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Information about online shopping and purchasing of products via the Internet through online shops such as Ebay, Amazon, etc.

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Where can you buy earring hooks?

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You can buy earring hoops at Michael's and at Walmart. You can buy hoop earrings at alot of places Try to shop around or just visit the leading jewelry shop in your area.
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Why does the Apple Online Store sell iPads and its accessories cheaper than any other online store like eBay or Amazon?

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The Apple price is the right price. Sellers on eBay and Amazon are overcharging so as to cash in on the current demand for the iPad. Also if Apple sold the iPad for their price, ebay or Amazon would have to charge extra otherwise they wouldn't get any profit.
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Do Christians have major holidays in the year?

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Yes! Christmas IS a Christian holiday. as is Easter, Valentine's Day, and Saint Patrick's day! These are also hoildays that are celebrated by Christians: Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Advent, and Epiphany.
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How long does it take lids hats to deliver?

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i ordered mine on a Wednseday and it came Saturday.
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Where can you find Cheetah Ugg Print Boots?

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i found this site, sell cheetah ugg print boots, and cheetah uggs, with cheap price. only 115USD.
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Where did Kat Von D get those little studded finger gloves that she wears on LAink?

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You Can get the mostly anywhere.Try Lazena Girl or tatto clothing stores would likely have them.
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What are good teen stores?

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I suggest you, largest online fashion brand in India that provide best and cheapest products with free shipping worldwide. Check YepMe latest fashionable and trendy collection and enjoy discounted shopping.
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Where can I buy PLUS SIZE long-sleeve fishnet shirts?

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you can buy it from: good quality and great discount.
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Is that Chris Tucker in the eBay commercial?

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If you're talking about, that's Kevin Hart, not Chris Tucker.
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How big is a one size fits all belt?

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There is no such thing
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Buy Chanel No 5 made in Paris?

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I know that JCpenny used to carry it-they probably still do.
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How do you use coupons when shopping online?

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Hello, When your doing online shopping by using online coupons, you need to follow few steps. Step 1: Visit online coupons and deals website like, Step 2: Click on your favourite store like, flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, ebay and etc., Step 3: Choose best coupon or offer and click on that and copy the coupon code Step 4: Go the website, add products to the cart Step 5: Enter copied coupon code on Coupon section and click on apply and get awesome discounts by using online coupons.
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How much does bakery equipment cost?

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10pcs Cake Decorating Couplers Decorating Kit Bakery and Pastry Equipment This only cost about $4, if you want to open a bakery, then 100pcs is enough, only need you about $40.
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Does Amazon accept PayPal for payments?

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While Amazon doesn't accept payment directly from your PayPal account, they are quite happy to accept payment with a PayPal debit card - and PayPal rebates 1% on signature purchases (as opposed to purchases using a PIN.) The PayPal debit card is valid with any MasterCard merchant.
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Where can you buy a memorial plaque for a natural burial ground?

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Have you contacted Funeral Homes on this? If not there ask at a church.
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Is trustworthy?

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Yes they are a great company and have been around for many many year, since 1990 to be exact. They are reliable and professional and are a trustworthy site. The first thing to check for on a website is whether they have an ssl certificate.
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How many shoppers are on eBay?

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That is a very difficult question to answer because most eBay members both buy and sell there and so a member can't be described as either wholly a buyer or wholly a seller. What it is possible to say, is that for the third quarter of 2008, there were 85.7 million active users.
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What magazine has the most coupons?

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There are plenty of coupons you can use onlots of coupon sites. As I know,,, retailmenot, riocoupon, selectware are all great coupon sites online. You can follow these sites to get the latest coupons you need. Hope this helped.
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Att uverse coupons - are there any specific uverse coupons or coupon codes that anyone knows about that will save on uverse tv bundle packages?

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HI There are no specific uverse coupon codes, I know since I got the service last month and searched everywhere for codes. However, sites like have att uverse promotions on a monthly basis with direct uverse cash back promotions from ATT. You can get cash back promotions on various amounts depending on the month on uverse products but no coupon codes at this time. Hope it helps.
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What is the cheapest thing you can buy online?

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It is impossible to name the cheapest item that can be bought online since there are billions of items for sale and many of them cost less than one dollar. You can find books online for less than a dollar. You can also find many things for free! However, remember the shipping charges will usually cost more than the item.
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Who sells SIM cards?

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Try besy buy, or any shop that sells mobile phones. You can also obtain free SIM cards direct from network operators online. Or just search SIM cards on google, you will find many online stores which offer this product. One of them is
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How many kilograms in 44 pounds?

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The answer is 19.958 kg (approx.). Kilogram is the SI unit of mass and pound is an imperial unit of mass. To convert from pound to kg, multiply the pound unit by 0.453592.
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How do you delete your account on ShoppyBag?

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I had this problem too! Go to your account settings, scroll down. Look for "Delete account" or something like that on the bottom right. It will ask you if you are sure you want to delete it. Click "yes" and you are done! Hope this helped! Took me forever to figure it out!
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What are some cool online stores for teens girls?

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Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Body Central, 579, Wet Seal, Hollister, American Eagle Shoe my color, here you can get the all colors about the youth!