The name suggests just what they do -- kill pain. However, simple as the idea may be, there are still questions about what to use painkillers for, what types, and what happens when they're abused.

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Can you take hydrocodone and Ibuprofen together?

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Yes, you can. Ibuprofen and Hydrocodone work in different ways. When Hydrocodone is prescribed it is commonly prescribed in combination with acetaminophen (Tylenol), but sometimes prescribed with ibuprofen (Vicoprofen). Hydrocodone is an opioid narcotic that works by blocking opioid pain receptors. Ibuprofen is not a narcotic and works differently to block pain. Many healthcare providers including myself will tell patients to start off by taking ibuprofen (400 mg). If the pain still persists after 30 minutes or so take the hydrocodone. There is no adverse effects and no reason to worry about taking the medicines together as long as you take them in the recommended/prescribed dosages.
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Do painkillers affect birth control?

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The group of medications that can be called "painkillers" is too broad to make a blanket statement about how they affect other medications. Tylenol, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, hydrocodone, Percocet, and triptans like Imitrex for migraine do not affect hormonal birth control. If you are taking other painkillers, contact your health care provider or pharmacist for information specific to your situation.
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How long do you wait to take oxycodone after taking xanex?

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they are a very unsafe combination , if you absolutely feel you have to take them, then you need to take them at least 2 hours apart. never take them together at the same time. i guess it depends on your tolerence. i take both at the same time for the last 8 years with no problem
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Is hydrocodone considered controlled substance?

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Yes, in the United States according to the National Controlled Substance Act, Hydrocodone in all it's formulations, is a schedule III controled substance. Medications like Tylenol 3's and so forth are also schedule III's. If you are prescribed the narcotic WITHOUT a non-narcotic medication (like Acetaminiphen) mixed with it in the same pill; it becomes a schedule II medication.
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What does a Vicodin high feel like?

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You feel slow, nauseous, drowsiness. A This answer does not do the high justice. I know, it is wrong to glorify a drug. A feeling. The escape of one's life into the beautiful, crystal-clear, warm-water effects of drug use. However, you asked, you might as well hear the truth on the matter. Drugs are incredible. They wouldn't be popular if they weren't. They calm me. Vicodin in particular is a very nice drug. About a half hour after taking 3 tabs the room is calm. My nerves are calm. Very quiet. A peaceful silence. When the turn "euphoric body high" is used, some may wonder what this feels like. The best way I can explain a "body high" is to imagine breathing in warm air, the air feels good to breath in. Any touch of the skin is pleasurable. Almost, sexual, if you will. The nicest part about this vicodin high is that it's perfectly legal. A In all honestly, its not THAT great. Like, its not as good as being in love. Or having a lot of money. Winning that "big game". But its a cheap, easy way to feel good about yourself for an extended period of time, without having to worry about what "they" think of you. A I feel the effects after one pill. I feel it wears off after about 3.5 hours and on the box container it says wait 4-5 so i usually suck it up for an hour or so. I also feel that I am easily irratible on it. I just want to be left alone and when theres scenes on tv with people fighting or awkward situations i get irritable. You chill really hard on it and its kinda like being really tired and its also like when someone tells you a story you dont care about and u just chill and dont listen, except its that way about everything. Just follow the directions on the box.
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Herbal equivalent of aspirin?

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Willow (salix alba) there are many herbs in ayurveda which works like aspirin for different popurse likeGinger Root For Muscle Pain,Epsom Salt Bath For Leg Pain,Cherries For Pain Relief, Buttermilk For Pre Menopause
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Can I mix Ibuprofen and wine?

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It's best to wait until the Ibuprofen clears your system in 6-8 hours (especially if you are using prescription level Ibuprofen). Ibuprofen can be a irritant to the GI tract, and can sometimes cause bleeding, and alcohol only increases this risk. Ibuprofen also inhibits the liver's functions as well, so you would only be compounding that effect by adding alcohol.
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How many paracetamol would cause a fatal overdose?

