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What is the supplementary exam timetable of degree for Osmania University?

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The Time Table for Degree Supplementary Examination Oct 2011 are now available on Osmania University's website. b.sc sppl time table
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What is the gold price per 10 grams in Indian rupees in Dubai?

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10 gm gold price in Dubai Gold Price Close Today : 1097.30 in American dollars per ounce by Change: 7.30 or 0.7% for 24K gold the price today is $38.66 per gram or = 762.32 Euro per ounce = 680.1 in GBP Pounds and = 24.55 Euro per gram = 21.9 in GBP Pounds
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Who decides the price of gold?

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Demand and supply of gold in market.
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What is the price per gram for osmium?

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$400 per Troy ounce (or for around $13 per g.
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Is there a satanic church in Colorado?

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Yes, there are few, but they aren't public. I knew of one in Greeley, but it's now an Elderly Home.
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How much is the price of 3.5grams of gold?

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156.77 US dollars, at close of trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, November 5, 2010.
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5th sem rtu result 2010 declare?

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we also don't know.... from night in our hstl ye bola ja raha tha ki AA gaya h
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Who were the leaders of the struggle for liberation of Hyderabad and Goa?

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i remember some of the name like swami ramanand tirth ,narayan reddy ,siraj-ul-hassan tirmiazi ,
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What is CST rate without c form in maharashtra?

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Local VAT rate as applicable to particur Goods
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How many flyovers in the Hyderabad city?

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EXISTING FLYOVERS YMCA1.00 KM CTO0.7 KM PNT0.7KM Begumpet0.9 KM Greenlands 1.1 KM Panjagutta2.0 KM Basheerbagh0.5 KM Narayanguda0.5 KM Telugu Talli1.1 KM Khairatabad0.6 KM Dabeerpura0.5 KM Tarnaka600 Mtrs Jamia Osmania (over the railway track)0.5 KM Nalgonda X Roads540 Mtrs Chandrayangutta480 Mtrs Masabtank0.9 KM NEW FLYOVERS (Under Construction) Existing FlyoverLengthProgress Express Highway: Mehdipatnam to Aramghar 11.5 KM 3.5 KM (City Limits)Work under progress Langer House 0.76 KMWork under progress
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List out top MBA colleges in Hyderabad?

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There are lot of good MBA colleges in Hyderabad. Below is mentioned list of Top MBA colleges in Hyderabad. This List covers MBA colleges in Hyderabad providing post graduate and doctoral level management programs IBS ICFAIAN's Business School ITUC School of Management AV College Badruka College IPE Pendekanti Institute of Management School of Management Studies Shiva Shivani Institute of Management Amjad Ali Khan College of Business Administration
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What is the model paper of NTSC?

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National Talent Search Contest (NTSC) (The most prestigious talent search exam in India for Class VIII) PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION The Workbooks MAT Workbook Appropriate for the latest version of the STSE & NTSE Each solved exercise is followed by unsolved DRILLS for your exhaustive practice Detailed explanations have been provided for unsolved exercises The workbook ensure that you get exactly what is asked in NTSE Additional Information NTSE DATELINE - 2008-09
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When will 2011 WASSCE results be released?

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The results will be released on the 25th of September, 2012....This is not a joke...It is due to some technical difficulties beyond the control of the WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL (WAEC)
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How much is 8 grams of 14k white gold worth?

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Hi There, Here is your calculation:- Step 1. Select weight type: Grams (g)Grain (grain)Pennyweight (dwt)Microgram (ug)Milligram (mg)Ounce (oz.)Troy Ounce (t. oz.)Troy Pound (t. p.)Pound (lb.)Kilo (kg)Metric Ton (T metric)Taels (Hong Kong)Tolas (India) Step 2. Select the purity: 7 Karat .292 (29.2%)8 Karat .333 (33.3%)9 Karat .375 (37.5%)10 Karat .417 (41.7%)11 Karat .458 (45.8%)12 Karat .500 (50%)13 Karat .542 (54.2%)14 Karat .583 (58.3%)15 Karat .625 (62.5%)16 Karat .667 (66.7%)17 Karat .708 (70.8%)18 Karat .750 (75%)19 Karat .792 (79.2%)20 Karat .833 (83.3%)21 Karat .875 (87.5%)22 Karat .917 (91.7%)23 Karat .958 (95.8%)24 Karat .9999 (99.99%) Step 3. Enter the weight :Troy Ounces of .999 Pure GoldGross Melt Value USD$Profit \ Loss Value USD$ Grams (g) Invalid Invalid!14 Karat 58.3%0.149951$268.37$268.37
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What is the procedure to get convocation certificate from osmania university with in couple of day's?

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1. Go to University and take a Convocation form from Press. 2. Go to the bank just beside and take a DD for Rs.300 3.You need to carry 4 3 passport size photos 5. 10th Class, Inter, Degree (Provisional and Consolidated Marks), PG (Provisional and Consolidated Marks) Xerox copies. 6. Fill the form and attach all the copies to it and behind the bank in counters you need to submit the form. 7. Go to counter no 3 and submit the documents and they will give you a receipt for the same and you will receive it in 1 - 2 months. 8. If you need it immdtly in Tatkal option you need to pay Rs.500. It will come very fast as early as possible.. NOTE: If possible try to carry a pen, stapler and gum for your convenience.... Regards Mahesh