Relationships include parent/child, sibling/sibling, friendship, dating, marriage, and lots of others. They can be great, but many times they are problematic and can be unhappy or even abusive. This category is for questions about relationships, both good and bad.

Teen Dating

What does it mean when a girl steps on a guys foot a lot?

It mean she likes you dude.

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Teen Dating

What are good questions to ask to get to know someone really well?

Some tips:
  • If you are referring to a close friend or a significant other, I am a fan of playing the relationship version of 20 Questions. Quite simply, take turns asking and answering questions until you have each asked twenty. This may take more than one get-together to complete, but it is a great deal of fun and will reveal a lot about both of you. Try to keep a mix of serious and humorous questions. In making a serious inquiry, make sure that you only ask questions that you yourself would be comfortable answering. This game is wonderful for bonding in a relationship.
  • Don't interrogate them, but try to get them to open up about themselves. Casually ask about their job, their family and friends. What kinds of things do they do in their free time? Discuss hobbies, what kinds of music/movies/books they prefer. Be honest about yourself and what you enjoy in life. Note these things: Do they complain a lot? Have they changed a lot of jobs/moved frequently over the years? Do they say rude things about their parents or ex friends/wives? Any of these could be a warning sign.
  • I think it helps to let the other person lead a bit. See what questions they ask. Not only will this allow you to answer and then say "and how about you" but it can give you insight into what a person is curious about and that can help you learn about them. You will be surprised what people will tell you if you just let them.
  • If I REALLY want to get to know someone, I ask nothing and just observe how they are. Too often if people suspect they are being evaluated, one way or the other, they often have a tendency to a certain behaviour or say or do what they THINK you are looking for or what they THINK makes them look best. Especially in the dating scene. Rule of thumb, by six months, all their mental problems should have surfaced.
  • Ask them questions about hobbies, likes and dislikes, religion; basically anything that would help you get to know that person better, but avoid anything about ex's, his/her past, or if they want to marry and have children. This will only scare them away. Just be yourself and there is no need to change your values just to impress someone else. This would arise as a problem if things were to happen and when the true person starts to reveal themself you may find out it is not the person you were looking for.
  • All of the questions in the book "Intellectual "! My boyfriend (soon-to-be fiancé) are in a long-distance relationship, and the questions in that book are wonderful. Things I would've never thought of, and things that really made me think about myself and how I feel about various things.
  • Questions are one method and another method is to let situations occur and then ask the persons view and response. It is perhaps better because you have an example that has come up by chance and can get his/her reaction to it. Other times, clarify what you hear by asking a question in a positive way. Otherwise, you will miscommunicate and misunderstand.
  • The best way to get to know someone is how they speak of their family, friends and ex's. If they slag off their mates then they are probably untrustworthy so AVOID them! I think asking about their work gives you a clear insight into their drive/ambition, intelligence and affluence. What they like to do when they relax will give you a clue about the types of things he/she will expect you to do together. Another way to get to know someone is watch their manner in public, if they swear, are loud, smoke in prohibited places, they may be rude, arrogant and disrespectful ... perhaps not someone you want to date. However the best way to get to know someone is to LISTEN. Sounds daft, but everything they say, however little or trivial may be a clue to their personality and little clues soon add up, like a jigsaw. Enjoy getting to know them, its one of the most exciting parts of a relationship!
  • Read "The Book of Questions" by Gregory Stock, PhD
  • Read the book "Red Flags: How to Know if You're Dating a Loser"
  • I found out that if you just talk to them, be yourself, act casual, and don't be fake then things mostly have good outcomes. Ask them questions but don't blabber on too much so the person can't even ask you what they want to, be open, don't be short, tell them enough to keep them guessing and wanting more, but not so little so that they forget it. Make sure the important things are answered on the first date, because then you will be clueless, and the important questions will may seem very odd to ask on later dates ... such as when you discuss things you like, on the second date if you just blurt out, "What type of music do you like?" You may sound stupid. Instead if you go somewhere or hear music playing make a gesture as in, "Hearing the notes of music reminds me, what type of music do you like?". But, as others have said don't interrogate them, because they'll get nervous about these 30 questions being thrown at them. Don't get nervous, or loud, or weird when you talk to them, because that just may put up a sign to them that you don't like them or that something is terribly wrong.
  • I think the best way to get to know how a person truly is is by the way they discuss people they know. I have found that people who speak negatively of others usually are not very nice people themselves. Also, what kind of friends do they have? Law abiding, hard working people, college or high school friends, or only friends they met at a bar?
  • Find out what they stand for. Do they have morals? How do they feel about morals, this can be found by the way they react to things. Do they cut corners? Are they dishonest in the little things? What do they talk like, foul? You can see that many times we don't even have to ask questions. When we see them in a public setting we can learn lots. People are smart they will tell you what they think you want to hear but their conduct can speak volumes about them, more than any question we can ask. First though, we have to have the standards within us in order to know what to look for.
  • Just say things to them to make them feel interested in why you want to know.
  • Buying a book on body language - the most effective chat-up line is supposed to be, "What's your favourite pizza topping?"
  • you can also just ask them that you wanted to get to know them better than just sitting there and looking like a fool. you don't want them to think that because some people are just really rude these days they would do anything to make you feel like a jerk. well that's all really. try your best!! GOOD LUCK!!
  • what's your name
  • NUMBER 1! Only ask he/she what you want to know... Some questions that can start good conversations might be... What they think of people at school? If he/she likes school? how he/she spends her weekends etc.
  • I love the pizza topping question because it will kind of throw them for a loop and you will get more of an honest answer. Most people have "pat" friendus that they are asked all the time. I also like to ask them questions like "what is their best childhood memory", or "what is your favorite flavor of ice cream". These are questions they are not expecting! Be aware of red flags like a person who only likes to talk about themself and isn't asking you any questions about yourself. One other good piece of advise that applies equally to friends or people you are dating: watch how they treat the waiter/waitress, cashier, busboy, etc. If they are rude or offish to these people they are not someone you want as a mate or friend!
  • It really depends. Ask questions that require more than a yes or no. Questions that could start a conversation are good. honestly, some of the best friendships that i have began when i was just hanging out with the person in a group. I've even told people that i think they're interesting and that i want to be their friend. that works. but I've found that the best way to get to know someone is by hanging out with them.
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Teen Dating

How can you tell if a girl or a guy likes you?

IF HE LIKES YOU HE WILL: (I'm using a guy in my examples.)

  • look at you and when you catch him, he tends to look away.
  • Text/call you on his own if you did it first.
  • Make up excuses to talk to you.
  • Find ways to be around you.
  • Pretend to like someone else.
  • Become your friend.
  • Be playful with you.
  • Try to make you laugh/feel better.
  • P.S. If you don't know if a guy likes you tell them in someway, and you will be able to assume if they do, by the way that they react.

