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Humans have been preserving food for thousands of years, even before the advent of the modern refrigerator. Some methods include: drying, freezing, pasteurizing, canning and pickling among many others. Ask questions about food preservation here.

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What is cassava cake?

A Filipino traditional Holiday Sweet. See the link below. Cassava is made from Yucca root. The root is ground into a flour. Yucca root is good for the joints and arthritic pain. ...
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Does fast food rot faster than regular food?

Fast food has something in it that doesnt make it rot
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Do espresso beans expire?

The espresso coffee bean is from roasted from the arabica species that contains 60% fat soluble lipids responsible for the essential coffee aromatic oil. The aroma of the espresso bean on shelf preservation undergoes a slow chemical change like all coffees. Oxidation occurs and the bean/grounds will stale. ...
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Do you need to refrigerate chili over night?

Yes, you should always refrigerate chili between meals to prevent bacterial growth and food poisoning. ...
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Can you put hot coffee in a water bottle?

Well, physically, you can, but it's not a good idea. Water bottles are not made for hot liquids. They leach chemicals such as BPA which have been associated with autism and cancer. ...
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Why does some coffee taste like mud?

Generally speaking, it's because the grounds are either old or have been stored improperly. They have become oxidized and the oils and acids have contaminated the flavor profile. ...
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What is does BHT stand for?

Butylated hydroxytoluene.
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What are spoilage inhibitors?

Spoilage inhibitors are chemicals added to commercially processed foods to prolong or prevent spoilage. ...
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Can you freeze salt pork?

Yes but the pork is already preserved by salting. Once taken from the freezer do not refreeze. ...
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Will potato soup go bad if not refrigerated?

NO. Baked potatoes that have not been refirgerated are a potential source of botulism poisoning. This has, unfortunately, been documented. Don't eat them if they have been sitting out for a long period of time.sop has a ingredient in it that you xcan freeze called lyhofrioum ...
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Why do grocery store owners spray their fresh vegetables with water?

The reason they do this is because of the plant's turgor pressure, which is the pressure of the cell's contents against its cell wall, determined by the water content from omosis. If there is more solute in the plant than in its surrounding environment than you have a hypotonic solution where water diffuses into the cell to achieve equilibrium. Thus by routinely spraying the vegetables with water it keeps up their turgor pressure and keeps them nice and crisp for us to...
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Does coffee expire?

Yes, it goes bad. Coffee is a time sensitive product that will oxidize and go stale. Several things will accelerate the process. Direct light, heat, refrigeration and air to name a few. Keep your coffee sealed in an airtight container, and in a dark, cool place. -- There are ways to age coffee. It's becoming more popular among the gourmet set. has a good guide on aged coffee. ...
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How do you make brine for feta cheese?

Store in brine: Feta is traditionally sold in a brine solution (heavily salted water). It can be refrigerated, covered with the brine, for a long time. As the amount of brine decreases, add more. To make brine you mix one pound of kosher salt with 1 gallon of water. The salt may not dissolve completely; that is normal. If the feta is too salty, take the piece you want to use and soak it in a mixture of 1/2 water and...
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What is fish salting?

From the Preparedness Blog Network: How To Salt Fish. I recently came across a cookbook from the 1850s. That cookbook is very interesting covering all types of pioneer cooking. One of the articles covers the preserving of shad, a type of fresh water fish. The recipe used for shad can be used for any fish. The following recipe is taken directly from the cookbook. "Clean the shad nicely, place them in layers with back down, and laid open so as the inside of...
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Where should high risk foods be stored?

High risk foods should always be stored properly covered, on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator within two hours of cooking to avoid cross contamination. If you want to save it for longer than a few days, it's a good idea to freeze the food. ...
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How does food preservation increase family income?

Strictly speaking, food preservation won't increase income, unless the family starts selling canned and preserved foods, and is able to turn a profit from it. However, food preservation can reduce spending by increasing shelf life of food and thus preserving food for future use. ...
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How do you get the Titanium Dioxide Out of M and M's?

I kinda made this question, then answered it... Because I thought that it would be beneficial to those whom it may concern. Anyway: Get roughly 20 M&M's, any color, but make sure that they are the normal ones. EG: Not the "Crunchy" ones or the "Peanut" ones. Place the m&ms into a container. Then pour water into it, until the M&M's are submerged, and wait until all of the color and white stuff has come off. Give the container a good swirl to speed...
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How long will cat food stay good without refrigeration?

If it is wet cat food, then it will last for around three hours at the most, although personally wet cat food should not really be left out that long. Dry food can be left out most of the day, but even this can become stale if left out too long. It is always best to throw away old kibble and replace with fresh every day. ...
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Does coffee stay fresher in the refrigerator?

No. When you chill coffee you condense the moisture in the air in the bag, and draw the condensation out of the beans/grounds. As you warm the beans/grounds they will not reabsorb all the moisture. The flavor will stale, and when subjected to hot water the acid and oils will be released in concentration giving the coffee an overdone flavor. ...
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Who invented ice-cream?

The Chinese are thought to have invented ancient form of "ice cream" about 4,000 years ago, was brought to Europe in Italy.... but its nothing like it is today. Modern Ice Cream was first concieved by Englishwoman Mrs. Mary Eales... her Cookbook 'Mrs.Mary Eales's Receipts' 1718 is the 1st to have recipe for modern Ice Cream. True Ice Cream as we have today is from England. (Italy is regarded as making worlds best Ice cream) Mrs. Mary Eales is listed on the...