Florida is a state located in the southeast of the United States. It ranks 22nd in terms of total land area and fourth in terms of population. It has a tropical climate, which attracts many tourists in the north to come for a stay during winter.

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Driving Times
The Florida Keys

How long will it take to drive from Miami to Key West Florida?

It is 154 miles to Miami. It will take 3.5 hrs without traffic.

MapQuest estiimates the driving time as 3 hours and 33 minutes.

Postage and Shipping

How long does is take for your unemployment check mailed to your house in the state of Florida?

about 3 to 7 days


Why are there so many "Florida Man" stories?

It’s surprisingly easy for journalists in Florida to get access to police incident reports due to the state’s strong public records laws.

"Florida has got one of the broadest public records laws in the country," Barbara Petersen, president of Florida's First Amendment Foundation, told CNN. "As soon as that incident report is filed (by law enforcement), we can go and make a public record request and get it."

Other theories for why such an abundance of unbelievable stories surface in Florida include its large, diverse population, its year-round hot and sunny weather conditions, and its lack of adequate mental health funding.

Road Distance

How many miles is it from Naples FL to Daytona FL?

It is around 310 miles.

The route:

  1. Take I-75 NORTH to I-4 to TAMPA and ORLANDO at EXIT 261. You are looking for I-4 EAST to TAMPA.
  2. Take I-4 EAST to FL-417 TOLL (Central Florida Greenway) NORTH to CELEBRATION and WALT DISNEY WORLD at EXIT 62.
  3. Bypass Orlando by taking FL-417 TOLL (Central Florida Greenway). Take FL-417 TOLL (Central Florida Greenway) NORTH back up to I-4 EAST to DAYTONA BEACH at EXIT 55A.
  4. Continue on I-4 EAST to Daytona Beach.
Maps and Directions

What is the best route to drive from Columbus Ohio to Orlando Florida?

  1. Take I-70 EAST to I-77 SOUTH to MARIETTA at EXIT 180A.
  2. Take I-77 SOUTH all the way down through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina (through Charlotte) to I-26 EAST (TO I-95) at END I-77 in Columbia, South Carolina.
  3. Take I-26 EAST to I-95 SOUTH towards SAVANNAH at EXIT 169A.
  4. Take I-95 SOUTH down to Florida. What you will do is you will get off at EXIT 260B to get onto I-4 WEST towards ORLANDO, then take I-4 WEST to Orlando.
Johnny Depp

How long did Johnny Depp live in Florida?

I think he lived in Florida from age 8 until he left home at around 16.

Postage and Shipping
Postal Codes

What is the Florida's two letter postal code?



Florida maximum fine for failure to obey a traffic device?

http://www.seminoleclerk.org/resources/officercheatsheet.pdf Revised July 1, 2009 shows Moving Violations (MI) - except Unlawful Speed and Moving Violations of Chapters 320 & 322, F.S. 151.00 STATUTE VIOLATION 316.074(1), FS Failure to obey traffic control device (Failed to stop at a steady red traffic signal - effective 10-1-2005) 216.00 316.075(1)(c)1., FS Failed to stop at steady red traffic signal (effective 10-1-2005) 216.00 All other moving violations relating to traffic control device, signal, or sign 151.00 I just got one, $151. Anyone have any suggestions on getting this reduced? I was going 29 in a poorly marked 15MPH.


How many people visit Orlando Florida per year?

More than 50 million people visit Orlando, Florida each year.

Slogans and Mottos

What is the town motto of cocoa fl?

I went on to their website ( cocoafl.org). I think it is "Open for Business"

US Constitution

Is Florida Supreme court Justice Ricky L Polston conservative?

is he pro life.

Latitude and Longitude

What is the highest land form in Florida?

The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill, Lakewood Park in Walton County, in the

Florida Panhandle. Britton Hill is only 345 feet above sea level.


Are Lamborghinis illegal in the Florida?

Yes, they are legal as long as they follow local vehicle reguations.


How much does homeschooling cost?

