The Apple iPhone is a popular touchscreen smart phone sold by AT&T. In addition to phone capabilities, the iPhone also features 3G web browsing, picture taking and music listening. Questions about the iPhone and its many Apps can be asked here.

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Why were the Air Jordan 1 shoes illegal in the NBA?

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On October 18th, 1985, NBA commissioner David Stern banned the Air Jordan I sneaker from the NBA. He felt that they failed to meet on-court dress codes and did not match the uniform of the Chicago Bulls. Commissioner David Stern began fining Michael Jordan $5,000 every time he wore the Air Jordan I's on the court. Nike paid the fine and continued to have Michael wear the shoes. In doing so, the popularity of the product skyrocketed and sales were astronomical for the product. For more information, please refer to the related link.
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How do you change your twitter name on iPhone?

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You have to do it on the web version of Twitter.
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Can you take iPhone into steam room?

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I tried doing this last night. I put a plastic sandwich bag around my phone and poked a hole for my headphones through the bag. It seemed to work for a little while but the screen got very foggy and moist. Then the screen started to change colors. I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, it's pretty bad for your phone. Most steam rooms are over the temperature limit for the phone, and they are not sealed. You'll end up with humidity trapped inside of your phone that will wreak all kinds of havoc on it.
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Who created Angry Birds?

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It was made by Rovio which is in Poland. Jaakko Lisalo is one of the game designers.
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How do you delete a contact on Textfree?

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Simply delete it from your Contacts app or Phone app and it will automatically be deleted from Textfree.
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How do you jailbreak a droid 2?

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"Jailbreak" is a term coined for removing the limitations on Apple-made products. Removing the limitations of an Android device is called rooting. 1.) Download and install a program called "SuperOneClick" to your computer. Once installed, open the program. 2.) Dismount the SD card, connect the phone to the computer via USB cable, and enable USB Debugging Mode (Go to Settings > Applications > Development USB Debugging. Click to enable. 3.) Click Root to root the phone. The program will say OK when it finishes. Check to see if Superuser shows up in your apps. If it does, you have successfully rooted your phone. DISCLAIMER: Rooting a phone can damage the phone and WILL void all warranties the phone has. Do so with caution. Neither friendus.com nor I claim any liability for damages created before, during or after rooting of a device. These steps are provided for informational purposes only.
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What is SVS in cellphones?

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it's a service that allows u to leave sum1 a voice message<u can think of it as a verbal sms...to use this service u press the #key then enter the cell numba of the person u wish 2send it to
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Why can't you get sound on the Pocket God app?

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One possibility could be your in game sound being off, another being your device sound being off.
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How can you bypass a Smartfilter to access your Hotmail account from work?

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: You should not, the Smart Filter is there for a reason and if you attempt to bypass it you will most likely be violating policy which could lead to negative action being taken against you.
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Is game center free?

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Yes you only need an apple account which you can sign up for free
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Does Apple give a military discount?

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Yes, they do give a military discount on products like Macbooks. You can get up to 17% of base price. Here's how to get it. Go to Apple Store, then to the are a where it lists the products. (On the left hand side) go to the bottom of the tab and find "Government Deals" click on that and your good to go.
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On the text free app for ipod touch is it always free or does it cost money at some point?

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Text plus is an awesome app. completely free. I would get text free with voice. You then can call and text and that is free too. You have to send at least 1 text a month in order to keep your number open
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How do you set my iPhone in silent mode?

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There is a switch on the left-side of the phone above the volume rocker that is used to toggle the phone into silent mode. A neon orange dot can be seen in the switch when the phone is in silent mode.
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What do I do if my apps don't update?

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maybe they dont require an update! Apps that need an update will show up in your AppStore icon as a number in the corner of the icon. No number means no updates are available. You need to be in a WiFi hotspot to update, and some hotspots (like my favorite coffee shop) will not allow this kind of activity.
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How does a railway metro work?

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The typical railway metro runs an electric powered motor fixed at every wheel of the train, it's motor have two coils inside it, the first one gives high power to start the train and moves it and the second one is for high speeds, the train brakes with special braking pads the same way the car brakes. Second answer: "Metro" is a generic name for an urban railway system. Many cities have a Metro. For example: Paris Métro, Rome Metro, Madrid Metro, Amsterdam Metro, Newcastle Metro, etc., etc. All the comments in the first answer are true, but they are also true of all electric multiple unit trains, from trams to the ICE high speed train I was on earlier today. Typical for a Metro are fixed routes with high frequencies on each route (one train every 2-5 minutes). Not necessarily all wheels have a motor on them.
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What do you put on an application when you were wrongfully terminated from your last job?

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How to Address a Wrongful Termination Rather than "Wrongfully Terminated", I put, "Will discuss if necessary." It's always worked for me.
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Do iPod 2 cases fit the iPod 3?

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Yes. I-Pod 2 Cases Will Fit The I-Pod 3.
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Can you use regular headphones for an iPhone?

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not with the first iphone but you can use regular headphones with the 3g and 3gs and iphone 4
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How much does the Netflix app cost?

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The Netflix App Cost Nothing But You Need To Make A Netflix Account Which You Pay $7.99 A Month For.
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Can you make a car charger into a wall charger like i want to have my car have wall plug in's for a trip send me somewhere i can buy it?

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Go to any electronic store like best buy. It should have a outlet converter Check out Amazon - they sell all kinds of converters for a wide variety of prices. And your question isn't quite clear on what you are trying to do. If you want to use your car charger cord (has a "cigarette lighter" plug on one end) at home, you will need a 12-volt adapter that plugs into a 115-volt outlet. But if you want to use your home plug-in charger when you are in the car, you will need an "inverter" that changes 12 volts DC into 115 volts AC. It might just be easier and cheaper to have 2 chargers - one in the car and one at home.
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How do you make an app download If stopped?

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If the app downloading has paused then tap the icon You should be able to download it again at no cost. If you get charged twice, visit the App Store, click on your account name and choose Account. Scroll down to Purchase History and click "See All". There will be a "Report a Problem" button that you can use if you were charged twice for the same item.
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Will a boost mobile sim card work on the 2g iPhone?

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No it will not work. Boost uses an iDEN network which is not compatible with GSM in the least, whether the device is unlocked or not.