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What are tools used for assessing LAN?

Findmac can be used.

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Is a private IP address?

Yes, it is an address in one of the private IP address ranges that have been defined and reserved.

The private IP address ranges are set as: through through through

Any address in these ranges can be set up and used by homes, offices, and anyone else and the communication will not be routed to the Internet because they are defined as unroutable. They also will not cause any IP address conflicts on the Internet since nothing Internet-accessible exists in those address ranges.

If you have any other questions about IP addressing, feel free to drop me a line.

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What is message control system?

A method for controlling messages in a software system. The method activates a report-handling module when a subroutine has a message to send. The subroutine passes an identification to the report-handling module. The subroutine then passes a message and message level to the report handling module. The report-handling module then determines the message level to be reported for that subroutine, the process from which that subroutine is sending messages and the message level to be reported for that process. If the message level of the message compares correctly to the message level of the subroutine and the process, the message is reported.

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What does a transmission control protocol do?

TCP is acronym for transmission control protocol. TCP is a network layer protocol. TCP is a connection oriented protocol that establishes connection before sending message .

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How do you network two PCs together directly using a cat 5 cable?

Easy Setup:

Connect 2 Computers Directly Using Crossover Cable


you will need a crossover cable to do this. pairs are switched allowing communication to occur without a hub or router

TAKE THE CAT5E CABLE AND TWO JACKS.YOU WILL FIND 4 PAIRS OF WIRES. LIKE OW-O,BLUEW-BLUE,GREENW-GREEN,BROWNW-BROWN. IN THIS THERE ONLY FOUR WIRES ARE NEEDED. supoose you have crimped one side like this ow-o-gw-g-blw-bl-brw-br.then other end will be gw-bl-ow-bl-o-brw-br.

ow-orange white o-orange blw-blue white bl-blue grw-green white gr-green brw-brown white br-brown COLUR CODE : 1----3 2----6 3----1 4----4 5----5 6----2 7----7 8----8

  • Both computers need to have a NIC(Network Interface Card) installed.
  • The computers need to have different IP addresses in the same IP subnet. This gets set in Network Properties - TCP/IP Properties. Easiest would be to set one at and the other at, both with a netmask of


A NIC will have the crossover setting in the device driver

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Who can own a class b Ip address license?

Large organisations that can use around 65000 ip addresses however they will usually waste around 75% of these

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What is ISO in networking?

ISO stands for International Standards Organisation. Based in Switzerland, they're responsible for setting the protocols used within a computer network. This can include things such as the current IPv4 network protocol, the future IPv6 protocol and TCP.

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What port does telnet use?

Telnet use port number 23,and connected to TCP

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Can you configure two dhcp server on a same network?

yes, one can configure two dhcp server on a same network. But for doing this, one has to define different scopes in both dhcp server in order to avoid ip address conflict. Eg. one can configure a scope for a lan with network address of as- in one dhcp server.

while other scope would be . In this way we can have to dhcp servers on a same network. Which ever dhcp server receives the request for the ip address will provide the ip address.

IN case for servers, one can use mac bindingin both servers so that they obtain same ip address

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Which circumstances are APIPA addresses assigned?

According to Microsoft:

How to use automatic TCP/IP addressing without a DHCP server

"A Windows-based computer that is configured to use DHCP can automatically assign itself an Internet Protocol (IP) address if a DHCP server is not available. For example, this could occur on a network without a DHCP server, or on a network if a DHCP server is temporarily down for maintenance."

For more information, see Related Links, below.

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What is MLLN Muafe Data circuit?

difference between MLLN lines and data circuites

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What is difference between routing and switching?

  • Switching involves moving packets between devices on the same network. *Conversely, routing involves moving packets between different networks.
  • Switching is able to determine where a packet should be sent by examining the MAC address within the data link header of the packet (the MAC address is the hardware address of a network adapter).
  • A switch maintains a database of MAC addresses and what port they are connected to.(operate at layer 2 of the OSI model).
  • Routers, on the other hand, operate at layer 3 of the OSI Model.
  • A router is able to determine where to send a packet using the Network ID within the Network layer header. It then uses the routing table to determine the route to the destination host.
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How far can RG-6 cable be laid without losing signal strength?