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Any amount over 4000mg. Would be considered an overdose. Any overdose could prove to be fatal. Update: Recently (Noted in Sept, 2011), the US FDA changed the max limit on APAP (Tylenol, Paracetamol, &c.) to 3000mg per day, down from 4000mg. Note that this represents an arbitrary limit, but nevertheless reflects dangers in this dosage of this drug. In the case of APAP, acute, life-threatening overdoses are very very are. However, overdose smay damage the liver, and repeated overdoses make this damage all the more likely. Death from chronic overdoses on APAP, e.g. liver failure, are long, excruciating ordeals.
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Can mixing hydrocodone and alcohol cause hair loss?

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Well it certainly is dangerous for your body! The best way to ensure strong healthy hair is to have a strong healthy body. The most common medical causes for hair loss are, medication, cancer treatments, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems. Anyone noticing signifigant sudden hair loss should see a doctor asap.
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Can you take vicodin while taking azithromycin?

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Yes you can. Vicodin is a combination drug of Tylenol and hydrocodone which is a mild narcotic. The azithromycin is an antibiotic. There are no known drug interactions between the two.
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Why do methadone clinics give liquid methadone?

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Because they can ^ an idiot typed this. Methadone clinics dispense liquid methadone diluted with water instead of pills because its much more difficult to hide an ounce of liquid in your mouth and sneak it out of the clinic (to spit out and save, or give to someone else) than a pill. You can talk normally with a pill tucked into your cheek or under your tongue. You cannot talk normally with an ounce or two of liquid in your mouth. They have a sign on the dosing counter window that tells patients to "speak to the nurse after swallowing your dose" at the clinic I attend.
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How long does it take for painkillers to work after stopping suboxone I have a chronic painful disease and I am stopping the suboxone cold turkey tonight I have been on it for about a year and a half?

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Because of the nature of Buprenorphine, it is not a good idea to take it with other opiate pain medicine, because it blocks as well as stimulates different opiate receptors and can reduce their effects. Suboxone, one brand of Buprenorphine, is formulated with Naloxone (Narcan). It is a very powerful opiate "blocker" BUT in this case is only added to the formulation to prevent IV use of the drug, as the Naloxone is destroyed by stomach acids. Keeping all this in mind as soon as the opiate receptors are sufficiently clear of the Suboxone, other narcotic pain meds can be used to control your pain. How fast this happens depends on your Suboxone dosage as well how long you were on it, but after 48 hours you should start seeing an improvement in the effectiveness of your pain medication. This of course depends on what drug you are now prescribed, and if you were taking the Suboxone for pain control or opiate dependency maintenance. I didnt take my dose last night so its been way over 24 hours since my last dose do you think theres any way the pain medication if I take a higher dose will work? I am just in agony? Thankyou.
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Who invented acetaminophen?

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For many years it was believed that Felix Hoffman, Jr., a chemist working for the Bayer Laboratories in Germany first synthesized the compound that would be known as aspirin. But documents found in the Bayer archives several years later showed the actual discovery was made by Arthur Eichengruen, Hoffman's supervisor. Eichengruen showed the efficacy of the drug by testing it on himself and later on others. But, Eichengruen's name was removed from all records in the early 1930's as the Nazi party came to power in Germany because Eichengruen was a Jew. Not wanting to jeopardize his position, Eichengruen remained quiet as Hoffman received praise. Several years after being freed from a Nazi concentration camp at age 78, he wrote an impassioned article in an international pharmaceutical journal stating his claim as the person who discovered aspirin.
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How much morphine is safe?

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It depends entirely on your opiate tolerance. In emergency situations, a person who is not a chronic opiate user, the dose is usually from 1 to five mg. repeated as needed. If you are a chronic user, the dose can be up to 1gm (1000mg) depending on your tolerance.
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Can you buy codeine over the counter in Bahamas?

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yep. co- codamol, but it is combined with paracetamol, which is called acetaminophen in the U.S. It's like 8mg codeine with 500 mg acetaminophen. You can also purchase Panadol Ultra, with 500mg paracetamol and 12.8mg codeine and Rokacet Plus, with 500mg paracetamol, 15mg codeine, and 50mg caffeine (similar to Tylenol #2) without a prescription in The Bahamas, but ONLY at a pharmacy.
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Can you take tramadol if allergic to Demerol?

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yes you should be just fine. unless you have several allergies to other narcotics like lortab etc.
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Does percocet have opium in it?