Here are some things to look for to know when a girl or a guy likes you:

  1. Keep an eye on how many times you catch her/him staring at you.
  2. Take notice of whether s/he smiles at you a lot.
  3. Look for whether s/he focuses on you in a crowd.
  4. Walk to her/him and talk to her/him. See if s/he wants to go out with you.
  5. Pay attention to any significant changes in her/his behavior toward you recently.
  6. Start showing her/him a bit more interest and see how they respond.
  7. Have a friend talk to her/him or one of her/his friends about you.
  8. Ask, '[name], are you interested in me?'
  9. Look for signs of teasing.

Tips: Hopefully you will not have to use steps 7 or 8, but if you're having difficulty reading her/him, these steps are your last resort! Remember, this is not an exact science, and it may take a few mistakes to perfect your technique.

Here are more explanations from Wiki s contributors:

  • The easiest way to tell (for anyone) is to just take an innocent step into their personal space. If they aren't interested then they will step away. If they are interested then they will set closer boundaries for you and will therefore not mind your closer-than-normal presence.
  • I'm a girl and when I like a guy I try to seem "uninterested" or "unavailable" just so they think they can't have me and want me more. Before me and my boyfriend were going out, he tried to be near me all the time; tried to find a way to touch my shoulders, arms, hands, feet, etc.; always tried to put his arm around me. When I said that I was cold or tired, he always put his arm around me and said things like, "Do you want me to warm you up?" and, "Lay your head on my shoulder." Overall it is really easy to tell if a guy likes you or not.
  • One of the signs that a boy likes you is when he always teases you or makes fun/jokes.
  • He seems to find reasons to be with or near you. He may come up with what you think are lame or legit reasons to speak to you, call you, ask something. Try watching if he looks into your eyes or at least eye contact when he talks to you. Does he find ways to be closer to your body, near you, sit close or on the same side of the room as you? Does he talk to you instead of at you? Does he want your opinion? Cares what you have to say? Does he seem to be around you often, when he can? Does his face lighten up or seem to go from stress to unstressed when you walk in or say hello? A guy may not be obvious about it either, especially if he's shy, or maybe a little unsure of himself, which doesn't mean he's a loser at all but probably warmer from with in or more depth to him, more sensitive.
  • Boys might not tell you directly, but they may tell someone. Or perhaps when you are not around but your friend is there he will ask for you.
  • I'm a girl and I like two guys that are both my friends, and I think they like me because: 1 of them told me a secret that he only told me n my other friend, one that could really affect his like (we r not BFFs we r just good friends so this means a lot 4 me) so if he talks to you a lot that is a good sign. the other one: when we were partnering up, i didn't have a partner and he was staring at me the whole time, till he had the guts to walk over to me and ask me to be his partner, and then the whole block we sat there talking and goofing off. We were sharing deep stuff. and we always look at each other during class if someone does something funny or we remember an inside joke. AND he is always staring at me. AND in the mornings he always walks over 2 me and says hi n we talk a little. So I think any of those are good signs.
  • You will know if a guy likes you because he will not hesitate to make eye-contact; he will either stare if he thinks you won't notice or hold your gaze when you catch him in the act (if he has a lot of confidence). If a guy is interested, he will also go out of his way to be as near you as possible without being obvious. Of course, the rules don't apply to all men, but generally, if he likes you, you WILL know it, without a doubt.
  • I'm a guy and usually when it comes to asking girls out i only ask them out if I'm like 95% sure they like me. And girls if a guy asked you out answer it for yourself don't discuss it with your friends. Also if you now a guy has a phone ask him for his number most guys would probably say yes unless a they don't like you, or if they just walk a way without an answer that is usually a sign that they like you. If you do get there number text them like every other day ONLY if they respond. When texting someone if they don't respond it usually means they're no interested. TAKE THE HINT. Also if a guy likes you he will usually look at you a lot as long as you don't sit right next to them. If you notice a guy looking at you a lot and then looking a way when you look at them that is a sure sign that they like you.
  • I'm a guy and I think it depends, and different guys are different. Eye contact and attention isn't always the best way to tell. If a guy is shy he may get intimidated by girls he likes and actually make less eye contact.
  • I'm a guy, and I find it real hard to let a girl know I like her. I try to be funny, I smile (because I can't help it), I try to be close to her, but I can't verbally let her, or anyone know. Many guys have the same problem.
  • I'm a guy. If a guy is into you, he will ask you out, or he'll most definitely go out with you when you ask him first. There are no exceptions to that rule, unless he was with someone else at the time and wants to be true to them. So unfortunately, if a guy does not go out with you when you ask him out, he does not like you.
  • Here are some of the signs: he acts distracted when he's around you and fumbles for things. From the corner of your eye you think he is looking at you but when you look up he turns away abruptly and you think you are imagining things. He tries to like all the things you do. Your instinct tells you that he feels for you but your rational part says you are sure to be wrong.
  • I think you can tell if a guy likes you if he always looks at you, he always wants to see you smile, he doesn't like it when other guys talk to you, he looks at you when you are doing something, he follows you places, he doesn't know how to act when he is with you.
  • A guy is interested in a girl if he says "yes" to things she asks him to do. Time is very valuable to a guy, and if he is obliging and generous with his time, a girl certainly has his attention. Especially if he's a busy guy, he'll make time for a girl if he likes you.
  • He will make you feel special. He will be romantic. He will not move too fast. He will consider your feelings and take things slow.
  • He will show off, sometimes on small things. (For example, my crush at the moment was drinking in front of me, but then stopped when I said it was uncool).
  • I knew a guy who would try to embarrass his friends when they were around me. He wanted to look funny and seem cooler than his friends.
  • Sometimes a guy who likes you can behave in a very confusing way and be hard to understand. It might make you wonder whether they like you or hate you.
  • Shy guys like me will most likely tell their friends. Some will be confused if you flirt with them because they have never had this happen before, so they don't know what to do. Most guys don't do things unless they know exactly what they are doing. Girls just confuse us.
  • A guy likes you if he: 1. Makes fun of you. 2. Has cute little nicknames for you. 3. Remembers everything you say, in the smallest most insignificant conversations. 4. Finds any excuse to touch you or sit next to you. 5. Talks and looks at you differently than other people. 6. Talks about you with your friends.
  • A confident guy is easier to read. He'll make eye contact. Shy guys can be very hard to read but there are some sure signs: They might be looking at you but if you look back then they'll quickly look away. He will always laugh at funny things you do. Don't get discouraged if he talks more to other girls. Shy guys are very attracted to outgoing girls, so don't be afraid to be outgoing! Here's what you can do: when you're in a group of people and he's there, ask to the group if anyone would like to go on a walk, or go do something with you. Be sure that it would be a two person activity. If the guy you like agrees, then this is good. You can guarantee you'll have a good conversation with him if you ask a lot of questions. Be sure to tell him if you have something in common.
  • Confident men who aren't afraid to stare at you and ask you out may just want you for the sex.
  • Sometimes a guy will pretend to flirt with other girls in your presence, to make you jealous.
  • I tend to like shy guys, so it may be hard to read them at first. But, once they open up, they give you their confidence completely. I find that they will: 1. Make eye contact with you, then look away when your eyes meet. 2. Always be willing to help you our or do you favors (like rides home, or physical work). 3. Will always look for you in a crowd, then when he finds you will act like he doesn't see you. 4. Will laugh at all your jokes/will try to make you laugh. 5. Talks to his friends about you. 6. Mentions activities that you are interested in so there is a chance for you two to do them together. 7. Will always find a reason to talk to you or touch you in any way. 8. Pokes fun at you, but in a nice way (unless he is very young and immature). 9. Seems genuinely interested in what you have to say. 10. Remembers little things that you've talked about before a long time ago, and brings them up in conversations to let you know that he remembered. 11. He will always stare at you, and your friends may notice it too. 12. When you are talking with him and your friends, he will only comment on something that you say, or will look at you whenever he speaks. I hope that these help, but remember, you can't always rely on physical things. I think that most of all it is a feeling. If he likes you, your instinct tells you. Go with your gut. Don't let your logic tell you any different.
  • I highly recommend the new book: "He's just not that into you." It is so right on about how to tell if a guy likes you! Actually, the first rule of thumb is that a guy will ask you out if he likes you. To get him comfortable enough to do that, all you have to do is smile and seem interested in him as a person (just in case he's the shy type).
  • A guy who likes you may tend to notice new things about you, and compliment you.
  • The truth is, most girls can tell if a guy likes them. If you get the feeling that he likes you, you're probably right.
  • Okay, I'm a girl and i think its pretty much the same, I always think about what "signs" hell be giving me and ill realize i gave him the same ones, like staring, and then turning away, or blushing, or teasing but then making sure you know there kidding, they like to see you smile and will do whatever they can do just to touch you, but not in an obvious way, like "accidentally" touch your knee or arm, not too obvious though. Guys are cute that way, and I'll always find I'm even more attracted to them when they like you, but only by the minor signs. It feels good to know someones watching you so if a guy or girl sees something they like compliment them, it feels good! anyway that is about it, you should know, yes guys have the hardest jobs and I sympathize with them but just go for it, truth is if you think they do, most likely they do, and try not to give these signs when you don't like them, then your leading them on, that is not cool!
  • I'm a guy, and I think that in most ways, we couldn't be clearer when we like someone, girls, on the other hand, are more complicated than debugging Windows Vista !!! If there's a girl a like, then I tend to be more hesitant, self-conscious and shy around her, but OK round all the other girls. I won't look at them as often as I look anywhere else. In the end, it's probably just as effective as doing the opposite.
  • I disagree with the above, even though its like a well known fact for guys that girls are complicated and hard to read. But the truth is guys just can't catch a hint so no matter how much we do make signs it like barely gets through! So don't blame us for not being able to catch the MILLIONS of signs we send out!
  • Usually a girl will tell her best friend then her bff will try to be nice and tell the guy then he will know. However, it depends on the girl. I am a girl and personally, I'd never tell my bff because I'll be teased mercilessly about the guy lol.
  • I'm a girl and if I liked a guy, I would 1) tease and "play" with him 2) I would try to sit closer to him or move near him in some way 3) I would try to get his attention, example walk around in front of him a lot, smile and try to catch his eye every time I saw him 4) I would talk to him and try to know him better 5)flirting is part of #4.
  • If he constantly reminds you about his plans, such as "I'm going to the mall this weekend," he is hinting that you should go with him, or at least hoping that you will change your plans and go there the same date and time, with him or not.
  • I knew a guy that liked me, and when I was around him, he would try and trip his friend and tease him so I would laugh. If a guy struggles to make you laugh, he likes you.
  • Well, recently, a good friend of mine (I like her) broke up with her boyfriend, and I kinda helped her calm down a bit. Well, recently, she started teasing me, and calling me "heyy, Mr. Handsome", or similar things. I'm taking this as a good sign, and I'm kinda going out with her today. Not a big date, just a lunch and a movie. Also, you'll know a girl likes you if she constantly looks at you, like I do when I try to find her in the crowd.
  • I have a locker next to the guy I like and he is always teasing me and making jokes and standing really close to my body like we are slow dancing or something. He is always smile and staring at me and he does look me in the eyes when we have conversations. So I'm pretty sure he likes me.

