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When did george lucas get divorced?

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George Lucas got divorced a week or so after his third film (Return of the Jedi) was released.
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Who is Koach K. Rich?

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Kevin R. Richardson A.K.A. Koach K. Rich (Koach - pronounced Coach) BIO Director, Producer, Writer, Entertainer Kevin a.k.a Koach K. Rich was born and raised in South Side Jamaica Queens New York. Kevin and his older brother were both raised in a single parent home by their mother. Always supportive of her son's, Kevin's mother would encourage them to do whatever it is they wanted to do in life and told them that with hard work and determination they could be whatever they wanted to be. Not believing that dreams come true, Kevin went a stray. For a short period of his adolescent life, Kevin ran with the wrong crowd. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade, but with his mother's unwavering support, Kevin was motivated to return to his studies and later obtained his GED ( High School Equivalency Diploma). A natural born entertainer , Kevin always found himself preforming . Known for his break dancing skills, Kevin made extra money doing local shows and preforming for street crowds , family and friends. One time that stands out in Kevin's mind is when he had a big battle in break dancing with a rival dancer who was known as Zodiac. Known to the world today as the Director Zodiac Fishgrease , in attendance was Freddy, known to the world today as Fredro Starr. The dance battle soon turned in to a physical altercation , the referee of the fight was Monte , known to the world today as the Heavyweight fighter Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett. Kevin claims he won, but so does Zodiac. Although the dispute was never settled , they are still all friends today . Over 20+ years have passed and Zodiac still talks of a a re match Koach claims, if this comes to pass, it will be televised. Kevin really loved entertainment feeling as though this may be his calling, Kevin decided to take his love for entertaining to the next level. He began promoting shows for singing groups and rappers and hosting fashion and talent shows. This sparked Kevin's interest in managing acts. Among the talent that he began managing were two rappers, Benny " Dyrt " Webb and Erick " E - Complete " Wright. At one legendary famous Queens night club called the Q-Club , Kevin hosted a performance by rapper Hasan Love Chyld and a R&B singing group called SEXX which was compiled of three men, two of which were childhood friends. Kevin decided to take the group under his management and along with lead singer Stevie Locs went directly to Mariah Carey and together later landed SEXX a record deal on Mariah Carey's label CRAVE. Mariah's label since folded. Kevin pushed hard for SEXX to continue working on their album under Mariah's parent company SONY, sadly the group broke up do to personal differences and their album was never released. Disappointed but not discouraged, Kevin went to the home of one of his known producer's Khari "Nsil" Isaacs , where he wanted to reclaim equipment that he had once lent out. Wanting to put the producers talent to use, Kevin had a song in mind that he wanted to have recorded. The producer was reluctant to record with Kevin because he wasn't well known as an artist but more on the management side. At a time where New York's style of rap was more hard core, Kevin was determined to record a song that was up beat and fun. Going back to his roots in junior high school Kevin was known to also beat box and rap at will. Influenced by artists like Biz Markie and The Fresh Prince, Kevin who then started using his stage name Koach K. Rich recorded 16 bars of a song entitled The Hair Weave Anthem, Where My Weaves At ? (a song giving props to girls wearing hair weaves) which he then played the unfinished song for a few industry people, namely Gavin Wray ( Salt's husband from the rap group Salt and Pepa) and Cory Rooney of Sony Music. Cory wanted Koach to release the song independently and Cory would finance the project where as Gavin wanted to sign Koach to a single deal on his record label Gavfam Music Inc. Without a proper team , Koach knew he could'nt release the song independently so he decided to sign with Gavfam Music. After signing , he finished the song & collaborated with Salt on the remix , the song received radio play and the 12" vinyl for The Hair Weave Anthem, Where My Weaves At ? was distributed world wide. The actual single was never released due to complications with Salt's parent label. Koach's love for the entertainment industry was to great for him to give up. With the encouragement of long time friend model / entertainer Allison " AlleyCat " Spence , she successfully persuaded him to appear in his first music video . Koach found enjoyment in that project but felt he wanted