"A rose by any other name...." Towns have 'em, so do schools, universities, states and countries. And even planets. Not to mention politicians, famous criminals and sportsmen. And on the home front, many of your friends and relatives and pets have nicknames. A category dedicated to trivia such as how Robert became Bob; or how Margaret morphed into Peggy.

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Why is New York City called 'The Big Apple'?

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New York is called the "Big Apple" as in 1803 Evelyn Claudine de saint-Evremond was forced to flee France. She opened up a salon that became a place where men could enjoy the pleasures of beautiful women and high stakes gambling. The men that went to this such place lovingly nicknamed her "Eve" as to the biblical reference, and she would refer about the establishment and the women inside it as her "irresistible apples hence the name "The Big Apple." I don't know if it's correct but I'm told that from above New York with both its harbors is in the shape of an apple with the Statue of Liberty being the stalk. It is sometimes said that New York City is called The Big Apple because Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch colonial governor back when the city was called New Amsterdam, planted a long-lived apple tree in it. (For a detailed history on the origin of the nickname, click on the Related Link below.)
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If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose it?

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Rick Charge. My friends and I came up with this in high school when I was mulling over legally changing my name. We thought it was simultaneously the coolest and lamest sounding name we'd ever heard. I still stand behind it.
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What is a good nickname for a boy Espeon?

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Well, name it Esparagus, Espeed, Eserpeon, esropes, or esopes ----------------- Yeah, those are good. But remember, you don't HAVE to give it a nickname. I NEVER nickname my Pokemon. But like I said, those are some pretty cool nicknames. Maybe something short like Esp, I don't know. Also good: Esphagetti, Espargo, Lemonesparty and Esplosion. ----------------- Try Apollo, since it is the "Sun Pokemon", or Ra. I have an Arcanine named Ra. You could name your male Espeon Midnight or Darkness.
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How did Illinois get its nickname?

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Abraham Lincoln is from Illinois, and that is how Illinois got its nickname. Not sure which 'nickname' you meant so: Prairie State- dates back to around 1842. Most of the state was covered with prairie grass. Land of Lincoln- Because this is were Abe Lincoln 'started' his political career. It is not where he was born that was Kentucky.
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What is a cute nickname for chris?

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Crissy Crisp Crispy Chrisper Hope these help!
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What are some good nicknames for a girl named Catherine and a girl named Leyia?

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For Catherine you can say: Cath, Cathy, Cat or Cait For Leyia, you could say: Ley or Lia Hope I helped :)
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What is a good nickname for serenity?

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SeSe Rene Reenee Sere Rinity Rina Seren
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What is a good nickname for Lucy?

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Luce, Lulu, Cee-Cee, and Lucy can even be a nickname for Lucille or Lucinda.~ A nickname does not need to be a shortening of - or bear any resemblance to a person's real name. A girl called Lucy could be nicknamed anything her friends wished to call her.
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What are some good nicknames for a boy named Sam?

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The big S S meister Sammikins "The Fireman" Mr. Sam (like MIB) Gamgee samaymay Or if your thinking code name bacon works well because it wouldn't be weird to 'like' bacon
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What are good nicknames for hazel?

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haze, hazz, hazy, hez not very much, but there are a couple, hope they help you!
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What is Arthur Baer's nickname?

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Arthur Baer was known as Bugs.
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What was George Frideric Handel's nickname?

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As far as I know, Handel didn't have a nickname, people generally just refer to him as Handel.
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What are some cool nicknames for Mary?

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Mar (pronounced Mair)
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What should your nickname be your name is Brianna?

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Your nickname could be Bri, Anna or Briann. I think it should be Bria or Bri Bri, that is what I call my bff, Brianna
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Why is New York State's nickname 'The Empire State'?

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In the nineteenth century the word "empire" was often used in this country to suggest economic growth and progress. New York gained that sobriquet because of its great wealth and natural resources.In 1784, five years before George Washington was inaugurated in New York City as the first president, he envisioned New York as the "seat of empire," thus giving rise to its nickname: The Empire State. New York has completely fulfilled the expectation that Washington expressed to the state's first governor, George Clinton.
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What is the tomboy nickname for Ashlie?

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It could be anything, even if it is unrelated. However-- Ash, Asher, Ashton, Lee, Leesh, and Leo all play with the name Ashlie.