Food Safety

Food safety refers to various techniques used to ensure that food is properly prepared, stored, and preserved. Practicing food safety starts from the purchase the actual purchase of food items to the proper storage of leftovers.

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Food Safety

What food safety hazard exist in metro manila?

some market in metro manila selling double dead meat which is not good in our health.

Food Safety

Is it safe to eat chicken every day?

When it comes to non-vegetarian food, people often think that eating meat on a daily basis is not good. This belief is partially wrong. According to health experts, it is necessary to understand the mode of cooking the meat and the type of meat you are eating. If we talk about chicken, the variations loaded with spices, cream and butter are definitely not worth a daily diet. The ideal way to get the maximum benefits of chicken is to either grill it or roast it. Full of nutrients, the tender meat is also known as the powerhouse of energy.

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Food Safety

Do you need to wash mushrooms before eating them?

It depends. Cultivated mushrooms can be brushed off with a dry or damp cloth and be completely fine. Wild mushrooms, on the other hand, often require a more thorough cleaning, and generally should be washed. Either way, there’s no harm in rinsing them.

Mushrooms are very absorbent, so the long-held wisdom has been if you wash them, they'll soak up all that water and lose their flavor. However, several informal studies have disproven that, so rinsing your mushrooms is probably not going to ruin any recipes, especially if you rinse them before you cut them up and dry them in a salad spinner.

One scenario in which you’d want to avoid rinsing your mushrooms, though, is if you're serving them raw. The water can cause some discoloration—nothing to worry about, except that it’s not exactly pretty. Cook’s Illustrated recommends brushing them with a dry toothbrush.

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Food Spoilage
Food Safety
Freezing and Drying Food

Will it hurt you to eat freezer ice?

Best not. If you have a freezer with old-style freon, it could make you sick. Also it hurts you teeth and can harshly crack them, it can make your mouth sore also.. just suck on the ice. Don't crunch it.

Food Safety
Special Needs Children

What galactocemia is worse type 1 2 or 3?

1. classic galactosemia, also known as type I, is the most common and most severe form of the condition. If infants with classic galactosemia are not treated promptly with a low-galactose diet, life-threatening complications appear within sometime during birth, or, atleast a few days after birth. severe

2. galactosemia type IV is likely to result in a buildup of β-d-galactose. In type I and type III galactosemia, the buildup of galactose 1-phosphate has been proposed to be responsible for many of the manifestations of these diseases. moderate/severe

3. galactose epimerase deficiency (type3 or typeIII) moderate (moderate/severe? moderate? mild/severe. mild/moderate or just: mild?) Affected infants develop cataracts but otherwise experience few long-term complications. The signs and symptoms of galactosemia type III vary from mild to severe and can include cataracts, delayed growth and development, intellectual disability, liver disease, and kidney problems.

4. galactosemia type II causes fewer medical problems than the classic type. Affected infants develop cataracts but otherwise experience few long-term complications. mild/moderate?

5. durate galactosemia (dg)| mild/severe?

Food Safety
Storage of Meats Poultry and Seafood

How long can you keep a duck in freezer?

any longer than a half hour would kill him, so be careful.

Chickens and Roosters
Food Safety

Is it ok to eat frozen cooked orange chicken after expiration date?


It should not do you any harm but the taste will go


You should have no problem, I would not let it go 1 month past the date, how i cook it is have it in a Pyrex dish and bake it at the temperature. instead of adding the Orange sauce at the very end, I have the time a few minutes shy and add in the sauce and put it in for the last few minutes so it gets that candy like crunch, but don't have it in too long or in a oven too hot the sugars will burn and turn bitter.

Food Safety
Food Poisoning and Foodborne Illness

Can you get sick from eating old pecans?

If the pecans have become rancid or moldy, yes - eating them could make you ill.

It depends if the owner washes them regularly, also if they are moldy, i suggest you see a doctor.

Food Safety

Is it safe to eat canned food EVERYDAY?

No, not everyday but every other day is alright!!

Food Safety

Can you die from eating dog feces?