For really bold guys

  • The guy I like, I'm pretty sure he likes me. He seems to try and find excuses to touch me like high-fiving, or taking a box I'm carrying for me. Bold guys will try to catch your eye often, and hold the gaze. The totally non-shy guys try and make it more obvious. He may flirt with other girls around you and look at you to see if you get jealous. The guy I like is like totally the opposite of shy (so am I, we're perfect for each other lol), so I thought I'd put this in for the other peeps who like a bold dude. and a lot of this stuff applies to us gals too.
  • Kiss them on the mouth and if they get mad they don't like you.
  • Ok there was this guy in year 7 who used 2 like me, but I rejected him so he doesn't like me anymore, but he used 2... 1)poke me with his pen in maths and elbow me a lot 2)annoy me all other times 3)one time he ran up to me and opened my bag and one of my best friends asked him if he fancied me and he went bright red and went off. he was nice 2 me 4 the rest of the day - in English (last lesson) he was giving out books and he got to mine, smiled at me and put it at the bottom of the pile. In parents evening that day he was behind a desk and when I got there he was really pleased 2 c me. He ignored everyone else and gave me a massive grin, but I looked straight past him, so he has been ignoring me since. I hated him and I still do. Now there's this guy who I love, and I think it's mutual, we catch the same bus, so we're together every morning and afternoon, we go to the same clubs (orchestra, wind orchestra and yr 8 band), we play 3 instruments the same at the same level (keyboard, piano and guitar) and I play the clarinet and he plays the flute. the signs he gives me that we feel the same are: 1) he stares at me a lot ;2) he's always creeping up on me; 3) forever giving me high fives; 4) talks to me a lot; 5) tells me his secrets; 6) makes me laugh; 7) smiles at me.
  • There is a great post on ezinearticles that talks about this subject (see related link).
  • He will show signs: he will smile at you every time he sees you and do a cute nod; he will sit with you or ask you to sit with him; he will be nice to you all the time; he will finally ask you out.
  • He might always be staring at you, running his hand through his hair, or avoiding your eyes when you look at him. He might also be whispering around you (nicely) and teasing you (nicely). He will laugh at your jokes, even if they aren't funny. Good luck with love! Give it a shot!
  • There are some guys, however, that may like you, but will do none of the things above. For example, there is a guy that I know likes me (and how I know that is a long story, so I won't explain), and yet he purposefully doesn't do anything above so that I wouldn't know. He hardly ever makes eye contact, he doesn't try to talk to me much, he never laughs at my jokes, etc. And every time I touch him, he flips out. Yet he does like me as more than a friend. So don't think that if a guy seems to sort of shun you, in a way, it might not be that he's repulsed by you. He may like you.
  • Sometimes guys can be really weird over whether they like you or not. Sometimes even if they know you like them IN THAT WAY because everyone knows they still don't do anything. Watch out, because sometimes if a guy is hanging around you and wants to be in a group with you for projects and stuff it's just because you're smart or he wants to look good.
  • this is easy. for a guy if they show off, smile at you, ask you personal questions, or ask you who you like they will probably like you. for a girl if they smile at you, hang out with you, or try to sit by you they probably like you. They flirt with you very much and they do not show it until you show it
If he is a SHY guy he will:

1. he would be really nervous when he is around you.

2. he will not make eye contact with you.

3. he will look at you and when you catch him he will look away.

4. he will try to avoid you. and that's usually it for shy guys!

If he is a BOLD guy he will:

1. he will annoy you a lot.

2. he will say he likes another girl just to make you jealous.

3. he will flirt with you.

4. he will get mad if you talk to another guy.

5. when you talk to him, he will smile.

6. he will try his best to make you laugh.

7. he will touch your hand or hug you for no reason.

8. he will hang out around you very often. and that's usually for bold guys.

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The Difference Between

What is the true meaning of love and being in love?

Love isn't blind or deaf or dumb - in fact it sees far more than it will ever tell. It is going beyond yourself and stretching who you are for someone else. Being in love entails seeing someone as you wish they were: to love them is to see who they really are and still care for them. Love isn't bitter, but you can't have love without pain: sacrifice is the hallmark of love , the coin of love.

Being in love usually is used in a romantic sense when you meet your significant other transforming a normal relationship into a deeper one without further interest in others.

Love means that you trust the person, would do anything for the person, know that person is with you through thick and thin, isn't afraid to be seen with you. make sure they treat you right.

Additional Contributor Opinions:

  • Love means having strong feelings for someone that can be close friends, family or even someone in a romantic relationship. Love is a strong feeling that represents affection toward someone dear to you heart.
  • There is no true meaning in love. love with meaning is not love.
  • The meaning of love is prolonged mutual protection. Love is real when it is found. It is free when it is grasped. Can you tell with a kiss? Love is the magic/mutual in a kiss. There is no magic in a kiss if there is no love/mutual within it. A kiss with magic has no forced for love makes it gentle. There is no magic in just a lip kiss. Love has a different kiss. Some kisses are only stolen breaths. If you need to ask: "is this love" then the Answer is: "no" for when/if it ever happens you will know. Ravonseed.
  • The possible real meaning/purpose of love is: to reproduce. To stay together to protect each other long enough to continue your blood line/genetics. The meaning of love is prolonged mutual protection. Love is real when it is found. It is free when it is grasped. Can you tell with a kiss? Love is the magic/mutual in a kiss. There is no magic in a kiss if there is no love/mutual within it. A kiss with magic has no forced for love makes it gentle. There is no magic in just a lip kiss. Love has a different kiss. Some kisses are only stolen breaths. If you need to ask: "is this love" then the Answer is: "no" for when/if it ever happens you will know. Ravonseed.
  • Love is when you are certain that you love someone, and then you think you love someone else, then you both realize that you could never live without each other
  • The true meaning of love is found in the word "unconditional". Loving someone through their flaws and all. Accepting and embracing each others differences and compromising with their offerings.
  • Bokonon tells us:" a lover is a liar to himself he lies the truthful are loveless like oyster their eyes."
  • "Being in love is the connection u have with someone and feeling the same way they do. u wouldn't have a problem fussing and fighting with them at times because you love them"
  • What is true love? This is the question that haunts our everyday being. well, my friend, you certainly are in luck. For I have the intangible answer.. -love is devoting your God given LIFE to a person who
  • In my eyes.... why should it matter? I'm happy for the time being. Why should I tire myself with those bothersome questions if it is "true"-truth is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Life is a constant wave of change, accept it all as it comes, for it can never be stopped.
  • Love is Change-I have found happiness because i have embraced that change, that change has taken me many places i never thought possible. the past now dwells in it's rightful home, the past. never to live again..
  • Love is finding the beauty in one's self, and finding another to embrace it. No matter how strange one's beauty may be.
  • Love is learning to see the beauty in everything.
  • Good is walking away when she comes up pregnant with someone's else kid; love is staying long enough to carry her through the miscarriage.
  • Good is heading for the door when he tells you he's been with other people while you were dating; love makes you pray for him.
  • Good is realizing it just won't work and calling it quits; love makes you stay friends.
  • Love is caring about somebody just as they are, how they were before, and as they will be in the future. Love and sex are different. Also, its probably a good idea to decide what you think love is yourself, and have a mind of your own.
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Teen Dating

How do you find out if a girl really likes you?

If you wanna know if a girl likes you watch how she acts around you like if she's really outgoing and is shy around you that means she is either in like with you or she just dislikes you. Or if she is squirmy around you that means she feels awkward, in like, or she doesn't like the presence of you. I'm a girl I would know I have a crush! Not that I am like this but you know most girls are! Oh or if she's mean to everyone and nice to you she is keeping her enemies closer than friends or she's in like! Or she could be nice to everyone and be mean to you! You're very welcome if I helped any!

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Teen Dating

What is the secret of true love?

The secret to true love as opposed to sexual love is to under stand that it is unconditional, if you love some one or something you must love it warts and all, otherwise it's conditional love. A dog can spend its life being mistreated and still welcome its master. That is true love.

Before we can discuss the secret to true love, you must understand that true love is a gift that has to be valued and nourished. It's not something that you find one day like a beautiful seashell on a beach and put it up somewhere to be admired. True love is a part of life that has a life of its own. Value and nourish it, and it will grow and become deeper and more valuable. Find it, give it no value and forget to nourish it, and it will die. Simple as that.

The first secret to true love is knowing when you have found the love of your life, your other half, the one who is more important to you than even yourself, the one your entire being tells you is the one for you. That may happen one day when you look across a room and meet the eyes of her or him, your eyes lock and your heart jumps, and the eyes you are looking into tell you that the same is happening on the other side of that gaze. It could also happen when you are out with someone that you have dated casually for months, but never really felt much of anything for. Suddenly, one night, your heart could leap as your eyes meet or your lips touch. Knowing you have found true love might be just a quiet knowing that the person is the one for you. It happens differently for different people.