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No, Percocet does not have opium in it. Opium is the dried latex of the opium poppy. It is a complex mixture of chemicals, containing narcotics such as morphine and codeine. Percocet contains acetaminophen and oxycodone. Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid, it does not occur naturally in opium (though it can be synthesized from chemicals in opium).
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Can you use Clonidine for opiate withdrawal?

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Most definitely! I'm currently am being weaned down from methadone. I was at 128mgs and I'm not on 92mgs. Still have a long way to go! I wanted to do it "slowly" for about a year. My psychiatrist is giving me only 6months to come off. I would much rather be on my psych meds than the methaone! My PCP started me on Clonidine a few months ago. First I was taking .1mg twice a day then on top of the two he prescrbed my .2mgs a night. If you were ever in rehab the nurses usually give you a a Clonidine Patch(Catapress). When you are withdrawaling from a certain drug like Methadone or even a Benzo. The Clonodine does seem to help your blood pressure, severe anxiety, relaxation and sleep. The FDA approved therapeutic effect taking Clonidine is for blood pressure. (Clonidine is used "off label" for MANY other things like restless leg syndrome, severe cancer pain from radiation, and even ADHD or ADD) Now depending on where you are detoxing from, will definitely make a difference in the severity and lenght of your detox. If you are at home, you have the opportunity to get other medications like Ativan.(Ativan seems to be the one the medical field uses the most.) Thankfully, I was prescribed a lot of medications throughout this hell! Klonopin 1mg 4 times a day for anxiety. Promethazine or Phenergan that really helps with some of my nausea 25mgs every 2-6hrs. Zanaflex 4mgs one every 4hrs to relax my tense muscles and headaches, Seroquel which I was prescribed for a mood disorder is used off label for anxiety and insomnia. I take Remeron for sleep/depression and Celexa for a particular phobia. I take Imitrex 100mgs as directed for migraine. I take a med with three ingredients for migraine/tension headaches. I was on Midrin for my headaches up until, apparently, they didn't have all of the ingredients/raw materials to make Midrin. Now they put me on a drug called "Prodrin." Prodrin is also made up of 3 ingredients, but instead of the sedative combo(Chloral Hydrate and something else) I get caffeine instead! Hell, caffeine causes a lot of my headaches. It's not from withdrawing from it, because I rarely consume it. Finally,eat healthy foods in moderation. Drink LOTS of fluids preferably without caffeine or alcohol(natural Laxis) acting like I've already come off methadone because of all of the advice I've made. Toxins from years of drug use like to retire in your fat tissue. Methadone is especially prone to do that. For an example, you consumed a methadone dose of 60mgs. When you come up the next day, you dose again at 60mgs. Now, from a legitimate source with a doctorites degree and specializes in drugs and the body, there is robably 10mgs from yesterday. I'm probably not saying it right. Anyway, take care to all and beat this demon for good!!
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Will oxycodone show up as opiate in urine test?

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Oh yeah- it sure will! Doctors who drug test their patients who are prescribed Oxy's are not drug tested for illegal - they are tested to see if you actually have them in your system and your not selling them..mine does anyway and he is a well respected pain mgt. doctor.
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How do you keep Fentanyl patches applied?

