New York City

New York City is the largest city in both New York State and the United States. NYC was founded in 1613 and incorporated in 1898.

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Why is New York City called 'The Big Apple'?

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New York is called the "Big Apple" as in 1803 Evelyn Claudine de saint-Evremond was forced to flee France. She opened up a salon that became a place where men could enjoy the pleasures of beautiful women and high stakes gambling. The men that went to this such place lovingly nicknamed her "Eve" as to the biblical reference, and she would refer about the establishment and the women inside it as her "irresistible apples hence the name "The Big Apple." I don't know if it's correct but I'm told that from above New York with both its harbors is in the shape of an apple with the Statue of Liberty being the stalk. It is sometimes said that New York City is called The Big Apple because Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch colonial governor back when the city was called New Amsterdam, planted a long-lived apple tree in it. (For a detailed history on the origin of the nickname, click on the Related Link below.)
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How did New York get its name?

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New York got its name from the Duke of York, who gained control of the land in the 17th century. Originally it was called "New Amsterdam" by the Dutch settlers but when control of this area was taken over by English, its name was also changed to "New York," to honor the Duke of York. There is an "Old York" (or just York) back in England. New York was named for the Duke of York, later King James II of England. It had originally been called New Amsterdam by the Dutch, who founded the city. The duke of york named the country after himself just so he could own New York for good
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How many blocks equal a mile in new york city?

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In large cities the number varies depending upon the original grid layout. In NYC (Manhattan) the number of north-south blocks per mile is 20. East-west blocks (between avenues) are typically just under 5 north-south blocks in length, so the number of east-west blocks per mile is 4.
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What does ishmael like about New York City?

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Ishmael likes many things in the city. For example he likes to explore the city. He likes to explore it because he could see the tall buildings that he never seen that tall in Freetown. As well as he likes to explore the city he like the snow. He likes it because he had seen in movies but not in real life.
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Who are the street legends in NBA Street?

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they are strech, bonafide,drake, takishi, bigilitlles,osmosis
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What are New York's major landforms?

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A major landform can be a mountain, and a lake etc.
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Where is Ap cargo in Pagadian City?

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Our office address: Animas Street, Aguana Ozamiz City Infront of JFK Trading Tel # 088-5214399 Cell# : 0917-5049103 / 0922-8554133
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Does LaGuardia Airport have smoking rooms?

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No. There are very few airports left in the U.S. that have smoking rooms, and LaGuardia is not one of them. For a full list of which airports have smoking rooms and which don't, see the Related Link below.
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What is the distance between Battery Park and the Brooklyn Bridge?

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The distance from Battery Park to the Brooklyn Bridge is about 4000 feet (1219 meters), or three-quarters of a mile (1.2 kilometers).
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What subway do you take from 31st Street to Grand Central Terminal?

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Well, it depends on whether you're starting out from East 31st Street or West 31st Street. But either way, if you don't have luggage to carry, you should seriously consider just walking, instead of taking the subway, especially if you're starting out from the East Side. The walk is only 0.5 to 1.5 miles. From East 31st, it's about half a mile to a mile, and from West 31st, it's about a mile to a mile and a half. Grand Central Station is at East 42nd between Park and Lexington. In New York City, 17 to 20 street blocks (north/south blocks) equals a mile, and 5 to 10 avenue blocks (east/west blocks) equals a mile. So, from 31st to 42nd Street is half a mile. The distance east or west could be anywhere from 0 to 1 miles. If you really want to take the subway, here are your options: 1) West Side: take the Uptown 1-2-3 (the red line) or the Uptown A-C-E (the blue line), one stop, from Penn Station (34th Street & 7th Avenue on the 1-2-3, and 34th and 8th Avenue on the A-C-E) to 42nd Street (Times Square). At the Times Square Station, transfer to the S shuttle train (color code grey) east across 42nd Street, from Times Square (West 42nd) to Grand Central (East 42nd). 2) Center of Manhattan: take the Uptown N or Q (of the N-R-Q-W, the yellow line), one stop, from Herald Square (34th & Broadway) to Times Square. Again, transfer at Times Square for the S shuttle train east across 42nd to Grand Central. 3) East Side: take the Uptown 4-5-6 (the dark green line) one stop, from 33rd Street to Grand Central. See the Related Link below for a complete New York City subway map.
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How many restaurants are there in Manhattan?

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In all five boroughs of New York City there are 23,499 active restaurants as of April 2010. There are no resources online with figures of the number of restaurants in just Manhattan.
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When will new york deer go into rut in 2010?

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In NJ and some parts of New York we've seen bucks chasing does already but the does arent ready. I don't know if the rut has fully kicked in for the bucks, but this weekend (oct. 23) is a great moonphase to hunt, so if the rut is starting now like i think it is, Saturday will be great.
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Tania is writing a paper for her history teacher about living conditions of immigrants in urban tenements during the 19th century what sources would be the best for her to quote in?

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The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld, by Herbert Asbury Gotham: a history of New York City to 1898, By Edwin G. Burrows, Mike Wallace A city of immigrants: dreams and realities of life in New York, 1840-2007, By LaGuardia Community College. LaGuardia and Wagner Archives, Richard K. Lieberman German New York City, By Richard Panchyk The Promised City: New York's Jews, 1870-1914, by Moses Rischin Shutting Out the Sky: Life in the Tenements of New York, 1880-1924, by Deborah Hopkinson Tenement: Immmigrant Life on the Lower East Side, by Raymond Bial (Some of the books I took off this list are very good books on their topic, but are not relevant to the 19th century experience.) Also see the link below.
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How many stamps does it take to mail a letter from New York to Afghanistan?