After meeting your true love, the secret to keeping the love alive is to unselfishly put the other person before yourself and communicate with that person in a positive and open manner. Many great relationships have lost their pizazz due to mistakes of one or both becoming selfish and not communicating with the other. Even those who have found their true loves have lost them because of the hurt and disappointment caused when the love of your life's actions and words say "you don't matter," "I'm for me first," and similar things.

When two people find true love and each puts the others hopes, dreams, desires, and feelings above their own and communicates in such a way as to build the other up and share their innermost thoughts, beautiful things happen! The true love that was found grows into something more beautiful than a rose, deeper than the deepest ocean, and stronger than anything imaginable. Anything less than being unselfish, putting the other before yourself, and great communication and it's tough for even true love to survive.


You must know how to distinguish between love and infatuation. The KEY to true Love and Romance are not like recipes that you can use for that perfect relationship. That Key is unique to every couple and relates to their social cultures and values. Almost every human relationship has its ups and downs. When people can focus on the important and valuable stuff that makes it all worthwhile, rather than curse the stuff that causes pain then they are on the way to finding true Love .

You must not get caught up with the superficial physical characteristics that you would like in your mate. You should preferably focus your attention on emotional qualities like compassion, respect, cooperation and dependability that you would want your mate to demonstrate.

Finding true love starts with your ability to find it first within yourself. You must be happy and contented with who you are. When you are able to create positive energy around you it will work like a sweet flower attracting the honeybees. You will be able to connect with the right person.

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What effect can ADHD have on your relationships?


You will have to pay attention to showing up on time and following up on what you will say you will do. This is the glue that holds relationships together, so you definitely need the skills to manage this.


You will probably get in a fight or break-up every time you don't take your ADHD medication. For me, if I don't take it, I can't listen to anything she says nor do I want to. Adderrall is a miracle pill.


It depends if one of you has it or both of you do. It can allow you to be inattentive which may be upsetting to whom you have a relationship with. You should get some medication to control it, too!!


ADHD many times will have no negative effect on your relationships but can have many positive effects. ADHD people are normally above average in intelligence, they like many things and are able to do many different things and do them well, are energetic, fun, enthusiastic, interesting, and spontaneous among other things. They many times get bored very easily with people and situations. They sometimes get frustrated with people who are air-headed, use no common sense, do or say stupid things, or are generally kind of ignorant or stupid. It sounds kind of mean but they just can't relate to people like that very much. They usually don't have any trouble holding their attention to things that they are interested in rather than things that don't interest them.

If you are looking for a predictable, low-keyed, ho-hum, do the same exact thing every day at the exact same time day after day after day you probably will not do well with an ADHD person. While they do have their routines their every move is not predictable and they many times will turn a ho-hum situation into fun at any given time. It all depends on the person's individual personality but there are common traits among ADHD people that are present in varying degrees.

There are many celebrities that are ADHD and if you know who they are and watch them you can see the common traits that exist. For example, Ty on Extreme Home Makeover is ADHD and while he gets a little too pumped up sometimes you can see the energy, the upbeat attitude, the enthusiasm, etc. However, not all ADHD people have the same levels of energy, etc. In addition, I think Ty is the perfect person for that show because that show requires someone with his energy who can get things done and make the show fun and interesting. There are ADHD people who do not have that level of energy and goofiness but they usually have it on some level at least.

The best thing an ADD or ADHD person and their partner can do is educate yourself using TRUSTED resources on ADD/ADHD. The more educated you are about ADHD the more you will learn about yourself or your partner.


ADD/ADHD can make people appear to be selfish, distant or inattentive. I find that if I remind my boyfriend of it (very gently and patiently), he's pretty receptive and willing to change. Sometimes I have to ask him to put his laptop away, or turn off the TV so we can have a conversation, but sometimes you should just wait for them to finish since they may have trouble coping with interruption when they're focused. And no one likes a demand to give up what they're doing, regardless of ADD or not. Basically, as long as you're patient and understanding, and he's aware of his condition and trying to accommodate you, it's not hard to make it work. He does need to work on it himself. You shouldn't always need to be the one catering to his needs.


My boyfriend has ADHD too. He often has mood swings. He takes medication but always seems to be depressed and angry even when he's not. He has got a loving side to him. He's really generous and can be really nice but when he has his little mood swings, I just comfort him, cheer him up and forget about the bad things he says. However, don't cut him too much slack.


i don't think it will affect your relationship. I have ADHD and I'm always hyper. My boyfriend still loves me the same. A partner may be somewhat immature in some aspects by having ADHD and may not be particularly helpful around the house. If your partner was on long term medication as a child he/she may have a problem with some form of substance abuse.


Learn to control your emotions. I have ADHD, and I, depending on whether i take medication or not, behave very differently. When I take medication, people say I seem calm, depressed, sometimes irritable, and relaxed. When i don't take medication, people say that I'm cheerful, but can't keep still. But nothing really matters if your girlfriend/boyfriend likes you for who you really are.


It depends on the people involved, who has the ADHD, whether they're medicated, what other issues-depression, anxiety-they deal with, as well as the gender of the person with ADHD. The "typical" symptoms associated with ADHD are those more noticeable in males. ADHD affects women differently. Due to a bunch of brain and development stuff I don't know all the details of, women tend to appear not as "H" in the ADHD. Generally, women are more indecisive and may seem fickle. They typically remain "on the fence" about issues and questions. There's a great book called friendus to Distraction which I gave to my husband to help him understand my ADHD a little better. Basically, when dealing with people and so many variables, there's no way to give a definitive answer to this question.


I don't see how having ADHD could possibly have an affect on a relationship. I have been diagnosed with ADHD since a young age and it's never caused me any problems, especially not with any relationships.

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US Military Ranks Pay Rates and Benefits

How do you get basic allowance for housing in the military?

Weird, Both my parents had been in the military and they where assigned in the base. It was not legal for them to live off of the Base.

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Teen Dating

How do you tell a girl you love her?

Find out what language she speaks and tell her I love you in that language

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What are signs a guy likes you that you might be missing?