RG6 is a co-ax cable commonly used for RF frequency signal transmission in applications such as satellite dish and aerial down leads. There are losses with any signal transmission in wires so signal strength will be reduced for any length of cable. The loss of the signal depends largely on the frequency of the signal and to a lesser extent, the resistance of the cable. The losses that are seen are normally of no significance as long as the receiver is presented with a signal of sufficient magnitude and quality to be able to interpret it correctly.

RG-6 is now not a supported specification. RG-6 cables can vary in performance between one manufacturer and another.

Additionally, the receiver circuitry can play a significant part in the total line length that can be used.

It is impossible to offer a definitive answer to the question because there are so many variables. If there are concerns about the length of the cable run it may be worthwhile to consider larger diameter cables that exhibit lower losses than RG-6. A local satellite or aerial installer will probably be able to ask the right questions and offer a practical solution.

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How does a LAN work?

  • A Local Area Network is a small network which is usually contained within one building or campus. It is usually a private network, unlike the public internet. An Administrator in charge controlls file sharing, access and many other factors. LANs can be connected to public networks like the Internet, with some precautions (against hackers, viruses etc). Usually a firewall/proxy server/router acts as the gateway between the LAN and the Public Network. A popular wired LAN technology is the Ethernet (Sometimes called IEEE 802.3). These days Wireless LANs are becoming popular. They are collectively known as IEEE 802.11 LANs.
  • I could spend hours going into detail about this question, but I won't. Basically the proxy server will go to internet to pull a webpage for the client requesting it. It also will store a copy of this page (cache) for future requests. Another function of the proxy is that is hides the clients IP address from the "outside world", and uses its own. Therefore, the webmaster of the webpage cant see the IP of the client requesting the page because in actuallity the proxy is requesting the page.


lan stands for the local area network .ie if you are connecting you comouter or devices (printer ) in a specific limited area ie locally .


A LAN allows certain computers on the network to offer their resources (hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, Printers, Modems, etc.) for use by other computers on the network as if they were their own. Computers that offer resources are called Servers.

Computers called Workstations can attach the resources (typically hard disks and printers) offered by servers as if they were their own. For instance, at AA Company, computer #1 has a C: hard disk and a D: CD-ROM. Computer #2 has a C: hard disk and a D: CD-ROM, but computer #2 also attaches computer #1's C: drive as it's own F: drive. To the user of computer #2 it looks as if drive F: is in his own computer. He can use files and programs from the F: drive just as he can from his own C: drive. The network software module that performs this slight of hand is called the redirector.

A computer can be both a Server and Workstations at the same time, in which case it is called a Peer. Networks without dedicated servers are called peer-to-peer networks. Networks with one or more dedicated servers are called server based networks even though they may also have peers on them.

Back to our example. The network computers #1 and #2 are on has a server, computer #3. Computers #1 and #2 each have a copy of an accounting program on them, but both read and write accounting data to their G: drive, which is actually C: on computer #3. The tape backup unit is on computer #3 and backs up all the accounting data for all the computers every night by backing up its own C: drive.

When computers #1 and #2 are using the accounting software that software is running in their own memories. The server is not involved at all except to offer its hard disk for data storage. This server is called a file server.

Since this is a Windows accounting package it is big and slow and swaps to disk a lot, so each computer has it installed on its own hard disk to get decent performance. In the days of small fast DOS programs, workstations would also load the program from the server, so it only had to be installed once in one place.

When computers #1 and #2 do sorted reports, every record has to be read from the server and sorted in the memory of the workstation and written back to temporary files on the server. This causes a lot of network traffic on a larger network.

Lets say AA Company grows a lot and now still has computers #1, #2 and server #3 but has added additional workstations #4 through #29 - and lots of users of the accounting software. all that network traffic causes the network to get really bogged down and users start to complain.

What AA Company does now is ditch that Windows accounting package and install a new multiprocesor Compaq server running Windows NT. The new accounting package uses the Oracle database program to store its data at the server. This new package actually runs on the server (which is now called an application server because it has applications programs running on it). The workstations just have a client program that asks for records and has input and viewing screens. If a client asks for a sorted report all the work is done at the server, cutting network traffic way down. This is called a Client Server network.

Meanwhile, across town, BX Company started with its accounting on a Xenix host computer with some "green screen" terminals wired to it (instead of PCs like AA Company used). There was no network at all, just a lot of serial cables connecting dumb terminals and printers to the host computer.

