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How do green plants make sugar?

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Photophythis The green plants make sugar by the process known as photosynthesis
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Does aerlingus accept paypal as payment?

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What are examples of cyberspace?

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email, mailing lists, chat rooms, instant messaging, and videoconferencing.
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Does Amazon accept PayPal for payments?

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While Amazon doesn't accept payment directly from your PayPal account, they are quite happy to accept payment with a PayPal debit card - and PayPal rebates 1% on signature purchases (as opposed to purchases using a PIN.) The PayPal debit card is valid with any MasterCard merchant.
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How many shoppers are on eBay?

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That is a very difficult question to answer because most eBay members both buy and sell there and so a member can't be described as either wholly a buyer or wholly a seller. What it is possible to say, is that for the third quarter of 2008, there were 85.7 million active users.
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What is the best way to earn money from home?

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Sorry, a very important thing to my post below ... if you are a person that will be working where you could get injured such as a roofer, electrician, etc., then you should be sure you are covered by Workman's Compensation (as we call it in Canada.) Few people will hire someone that could have a fall or injure themselves while working because the homeowner could be liable for it. It's wise to take night classes to start a small business, but, if you can't afford too, you can go into any book store and find all types of books on how to start your small business and what to look out for and when you need legal advice. I also wanted to add, that any type of jewelry (a good one for working from home) is in high demand. If the person does good work they can start out by having their friends have "home parties" where they ask their friends over to see your work and hopefully buy it. Don't over price yourself at the beginning and when word get's around and you are confident enough you could start working with jewelry stores or shops in tourist areas (good shops) where they buy good costume jewelry. Salt Spring Island not far from Vancouver, British Columbia has an excellent shop where I buy a lot of my costume jewelry. I know the owners fairly well and they take in lovely jewelry made by women who are working from home. Marcy Almost any career or company work can be done from home if one finds a company that is willing to do so. In the next 10 - 15 years offices will cease to exist and many employees will be working from home. It's happening right now. If you are into digital imagery for instance you can do much of your work from home. Architects, engineers, psychologists/psychiatrists, secretaries, etc. If you just want to start a small business here are some ideas: If you are a plumber, electrician or you paint other people's homes or offices then you can work from home under a company name and get good tax breaks (but keep good books on what is coming into your business and going out and hire a CGA to do your taxes.) Working from home is great because you can write-off 1/3 of the size of your home for office space. BEWARE: If you do write-off 1/3 of your home off seek some legal advice because you can either put the house in your spouse's name or add a Ltd., onto the end of your company, but papers must be filled out to do so. This protects you from losing your home if your business should fail and you owe creditors. If you are a mother or single woman that chooses to work from home, here are some ideas: Type reports, etc., for doctor's offices, and even some lawyers or psychiatrists/psychologists will permit this type of work from your home. I worked for a psychologist and doctors and did volunteer work as Executive Director at home 80% of the time. I signed a contract of confidentiality. Also I had my computer set-up by a pro to protect all work done on my computer. I was diligent enough to download all work onto a disc at the end of every work day. While it is true that you can't completely delete everything and that there is a trail if someone who is extremely computer knowledgeable can retrieve, anyone that may use your computer can't have access to private information you may have on your computer. I learned to use coding and also templates. Some women will make quilts, have a knack for making children's clothes, have scrap booking classes from their home (but you need more room for this.) Being a caterer, baking (making wedding cakes .. I have a girlfriend that does specialty cakes and has a thriving business) and another girlfriend that is a florist from her home and has had quite a bit of success. If you work as a secretary or in any company, you can still have a business from home in this area as long as you don't interfere with the company you are working with and that includes no missed days of work or taking clients from that company. You DO NOT have to tell the company you have started your own business. It's wise to keep it to yourself or they may consider it a conflict of interest. The key to having a good company is low over-head. So, if you have a computer, make it pay for itself by bringing in work you can do on it. If you have a sewing machine and you're a good seamstress, then become a seamstress from your home (I use a lady to make some of my clothes and even my drapes in my home.) If you are a hairdresser, then you can have your equipment at home (I also go to a lady's home to have my hair done and my dog groomer comes to my home!) People would rather have someone come to their home, or send over (coded) information for projects to be done on the computer. It started out where people were using some services this way for the elderly because they found it hard to get around, but now it's branched out and companies are starting to cut-back on staff in various areas of business. By hiring people from their home to do reports, etc., it saves on actual office space with few computers. It frees up managers to have an office used only for business meetings and perhaps one girl at the desk to answer phones. Writing especially children's books is high on the list or self-help books. A traveling van with a good set-up for dog grooming is another great venture and housecleaning or painting homes inside and out are another one, not to mention gardening (landscaping.) Men/women that are electricians or plumbers generally have all their own tools so they can work for a company and build their own business up a little at a time until they are making enough where they can actually quit their company job. The list goes on and on. It's wise, if you have a good idea, to have a partner (have a contract drawn up between you) because business must go on and this covers you in case one is sick, in hospital or has to travel for business reasons leaving the other behind to carry on. Start out slow and be sure that over-head is low at the beginning. NEVER go for the gold and find out you spent too much too fast and literally grew far beyond your means. EXAMPLE: In Canada 2 young women started to make different colored mukluks (these are Indian footwear in soft leather and come just below the knee with fur at the top. Cher use to wear them and they are back in popular demand now.) Mukluks were worn during the 60s and slowly faded away, but these 2 young women just thought they would toy around with the idea and made a few. The advertised by simple wearing them! They'd just walk around the streets and people would approach them and wanted to know where they bought them. Before they knew it their product was in such great demand they had to hustle to find someone that could produce them in great quantity and they are working hard and the money is rolling in. Good luck Marcy == == There are so many jobs one can do at home, tutoring, painting etc..... but if this question is about an online related home job opportunity then there are some home jobs available, but there is a warning you need to know - there are home based jobs available on net but also many scams among them too. NEVER PAY FOR A JOB NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING THEY MAY SOUND, they are scams There are many jobs online for women or men who desire to work from home. Such as: 1. At home customer care representative 2. Transcription 3. Writer, Proofreader & editor 4. Blogger 5. Online Tutor 6. Mystery Shopping 7. Virtual Assistant 8. Online Mock Jurors 9. Get paid to post 10. Voice over Talents 11. Freelance Projects 12. Telemarketing from home Locating the companies that have these positions is the hard part. Using free informative sites such as can aid in finding job openings and companies that hire online at home workers. Once you have the right resources you can get a wealth of information about how to land a work at home job and how to avoid scams. Remember to never pay to get a job or job listings. Networking with other home workers is another way to stay safe.
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What is PayPal and how does it work?

