North Carolina

North Carolina is a state found in Southeastern United States. It is bordered in the south by Georgia and South Carolina, to the north by Virginia and to the west by Tennessee. The state’s capital is Raleigh.

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North Carolina
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How many hours from Los Angeles to Dubai?

15 hr 45 min

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North Carolina

Is underage drinking a felony in North Carolina?

No, not a felony.

North Carolina

Where can you buy north skull?

u can buy them from

North Carolina
Example Sentences

How do you use balmy in a sentence?

(balmy is warm and fair weather, or used idiomatically to mean crazy)

"The balmy weather of Hawaii was a refreshing change from rainy Seattle."

The Channel 2 weather girl said that it would be another hot, balmy night in Los Angeles.

"The summer weather has brought balmy conditions to the coast."


"He'd been adrift at sea for so long that he'd gone balmy."

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North Carolina

How much does it cost to mail a letter to Canada from the US?

The price of postage for a one-ounce ordinary size non-rigid first class letter to Canada is 75 cents.

First-Class Mail® International Letter

Maximum Value for Contents: $400.00

Max. length 11-1/2", height 6-1/8" or thickness 1/4"


The USPS online Postage Price Calculator for Domestic and International Retail Prices is at the Related Link.

North Carolina
Road Distance

What is the driving distance between Charleston West Virginia and Raleigh North Carolina?

325 miles taking this way:

  1. Take I-77 SOUTH from Charleston to I-74 EAST to MOUNT AIRY and WINSTON-SALEM at EXIT 101 in NORTH CAROLINA.
  2. Take I-74 EAST to U.S. 52 SOUTH; continue on U.S. 52 SOUTH to I-40 EAST to GREENSBORO at EXIT 107A in Winston-Salem.
  3. Take I-40 EAST to Raleigh.
North Carolina
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How far away is it from Pembroke NC to New Bern NC?

161 miles taking this route:

FROM UNC, Pembroke:

  1. Take University Row, Faculty Row, or N Odum Dr to W 3rd (NC-711) (immediately after railroad tracks). Turn left (onto NC-711 SOUTH).
  2. Take NC-711 SOUTH to I-95 NORTH.
  3. Take I-95 NORTH to U.S. 70 to SELMA PINE LEVEL and GOLDSBORO at EXIT 97.
  4. Turn right off the exit ramp onto U.S. 70 EAST to PINE LEVEL and GOLDSBORO. Continue on U.S. 70 EAST to New Bern.
North Carolina

What hours are trick or treating in Charlotte NC 2011?

Sam’s Club open

North Carolina
Political Office Holders
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Governor of North Carolina in 1995?

James Baxter Hunt, Jr.

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North Carolina
Road Distance

How far is Raleigh NC from asheville NC?

251 mi

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North Carolina

How long does it take to get mail from Michigan to North Carolina?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

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North Carolina

Who was the first leader of Roanoke?

Sir Richard Grenville who returned to England leaving Ralph Lane in charge.

North Carolina
Leopards and Panthers

Are there any black panthers in NC?

Not unless in a zoo. The only wild cat found there now is the bobcat, which is never black. The puma was found there in the past, but they are never black either.

Really?? Don't imagine you live there, do you?? There certainly are black panthers in NC. Most specifically, in Western NC. I have had them scratching at a garage door, leaving a lot of damage. We hear them screaming at night. A friend of mine lives way up in the mountains, away from "civilization" and they see them often and hear them all the time. Live in la la land if you wish but if you ever join the real world and are in NC look out for panthers. They DO exist and they exist in our backyards .... not just zoos!

North Carolina
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How many miles is it from North Carolina to Belfast Ireland?

3,606 miles per Google Maps

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When did North Carolina become a US State?

North Carolina became a state on November 21, 1789. It was one of the original thirteen colonies. But later, during the Civil War, North Carolina spent some time as part of the Confederacy: On May 20, 1861, it became one of the last states to secede from the Union. However, North Carolina rejoined the United States, being re-admitted to the Union on the 4 of July 1868.

North Carolina was admitted into the Union on November 21, 1789 becoming the 12th state to join the Union.

North Carolina joined the union on November 21, 1789. North Carolina was the 12th state to enter the union, preceded by the state of New York.
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North Carolina

Who were the founding fathers of North Carolina?

William Blout, William R. Davie, Alexander Martin, Richard D. Spaight, Hugh Williamson

Cold and Flu
North Carolina
Medicare and Medicaid

Does Medicaid cover flu shots in North Carolina?

Most state Medicaid health coverage plans for the indigent do cover preventive services, like vaccinations for seasonal influenza. However, North Carolina does not appear to be one of the states with coverage for flu vaccines. In the states that do cover these vaccinations, there is variation in the co-payments that may or may not apply, as well as whether the administration costs (payment for someone to give the shots/vaccinations) is covered or is an out of pocket expense for the covered individual. See the related link below in the related links section for more state by state information.

Some states only cover flu shots in their Medicaid program for those living in long term care facilities, however.

In addition state programs do have periodic changes to the covered services, so to get the very latest information on NC coverage of preventive immunizations under Medicaid, see the link to the website of the NC state department of health in the related links section below.

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North Carolina

How many basketball teams are there in North Carolina?


Appalachian State University

Campbell University

Davidson College

Duke University

East Carolina University

Elon University

Gardner-Webb University

High Point University

University of North Carolina - Asheville

North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina Central University

North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Wake Forest University

Western Carolina University

NBA: Charlotte bobcats

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North Carolina
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How do you go about getting a court-ordered DNA test in North Carolina?

Contact the clerk of Family Court. The clerk will give you the necessary information for forms, filing procedures and fees.

North Carolina

Which city or cities are best to search for a sofa in North Carolina?

North Carolina

Where can you find a list of North Carolina repossession companies?

Check a site called

A+ Recovery Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 504, Atkinson, NC 28421

1 910.283.6100

North Carolina

What are the repossession laws in North Carolina?

== == There should be some information on your paper work when you acquire of finance something. There is different contract agreements. Now there are was concerning the times and procedures or repo. In Mississippi you don't have to inform a person of repo on a vehicle but you can't go past 10Pm at night. In Louisiana, you have to let the person know what you are doing and if they try to stop you, you call the law for back up. If you call a bank and tell them you want a job with some repo company, they can direct and once you do that you can ask different questions.

North Carolina

Can you ship wine into North Carolina?


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North Carolina

How long does mail delivery from Colorado to Raeford North Carolina?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

North Carolina
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Bermuda Triangle

Is Bermuda north or south of North Carolina?

Bermuda is south

of North Carolina


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