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Where can free sheet music be found?

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See if your local public library bought copies of sheet music. That is free and legal.
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Who sang it was love love love?

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I've managed to answer this myself - it's Crown Heights Affair and it's called 'You gave love to me'.
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What are the notes to its raining its pouring on the recorder?

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g g e a g e e g e a g e g g e e a g g e e a g g g e e a g e are the right notes for that song
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What is the meaning of the lyrics Sound of Silence?

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For the meaning of this song, you may wish to consider the introduction by Art Garfunkel in this early live performance on YouTube at the Related Link. Also note the original title is "Sounds" not "Sound" of Silence. (later renamed) "The Sound of Silence" was first released on Simon and Garfunkel's initial album, "Wednesday Morning, 3 AM." The album sold only two thousand copies. After watching their album sink, Simon and Garfunkel parted ways; however this was not the end of their career together. Without their knowledge, Simon and Garfunkel's recording company had Bob Johnson rework the song with electric guitar, bass, and drums. With these changes, the song became an instant hit and soon climbed to the top of the charts. Simon and Garfunkel rejoined and quickly became one of, if not the, greatest duos of all time. But behind the song's beautiful melodies and enjoyable rhythm is a deep message within the lyrics that has been interpreted in many different ways. I have read and heard many people's opinions. Some of them are a little abstract and others seem believable. One fellow said it was merely about a man dreaming of neon lights revealing numerous people bowing to him as if he were a god. Another stated it was a song regarding the lack of communication between people. These interpretations may or may not be correct; however I have a different perception of "The Sound of Silence." I personally believe this song portrays a vision or dream that Paul Simon had. The lines, "Because a vision softly creeping,/Left its seeds while I was sleeping" lead me to believe that he had a dream. Yet perhaps it is highly possible he never had a dream or vision or anything of the sort but merely used this image to get a point across. Yet the message of this song lies in the contents of his dream. Paul Simon seeks to convey a message of how ignorance taints the minds of so many people. "Silence" refers to submission. He reveals how people so foolishly follow rulers without actually knowing a ruler's true intentions and background. "People hearing without listening" reveals a people's willingness to take heed to the commands spoken by a leader without fully realizing the consequences of this obedience. Simon, or whomever is having this dream, tries to warn these conformists in the lines that read "'Fools' said I, "You do not know/ Silence like a cancer grows/ Hear my words that I might teach you,/ Take my arms that I might reach you."" But his warning is swallowed in the abyss of submission: "But my words like silent raindrops fell,/And echoed/In the wells of silence." This song may refer to a particular nation or people, but most likely it refers to people in general who submit themselves too freely. The song continues to describe the people's capitulation in several lines, most notably in the words, "And the people bowed and prayed/To the neon god they made." The song's meaning is for the listener to decide and there are many different ideas; however, I personally have always believed that it pertains to a people's readiness to support a leader without fully realizing the possible outcomes An alternative interpretation is one of the neon sign in the dream being the Television medium personified (or deity-fied[sic]). This would explain the 'people talking without speaking' and 'hearing without listening' lyrics - as one who is observing people watching television as an unnatural phenomenon would have a hard time reconciling the observed conversation without any active participation by the viewer. Also the 'writing songs..' lyric is not as form fitting here but it is somewhat foreign in the song itself and may be a songwriter's (in this case Simon's) translation for a message especially an original one which will never be entertained by the T.V.'s captive audience. Also, the neon glow from the 'sign' goes on to further parallel the light properties of the T.V. supporting this comparison Finally the 'words of the prophet are written on the subway walls and tenement halls.." This is a bit more deductive. There is a train of thought that a "prophet is not recognized in his own house", which is another issue on itself, but I think this lyric implies that the true prophets are living in Subways and Tenements There is also a hint of the 'read the writing on the wall' saying which is generally a call to face reality, which either way you view the lyric the "neon god" defers truth and possibly power to the words on the walls and halls. Graffiti-esque literature is what you indeed find on those specific walls and halls. Ironically or not those without a 'voice' in society are the ones who use this dissemination of information for self expression, i.e. "crack is wack" murals. I interpret this then to mean look to the people with no voice (or 'silenced'?) to hear the truth/prophecy. As we recall the dreamer or Simon was him/herself one of those people without a voice silenced by the crowd. So I think that a holistic universal meaning to the song is one that we are searching for (truth, guidance) and it is already right under our noses. We walk by the truth (on subway walls and tenement halls) everyday and take no note but rather we construct elaborate gods and complicated idols to interpret a reality we are, by definition, already in tune with. The title of the song itself seems to me to reflect that paradox. I am aware Simon in an NPR interview has admitted there was no profoundly deep meaning to the lyrics when he wrote them. He said he was possibly expressing teenage angst and frustration as to how they are largely ignored by society, however, my interpretation I think is one to give clarity to the stream of consciousness with analogous symbols (where I didn't ramble too much) and largely holds true to that theme.
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What is the hip hop song that has the lyrics do you remember 1992 in the game Street Sk8er 2 for PS1?