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PayPal is an online account that allows you to receive and send money electronically with your bank account and credit cards. It is owned by eBay, and is used mainly for buying and selling through auctions. When using a personal PayPal account, simply link your PayPal account to your bank account (either savings or checking). When you make a purchase that allows you to pay with PayPal, enter your log-in information to sign into PayPal and then click "Buy." PayPal will automatically transfer the money out of your linked account and to the seller. You register your bank/checking account details (and can also register your credit/debit card details) with PayPal. This enables PayPal to take money from your bank or card and then transfer that money to anyone that you might buy something from. In this way, the seller has no access to your financial details. You can also use your PayPal account to transfer funds to a friend or family member. It costs nothing to send/spend money using PayPal. It costs nothing to receive money into a personal account, as long as the funds are sourced from a PayPal balance or a bank account. There is a charge if the payment is card-funded. If you have a Premier or Business PayPal account, you are charged a fee on every payment that you receive. Charges can be found on your local PayPal site by searching in the help section. Go to -- you will need a checking account -- and enter your information. PayPal will then deposit a small amount (under $1) into your checking account. Once you have verified with your bank the deposit from PayPal, then go to and there will be a message for you to confirm that you received the deposit. It's an online payment solution. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information. PayPal enables global e-commerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages. Go to the main PayPal site,, and click on the "sign up" button that you see on the homepage. On the following page, from the drop-down options select your country and then select the account type that you want to open. A "Personal" account is most suitable if you only want to use the account for buying, while a "Premier" account is best if you want to both buy and sell online. Next you need to enter your email address, choose a password and enter your name, address, and phone details, read the terms and then click on the "agree and create account" button. Once you've opened your account, you can add your bank account and/or credit card details.
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How you send money from Bangladesh to USA?

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There are several ways to do so safely. Electronic bank transfers are possibly the safest.
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Where can you play euro truck simulator online?

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You can't play it online.You have to go to the official site,then download it.Or pay £29.99 for the full version.
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Do you have to pay to close your paypal account?

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The answer is no. Closing a paypal account is free. All you have to do is log in to pay pal at, then go to My Account and there will be a sub-navigation saying Profile. On profile there will be many options saying different things. But they are in categories. In the first category's column there will be a little hyperlink saying Close account. Once you click that read carefully and complete the instructions. You may have to verify that you are the real user shutting down the account.
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How do you get Minecraft without PayPal?

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If you don't have paypal, you can use a credit card.
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Does amazon accept PayPal?

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No they do not, but you can buy an Amazon gift card with your Paypal account. You receive the gift card's code in an e-mail right away, so you can go shopping on Amazon right then. It works really good!
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How long does standard flat rate shipping service take?

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in actuality it can take anywhere from 7-10 days depending on the starting point and destination
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I am retired and staying outstation and I wish to receive the PF amount through payment in my bank accountand Please advise the procedures?

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I am retired and staying outstation. I wish to receive the PF amount through payment in my bank account. Please advise the procedures.
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What stores in Phoenix Arizona sell Birkenstock sandals?

User Avatar I also saw them at the Anthem Outlet mall.
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What is a billing address?

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A billing address is the address where you are receiving the statements for your credit card. For your order to be approved when shopping online the billing address has to match this address since it is the registered address on the card. In the USA, many online merchants require a US billing address. They do this to protect themselves against credit card fraud. The AVS (address verification software) credit card processors use helps them detect when credit card data is submitted incorrectly. Not having a US billing address can be prevent you from placing orders on US websites from outside America. US Unlocked is a company that has solved this issue, by providing a US billing address to international online shoppers.
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When PayPal will work again in Macedonia?

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In Macedonia, like the rest of Greece, the Paypal service has been stopped because of capital controls during the economic crisis. Debit/Credit Card holders and mainly Debit/Credit Card issuers (i.e. Visa, Mastercard etc.) have since had some of their restrictions lifted. In the former Yugoslav Republic, the service is not available because of corruption and misuse of the service.
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How long does it take a package to be sent across the US via standard flat rate service?

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2 to 3 days. 2 to 3 days is advertised by the us mail, but 7 to 10 days is more realistic and closer to the truth
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Your Bank account showed you had a deposit ach PayPal how did this happen?

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When you go through the verification process with PayPal, they deposit two very small amounts of money into your bank account.
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What online retailers use Paystone as a payment option?

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many of them do such as, Barnes and Nobles, Overstock, etc. You have to check the online retailer to see what they support.
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Can you put a business cheque into your personal account until your business account opens the cheque is made out to the company you are the director?

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NO! Absolutely not! It's called Co-mingling of funds. If you werein real estate, you could loose your license. There are some FEDERAL guidelines and laws about this subject. I unfortunately can't recall the exact law for this. All I can say is just don't do it.

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