France, officially the French Republic, is a country in Western Europe with several other overseas territories and islands situated in other continents, as well as in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. France is the largest west-European country, having a total land area of 674,843 sq km.

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Where does the Seine river enter the sea?

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The Seine river has its mouth in the English channel at Le Havre in Normandy, western France.
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How big is France compared to California?

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Mainland France has an area of 550,500 sq km, and California has an area of 423,970 sq km. California's size is just above 80% of France's size.
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What year did the French Revolution begin?

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1789 Did you know: Louis XVI was deposed in 1789. In 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille.
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Which piece of water do the french call la manche?

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The English channel is called "la Manche" in French language.
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What languages are spoken in France?

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The only official language of France is French. This has been enforced in the Constitution (article 2). Other languages have been spoken on the French soil. Most of them, due to the language repression policy, are now seriously endangered. It just depends on regions some regions speak different languages but most regions speak French. Breton, Corsican, Occitan, Catalan, Basque, Alsatian, Flemish, are regional languages in France, but it isn't difficult to find locals who speak English, German, and other languages. Tourism and other commerce has fostered the use of other languages by natives for a long period. The schools do teach English classes and because of the influx of people from other parts of the world other languages can be heard, but French is the national language. The top three languages of France is 1.French 2.Basque and 3.Catalan We generally count 10 regional languages: alsatian-lorrain (upper German dialects), arpitan (or francoprovençal), basque, catalan, corsican, flemish (dutch dialect), ligurian (padanian dialect), occitan (or provençal or langue d oc), romani, and yiddish (native in Alsace). We should add the dialects of French generally grouped as "languages of oïl" (picard, walloon, gallo, poitevin-saintongeais, normand...) and the languages of overseas possessions. And finally we could add all the languages spoken by foreigners... Klingon, Urdu, and Esperanto Well, obviously French. But most Europeans speak about six languages each, normally including English, and their borders. In this case, Italian, Spanish, or German, maybe. Also maybe an Asian language, Portuguese, or maybe a Scandinavian language. They sort of have a choice, but most normally at least speak English. However, if you are going to France, you do not know any French and you are American, I would suggest learning these words in French, 'I'm sorry. I don't know French.' or something like that. You might be wondering, 'Why would I say that?' but it's... polite. Historically, Basque at the western end of the Pyrenees, Provençal in the South, Breton in Brittany. These are tiny-minority languages nowadays, with Basque the most genuinely living. There is also a Franco-German dialect in Alsace which is considerably different from French. French is the official language of France, spoken by about 85% of the population. Other major languages of French are English (34%), Spanish (13%), German (8%), and Italian (2%). 1. French 2. Swiss German 3. Italian (more than 90% of the population speaks French). 1) French. 2) Occitan: a language very similar to French, but not quite the same, spoken in the South. Also called Provençal (though technically speaking Provençal is a dialec of Occitan nowadays most people in France will use the term Provençal). 3) German: in Alsace, a province bordering with Germany, the speak mostly German. 4) Arabic: there are many immigrants from North-Africa, coming mainly from former French colonies such as Algeria and Marocco The top 1 language of France is French. After that, only minority languages exist. The top 4 minority languages are: Breton Corsican Occitan Basque English French 88%, German 3%, Flemish 0.2%, Italian 0.1%, Catalan 0.4% In frankreich people speak french they speak their own native French The language spoken in France is French. People who live in France speak French. In Brittany, in northwestern France, Breton (similar to Welsh) is spoken by many. Some on both sides of the France/Spain border speak Catalonian, also known as Catalán. Near the borders, many are bilingual, knowing both French and the neighboring language--Spanish, Italian, or German. French.... french
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How much does gas cost in France?

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October 2010: Approx. €1.41/litre (US$7.30/US gallon)
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What are 2 countries that border France that speak french?

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There are 5 countries that border France that speak French: Andorra Belgium Luxembourg Monaco Switzerland The border of Italy also has French speakers.
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What kind of clothes do French waiters wear?

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a traditional outfit for waiters is: black trousers, white shirt and a black (or dark green or dark red) waistcoat.
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Who is the President of France?

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The current president is Emmanuel Macron, who succeeded François Hollande on 14 May 2017. Emmanuel Macaron
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How do the French celebrate Labor Day?

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The 1st of may is a day off in France. Some left-wing and syndicalised population used to march in the main cities.
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Who was France's president after Giscard D'Estaing?

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François Mitterand took over from Valéry Giscard d'Estaing as French president in 1981.
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How long does it take to ship a package from the US to France?

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Anywhere from several days (depending on the carrier and the price you have paid for the shipping) to never (I still have been waiting several years for things mailed from the US that have yet to arrive).
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When was the Statue of Liberty built?

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The Statue of Liberty was built in France 1882, was transported to America on October 28, 1886 and was then pronounced the Statue of Liberty. France and America both worked on the Statue of Liberty. France was building the actual statue and America was working on the foundation for the statue. Both had trouble financing their efforts so the statue was actually about 10 years late from the time the visionaries wanted to dedicate the statue. Anyhow, the statue was completed in July of 1884 in France but the foundation for her wasn't completed until 1886 in America. On October 28, 1886 the dedication of the statue took place after she had been transported from France to the US in crates and then reassembled.
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What is 'levante' when translated from French to English?

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Levante in French means "rising" in English.
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How do you fry people?

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people, look, it means that you say or do something clever that is intended to be personally offended to the other person. Example: "Nice Halloween costume!" "Im not wearing a costume." "Oh, your face was so ugly that I couldent tell."
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What does francophone country mean?

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it means a French-speaking country.
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What year was the french flag created?

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the French flag was officially adopted in February 1794.
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What are French school days?

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French students go to school six days a week. Monday through Saturday, and get out at 4pm being the earliest and 6pm being the latest. For Saturday, they only have school in the morning, and on Wednesday, they have the afternoon off to eat lunch with their families at " la maison. "There are many places where you can learn about French school days. You could for example talk to a French student.
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What are the names of some famous French movies?

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Here are just a few: Cyrano de Bergerac Jules and Jim (Jules et Jim) The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups) Jean de Florette The Dinner Game (Le Dîner de cons) Amélie (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain)
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What are the top 10 main industries of France?

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Transport, aeronautics & aerospace Biotechnology & health Agribusiness & bio-resources Energy & Environment Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), imaging & networks
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How do you file an international lawsuit in France?

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Send a chicken via airmail inside a pineapple to the french embassy in venesuala
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What is Mont-Saint-Michel used for today?

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Tourism, mostly, but there is a small religious community.