  • He might act kind of strange and fidgety around you but nobody else. It probably means he likes you but does not know how to say it!
  • He says the dumbest things just to keep talking, or he may play stupid to get your attention in general.
  • He tries to hold your hand or starts talking dirty as a joke (it may even involve you). But don't stereotype guys, not everyone is going to make dirty jokes or try to hold your hand.
  • He might ask only you for stuff he doesn't really need just so that he can get your attention, or he just wants to small talk or even make you laugh!
  • He calls you at random times or calls you a few times a day just to say hi.
  • If he says 'hi' to you, multiple times, and it's just to get your attention.
  • He likes to play around a lot and make up nicknames. He'll also pick on you for fun because he knows it will be a funny joke and not serious to make you mad. When you're angry he will feel sad for you and tell you he's sorry if he bothered you. They will also protect you and he'll try to defend you when someone makes fun of you.
  • He will respect you and want to be honest and real. He'll also tell you the truth about yourself, but never say it disrespectfully.
  • Guys will also act hard to be mature when there around a girl they like and be over protective of her.
  • You'll know that a guy likes you if he starts following you wherever you go and makes eye contact.
  • One of the most obvious signs that a guy likes you is that he will always stare at you even if he doesn't know you. Boys will just stare at you from a distance hoping that you will notice them or sometimes he will stop looking at you until you look away. If you want to see if he looks back when you stop looking at him, you can look at him from the corner of your eye.
  • His pupils dilate when he talks to you.
  • When you talk to him he seems to be hanging on to every word.
  • You will know that a guy likes you when he loves to play with your hair and really annoys you that much.
  • He'll use any excuse to touch you. Like if you're wearing a necklace he'll move closer and grab it to "look at the necklace" or he'll play with a tie on your shirt or a ring. Or if he points at something in the distance, he will grab your arm. They also pretend to fight with you by pushing you (again, physical contact). He might stand extra close to you and lean on you and kind of bump shoulders with you. High fives even. Anything to get close to you. Remember, though, that sometimes people are just being friendly and don't mean it as they like you!
  • He play fights with you and teases you playfully. A guy does not like you if he is mean to you. I don't mean making jokes about your height or something like that, I'm talking MEAN... he definitely does not like you. Because in my opinion it is rude, disrespectful and definitely immature!
  • When he's talking to you he'll touch your arm or put his hand on your shoulder.
  • He will always make eye contact with you even when you're not talking he'll just look at you and smile... and he can't stop smiling.
  • If you're going to the movies he'll choose a scary movie over a comedy or anything else because scary movies are an excuse for you to be comforted by him or cuddle.
  • One sure fire that you can tell if a guy likes you or not is. If you are in a bad mood he will try anything to make you smile. Also he will try and get close to you even when you are crowds away. Or at least he will try and catch your eye.
  • I've found out that if a guy likes you, he'll act nervous around you sometimes and always try to be around you.
  • He might act slightly jealous when you're talking to or about another guy and then he'll want to know ALL about him so he can try and work out if he's got competition.
  • If a guy accidentally hurts you or upsets you he'll use it as an excuse to get a hug.
  • Some guys even in adulthood will act like children and pick on you.
  • He enjoys you looking at him.
  • He gives you all the attention in a group of people then he realizes that he's been focusing all his attention on you and then quickly says something to someone else to try and cover it up.
  • He makes a lot of eye contact and usually will not turn his head when you look at them him that crazy feeling smile between you two.
  • He tries several different ways to say he likes you if he doesn't know which way to approach you from.
  • Not every guy is the same. One might fetch things for you, carry things for you, sit with you at lunch, laugh at your jokes.
  • When there is a crowd of his friends or people around you he will wait until everyone leaves or he will hesitate to leave until he gets you on your own so he can talk to you. Also eye contact is a big clue. He'll be really nice to you or compliment you.
  • When you're sitting right beside him in homeroom and he purposely moves his arm so it is right up next to yours and doesn't move it away. You definitely know when you drop stuff in the hallway and he always picks it up for you.
  • If a guy is shy, he will try to be near you, but wait for you to say something before he has the courage to talk. He might seem visibly nervous.
  • With the less obvious boys they'll do something for you even if you're just joking around about it.
  • A guy likes you if he notices a lot of things about you like your outfits, hair, jewelry, etc.
  • He'll ask for your number.
  • He will stand really close and tall when he is talking to you.
  • If a guy likes you, he will show interest in your interests. He will not compliment you to your face as much as he does to your friends.
  • The king of all signs is that a guy will worry about you so much when you're ill. He will always ask about you and make sure you get well soon.
  • He may joke around and say things about himself. That means he just wants to impress you or get your attention.
  • All guys are different and you never know what they are thinking. Guys are strange and absurd, but follow your heart and you may find Mr. Right.
  • If he likes you, then he gives you special attention, being totally oblivious to everyone else in the room. You feel like the only person in the world that matters.
  • He'll try to show off his physical strength, by lifting something or someone heavy, and then looks at you to see if he's impressed you.
  • Listen to your instinct, you'll just know if he likes you.
  • This is coming from a guy, look for these signs - trying to make jokes. Protecting you a lot. Trying to make you happy while you're sad. Holding onto you not in a sexual way but like wrapping his arms around you. Smiling at you a lot. And the last but biggest one is if he really likes you he'll give you a lot of respect. But all guys aren't the same, keep that in mind.
  • If he looks like he wants to say something to you, but says nothing.
  • If his face turns red when he thinks of you or you talk to him.
Teen Dating

How do you know if a guy is getting jealous?

You would know because he would give you the look like he is mad at you or he will try to impress you

Planet Earth

How do you live happily in this tough world?

Always have GOD first in our lives! Even when terrible things seem to have happen, with GOD we still have true LOVE! And friendus to prayers.

Atheists cannot feel any Love. Atheists can only feel each of their own LUST for only each of their own wants. Atheists do not care for others, unless it is how they may use the other person. They are missing so much out of life!

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English Alphabet History

What is the meaning of each alphabet of love?

This is nice, thanks!

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Teen Dating

How do you know that the person you love loves you too?

That is very hard these days! I thought I have married a great guy. It turned out he was a crime making Bigamist! I was his third wife and he had Not divorced the first two. ...

It maybe best If we have them checked out!

At the very least Pray to God and see if God wants us to know?

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Does Optimus Prime have a girlfriend?

Before he became Optimus Prime, Orion Pax did have a relationship with a Femmecon. Her name was Elita-1. However, after he became Optimus Prime he did not have time to develop the relationship further. After they crash landed to Earth, Elita-One was shut down and later came back as a different Femmecon. They lost all memory of their relationship in the crash of the Arc.


What is a male mistress called?

Since it’s a male mistress I’m gonna say a cross dresser

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Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters
Adjectives and Articles

What are some adjectives that begin with the letter I?

