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How is the metric system used in the medical field?

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It's used by physicians, internists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, researchers, anesthesiologists, chiropractors, nurses, hospice workers, and physical and psychological therapists, to measure, express, and communicate the magnitude of forces, lengths, areas, speeds, capacities, and volumes, and the duration of periods of time.
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When a health care provider reports abuse should the accuser be able to know the identity of his or her accuser?

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All health care workers are mandatory reporters. This means that by law they have to report any case they have suspicion as might be abuse. They do not have to prove the abuse exists, just suspect that it does. When the healthcare worker reports a case of abuse, their name and info is taken by the investigating office, but it does not have to be shared with the accused. Once the healthcare provider reports the suspected abuse, it is the investigating office, not the healthcare worker that decides whether abuse occurred or not, and it is the investigating office that files the charges. In the US it is true that you have the right to face your accuser, but in cases of abuse it is the investigating office that is the accuser, and not the healthcare worker. So, you have a right to face the investigating office, and they will have a representative at the court. The healthcare worker, since they are not filing the charges does not have to be there. Now having said that, the healthcare worker will most likely be present at the trial, but as a witness and not as an accuser.
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How does a computer help in medical field?

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i want to see my angiography,s CD on my laptop.what is the name of software which i instaled on my laptop.
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Who is authorised to certify death?

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The doctor must give a death certificate. Only a doctor can verify, confirm and certify that a person is dead or not.
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What does code pink mean in the medical field?

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Code pink in medical field is generally refer as Child Audition.
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What are the disadvantages of using medical abbreviations?

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Although some abbreviations are used, an overuse of them could lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Confusion and misinterpretation of desired meaning. Leading to wrong tests or therapies. Acronyms can have several totally different meanings. The use of an acronym can be misinterpreted leading to misunderstanding of doctors orders, erroneous test results and wrong diagnoses. For example: ML can mean 1) Midline, 2) Middle lobe, 3) Malignant Lymphoma. OD can mean: 1) Once a day or 2) Right eye.
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In the medical field what does bundling mean?

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In the medical billing and coding field, "bundling" is a procedure code that includes all or more than one component of a major procedure. Rather than reporting (billing for reimbursement) two or more codes for complex procedures, sometimes a single bundled code may incorporate all procedures in one major procedure code. Reporting the procedure codes separately, or reporting the components in addition to the major procedure (bundled) code is on the contrary, considered unbundling; and is considered fraud under HIPAA regulations.
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Does dry skin make you itch?

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It sure does! The loss of moisture in dry skin, for whatever reason, needs to be use lots of moisturizing lotions, especially after warm (never hot) baths or showers. Applying lotion to damp skin helps retain moisture. Using a humidifier helps too. And don't scratch!
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Can coffee erode tooth enamel?

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Yes, coffee can erode tooth enamel because it contains acid and anything with acid can erode tooth enamel.
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How do you cure cyanosis?

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You need to get Oxygen into the patients blood (administer a richer mix of Oxygen for the patient to breathe).
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What are advantages and disadvantages of non-verbal communication?

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The advantages of non-verbal communication are: 1) You can communicate with someone who is hard of hearing of deaf. 2) You can communicate at place where you are supposed to maintain silence. 3) You can communicate something which you don't want others to hear or listen to. 4) You can communicate if you are far away from a person. The person can see but not hear you. 5) Non-verbal communication makes conversation short and brief. 6) You can save on time and use it as a tool to communicate with people who don't understand your language. The disadvantages of non-verbal communication are: 1) You can not have long conversation. 2) Can not discuss the particulars of your message 3) Difficult to understand and requires a lot of repetitions. 4) Can not be used as a public tool for communication. 6) Less influential and can not be used everywhere. 7) Not everybody prefers to communicate through non-verbal communication. 8) Can not create an impression upon people/listeners. well non verbal communication is as important as verbal communication because there is a famous proverb saying that " Actions SPeak Louder than woords", so your gestures , postures , eye contact....each play a major role
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Previous question of ministry of health nursing exam in Oman?

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yes. i want previous sample papers of moh test in oman for nurses
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Can you work in the medical field if you have herpes?

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I suppose it's possible, if they don't then you can try suing for discrimination. Herpes isn't passed on that easily, it's also not passed through blood or body fluids. If people with cold sores (which are caused by oral herpes, they are also very common to have) are allowed to work in medicine then people with genital herpes should be allowed to as well. Of course! Consider that 30% of adults have genital herpes and 80% of adults have antiboties to type I herpes; who'd be left to handle medical care if people with herpes had to leave the field? No. You would have to ask some one where you're applying if they do any testing. Herpes shouldn't affect your position, it's not passed through objects or just touching people. As long as break outs are being controlled then having herpes shouldn't hold you back. First you need to define Herpes Herpes Simplex =cold sores, herpes Zoster =chicken Pox I could go on Yes they can.
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What is therapeutic rapport?

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A feeling of trust and understanding that develops between the therapist and the patient.
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Internal and External Influences?

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If you ask wondering about Internal and External influences of a business there are many. Internal means things that the business can control, some of these include management, product, location, resources (meaning who they are buying the materials from, captial ect), and the business culture (how the business operates e.g. Green, Australian Made, ect). External influences also vary and could be economy, government, multicultralism, product diversity, competitors, market conditions, geographic and social. Though these are only a few, many other Internal and External Influences exist. Hope this helped :)
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What are the uses of computer in medical field?

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Link for answer for this question.
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What causes white unraised horizontal lines on fingernails?

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The white area in fingernails and hair are caused by air. That's why snow is white and not blue. Little bumps and bruises that are done to the bed of the nail cause these imperfections.
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What does aq mean in the medical field?

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The abbreviation (aq) means aqueous - suspended in or dissolved in water.