Cost of Homeschooling

Studies prove homeschoolers who spend $500 on education are just as smart as those who spend $200. If you are considering homeschooling, I would suggest buying used (Amazon, eBay, yard sales) and for even greater savings, in the younger grades you can combine art, history, English, and spelling together for free. (This is called a "Unit Study", and can be personalized around a child's interest)

Here are more opinions and friendus from other Wiki s contributors:

  • I homeschool my children and people ask me this question often. It is hard to give a definite answer. You can spend a lot or only a little. It is totally up to you. You can buy expensive pre-packaged curriculum. Or you can design your own and save a lot of money. You can buy used textbooks at educational/homeschooling stores. You can buy them at yard sales. You can pay $15 a month for Internet service and get a WEALTH of information there. There are SO MANY web sites that have free worksheets, games, and all sorts of educational things. You can take advantage of your local public library for many resources such as books, CD-Roms, videos, DVDs, etc. There are many free places to go for fun field trips. It's really all up to you to decide how much you want to spend!
  • I am homeschooled, and it costs about $3,000 a year but this includes lessons that would normally not be included in school such as horseback riding (an excellent form of exercise), and Irish Dance (another great form of exercise -- especially for the legs). I do distance courses from JHU CTY (Center for Talented Youth) and this is the bulk of that figure.
  • I homeschool my kids for the high school years and it only cost $599.00. It ends up being a really nice program they ship all your books out to you and they are yours to keep.
  • In most cases there are 'hidden' costs. For example, a parent who would otherwise earn an income may stay at home in order to homeschool the children and earn nothing or very little. Such costs should be included in any rigorous assessment of the real cost.
  • It depends on how many children you're homeschooling. You may be able to get the books needed from the public system cheaper that directly from the state. You will most likely want to take them on excursions outside the home for learning experiences, so join the library, free, and a museum for family, usually 50/60 dollars. See if there are any science centers in your state and they may be on the reciprocal list for the museum and you'll either get in free or at a greatly reduced price. You would have meals in any event so that's really not a consideration unless you eat out. Call the Department of Education in your state or contact the Administration office of your public school and they can give you more info and help.

I am homeschooled. I go to Online high-school and it is completely free, there is also another k-12 program that is completely free. The program i am on is called advanced academics.

Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Mexico

What US state has a coastline on both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean?

Florida is the US state that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Road Distance

What is distance in miles between South Beach Florida and Key West?

The shortest driving distance is 300 miles.

Auto Insurance

In Florida are you still covered for 3 weeks even after non payment and they cancel you?

Cancelled insurance"They cancell you" What part of "Cancelled " don't you understand? Once your cancelled, you have no coverage. any grace period would have been before the cancel date, not after it.

The insurance company is a BUSINESS, if you don't pay them on time, they CANCEL you. BE an adult and take care of your responsibilities.

Ok, Here is the thing! You also get what you payed for!!! Understand that if you payed for three month's, you have three months of insurance. If you, have not paid for this three weeks---then you are $hit out of luck. Pay off your, debt -it does go against your credit.


You're so wrong!!! Non payment of a premium is an automatic cancelation of your policy, even if you lived on the Moon! I hope that you truly understand this whole thing, because if you drive uninsured and injure somebody, you'll be paying for the rest of life.

On the other hand, your Insurance carrier is supposed to report your lapse to the DMV as soon as it occurres, which may cause your license and registration to be suspended.

Bottom line is, buy insurance and pay for it, you'll be just fine.

Labor and Employment Law
Hiring and Retention

Can an employer find out if you have been fired for theft?

"I don't think they can find out why you were fired..."

No law prevents employers from asking or discovering why you were fired, AND taking it into account. Do all you can to try and not get fired.

"By law, the only information they can get from your other employers is the dates you worked there and whether or not they will rehire you.

  • Not at all true. Pay, raises you got, dates, job titles, quality of work, etc. There's a lot that they can ask. More than they can't in fact. It's just that most companies won't readily if at all give it.

"If the new employer contacts the old employer, it is illegal for the old employer to give out detailed information"

There is no such law. See above. Neither employers nor individuals can be successfully sued for reporting facts honestly, regardless of the harm the truth causes.

"Technically they are not allowed to ask a previous employer why you are no longer with them"

Still wrong. See above.