  • Icelandic
  • icky
  • iconic
  • icy
  • ideal
  • idealistic
  • identical
  • identifiable
  • ideological
  • idiomatic
  • idiosyncratic
  • idiotic
  • idle
  • idyllic
  • igneous
  • ignoble
  • ignominious
  • ignorant
  • ill
  • illegal
  • illegible
  • illegitimate
  • illicit
  • illiterate
  • illogical
  • illuminated
  • illuminating
  • illusionary
  • illusive
  • illusory
  • illustrative
  • illustrious
  • imaginary
  • imaginative
  • imitation
  • immaculate
  • immanent
  • immaterial
  • immature
  • immeasurable
  • immediate
  • immense
  • imminent
  • immobile
  • immodest
  • immoral
  • immortal
  • immovable
  • impactive
  • impaired
  • impartial
  • impassable
  • impassioned
  • impassive
  • impatient
  • impeccable
  • impenetrable
  • imperative
  • imperceptible
  • imperfect
  • imperial
  • imperious
  • imperishable
  • impermeable
  • impersonal
  • impertinent
  • impervious
  • impetuous
  • impish
  • implacable
  • implicit
  • impolite
  • imponderable
  • important
  • imported
  • impossible
  • impotent
  • impoverished
  • impractical
  • imprecise
  • impregnable
  • impressed
  • impressionable
  • impressionistic
  • impressive
  • improbable
  • impromptu
  • improper
  • improved
  • impudent
  • impulsive
  • impure
  • inaccessible
  • inaccurate
  • inactive
  • inadequate
  • inadmissible
  • inadvertent
  • inadvisable
  • inalienable
  • inane
  • inanimate
  • inapplicable
  • inappropriate
  • inapt
  • inarticulate
  • inattentive
  • inaudible
  • inaugural
  • inauthentic
  • inborn
  • inbred
  • incalculable
  • incandescent
  • incapable
  • incapacitated
  • incautious
  • incensed
  • incessant
  • inchoate
  • incidental
  • incipient
  • incisive
  • inclement
  • inclined
  • inclusive
  • incognito
  • incoherent
  • incombustible
  • incoming
  • incommodious
  • incomparable
  • incompatible
  • incompetent
  • incomplete
  • incomprehensible
  • inconceivable
  • inconclusive
  • inconsequential
  • inconsiderate
  • inconsistent
  • inconspicuous
  • incontestable
  • incontinent
  • inconvenient
  • incorrect
  • incorrigible
  • incorruptible
  • increased
  • increasing
  • incredible
  • incredulous
  • incremental
  • incriminating
  • incumbent
  • incurable
  • indebted
  • indecent
  • indecipherable
  • indecisive
  • indefensible
  • indefinable
  • indefinite
  • indelible
  • indented
  • independent
  • indescribable
  • indestructible
  • indeterminable
  • indeterminate
  • indicative
  • indifferent
  • indigenous
  • indigent
  • indigestible
  • indignant
  • indigo
  • indirect
  • indiscreet
  • indiscriminate
  • indiscriminating
  • indispensable
  • indistinguishable
  • individual
  • individualistic
  • indivisible
  • indolent
  • indoor
  • induced
  • inductive
  • indulgent
  • industrial
  • industrious
  • ineffective
  • inefficient
  • ineligible
  • ineluctable
  • inept
  • inert
  • inescapable
  • inevitable
  • inexact
  • inexcusable
  • inexhaustible
  • inexpensive
  • inexperienced
  • inexplicable
  • infallible
  • infamous
  • infant
  • infantile
  • infected
  • inferential
  • inferior
  • infernal
  • infidel
  • infinite
  • infinitesimal
  • inflammatory
  • inflexible
  • influential
  • informal
  • informational
  • informative
  • infrequent
  • infuriating
  • ingenious
  • inherent
  • inhibitory
  • inhospitable
  • inhuman
  • inhumane
  • initial
  • injective
  • injured
  • injurious
  • inky
  • inlaid
  • inland
  • innate
  • inner
  • innermost
  • innocent
  • innocuous
  • innovative
  • innumerable
  • inoperable
  • inopportune
  • inorganic
  • inquisitive
  • insane
  • insectivorous
  • insecure
  • insensitive
  • inseparable
  • inside
  • insidious
  • insightful
  • insignificant
  • insincere
  • insipid
  • insistent
  • insolent
  • insoluble
  • inspirational
  • inspiring
  • instant
  • instantaneous
  • instinctive
  • institutional
  • instructive
  • instrumental
  • insubordinate
  • insufferable
  • insufficient
  • insular
  • insulting
  • insurgent
  • insurmountable
  • intact
  • intangible
  • integral
  • integrated
  • intelegent
  • intellectual
  • intelligent
  • intelligible
  • intense
  • intent
  • intentional
  • interactive
  • interchangeable
  • intercollegiate
  • interdepartmental
  • interdependent
  • interested
  • interesting
  • interfaith
  • intergovernmental
  • interim
  • interior
  • interlibrary
  • intermediary
  • intermediate
  • intermittent
  • internal
  • international
  • interpersonal
  • interplanetary
  • interrogative
  • interstate
  • intimate
  • intolerable
  • intolerant
  • intramural
  • intricate
  • intriguing
  • intrinsic
  • introductory
  • introspective
  • intrusive
  • intuitive
  • invalid
  • invaluable
  • invariable
  • inventive
  • inverse
  • investigative
  • invidious
  • invincible
  • invisible
  • invitational
  • inviting
  • involuntary
  • involved
  • inward
  • ionic
  • irate
  • iridescent
  • Irish
  • irked
  • irksome
  • iron
  • ironclad
  • ironic
  • irradiating
  • irrational
  • irreconcilable
  • irregular
  • irrelevant
  • irreparable
  • irreproachable
  • irresistible
  • irrespective
  • irresponsible
  • irreverent
  • irreversible
  • irritable
  • irritating
  • isolated
  • isotonic
  • itching
  • itchy
  • itinerant
  • itsy
  • itty
  • ivory
Quran (Koran)
Ethics and Morality

What is modesty in Islam?

Usually it means the man is to control all woman and anyone else he can. Without Believing in the One and only real God; they cannot feel any of God's Love! So they are limited to feeling just each of their own LUST, for only each of their own wants. This is also what they keep wanting to be in wars so much.

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What kind of person was kelly hoppen?

Kelly Elaine Hoppen MBE (born 1959) is a South African-born British interior designer and owner of Kelly Hoppen Interiors.

Hoppen was born in Cape Town, South Africa.[1] Her father worked in the fashion industry and her mother was a businesswoman specialising in antique maps of Africa and books.[2] Hoppen began her career at the age of 16. Her business Kelly Hoppen Interiors had a turnover of 18 million pounds last year. She is famous for using muted colours such as taupe.

In 1982, aged 23, Hoppen married Graham Corrett and daughter Natasha was born a year later. They divorced in 1989 and she later married Ed Miller, the father of Sienna Miller.

In March 2009 Kelly was appointed an MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2009 New Year Honours.[3] received an MBE for services to Interior Design which has so far marked the pinnacle of her 33 year design career. As well as sharing her knowledge in the Kelly Hoppen Design School, Kelly also designs ranges of home accessories, furniture, taps, lighting, carpets, fabrics, paints, bed linen, candles & scents as well as a highly successful QVC range.

Teen Dating

What do you do if you love someone but she does not care about you in the same way?