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As most Duragesic/Fentanyl patch patients know, the recommended procedure is to clean the area with water and then apply the patch. However, for anyone who has used Fentanyl Generics or Duragesic, we know that's ridiculous. Skin oil, patch location and hair are the 3 biggest adhesion factors for the patch adhesive to contend with. Having used Duragesic 100mcg patches (x2 on occasion) for 13 years, I know of 4 good ways to keep the patch stuck: 1. If you're using Duragesic, Janssen Pharmaceuticals has long had a program for its Duragesic users who have this problem. They will send out free of charge 300 Bioclusive bandages (clear adhesive bandages) that will fit over the 100mcg patch. I've used them many times and they work well. You need to call them at the 800 number on the box. Only Duragesic users are eligible; you can get them online or order them at a pharmacy, but they're not cheap, around $100 a box. Note: It's unclear as of 2013 whether or not Janssen still runs the Bioclusive program, but it's an automatic NO if you don't ask. You can of course just by them outright, but as I said, they're not cheap. Worst case, you can always use medical tape to tape the edges of the patch. 2. Skin Prep - Skin Prep is a product made for Colostomy patients. It applies a thin film to the skin that helps the adhesive bond strongly to the skin. The tricky part is to only apply it to the skin area where the edges of the patch are going to be, since applying it to the transdermal area will block release of the drug. It works fantastic though, and most pharmacies carry it. They make 2 types, a lower cost one that stings, and a non-stinging one for double the cost. It doesn't sting that bad compared to the pain you're already dealing with. 2013 Note: Skin Prep works well with the older style patch type that used an adhesive edge and gel pocket, but it's impractical if you're using a patch such as the new Duragesic patches that are essentially a one-piece adhesive patch. Using SP will block the release of the Fentanyl. 3. Isopropyl Alcohol - all patch literature will tell you not to use Iso to clean the skin and then put the patch on. The reason for this is that Isopropyl leaves a residue on the skin that can interfere with the drug release. However, to get around that issue, clean the area with Iso, then rinse it with water to remove any residue and then dry well before applying. Iso is the only real way to get skin oil off of the skin, which is the primary reason the patch adhesive comes unbonded from the skin. Of course if you use Grain alcohol (purchased from a liquor store), it leaves no residue. The other reason is that Iso can cause skin irritation if not rinsed prior to the patch being applied. 4. Location, Location, Location - SRE (Skin Real Estate) is a major factor in how well your patch stays applied. The instructions tell you not to use the patch in the same spot over and over - this is to let the skin breathe between applications. It must be applied on the upper torso in order for the heart to properly distribute the drug throughout the body. I've always applied mine to my upper biceps, as the area is flat, relatively hairless, and the skin there doesn't flex like it does on the chest or elsewhere. Normally my regular dose is 1 100mcg patch, so I just switch arms every 2 days when I change it out for a new one. However, there have been times where I've needed 2 100mcg patches, and I have used them on both arms simultaneously. In those cases, I've overlapped the application by several hours so that the skin has time to breathe before reapplying. I also will apply it vertically or horizontally so that the same area isn't always completely covered. Edge scarring on the skin from the patch will occur, but it will go away in time if you stop using them. If you're having difficulty with the patch staying applied and the area doesn't appear to have any hair, keep in mind that the small micro-hairs that we all have can interfere with the patch adhesive. In those cases, shave the area or use a hair remover / wax to ensure there's nothing to get in the way between the patch and your skin. Make sure you rinse it well with warm water and dry it well before you apply the patch though. I know of terminal cancer patients who have required up to 6 100mcg patches, and in those cases they were applied on the back. The problem with that is you need someone to apply it, and if you're like me, you probably like doing it in private by yourself. In a pinch, if your patch comes off, don't toss it. It's a misconception that it cannot be reapplied and used; as long as it doesn't stick to itself, you can re-use it, but if it does, of course you're out of luck. If you're using generics, you can buy Bioclusives yourself. Alternatively, simple transparent medical tape on the patch edges will keep the patch in place or help you to re-attach it. Make sure you clean the skin before reapplying, and put it in the same place. It takes about an hour, but if there's enough adhesive and medicine left, the body heat will start the drug release again. When applying your patch after you've prepped the area, make sure you hold it between your hands for about a minute (BEFORE you remove the backing...) to warm and soften the adhesive. After you put it on, hold your hand over it for a minute to help the adhesive stick better One other bit of advice - all doctors are required by Federal Law to only give a month's worth of Schedule 2 opiates to any patient, making us slaves to the system, and making it a real pain if a patch comes off and cannot be reused, especially if it was just applied recently. I learned early on to build up an emergency month supply of meds that will help me in such situations, or in those rare times where you have problems with medical insurance companies or prescription supply interruptions. It takes time, but most Fentanyl patients have breakthrough meds like Percocet. Use that to help you get by and try stretching your dosage in order to bank up extras so you don't fall short if a patch does get screwed up. If you're seeing a doctor that tells you to turn in any extras, get another one. Federal Law prohibits transfer of any narcotic to anyone other than whom it was prescribed for, and I know of no such exception for doctors, even prescribing ones. I have always been up front with my doctor about my emergency supply, and over the years he's been willing to give me a bit more when it's run low.