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This is a list of all the songs on Street Sk8ter 2: Under The influence - Citizen King Better Days (and the Bottom Drops Out - Citizen King My Would Be Savior - 8stops7 Satisfied - 8stops7 Coalition - Showoff My Own Summer- Deftones 10/10 - Ministry Push It - Static X Mad For It - Shootyz Groove Blow Your Top - Shootyz Groove Catch All This - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Fear of Girls - Chick Magnet
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What does supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mean?

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In the Song It means great, fantastic, extremely cool. It can also be used as an exclamation, or as a way to describe something that surprises and delights you, similar to the words 'stupendous' or 'wonderful.' It is from the song in "Mary Poppins" (1964), and is suggested as "something to say when you don't know what to say." The word is a neologism, meaning it was created (for the movie), but variations existed as early as 1949. Root Meanings A semi-serious analysis of each part of the word can produce the alternate definition, which roughly means - Atoning for educability through delicate beauty. The roots of the word have been defined as follows: super- "above" cali- "beauty" fragilistic- "delicate" expiali- "to atone" docious- "educable" Opinions from other members of the Wikifriendus community: It means that it's completely totally awesome! In fact it is a word from one of the songs in the movie "Mary Poppins." Spoiler Alert: It also has 14 syllables. It is a 34 letter English word used in The Disney Musical Mary Poppins. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a word used to denote nonsense or foolery. It has no real 'meaning' but is only used to express silliness. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - a nonsense word meaning fantastic; a nonsense word by children to express approval or to represent the longest word in English. Meaningless, but now used as "Great!" Well, according to the Mary Poppins movie it is a word you say when you have nothing to say. Go figure. It is a joke word, made up of pseudo- roots and affixes, meant to be funny for sounding like it means something learnèd, without actually meaning anything at all. That jumble of elements cannot be properly construed to have meaning. Creating joke words that look real takes talent and knowledge. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of many clever bits in "Mary Poppins" Let's not spoil the fun by forcing it to "mean" something. It was a word used in the movie Mary Poppins , it means when you are really, really, happy. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a word from a song of the same name in the musical film production of "Mary Poppins," written by Robert and Richard Sherman. It has no explicit meaning per se, but in the movie, after Mary Poppins wins the carousel horse race, she claims there is a very good word to explain how she feels about winning, and then breaks into song about supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. This is a feel good word. You say it when you wish to lift your spirits. It is something you say when you don't have anything to say. it does not mean anything, it is a song from a character named "Mary Poppins" Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is an English word in the song with the same title in the musical film Mary Poppins. The song was written by the Sherman Brothers, and sung by Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke. It also appears in the stage show version of Mary Poppins. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means that, obviously, you've bumped into Mary Poppins. UNLUCKY!!!! Nobody really made a meaning for this word. That is why you can not find it in the dictionary. Mary uses it in the movie to describe her feelings after winning a horse race. It can also be used as an exclamation of joy. It doesn't really 'mean' anything. It was a nonsense word created for the movie version of "Mary Poppins." Nothing. This word does not mean anything. It is a nonsense word in a story by P. L. Travers. Mary Poppins uses the word when she cannot think of anything else to say. The abbreviated form of that word is 'cool.' It is a word to say when you don't know what to say. Whatever you want it to mean! supercalifragilisticexpialidocious can mean anything you want. Nothing. It is a silly word and I like it. It means a long