A genus of lizard, iguanas are native to tropical areas of South and Central America and the Caribbean. This genus has two species: the Lesser Antillean Iguana and the Green Iguana. Iguanas have a dewlap and a third ‘eye’ on their head.

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Can green iguanas help grow strawberries?


What is the Defense mechanisms for iguana?

They lash their keeled tails. They also bite. And another defense mechanism, that really isn't actually intended, is that iguanas have salmonella. Salmonella is a disease that iguanas might carry.


How do iguanas swim?

they have flippers between there toes.

They use a serpentine-like movement, much as a crocodile or snake would.

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What is the proper temperature for a refrigerator?

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The refrigerator should be at about 35°F (1.6°C) which is above freezing, so your milk won't freeze.

The refrigerator should be set between 40°F and 34°F (~4.4°C to 1.1°C). The closer it gets to freezing (32°F or 0°C), the longer the food will keep. Some produce items will be damaged if they get frosted, so keep an eye on those and try not to store them in the coldest spot of the fridge.

As close to freezing as possible(short answer). Remember actual temperature involves many variables, front to back, bottom to top, how many times the door is opened per day etc. It also depends on the foods you are storing, leafy veggies tend to freeze or show ice crystals a few degrees above 32°F.

Average temperature of a refrigerator is 35 - 38 degrees and -18 °C (0 °F) for the freezer.

A household refrigerator should be maintained between 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit - just above freezing to maintain food quality but low enough to inhibit bacterial growth.
Ideally your refrigerator should be at the correct temperature (less than 4°C). When the fridge is very full, turn thermostat to Colder setting. If in doubt about your fridge's efficiency check it with a fridge thermometer.

Freezer temperature should be maintained at minus 18°C. (Ice cream is a good indicator of freezer temperature: it should be firm.) Consult your fridge manufacturer's manual for advise on temperature control.

Try not to keep opening the fridge door every few minutes. Obviously this allows cold air to escape and temperature inside to rise.

Food poisoning bacteria grow rapidly in moist, warm food, at temperatures between 5 and 63° C. Most don't grow at temperatures between 0 and 4°C. So food is safe for short periods in the refrigerator (normal temperature between 2 and 4°C). But bacteria are not killed by cold; they simply remain dormant, and when warm again they come to life, grow and multiply rapidly.

Many people expect the fridge to perform miracles. Just packing food in any condition, any way into the fridge does not necessarily make it safe to eat. An overloaded fridge, full of uncovered, unprotected raw and cooked foods can mean harmful bacteria poised to pounce, a food poisoning attack waiting to happen.

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The ideal refrigerator temperature range is 1°-4.5°C (34°-40°F) . Bacterial and mold growth are considerably slowed down at these temperatures, thus retarding food spoilage. Since water freezes at 0°C (32°F), this prevents fresh foods from freezing, although when the temperature is at the low end of the range, some areas in the refrigerator may be below the freezing point.
about 2 degrees no lower than 1 because thing freeze at zero or minus one something like that! hope i helped!


What type of consumer is a iguana?



What is a qintar?

its a pyoor instrummint bytheway man. and it is Picasso's fave. instrument. bebe iguana smells of poopys. susie is a fat geek. (no offence to anybody who reads this called bebe iguana or susie.) (does not apply to people just iguanas)

Meteorology and Weather

Why is there a "falling iguana" alert in Florida?

The temperatures in Florida have been unseasonably cold this week, dropping to the low 40s and even high 30s. Since iguanas are cold blooded, they become lethargic, stiff, and immobile when temperatures drop that low, and thus have begun falling from the trees. This does not, however, mean they are dead.

Can a female iguana have a baby without breeding?

Nope - they need to mate with a male in order to produce babies.


What body parts does iguana use to get its food?

they use their feet, head and teeth. NOT their tail. they eat stuff that's already on the ground or they rip it off of a tree.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Why are iguanas endangered?

The Marine and the Land Iguana are Endangered because of Habitat loss and the Volcanoes on the Galapogos islands.


Where do desert iguanas hibernate?

under ground


What do green iguanas use there sharp claws for?

climbing. nothing else in a natural environment.

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Could be bad LCD screen, defective video cable or bad motherboard.

First, test the laptop with external monitor. If video on the external monitor is normal but it's bad on the laptop LCD, the problem is somewhere inside the laptop display panel (bad LCD, bad video cable, bad connection between cable/motherboard/LCD).

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How long do green iguana's hibernate?

80 to 90 times

at 9 months of age

Care of Reptiles

How do you know if your baby iguana is happy?

there is no way to actually tell

Land Mammals

Is a iguana bigger than a lemur?

it depends on both. the size of the lemur and the iguana


Why are iguanas vertebrate?

an iguana is a vertibrate because it has a backbone. anything with a backbone is a vertibrate. anything that doesn't have a backbone is called an invertibrate.