As it grew, BX upgraded to a Unix host computer and added some PCs that were also wired back to the host and ran terminal emulation software so they could act as terminals to use the accounting. Some of the PCs also got their own printers, which also act as slave printers to the Unix box. Still no network.

Finally, BX Company needed to exchange marketing and project files among the PCs, so they installed a peer-to-peer network connecting all the PCs, and included their big honk'n Sun Enterprise Unix box in the network too. The PCs dumped the terminal emulation package and use telnet which allows them to act as terminals over the network - no more serial cables. Later they add a Linux box to the network to act as a file server, as an Intranet Web server and as a firewall for their DSL connection to the Internet.



LAN is a Huge topic and to know how it works you need to understand what it features are and in what ways a LAN can work like it can work in a Ring Network,Bus Network...It can be used With WAN from a larger to cover a small area,The transmission can be provided by the Token Passing Technique or the Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection Technique...The OSI Layers...The hardwire and the software Required...and so On.

I think you can start from the basics to have a better understanding and don't miss out anything.Search in Google or better buy a Book on Networking.

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How do you network two computers without using a hub?

One Answer:

It is possible to connect two computers without using a hub by using a switch instead. A switch is better than a hub because it creates a collision domain (CD) and stops them from happening when two devices try and send frames at the same time. Rather than buying a cross-over cable to connect two computers together, you can use two straight-through cables (your average, everyday network cable) and connect them to a switch. This also allows for growth where you can add more computers to the switch if the network grows.

Another Answer:

With Ethernet, you can use a crossover cable to connect two computers without using a hub, switch, or existing network. Crossover cables are Ethernet cables that have the send and receive wires (pins) switched along the length of the cable. The pins that send information from one computer are connected to the pins that receive information for the second computer. You can use a regular cable if they are modern computers.

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What is the subnet maks of ip

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What is a description of the examples of thin client?

Netscape explorer, Opera mini browser, Mozilla firefox, Safari browser

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The consequences if a connection fails Five devices arranged in a mesh topology?

If five devices arranged in a mesh topology so we will have 10 links and 4 I/O ports in each hardware device. If any link goes down from them so it will be easy to find out which one is down and it won't effect on other links. But a bulk of wires and can create problem in re-installation and re-configuration.

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How do you find the gateway address and subnet mask?

You are able to find your gateway address by typing into the command prompt ipconfig. Your gateway address is also your routers IP address.

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What are 2 types of guided transmission media?

FTP (file transfer protocol) and SMTP(Short massage transfer protocol) are two type of protocol help us to transfer the file

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Cat 3 bus or star topology?

UTP cable would not usually be used in a bus topology. It is very common (even at that low speed) for a star.

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Is a VLAN essentially a collision domain?

No- A VLAN is a single broadcast domain. If the VLAN uses a hub, which essentially connects all devices on a single wire, the the VlAN would be a collision domain. However hubs are rarely seen these days. A network switch keeps every device separated on individual collision domains so every device is kept from colliding with any other device.

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What is the lifespan of a network switch?

It depends on the quality of it. They can last anywhere from a year to ten years.

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Why switch is always connected in the phase?

Switches are used to isolate the supply voltage from the connected load. This isolation is needed to be able to work on equipment in the de-energized state. Without the switch in the circuit this could not be accomplished.

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How can you connect a router and 2 switch hub in a network?

You need to use "crossover" cable. Search on google and you can find the schematics.

Router <==> Switch ===Regular Cat 5 Switch <==> Switch Crossover cable

Crossover PIN layout of RJ-45 1 Rx+ 3 Tx+ 2 Rc- 6 Tx- 3 Tx+ 1 Rc+ 6 Tx- 2 Rc-


B standard (Most comercially bought cables) :

White Orange, Orange, White Green, Blue, White Blue, Green, White Brown, Brown.

Cross over cables are used primarily between to system NIC (Network Interface Card), not network devices.


Cross over cables are used to connect 2 like network devices. ie a switch to a switch, a router to a router , or a computer to a computer. There is one note though, some switches have the ability to detect if it is connected to another switch and will automatically "crossover" the cable for you.

Router--switch--switch--router are all wired with normal patch cables regardless of using a WAN or LAN port.


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