender in tips, and say, there are 6 bartenders, then you'll be paid out, let's say 15% of $1,200, which is $180. Not too bad.
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Is there a buffalo wild wings in Bakersfield?

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They are building one in gosford village by SAMs club.
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What is table d hote?

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Table d'hôte Menu is a set menu with a set price.
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What kinds of foods are served at French restaurants?

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All French food is served at restaurants in France including meat ,fish, cheese, fruit, baguette and many fine desserts. A lot of spices are used in French cuisine so the food is bursting with flavor. French food is always presented elegantly as this is very important to French chefs.
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Why is Kobe so much better than Benihana's?

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Because Kobe is much more authentic, they actually have Japanese chefs. Going to Benihana is sometimes like going to Don Pablos (very confusing). Anyhow, you can't argue either about how great the shrimp or so named YUM YUM sauce is at Kobe. Benihana's sauce does not hold a candle to Kobe's. Anyhow, if your looking for a quality authentic meal hit Kobe, if you in a hurry and don't care just stop by any old Benihana.
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How do you calculate restaurant covers?

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This is the number of people dining over the course of a meal. For example, say a restaurant has 60 seats and serves meals to three sets of customers during dinner service. That equals 180 covers (60 seats x 3 seatings) per night.
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How many restaurants are there in Manhattan?

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In all five boroughs of New York City there are 23,499 active restaurants as of April 2010. There are no resources online with figures of the number of restaurants in just Manhattan.
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What is family table service?

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It means the people dining are seated at a table where the choices are placed on the table in bowls or platters for each person to serve themselves from. This is unlike a buffet in that the diners are seated and the food is placed on the table. It is generally thought of as casual dining but very elegant dinners can be done this way.
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What is the meaning of food establishment?

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"Food establishment" means an operation where food is processed, packed, canned, preserved, or frozen .
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Where can you sell my used restaurant equipment?

User Avatar (food service equipment trader)
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Is there any azeri restaurant in US?

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Why are seafood restaurants closed on Monday?

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Because there are no shipments during Sunday. So just in case you go to a restaurant on a Monday ordering something from the seafood menu would not be a good idea as more likely that seafood wont be fresh and possibly you would be eating something that was shipped last Friday and is possibly 3-4 days old. When it comes to seafood you always want it fresh.
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Difference between wine steward and sommelier?

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A wine steward is part of a restaurant establishments staff. They will execute duties that require the knowledge level of a Sommelier. They will suggest wines based off of that knowledge, present, open, decanter and serve the wines within a restaurant. A Sommelier is not only able to execute those duties but has become an expert in the area of wine in general and does not necessarily require that person to be in the employment of a restaurant. There are some Sommelier's that have used their knowledge in the area of wine solely to write about wines rather then serve it. You can equate the difference similar to being a Professor in a certain field of education and being educated in that same field. One uses it as a profession the other maintains the education level.
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How much is a burger at McDonald's?

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Prices may vary by location & depending on if it is franchised or corporate. McDonalds Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is as follows: Hamburger: $0.89 + tax Cheeseburger: $0.99 + tax McDouble: $1.00 + tax Double Cheeseburger: $1.29 + tax
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What are the food prices for Golden Corral?

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6.99 breakfast 7.99 lunch (till 4pm) 9.99 dinner There are always coupons available online and in local publications for a dollar off These prices are every day, the cost doesn't go up on weekends, which is great! Keep in mind the cost is just for food, drinks are extra (but bottomless) and a tip for the person who refills your drink and replenishes your plates is not included either.