What does an iguana eat?

Iguana's are Herbivores. They eat dark, leafy green vegetables, such as, collard greens, mustard greens, parsley, dandelion greens, escarole, spinach, and kale. Iceberg lettuce should be avoided as it offers no nutritional value and iguanas can become hooked on it, refusing to eat other foods. Other vegetables that are good to offer include green beans, green peppers, frozen mixed vegetables, squash, and fruits, such as, bananas, apples, mangos, papaya. Iguana's eat flowers....pretty much all squash....dark greens.....wide variety of fruit.
Mostly algae.


Do snakes eat iguanas?

Many snakes are lizard-eaters and a hungry snake would also eat an iguana.


Can you put a ball python with a green iguana?

Depends on their relative size. I'd go for a large iguana and a very small python.

No because iguanas are extremely territorial and aggressive.


What does a common iguana eat?

Iguanas are vegetarians. They should ideally be fed:

  • Greens such as collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens and dandelion greens
  • Squash such as butternut squash, acorn squash, yellow squash, zucchini, and a few other kinds of squash. Squash should be cut up and shredded into very small pieces.
  • Green beans, peas, parsnip, asparagus, okra, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, sweet potato, and carrots. All of these foods should be cut up into very small pieces and/or shredded.
  • Fruits such as figs, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, mango, melon (cantelope, honeydew, watermelon), papaya, bananas, and apples. Fruits should only be a small amount of your iguana's food, so don't feed it too many fruits. Most of these fruits can be peeled, cored and cut into very small pieces or shredded.
  • Cooked rice or pasta. This can be a good treat or something you can give your iguana every once in a while.
Do NOT feed your iguana lettuce. Lettuce is not only exetremely nutrient poor, it is also highly addictive for iguanas. If you continuously feed an iguana lettuce it will develop an addiction and will not eat anything else. This may kill your iguana but will more likely result in it suffering from symptoms of malnourishment. If your iguana has become addicted to lettuce, the best thing to do for it is to feed it Romane lettuce as opposed to the common Iceberg variety. Romane lettuce, while still far from the ideal iguana food, contains trace amounts of most of the nutrients an iguana needs and hould keep your iguana from becoming malnourished.

If your iguana is young it may also eat insects, small vertebrates, and/or eggs. This is perfectly fine; Iguanas are omnivorous, but they tend to prefer plants and they do not actually need to eat meat (most of the older ones will refuse to unless they are starving).

An important note: Iguanas require natural sunlight to digest their food. Without the UV rays produced in the sun they cannot digest anything and will starve to death no matter what you feed them.


What size tank should a iguanas have?

The final enclosure for your Iguana should be somewhere between two to three times the length of your Iguana. Some apartments and houses can't accomodate this type of enclosure so many times people give their Iguana an entire closet or bedroom. If your Iguana is going to be housed in an enclosure, it should be minimum 5-6 feet tall.


Can a boa and iguana live together in the same cage?

I don't know much about boas but I know Iguanas are very territoral and do not like to share their homes. I would NOT suggest this.


Can iguana's hear?

Iguanas can hear but their hearing is terrible


How can you tell the sex of an iguana?

Telling the sex of a young iguana is very difficult and it is hard to determine whether they is male or female until they reach about two years of age. One of the easiest ways to find the sex of a juvenile iguana is to look between the thighs for enlarged pores or scales called "femoral pores". Males tend to have large femoral pores, so large that they can even protrude from the skin, so they can grip tightly onto the female during the mating season. Another feature that is prominent in males is found near the vent area. Some males develop lumps or bumps near the vent, called "hemipenal bulges". These are part of the males reproductive organ, so are not present in the female. The head can also give a clue as to the sex of the juvenile or adult iguana. The heads of the male tend to be squarer and larger, with larger jowls, than that of the female. Yet another tell-tale sign of the sex is that female become gravid and will lay eggs. Males on the other hand will become more aggressive when adult hood approaches and will also grow larger than the female. Males also have a much larger appetite and will tend to eat much more than the females. If the iguana is at least a year old, you can usually tell the sex of the iguana. If you look at the femoral pores on the thighs of the iguana, the pores will look larger and will look white on a male. They use the pores to mark their territory during breeding season. A female will have much smaller pores. Males have larger dewlaps and jowls (cheeks and beards). Males have bumps on their back legs called femoral pores which are much harder to see in females. If its a baby though, you may not be able to see these differences. If you really need to know the best option is to take the iguana to a vet who will be able to tell you for sure. I can tell pretty positively once they are about 2 years old but much younger than that and its not for sure. Also the spiny crest on the iguanas back is moderately larger for a male.


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