Mushrooms, also known as toadstools, are the above ground fleshy fruiting body of a fungus that typically include a stem. Mushrooms are frequently used as a food source, but also for their medical and psychoactive properties.

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Do you need to wash mushrooms before eating them?

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Yes, wash them. Commercially grown mushrooms are often grown in rich soil-like mixtures with plenty of manure. Also, do not eat mushrooms raw. Even common grocery store mushrooms contain compounds that may be toxic to some degree, but which can be made safer by cooking.
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What do Shiitake Mushrooms look like?

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The Shiitake Mushroom is an edible eastern Asian mushroom (Lentinus edodes) that has an aromatic, fleshy, golden or dark brown to blackish cap. Also called Chinese forest mushroom, golden oak mushroom, Oriental black mushroom, and emperors Mushroom.
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What are mushroom pleats?

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Mushroom pleats are not a vegetable, but a style of pleating in clothing. It is supposed to be delicate and close, like the underside of a mushroom cap.
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Is the band Mushroom Head Christian?

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No, Mushroom Head is not a Christian band.
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Can mushroom be boiled?

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they can, but they shouldnt. sauteing them with extra virgin olive oil or butter whichever you think would taste better with your dish. also fresh mushrooms taste great with a lot of dishes.
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Do mushrooms have protein?

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Mushrooms do contain protein, but not nearly as much as meats. Mushrooms contain around 3 grams of protein per 100 grams. Meats such as beef, lamb and pork contain around 20 to 30 grams of protein per 100 grams. Chicken contains around the same protein as meats. Fish is slightly lower, but at around 15 to 20 grams per 100 grams it clearly beats mushrooms. Mushrooms obtained their reputation as 'meat for vegetarians' because of the relatively high content of Vitamin B 12 in some varieties. It is unclear whether the vitamin B12 is found in the fungi itself, or in the fertilizer in which mushrooms are grown!
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What genus do mushroom belong?

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They belong to the genus Agaricus.
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Is there a mushroom farm in apopka fl?

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Monterey Mushroom is just north of Apopka in Zellwood
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How long do mushrooms stay fresh in the refrigerator?

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Generally, you do not want to keep mushrooms for longer than a week. However, the general method of checking that your mushrooms are still fresh is to feel them. If they feel slimy or look darker than normal, it is time to throw them away. I would say about the same if they are stored in their original container or package. If you use a Green Bag, I have kept them as long as three weeks - I'm absolutely serious. If you do not have a Green Bag, a muslin bag or cloth will work nearly as well. The idea is to keep the moisture away from them without drying them out. And if they do become dried out because of lack of humidity, finish drying them on the kitchen counter and keep them in a ziploc bag once they are fully dried for later use.
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What Italian food sometimes has mushrooms on it?

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Pretty much any pasta like fettichine alfreado
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What eats mushrooms?

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People, pigs, and usually animals of the forest. B: and other fungi, small insects, slugs and bacteria.
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Do mushroom respond to light?

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some mushrooms grow only in low-light areas, if a mushroom is sensitive to light then that would be a response. yes
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Can you freeze fresh mushrooms?

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Yes they can be frozen. Pack them in baggies of water to keep the from getting freezer burnt. You can keep them for up to a year.
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What can substitute for mushrooms when cooking a mushroom and wine pasta sauce?

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Something that won't thicken like mushrooms wouldn't: black olives, green olives, onions, beef, shrimp, non-starchy veggies.
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Do mushrooms contain uric acid?

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Some mushrooms do contain purines which are broken down into uric acid in the body.
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What is mushroom peroxidase?

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A peroxidase is an enzyme that, as the name suggests, breaks down peroxides. "Mushroom peroxidase" would be such an enzyme derived from mushrooms.
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How to grow mushroom?

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Actually mushrooms don't need sunlight at all because not being plants (they are fungi) they do not perform photosynthesis. What they do need is decomposing organic material for food, humidity, and most important you need some spores to start them.
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What is the difference between cream of mushroom and mushroom soup?

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There's not much difference between the two. I think even the names can even give you a clue; cream of mushroom soup is just one that has a creamy content or topping whilst the other is probably just plain mushroom soup. The basic difference between the two soups can be found in the kind of ingredients used.
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Can you eat mushrooms on hcg diet?

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They are not in the listed foods during Phase 2, but they are fine in phase 3! you could try them in phase 2 and see what happens though.
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Why can't mushroom perform photosynthesis?

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Mushrooms are fungae. the fungi don't posess chlorophyll. hence they can't perform photosynthesis
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Are mushrooms fermented?

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Pickling and fermenting is a practice that's used to preserve a whole host of vegetables. While mushrooms can shrink and even dissolve entirely during the process, it is possible to ferment mushrooms, even if just to add flavor to a blend of pickled vegetables, relishes, sauerkraut and other commonly pickled mixtures. Milk cap mushrooms stand up to the fermentation process better than most other kinds of mushrooms.