word. Since it is long. I looked in a dictionary and it says supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means A LONG WORD. It was invented for Mary Poppins in the movie. It's not in P.L. Travers' books. It is a made-up word with no meaning, But if you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious. It's just Mary Poppins trademark greeting. nothing more. It doesn't have an official meaning at all; some people use it to make people seem like they can't spell. As explained in the movie Mary Poppins, it is something to say when you do not know what to say. It has no expressed meaning beyond that. However, it is a fun song to sing and it's amusing to say. It is a word used when you can't think of something to say or forgot what you were going to say. I looked up in the dictionary. From the Disney film "Mary Poppins", the film defines it as "What you say when you don't know what to say." It can mean anything you want it to mean. The word has origins from earlier films as well, but Mary Poppins is the best remembered source of the word. It is a made up word for a Disney film. It's literal meaning is: Fantastic, most wonderful. Really really really really GOOD!!! It means you need a life. It's a very long word in a Disney movie called "Mary Poppins." She sings a song about this nonsense word and it sticks. try looking it up on youtube! It's become a pop culture reference to very long words, or nonsense words, in general, as most Americans have heard the song or seen the movie. Seriously...if you have nothing else to do but research this word...well my friend you need help. Not a's just a fictional word from the book/movie "Mary Poppins." Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means absolutely nothing. Writers of Children's material in the English language sometimes create nonsense words especially in fantasy. The scene in which that word appears in the movie Mary Poppins occurs when the group jumps into a picture. Even children should realize that scene is pure fantasy. When they leave the picture, they return to the world of reality. While the word is nonsense, it is also English nonsense. It sounds like it should mean something. It begins with a perfectly good English word, Super. It ends with a perfectly good English ending, "ious." It contains a number of perfectly good English syllables. Still, the word is meaningless. Other such meaningless words occur in Alice in Wonderland. Many other children's books use nonsense words not found in dictionaries. Something quite atrocious Oh, you always sound precocious! It mean the heck with it, tralalala, it is supposed you make you feel good when you say it, because it's fun and light hearted. It means don't take everything so seriously. It is a made up word from a children's film called Mary Poppins that means something is really good/fantastic. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a nonsense word. The critics' belief that the word itself has obscure origins has created some debate about when it was first used historically. According to Richard M. Sherman, co-writer of the song with his brother, Robert, the word was created by them in two weeks, mostly out of double-talk. Roots of the word have been defined as follows: super- "above," cali- "beauty," fragilistic- "delicate," expiali- "to atone," and docious- "educable," with the sum of these parts signifying roughly "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty." This explication of its connotations suits the nature of fictional Mary Poppins, who presents herself as both extremely beautiful and also supremely intelligent and capable of great achievements. However, it should be noted that although the word contains recognizable English morphemes, it does not follow the rules of English morphology as a whole. The morpheme -istic is a suffix in English, whereas the morpheme ex- is typically a prefix; so following normal English morphological rules, it would represent two words: supercalifragilistic and expialidocious. Additionally, according to the 1964 Walt Disney film, it's defined as "what you say when you don't know what to say." It is a made up word in Mary Poppins which supposedly indicated something so wonderful a new name had to be made up for it. It is a word invented for a song in the 1965 Walt Disney movie Mary Poppins. According to the song, it is a word to say when you don't know what to say. great amazing cool
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What are the notes for poker face for bass clarinet 1?

