Kuwait is a small Muslim nation on the Arabian peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf. It gained its independence from Britain in 1961. It was invaded by Iraq in 1990 but was liberated by UN coalition forces in early 1991.

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What is the capital of Kuwait?

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The capital of Kuwait is the city of Kuwait (aka Kuwait City).
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What is the zip code for fahaheel Kuwait?

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What Is Kairouan ZIP ID Please I Need it
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What is the telephone number of Fly Dubai office in Kuwait?

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flydubai office at Kuwait telephone No. is 00965 - 22414400
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Model question paper for MOH exam for nurses in Kuwait?

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Contact your tutor or the institution involved.
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How much is Kuwait liberation medal worth?

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The (Kuwait) Gulf war liberation medal is worth around five hundred to a thousand dollars in perfect condition. The (Saudi Arabia) liberation Gulf War medal is worth around ten to fifteen thousand dollars.
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Japan at likas na yaman nito?

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carbon,lead,nickel,bakal,.... yun lang alam ko
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Are the tickets from never say never sold out?

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I don't think so I bought some online at AMC for the midnight showing over lunch
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What race are the people of Pakistan?

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Majority of the Pakistanis are classified as Caucasoids, while their are sizable minority of Capoids and Mongoloids. South Asia has had a history of migrations and invasions from different parts of the world leading to population exchange, which has blurred the lines of race. In modern Pakistan, Ethnic groups are a measure of race more than the color of skin or eyebrow ridges. Some of the most prevalent ethnic groups in Pakistan are Punjabis (who are mixed), Pushtuns (who are majority Caucasians), Sindhis (who are mixed) and Baluch (who are majority Caucasians). Capoid groups include Brahui, while Hazara, Tajik and Uzbek groups are Mongoloids.
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Why was Kuwait the target of invasion by Iraq?

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The Iraqi government had long considered Kuwait a province of Iraq and its oil wealth could help to pay off the debts that Iraq had incurred from its Iran-Iraq War. Kuwait also had no means of resisting invasion. (Its army is tiny by comparison with Iraq's.) It's been suggested that when drawing up the borders for when Iraq became semi autonomous like the British Dominions, the boundary's commission pencil that drew the line, when scaled up, meant two miles that should of been part of Iraq, was in Kuwait. But Iraq didn't stop at that.
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Where is telephone country code 965?

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Country code +965 is Kuwait. Most numbers have 8 digits after country code +965. Regular landline numbers begin with +965 2. Mobile numbers begin with +965 5 (Viva), +965 6 (Wataniya), or +965 9 (Zain). Special commercial numbers begin with +965 18, with only 5 more digits. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)
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How do you get a free work visa for Kuwait?

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asalam hi sir i wont visa Kuwait i ii be wor Kuwait
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What were the effects on Kuwait after the Gulf War?

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it made it into one of the best countries in the middle east (added 2/8/2009) It also changed the population of the country from a very high population of Palestinian, Jordanian and stateless (i.e. Palestinian, undocumented) of around 700K pre Aug 2nd 1990 to 30-35,000 in March 1991. This is largely because of support of a percentage of the Palestinian population for the Iraqi regime. The Kuwaitis resented the abuse of what was seen as their hospitality and support of the Palestinian cause and (rightly, in many cases) felt betrayed. This shifted the nationality dynamic between pre and post war Kuwait. Westerners were afforded a higher status due to their contribution to liberation, and Jordanian/Palestinian's were either deported or left voluntarily, the few remaining being relegated to a lower position on the social scale.
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Is this any vacancy in Kuwait for urdu teacher?

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Wikifriendus is not website to solicit job offers.