Feces are just what is left over after an animal digests its food. It's not the feces themselves that could kill you or make you sick but the bacteria that quickly grow in feces. If you get infected with bacteria and you are not treated, you could die. The same is true of getting infected by bacteria from other sources. Dogs sometimes eat feces (they like cat feces, probably because the cat's food has a lot of protein in it) but they don't get sick so easily, because they have antibacterial substances in their digestive system. Humans don't have such protection. So it's not advisable to eat dog feces, even if you wouldn't die from it.

Your question reminds me of the late actor and drag queen Divine. He put dog feces in his mouth in one of his movies, Pink Flamingos. He did not die, but he described it as one of the most humiliating and terrible experiences he ever went through. He realized how low his self-esteem had sunk that he allowed himself to do this.

Food Safety

Can you eat ballistic gel?

yes but it may make you sick if you eat too much of it and it probably wouldn't taste very good

Food Safety
Storage of Dry Goods

How do you store a beurre blanc sauce?

keep it covered and a cool place, even the refrigerator. When you want to reuse warm up slowly.

Food Safety

Is rice that sits out overnight safe to eat?

I wouldn't chance it.

Food Spoilage
Food Safety

Which food have no expiry date?

Sugar and honey.

Food Safety

Is silica safe to eat?

Why would you want to??? Probably nottt!!!

Food Safety
Drinking Water

Is sterile water for irrigation safe for babies to drink?

Irrigation water may be potable, but it is not sterile. When in doubt, boil the water for baby.

Answer 2: Unless you are in a dire situation such as a third world country or lost in the woods (which I doubt as you are using the internet) Do not give an infant or child any water that is not from a safe potable tap (such as your kitchen water faucet, if the water in your area has been deemed safe for human consumption), or from a factory sealed, drinking water.

Food Safety

How dangerous is it to eat moldy raspberries?

There's no way to know. You don't know what kind of mold is growing or what kind of toxins it has produced. Don't eat moldy raspberries.

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Food Safety

Can cream that has gone sour be used?

I like buttermilk and just sour milk, and it has never made me ill. Butter used to be made from cream that had gone sour, by churning to make the butterfat stick together into butter. The sour milk that was left is called "buttermilk" which I think tastes as good as yoghurt which is another form of sour milk. I just enjoyed a litre of full-cream raw milk that had gone sour about five hours ago. YumYum.
Food Safety
Poisons and Toxins

Are beetroot leaves poisonous?

No, they are not poisonous.

Food Safety

Is it safe to heat soup in the can will it contaminate the soup?

If the can is metal it wont matter if the soup is contaminated because metal + microwave = fire. And if it was in there long enough it probably would contaminate the soup but even if it didn't, don't microwave it out of the can.

May sound obvious but open it first otherwise BANG

I have heated soup and other canned foods over a fire while camping. You have to watch to see if the can has a plastic lining and it doesn't become damaged while heating.

Canned foods are typically heat processed after sealing in the can so as long as it is controlled there will not be a problem.

Food Spoilage
Food Safety

Why do vacuum sealed food packages swell up?

Generally vacuum-sealed foods swell due to microbial growth in the food.

Food Safety
Storage of Meats Poultry and Seafood

Is a mushy tan chicken liver safe to eat?


I'm assuming that the liver is fresh and was properly handled, kept cold, etc.

Livers vary in colour and texture so some will be deep red and others tan and softer. A lighter liver colour tends to mean there is more fat in the liver, which is why fois gras is quite pale. It can be affected by what the chicken is eating.

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Nutritional Measurement
Food Safety

How do taste buds help us to eat better?

they make u taste the food without them u wouldn'd taste the food. They also let you know if what you're eating is poison or if you are alergic to it or if you just don't like it before it enters you're system.

Food Safety

Can you reheat kebab?


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Food Spoilage
Food Safety

Can eating brown lettuce make you sick?

It's a possibility, but as a preventative measure, you should never eat it. You can remove the brown parts and still eat the parts of the lettuce that are still green and crisp.

Lettuce turns brown due to oxidation; water will usually collect at the bottom of the bag during this process. When this happens, it becomes food for mold and that in turn can make you sick.

Of course a little browning is natural and is unrelated to mold. When preparing a salad in advance, handling the lettuce and breaking it into smaller pieces with your bare hands is recommended because using a metal knife causes the lettuce to brown even faster.

Also, storing the lettuce in a tightly closed container helps to keep it fresh.


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