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In the key of C: C B G C B G Can't read my, can't read my, F F F F--E E E G G No you can't read my poker face.
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What are the three clef signs?

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The three main types of clef signs used in modern music notation are the G-clef, C-clef, and F-clef Placement on different lines of the staff indicate a different tessituras, with nine possible distinct clefs. In contemporary music literature, only four clefs are used regularly: the treble clef, the bass clef, the alto clef, and the tenor clef with the treble and bass clefs the most common.
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What movies does Enya's only time song play in?

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theres a foreign film ive been dying to remember its about a young teenage boy and he's dying the song only time comes on as he's passing away its so beautiful
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Who sings first real love - old soul song?

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The signer for First Real Love - Old Soul Song is Patte labelle
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How do you play we will rock you on the flute?

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You would need to purchase the sheet music for this; the information is copyrighted.
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Somebody once told you the world was macaroni lyrics?

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Somebody once told me the world is macaroni so I took a bite out of a tree. It tasted kind of funny so I spat it at a bunny and the bunny started cursing at me. One thousand years later the bunny was Darth Vader and he threw his lightsaber at me. It missed me by a meter and then hit Justin Bieber and now I need a new pair of undies.
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Where can you get free glockenspiel sheet music?

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International music score library project - public domain. The link is in the 'Related Links' section below.
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Where can you find the piano sheet music for Steve's Theme?

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This song is one of the most beautiful piano peices I have heard. I'm listening to it right now and I'm crying :'( I don't even play piano but I want to because of this song. I can't find free sheet music anywhere! I have found it for $5 at, but I can't find it online...
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What is B.B. King's birthday?

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Riley "B.B." King was born on September 16, 1925. He died on May 14, 2015 (age 89).
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Name ten easy songs to sing?

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a Little Lamb, Greensleeves, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Happy Birthday
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Who wrote the song Bullfrog Blues?

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The song was written by William Harris circa 1928. It was recorded by Canned Heat in 1967 and then again by Rory Gallagher in 1972.
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What are the piano notes for FUR ELISE?

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The note names are: e d# e d# e b d c a, c e a b, e a b c; e d# e d# e b d c a, c e a b, e c b a. b c d e, g f e d, e e d c, e d c e; e d# e d# e e d c a, c e a b, e a b c; e d# e d# e b d c a, c e a b, e c b a. This is pretty much the standard repertoire to learn for any beginning piano student. I learned it and never forgot it.
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What are good song lyrics to put on a picture?

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You can tell everybody this is your song OR How wonderful life is now you're in the world They're both in 'Your Song' by Ellie Goulding
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What are the best songs about hidden love?

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George Jones - Her Name Is Llinda Prehacs-if youwere my man Crystal Gayle- he is beautiful to me Lionel Richie-how long John Cale-closewatch Kieran Goss-the weakness in me
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What does Barbie Mi have Nuff Gal In A Bundle mean?

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She gets this from A Beenie Man(reggea artist) song. It means that she has alot of girls. Girls in bundles. This could be pertaining to her fans "Barbies" as she calls them.
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What are the lyrics to the boondocks theme song?

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Boondocks Theme Song : "I am the stone that builder refused I am the visual The inspiration That made lady sing the blues I'm the spark that makes your idea bright The same spark That lights the dark So that you can know your left from your right I am the ballot in your box The bullet in your gun The inner glow that lets you know To call your brother son The story that just begun The promise of what's to come And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won" ~ Asheru
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Vat of chocolate - smothers brothers lyrics?

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My favorite song by the Smothers Brothers, from their album Sibling Rivalry has the following lyrics: [singing] Tom: I fell in a vat of chocolate, I fell in a vat of chocolate Dick: What'd you do when you fell into the chocolate All: Laly do dum lally do dum day Tom: Well I fell in a vat of chocolate, I just fell in a vat of chocolate [talking] Dick: Wait a minute wait a minute you just said you fell in a vat of chocolate Tom: I know I just fell right in this vat of chocolate Dick: I know and I asked you a question i said what did you do when you fell in the chocolate Tom: I swam a lot theres um threres this 30 foot vat it was just full of chocolate Dick: 30 foot across? Tom: No deep 30 feet deep of chocolate and I fell right into Dick: Well what happened what did you do when you fell in Tom: I Uh I even hate to think about it cuz it's Dick: No Im serious Tom: Terrible experience Dick: What did you do what did you do to get out Tom: I was just um walking down by my house and theres this vat of chocolate Dick: What did you do first of all there had to be a restraining rail on the vat of chocolate Tom: Well I um used to kind of balance on that rail I used to walk on that rail,and someone evidently put something slippery on that rail because I fell right in there Dick: Okay then what happened tom what did you do after you fell in there Tom: I yelled fire [Singing] Tom: I yelled fire when I fell into the chocolate, I yelled fire when I fell into the chocolate Dick: Tom why did you yell fire when you fell into the chocolate All: Laly do dum lally do dum day [talking] Tom: Well Dick: Now I want you to think about it, it must have been a very traumatic experience Tom: Oh its just a horrible experience I had chocolate all over me I was summing around Dick: What possessed you to yell fire when you in this vat of liquid, chocolate, there was no fire. you where in the chocolate and you yelled fire that's pretty ridicules if you ask me Tom: It certainly is [Singing] Tom: I just yelled fire when I fell into the chocolate Dick: Tom why did you yell fire when you fell into the chocolate Tom: Why I yelled fire because no one would save me if I yelled CHOCOLATE!! All: Laly do dum lally do dum day