  • Sweetie, if she does not care why should you? Don't keep fighting for someone who will not fight for you in return. Life is too short and there is someone out there that will be just as interested in you as you are in her. Take that advise from someone who knows.
  • Well, I definitely and absolutely agree with the answer above me. If she doesn't show any signs at all of even caring about you at all even in the future, just try and forget about her. No matter how much it hurts to even consider driving her out of your memory. You have only one life to live, and you shouldn't spend all your time dwelling over someone who doesn't care about you. There's someone out there that loves you just as much as you love her, just don't loose hope. She's one girl, there are plenty in the world.
  • Look, I'm a girl and the same situation happened to me, it was reverse, because he said he loved me, but I didn't nor do I feel that way for him. So, to tell u the truth there isn't really a way for u get back with her in the way you want. My advice is to avoid her when she's flirting with a guy or closely talking to a guy, because you are going to cause yourself pain. Maybe, the feeling for her will enviably form into a different form of love the way she has it for you.
  • I sorry that she hurt you.
  • I am a girl, and have been told those three terrifying words more than once. If someone doesn't love you, the smart and rational thing to do. But love isn't smart OR rational. If you stay patient, and get closer to this special person and maybe, things might change. You may see the real them, and decide that they aren't worth the time. Or they might see the real you, and realize that you are more special to them than they previously thought. You can never give up hope!! Keep going. Pursue everything.
  • I think you should carry on trying for them because you only live once and at the end of the day if you really have bad feeling for them then you shouldn't have to forget about them till you know if they definitely don't like you back.
  • TRUST, I'm in the same boat at the moment and its killing me that I can't tell the person how I feel but keep trying till you know for sure. don't give up but don't look desperate at the same time.
  • if you loved someone and she does not feel the same way maybe she is not ready for a relationship i wouldn't give up but i also wouldn't make any advances towards the person. if he knows that you are interested and knows that you will always be around, then make yourself scarce and maybe he will get the idea you don't care anymore and if he cares at all that person will come to you if it was meant to be. men don't like to be ignored or snubbed, they like the attention, so just sit back and see if he comes to you and if hr don't then move on there's plenty of fish in the ocean
  • I'm a girl and I had to change my mind about guys before. If you keep on trying I'm sure she will fall for you in the end.
  • Give up because if she don't care bout you then why waste your time in life there are people who you can sometimes never have is sucks to her buts its the truth!
  • I'm a girl myself and I have been told that many times but if you tell her or him and you know they truly love you back then i just want to say good luck with your love I have been called A misses clause, I love you, baby girl, hot stuff and I'm just 12 but I think you should say it at least once.
  • Just make sure that you have told her to her face that you really like her and if you definitely no she doesn't like you move on there's plenty more fish in the sea.
  • tell her but if u don't want to do that hold on 2 her make her feel like shes really special.
  • I agree with the first answer, if she doesn't love you there is nothing you can do. I know it hurts to imagine yourself forgetting about her, but how can you honestly be happy with someone who cant return your love.
  • This is for face and looks the other way. Give a girl a compliment and she says "whatever". Am I really going to tell her I love her? I' am afraid she might kill me.
  • A girl would just do her best to be polite in saying that she can't return the affection, and if she does like you she will possibly have some affection for you. Ask her what she thinks of you but don't just dump her without talking to her because that is just rude anymore and we were 3 days! I was in the town in a shop I checked my Texts and there it was! I nearly had a break down.
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Teen Dating

How do you know when you are truly in love?

To not hate! Not be judgmental of the other person!

Feel the great Love for the other that only believers of the real God can feel!

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Oceans and Seas

What are the 4 oceans called?

the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans.

Another Answer:

There are five oceans; the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Arctic, and Southern. Some geographers disagree on this point, wanting to call the Southern Ocean an extension of the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic. Others further feel that the Arctic is part of the Atlantic. For further information, please see the Related Link below.

Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values

What is formula to calculate Love percentage?

None, its just a randomly generated number

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What are some signs to look for if you think your spouse is cheating on you?

Signs from the car:
  • They let you do the talking most of the time.
  • They are using more gas.
  • The mileage in their car is too high. Check the mileage for them to and from work. Is there a lot of unexplained mileage?
  • They want you to wait while they clean out their car before you get in it.
  • There are two empty cups or containers for food for more than one person in their car.
  • The music stations in their car have changed.

Signs of Money:

  • Money is unaccounted for (this could also be drugs).
  • You find receipts for items you've never seen.
  • There are unexplained charges on credit card bills.

Here is some more input and advice from people who have been cheated on:

  • If you know that they cheated on people they were with before you, the chances are much higher that they will cheat on you.
  • If you're losing sleep over it and become obsessive and angry, don't just shun it away as paranoia. It might be right.
  • Unfortunately, the "signs" aren't that obvious nor are they that reliable. If he/she is doing it "right", you won't be able to tell unless you catch him/her in the act. In general, if you're the type of person that tries to keep life interesting for your spouse, you'll minimize the potential, but you can't eliminate the possibility no matter what you do. Some people tend to cheat no matter what their home life is like. Were they cheating on someone else when they met you? If so, it's probably an established behavior pattern. If your spouse is the type of person who can be trusted in other areas of life you might have a good reason to trust him in marriage. After all, marriage is about trust and commitment.
  • Note that if your spouse is not cheating and you are constantly being suspicious and questioning everything, you might just drive him/her into being unfaithful.
  • If you believe they're different now, then take the time and think of a plan to investigate them on your own.
  • If you have a gut instinct that they are cheating, 9 out of 10 times you are right. That feeling is there for a reason and if I were you I would check it out. Be careful though, you don't want it to be your own insecurity and be wrong. That will screw things up because then he will know that you don't trust him.
  • The heart knows. Don't let your mind talk you out of it. There are a lot of signs of cheating.
  • Be patient. Don't let them know you suspect them. Plan what to do if they really are cheating on you or lying to you. Be prepared to leave them. No matter how ugly, fat, worthless, or horrible lover you think you are in your mind you will always feel that way if you stay there and don't listen to your gut instincts and the hard evidence. Self esteem is how well you trust yourself. If you know something is going on, and deny it is happening you aren't trusting yourself and your self esteem same will be low. Remember somebody will love you no matter what you look like. There is always someone out there who thinks you are a 10.
  • A spouse often cheats with someone close to both of you, e.g., a neighbor, friend, or even a family member of yours. Are they especially close to someone of the opposite sex?
  • Days without showering at home, but your partner seems to have showered.
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How does adult ADD ADHD affect relationships with other adults and partners?

ADD is real.

ADHD is a fake condition made up my drug companies! They had come up with a new drug and no use for it; so they dreamed up this fake condition! And pay others to falsely label others with it and then give/gave then lots of extra illegal money to those that prescribe it!

How about you take up being honest with yourself and others?

The ADD causes ones with it to have trouble keeping they attention on other things. Riding a bike and breathing deep can cause this to go away for about half a day! No drug can help!

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