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If you have a military address, one stamp should be fine if your letter is up to 3 pages. More per ounce after that. Otherwise, check out the related link to calculate the amount.
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How much does it cost to rent a Broadway theater for a week?

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That tends to range from around $2,500.00 to about $5,000.00, depending on which theater and what time of year.
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What is the New York City pin code?

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There is no such thing as a New York City pin code. However, there are New York City zip codes. For example, for New Hampton, NYC, the zip code is 10959.
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Where was New York's Five Points?

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Mr. Mullins stated that the Five Points existed at the intersection of "Worth, Baxter, and Park Row". This would lie in today's Chinatown. He was close! There is no such intersection. Park Row does not intersect with Baxter. The Five Points can be found where Baxter intersects with Worth (formerly known as Anthony St). If you follow Worth east, you'll hit Park (formerly known as Chatham). Answer Original 5 pts was the intersection of Worth, Baxter, Mosco, and Pearl Street, which use to run through the Federal Court House. The location is presently known as Columbus Park in China Town. Answer Only two of the three streets that made up the Five Points intersection still exist--Worth and Baxter. The third is not Park Row, but the now-buried Park Street, which used to run from the Five Points, across Pearl Street and to the intersection of Lafayette and Centre streets. It ran under what is now a courthouse. Answer Five Points was made by the intersection of three streets: Worth, Baxter, and Park (now Mosco). Around 1900, the tenements were torn down to make way for Mulberry Bend Park (now Columbus Park) and several courthouses. Answer At Old World NYC there is a digital map showing where the old streets were and what the present area looks like.
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What is 3 PM GMT in pacific time?

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7 am, Pacific Standard Time 8 am, Pacific Daylight Time (from mid-March through early November)
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Where can a new repo company find insurance?

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Here are a few ideas: Some insurers write new companies, but not all of them will. You may have trouble obtaining insurance until you have a "loss record" or track history for an insurer to examine. DO NOT CONFUSE tow insurance with repo insurance as they are different for example, if you have a tow policy you are not covered for things like wrongful repossession. You are required to have wrongful repossession, commercial liability and auto insurance, as well as a dishonesty bond in most states when operating a repo business. Most insurance companies provide both bonding and insurance. It is usually best to use an agent that you are familiar with or one that was given as a referral by someone that you trust. If you are new to the insurance world, call your membership organization (if you belong to one) or your local chamber of commerce for a list of names of reputable agencies. Shop around from there. Make sure all quotes that you receive are provided to you in writing. Be certain that any insurer with which you do business is authorized (licensed) to transact insurance in the state in which the policy is issued. There are many entities that look like real insurers, but are fake and which only exist to take premium dollars. The only way to be sure is to verify with your Department of Insurance. You need a insurance broker that specializes in this line of insurance. Few companies will give the coverages that are required by the banks to run a Reposession company. Many companies that do towing risks will tell you that they will look at the risk and quote it for you but will not offer the Drive away coverage, wrongful tow coverage.
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Is there a train from John F. Kennedy to Harlem?

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Yes, you can take the A train to Harlem. Actually, the A train will take you to Morningside Heights, which is the neighborhood west of Harlem, but it's only one block east from there to Harlem. First, you take the shuttle, called the AirTrain, from inside the JFK terminals to the Howard Beach Station of the A train (of the A-C-E, the blue line). Then take the Manhattan-bound A train to 125th Street. The station is at 125th Street and Amsterdam, and from there it's just one avenue block east to the western end of Harlem: Amsterdam Avenue ---> Morningside Avenue ---> St. Nicolas Avenue. Morningside Avenue forms the western border of Harlem. You could also take the A train to 34th Street-Penn Station, then transfer to the Uptown 2 or 3 trains (of the 1-2-3, the red line) to 125th Street, at 125th Street and Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox Avenue becomes Malcolm X Boulevard at 125th Street). The 125th Street stop on the 2 and 3 is several avenue blocks east of the 125th Street stop on the A. It drops you off in the middle of Harlem.
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How does a railway metro work?

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The typical railway metro runs an electric powered motor fixed at every wheel of the train, it's motor have two coils inside it, the first one gives high power to start the train and moves it and the second one is for high speeds, the train brakes with special braking pads the same way the car brakes. Second answer: "Metro" is a generic name for an urban railway system. Many cities have a Metro. For example: Paris Métro, Rome Metro, Madrid Metro, Amsterdam Metro, Newcastle Metro, etc., etc. All the comments in the first answer are true, but they are also true of all electric multiple unit trains, from trams to the ICE high speed train I was on earlier today. Typical for a Metro are fixed routes with high frequencies on each route (one train every 2-5 minutes). Not necessarily all wheels have a motor on them.
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What are zones on long island railroad?

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The Wikipedia page for Long Island Rail Road has a zone map. See "related links" on this Wikifriendus page.
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How long is the flight from New York City to Las Vegas?

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It's 2250 miles, so normally this is a 5 to 6 hour flight. == ==