Criminal records kept by the court system are public records and are generally available to employers. The only restriction given by the FCRA is that an arrest record that is over 7 years old cannot be included in an employment check. However the FCRA gives no time restriction on an actual criminal conviction.

Employers may request court records from every jurisdiction where the candidate has lived. Typically employers use a consumer reporting agency to do the criminal check for them. Laws on checking criminal history vary from state to state.

The answer to this question depends in large part on the state you live in. State laws differs on what they allow previous employers to communicate to prospective employers about employees. Some states, in fact, have passed laws protecting previous employer from liability when the make a good faith effort to communicate to a prospective employer the factual reasons why an employee was terminated, even if it reflects poorly on the employee.

Most claims filed by employees against previous employers for giving out information to prospective employers are based in defamation (libel, if in writing, or slander, if spoken). Fact is an absolute defense to a claim of defamation. So, if what a previous employer says about an employee is true, the defamation claim will likely not succeed. One of the reasons employers have moved away from divulging information about prior employees is not because they will violate the law by doing so, but because the cost of litigating defamation claims of former employees can be very expensive, even if the employer did nothing wrong. Many employers just don't think it is worth the cost of litigation to share unfavorable information about an former employee.

It is generally not against the law for employers (in most states) to give out any information about past employees, regardless of whether they left on good or bad terms. However, most companies will not give out any information other than employment dates, title, and sometimes their salary. The reason for this is because so much weight is given to what a past employer may say that if the company giving out the information makes some kind of mistake, they can open themselves up to a lot of liability from both the prospective employer or prospective employee and then gives rise to costly litigation that companies want to avoid.

If, for example, you were terminated for theft and the company you worked for called and asked what the reason for discharge was and the company said you left on good terms, and then you go on to the new company and embezzle them and they find out later that you were discharged for misconduct, that previous employer has opened themselves to liability because they did not give out the correct information. It works vice-versa too, whereas your past employer mave have said something unfavorable about you that gave your prospective employer reason enough to not hire you. This opens them up to a liability as well.

Therefore, the vast majority of companies will not release anything more than what I said above. I have worked for both very large and some smaller companies in HR where we try to get this information from past employers. They simply do not want to open themselves up to this liability and make it company policy to only give out the very basic duration of employment, title, and if you're lucky, salary.

Sometimes some companies will make a exception to some of this if they have a written authorization signed by you. But usually this is only done for high level positions and they still will not give out any valuable information regarding your particular job performance or reason for termination. The only additional information you might be able to get is was the reason for separation voluntary or involuntary, or they might indicate whether or not you're eligible for rehire (if they say "no", that's a dead give-away that you were involuntarily terminated without actually saying it).


What year were Florida quarters minted?

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Road Distance

How many miles from Tallahassee Florida to Pigeon Forge Tennessee?

515 miles taking this route:

  1. Take U.S. 319 NORTH to I-75 in Tifton, GEORGIA. Follow signs to I-75, then follow signs to I-75 NORTH.
  2. Take I-75 NORTH to I-40 EAST to ASHEVILLE via I-640 EAST. To bypass Macon, take I-475 NORTH (EXIT 156 off I-75 in GEORGIA). To bypass Atlanta, take I-285 WEST BYPASS. (EXIT 238B off I-75; EXIT 20 off I-285 to get back onto I-75 NORTH.)
  4. Turn right off the exit ramp onto TN-66 SOUTH. Take TN-66 SOUTH to U.S. 441 SOUTH to GATLINBURG and PIGEON FORGE
  5. Take U.S. 441 SOUTH to Pigeon Forge.
Salary and Pay Rates

How much do poker dealer make in Florida?

not as much as the ones in Las Vagas

you can not gamble in florid you have to be 3 miles out before you can gamble


Is there any more want to do city's in Florida?

No and it's pretty sad because alot of memories could have been made, but because of the problems they had when they first open the idea of wannado city being built in other places went out the door.

Miami herald has really good info about the story


Does Key West Florida have a symbol or mascot?



What counties in Florida have city curfews?



In Florida how many times can you go to traffic school in 1 year?

In order to keep points off your license, Florida residents can attend traffic school once in a twelve month period with a maximum of five times in a lifetime.


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