Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes are citrus fruits with thick skin and fragrant, acidic juices. They grow in warm, tropical climates and are used in cooking and as flavorings for beverages..

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Can you substitute lemon zest or peel for lemon extract and if so what is the exchange?

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In the same way that vanilla extract is the liquid left after macerated vanilla beans are marinated in alcohol, lemon extract is the liquid that is left after lemon zest is similarly infused. To a chemist, in alcohol is a 'tincture', btw. In water, a 'tisane'. If you've an extra day, or so, to spare, simply zest a couple of lemons, then just cover the zest in a tall, narrow, covered container with a neutral grain spirit like vodka. One 30ml 'single' should be plenty. After soaking for (at least) a day, wrap the sodden zest in cheesecloth, or, hang in a strainer lined with a coffee filter, twist firmly, and all the clear(ish) liquid left over is your own, homemade, vanilla extract. If I'm strapped for either time, cash or ideas around any gift-giving occasion, I'll give away an ounce (30ml), or so, as a 'specially crafted' exotic 'neo-foodie'-type gift. Any citrus fruit works like a charm. Empty baby-food jars hold about 2 oz. (60ml). Any citrus fruit with the zest off should be used/eaten inside the next day or two, btw. Meanwhile, if you don't have an extra day, just cover the zest, as above, and rest the container in a warm water bath for an hour...or, as much time as you have!!! You'll need about twice as much of this 'quickie' extract, but it'll work fine. Just remember to reduce another high-volume liquid; water, milk, juice, etc., by the 'extra' volume of the 'quickie' extract. While we're on the subject; don't use 'peel' for anything except candying or ornamenting cocktails!!! It's far too bitter for use in (almost) any kind of cookery.
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Which has more voltage pickle or lemon?

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Neither. The voltage depends on the relative electronegativities of the materials in the electrodes, not the electrolyte between the electrodes.
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Does drinking lemon with water help you lose belly fat and cleanses?

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The is nothing you can eat, drink or do that will lose "belly fat" (there's no such thing). As for cleaning the whole cleaning industry is a sham. Your liver already"cleanses" your body of toxins. A frequent story of pounds of undigested food hanging out in your body for years is a fiction, so enemas are out too.
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What is lemon zest?

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Lemon zest is gotten from grating skin of a lemon, just the skin, not the pinth on a micro grater or with a lemon zester. You get the esential oil and VERY lemon flavor.
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What is the scientific name of a lemon tree?

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Citrus limon Citrus Limon: there are also many modern varieties (see the related link) but this is the original.
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What is 'oranges and lemons' when translated from English to Italian?

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Arance e limoni is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "oranges and lemons." The first above-mentioned feminine plural noun refers only to the fruit whereas the second feminine plural noun -- after the conjunction -- references both the fruit and the lemon-yellow color. The pronunciation will be "a-RAN-tchey lee-MO-nee" in Italian.
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What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus and species of lemon?

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genus- citrus,order- sapindales ,kingdom - plantae,
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Where can you buy kaffir lime leaves?

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Leaves from the kaffir lime tree, which grows in Thailand, may be bought from stores that have an ethnic food section or that specialize in Asian food.
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What happens when you eat too many limes?

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Like any food that you eat too much of, your body might be a little weak and queasy, but no dramatic effects like dying unless limes are your exclusive food for much too long and you develop deficiency diseases.
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Do lemons and limes have to be refrigerated?

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They don't have to be refrigerated, but they will keep longer if they are.
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What acid has lemon in it?

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citric acid ascorbic acid (vitamin C) amino acids fatty acids (lemon peel oils, etc.) nucleic acids etc.
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Will lime break down in a compost pile?

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Yes, lime breaks down in compost piles. It helps to cut or tear the peels of the citrus fruit in question into small chunks since small-sized recyclables decompose faster than large-sized. Lime as the inorganic material will break down and make compost and soil less alkaline or neutral in pH and more calcium-rich.
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Are non-organic lemons safe?

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Yes, non-organic lemons are safe to eat if they are washed before consumption or use. Chemical, non-organic, synthetic pesticides can accumulate in the peel. The fruit is safer to eat than the peel, which must be cleaned before eating, employing in drinks or processing, such as in baked goods.
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What are the advantages of a lemon battery?

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The lemon battery has no real world advantages other than the materials needed to make one are cheap, readily available, and nontoxic, making it quite suitable for a school science demonstration.
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Can you put lemons in the compost bin?

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Yes, lemons can be put in a compost bin. Some people disapprove of citrus being composted because of slow breakdowns and worm reactions. But the fruits in question will break down nicely when cut, shredded, or sliced into tiny pieces in compost bins, containers, heaps, piles, and pits which are not set up for vermi-composting.
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Why does a potato have more voltage than a lemon?

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It doesn't. The voltage depends on the relative electronegativities of the materials in the electrodes, not the electrolyte between the electrodes.
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How many volts can a lime produce?

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The voltage an electrochemical cell produces does not depend on the electrolyte (e.g. type of fruit), it depends on the two electrodes (e.g. metal strips). The voltage is determined by the relative electronegativities of the two electrodes. For example all cells using a copper electrode and a zinc electrode will produce the same voltage, regardless of the kind of electrolyte they are put into. Another example all cells using a carbon electrode and a zinc electrode produce 1.5 volts, regardless of whether the electrolyte is acidic (the original dry cell batteries), basic (modern alkaline batteries), or neutral (a salt).
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Do lemon juice and reconstituted lemon juice have the same nutritional impact?

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I know the health benefits of drinking lemon juice every morning. Is it the same for reconstituted lemon juice?
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Is lemon good bad really bad or nice to eat?

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Eating lemons is very good for your health (e.g. they have loads of vitamin C) but they can be bad for your teeth (e.g. acid). Personally I love to eat lemons, but many people don't.
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How can you divide six lemons among seven hungry people?

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Divide each lemon into seven pieces - and give six pieces to each of the seven people !