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Ghosts, poltergeists, hauntings, disembodied spirits, movement of objects and strange sounds are all here. Gather up your courage and enter if you dare.

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Was there really a Carmen Winstead?

No, Carmen Winstead never existed. The story was made up on the Internet. According to the story, Carmen was accidentally killed when her "friends" pushed her down a sewer. Now she will visit a horrible death upon anybody who doesn't post her story on their MySpace page. Later versions of this story were sent as more conventional e-mail chain letters. There's also a nearly identical version with a victim named Jessica Smith. Carmen Winstead/Jessica Smith Ghost Story The story appears in emails and text...

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How do you conjure a ghost?

You can perform a Seance to communicate with the ghost, which basically means you have to have the ability of Necromancy. Answer First we have to establish just what a ghost is. Would it surprised you to know that there are a number of ghosts who appear in different forms. Let us first discuss the ghost which Satan conjures up. These are evil spirits which enter the body of a person who desires to serve Satan. Their bodies may be inhabited by the...

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What is a hag?

It's another word for a witch. It means an ugly old women.


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Do Eastern Orthodox Christians believe in ghosts?

There is very little that is "dogma", or that which is required to believe or follow, in the Eastern Orthodox Church. While the Church Fathers and the history of the Church does offer personal opinions of certain very holy people on the subject of "ghosts", the Church cannot ex-communicate someone for simply "believing in them" , as an example. The Eastern Orthodox Church is very fluid about what it considers necessary, or absolute in terms of belief. A person is free to "believe"...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ghosts?

The advantages of ghost is that they can scare yo and haunt you because they think you are taking over their territory. It can also take over your body. I can't think of a disadvantage of a ghost. Because it's dead, it doesn't need to eat or sleep or drink! ...


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Can you call a good spirit alone?

Actually! Yes you can! You can only call good spirits if you haven't done anything bad to some one like: killing them- or if one of your family members has died! However, be careful. If you are grieving, a demon could easily find himself a new comfortably in which it can slowly making the owners going crazy. ...

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What did one ghost say to the other?

Wow, you look really boo- tiful!

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Why do ghosts seek revenge sometimes?

If they were murdered or had a brutal death and have some anger as a ghost, they will seek revenge to people (not always their murderer. Sometimes families, sometimes random people because they are confused) because they are blinded by anger. ...

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Are you crazy if you see dead people?

Of course not! It is creepy but you're not alone. Lots of people see them. ...

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Do science believe in ghost?

Most of them don't.A hallucination, in the broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus.Hallucinations are made up of the mind. There is a specific part in your brain that can make illusions.Therefore, the answer is No It is often said that the supernatural and science converge, and a lot of scientists explain their belief in ghosts as physical phenomena. Since everything in the universe is electromagnetic, this must be the basis of any real ghost. Often...

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What is the most supernatural place on earth?

It's hard to tell which is the most supernaturealy active of all but I will list a few of the really busy ones. The Tower Of London, Gettysburg, The Myrtels Bed and Breakfast, Alcatraz Prison, Rose Red, and an Edinburgh castle that is said to be a portal to hell. ...

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How do you stop seeing ghosts?

it is hard to just stop seeing ghost I've lived with ghost my whole life and it is very hard to stop seeing them so basically you close your eyes and say ghost i am not ready to see you i do not want to see you please go away until I'm ready. personally i have never done that but my sister has and it has worked for her so it's worth a try isn't it if it will stop...

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When is Paranormal Activity out on cinema?

It already is in the U.S. October 16. To check in other countries: . ...

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How do you get rid of ghost midgets in your house?

Glue everything to the ceiling

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What happens when you see your doppelganger?

The story is you will die or suffer serious injuries. It's considered a bad omen. ...

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What is a Stinkus Maximus?

Stinkus Maximus is a dangerous monster that lives in my basement. He is very deadly and feeds on human flesh. Before he kills his victim he controls their body and abuses it. He looks like a half cat and his nose looks like a dick but he has claws like razorblades so hide your kids from this monster and drop nukes on your houses just to be safe. You are welcome in advance. ...

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What is the legend of the hairy toe?

What you are about to read is based on true events that occurred on Friday the 13th of March 1987 at roughly 11:29pm. The woman in the story goes by the name of Mary Aldridge, who wrote a series about sightings she had had in the woodland where she lived. She dissappeared after officials found a letter discribing her fear of a possible 'reaping'. Mary Aldridge was never seen after this event. You may be alarmed by what you read. Once there...

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What channel does A Haunting come on?

It is usually on Channel 39 or you could find it in discovery channel.

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How can you call ghosts and spirits?

you could go to a seance or try using a Ouija board

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What type of ghost mimic people?

its a mime


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Why are ghosts supposedly scary?

In my opinion,most ghosts aren't scary. They're just human, but dead. However, they can still be scary. First of all, some ghosts were horrible, cruel people in life and stayed that way after their death. Those are the ghosts who are more likely to hurt people. What makes that worse is that most people cannot see them nor can they kill them. Also the ghosts that aren't even human, aka daemonic, are definitely worth being scared of, but they are least likely...

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Who discovered the first ghost?

Katrina batchers she found it in Mexico