Malaysia is a tropical country situated in southeast Asia. It borders Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines. It has an area of about 329,847 square kilometers and a total population size of about 27,730,000 people. Ask any question regarding the history, geography and local culture of the country.

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Borang permohonan kemasukan kastam diraja Malaysia?

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borang online kastam mcm mna mahu mndaptkn borang pemhonan untuk kastam dibhagian bintulu,sarawak?apakah syrat nya?bilakh pmbukaan bmula?
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Why did Singapore favor a merger with Malaysia?

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Singapore favour for merger with Malaysia because for common market and for independence. The PAP felt that Singapore's survival as an independent nation would be difficult. Singapore lacked natural resources. Entrepot trade was declining. Growing population which required more jobs. The Malayan government introduced import and export tariffs on goods which led further decline in Singapore's trade. PAP government felt that a merger with Malaya would bring about rapid economic growth especially with the setting up of common market. The common market would allow goods to be bought and sold freely without being taxed. This would increase trade, expand industries and create more jobs. The PAP saw that Singapore's best hope for complete freedom was through a merger with Malaya. There were some areas like defense and internal security that were still under British control. The British were reluctant to grant full independence to Singapore because they were worried about the communist threat in Singapore. Moreover, When the PAP was formed in 1954, it included moderates and radicals. Singapore lacked natural resources and faced a declining trade amount. More jobs were needed to meet the demands of the population. The Malayan government imposed import and export tariffs on goods traded between the 2 countries. Singapore also faced Communist threat and that made the British not grant full independence to Singapore. Singapore hence felt that by merging with Malaya, the British would grant Singapore full independence and Malaya would share natural resources and jobs. Trade amounts might also go back up and the tariffs could be removed.
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Where is telephone country code 60?

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Country code +60 (dialed as 00 60 from many places) is Malaysia, and a number beginning with +60 1 is a mobile. Note that you must drop the trunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the Malaysian number when calling internationally. For example, Kuala Lumpur's area code 03 becomes +60 3. While this has the same effect as simply prefixing the Malaysian number with +6, it is incorrect to say that Malaysia is country code +6. There are no valid numbers beginning with +60 0. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)
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What is the most famous dish in Malaysian cuisine?

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One of the most recognizable dishes in Malaysian cuisine is Satay. Satay is made of bite-sized pieces of meat that have been skewered, then marinated in spices and barbecued over a fire. Malaysian curries and noodle dishes are also very popular, many which incorporate coconut milk into their recipes.
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Kerja kursus pendidikan moral tingkatan 4?

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saya mahu format untuk menghasilkan kerja kursus PM?saya nak format untuk buat kerja amal,tugasan harian dan contoh sekali yes
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How to say 'good boy' in Malayalam?

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Midukkan / Nalla payyan / Nalla Chekkan
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Who is the CEO of Best Genius Sdn Bhd Malaysia?

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Mr. James MUKU (MUGU) JAMES, the Managing Director and Ms. Maria, the personal assistant for the M.D. (mad dog) from Best Genius IS A FRAUD AND CHEATER, DON'T BELIEVE HIS BUSINESS HE WILL CHEAT YOU. This is a big cheating teams planed to operations internationally these cheating team having 100s of companies in Malaysia and Internationally. One Mr: Abdul Aziz from Aluva/ Perumbavoor approached us to invest money for business we will give you 20% every month with principal amount. He convinced me and I joined with UNIPAY 2 U under the Best Genius Malaysia. Company is paid Initial 6 months regularly. After that Mr: MUKU JAMES directly comes to us and his polish talk and his style our un Luck we fall in to this dirty line. Initially he paid properly that confidence I informed all my friends and relatives. Everybody is invested their money. After getting huge bulk money company is not paid to us. After that we came to know his all the branches closed and he vanished from India. Now he settled In Malaysia very well with our hard earn money. we went his office at Puchong Malaysia and asked office people nobody is responding and he send Gundas to our house and threatening to our family. We are poor people from villages. We don't have the Mafia connections. Please don't fall in this type companies FRAUD BUSINESS. We came to know he is already another business planning Middle East and India again. Please don't trust this company or any person from this team, Mr: MUKU JAMES offered money to Police officers to keep us quiet and give trouble to our family. If anybody is getting any information like this business please inform everyone to protect from these CHEATING devils.
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How long to fly from Dubai to Melbourne?

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13hr 15min Dubai (DXB) to Melbourne (MEL) nonstop by Emirates Airlines.
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Is there honor killing in Malaysia?

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no MY ANSWER: No, I haven't heard anything about Malaysia, even from insiders and Christians, because I'm a Bible prophecy researcher, and I get records of countries that kill Christians and don't announce it on the news. There were a few militant groups in Malaysia, there were people killed and injured. But unlike Egypt, China and Libya's governments and people, Malaysia's government people doesn't support these killings. Malaysia isn't part of the Muslim Brotherhood. The government of Malaysia is much dedicated to protecting non-Muslim and non-Malay people's rights. In fact, Malaysia even celebrates a holiday dedicated to religious freedom. Unlike in Indonesia, where entire villagers chase and kill Christians. I think when the Tribulation Period starts, whether it be seven years of 42 months; God will probably lead his people living in Southeast Asia to flee to Malaysia. It is even possible that Malaysia will be one of the nations that hides members of the second 144,000 that are chased around the world. Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina and Jordan are on the prophecy list for the hospitable nations.
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Where can you get a Brazilian Blowout in Malaysia?

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Try MUSE HAIR & MAKE UP SALON Neo Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ. They are certified to do Brazilian Blowout. Ask for Lean - he's good. Very careful and takes pride in his work.
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Is Exim Bank Malaysia a subsidiary of SME Bank?

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nop .... both are different development financial institution set up by the malaysian government with different purpose to compliment the financial system in Malaysia . EXIM stands for export-import bank Malaysia like it's name is suppose to help finanace import activities while sme - small medium enterprise bank aim at providing financial assist to small medium enterprise in Malaysia
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Why is Malaysia so awesome?

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I think because of different attraction places in Malaysia like ( Batu Caves, Chin Swee Cave Temple, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex ) these all places are awesome. Jovial Festivals, Chinese New Year, Wesak Day, Thaipusam, Langkawi Water Festival of Kedah festivals has different taste for every one.
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When is Burlesque coming out in Malaysia?

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Burlesque comes out in Malaysia on February 17, 2011.
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Siaran langsung bolasepak TV1?

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siaran langsung bola sepak tv1
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Apakah bina ayat daripada orak-arik?

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bina ayat!! bajet- tempuh-
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Can MBA students join Pakistan army?

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Yes MBA students can join army through army education core
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Why are you proud to be a Malaysian?

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I am proud to be Malaysian because Malaysia is such a peaceful prosperous country. People of various races, nations and religions. Rich with traditions and culture. MY ANSWER Yes, Malaysia is a great country. I wish I lived in Malaysia, it's a much better version of the Philippines and Indonesia, without the corrupt people and greedy celebrities or religious civil war. The people actually get along in Malaysia, thus a thriving economy.
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Bagaimanakah bentuk muka bumi Melaka?

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bentuk muka bumi Malaysia ialah tanah pamah tahan tinggi dan banyak lagi