to take it to the next level by directing and producing film projects himself. The song and video Last Call was one of many independent projects that would soon be added to the ever growing lists of talents Koach possessed. Koach was one of the producers on " Still A Teen Movie" directed by Melvin James. He has also appeared in "My Brother" directed by Tony Lover. Koach wrote a song tittled "Sexual"for HBO's Real Sex. Koach has appeared on MTV's Boiling Point. Koach co-directed , co-produced and appeared in #5, 50 Cents Pimpin Curly , & 50 CENT CRIME WAVE strong enough. Koach co-produced and co-stared in Plies - I Am The Club video . Koach directed Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - " Go Hard " video . Koach has produced and directed a multitude of music videos. He is well known in the entertainment industry and has worked with world recognized artists, actors and reality television stars such as: 50 Cent , R. Kelly , Michael Bivens , Foxy Brown Venessa Williams , Lil Kim , Salt n Pepa , Cory Rooney , Mariah Carey , Prince Markie D , Tatum O'neal , Treach , J.D. Williams , Fredro Starr , Maino , Uncle Murda , B.G of Cash Money, N.O.R.E , Jadakiss , Sheek Louch ,Styles P ., Jim Jones , Bruck Up , Bobbi Jo , Cicely Bradley , Tango, Kevin T-Weed Watson , IT , Lia Cha , Miss DR , Pain In Da Ass , O.G. Mack , Shyheim The Rugged Child ( Wu Tang ), Jae Millz of Young Money Entertainment, Nicki Minaj, DJ Kay Slay , Queen Latifah , Shana Luxary , Benny Boom , Zodiac Fishgrease , Zaire Baptiste , Naturi Naughton , Denis L.A White , Kci & Jo Jo , Mims , Lady of Rage, Renaldo Balkman , Roxanne Shante , Wynter Gordan , Trick Daddy , Trina , Mos Def , Rah Digga , Gip Goodie, Pharoah Monche , Sticky Fingaz, Buster Rhymes, Mr. Cheeks ( Lost Boys) ,Phife Dawg , Plies , Bumpy Knockles , Sean Paul , Mary J. Blige , Wyde Cleff , Debra Cox Cory Gunz , Camron, Jessy Terrero , Marcus Blassingame, Rosa Acosta Trick Daddy , Jessica Rich and Waka Flaka . Koach's love for high end luxury cars inspired him to start a company called Lifestyle Creartions along with partner Marco " Don 1 Dee " Valestine. The company was developed to create a luxury life style for people on and off screen. They filmed Luxury Ladies Luxury Rides the DVD which featured luxury cars and urban models. Koach and Demarco provide luxury cars for the elite. They have high end luxury cars in their collection such as Maybach, Rolls Royce and Bentley's to name a few. They have provided cars for Auretha Franklin to sing at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Others who have used their services are: Foxy Brown, Corey Guns, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Rihanna , Jim Jones, Wale and the list keeps on growing. Koach's signature style is to wear stylish sunglasses even at night. He's made welcomed cameo's in most of his video and film projects. Koach is happy to say that he has completed his first feature length film titled After Hours the Movie. Although he was advised that his first film project should be a short film because he only had a story line and no script. Multitasking would be an understatement with the way Koach produced, executive produced & directed the cast & crew himself, all while also acting in the film as one of the lead characters. Koach was determined to do a feature length film. Working against all odds, obstacles and non believers Koach persevered. In line for the future, Koach has some very exciting up and coming projects . To name a few are: more feature length films, a reality show, a new beverage line, a self help book, soon to be released song and video Bad Chick Dance and an adaptation of a novel written by his brother Sha Rich. Koach tells about one of the highlights of his life on his journey in the entertainment industry. One night in NY when he along with Stevie Locs and Zodiac Fishgrease was at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and was able to meet Michel Jackson face to face.
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Why is there no sequel to Mel Brooks' 'History of the World Part 1'?

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Why Part 2 of 'History of the World: Part 1' was Never Filmed Part II was probably never planned. FAQ Farmers explain: Mel Brooks probably didn't make a sequel because he never really planned to. The reference in the end of the first movie was just a joke. He was making fun of the all too common "sequel-itis." He named his movie "History of the World: Part 1" because, after doing previous movies, people always asked him what would he do next. So by naming this movie Part 1, people stopped disturbing Mel with stupid questions. Would you really go to a movie with a scene of a figure-skating Hitler? because mel brooks got lazy and couldn't be bothered making a sequel Mel Brooks Announces HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART 2 | Film News Wed, 04/01/2009 - 03:29 - MRiedlingerHollywood, CA - Twentieth Century Fox announced today that Mel Brooks has signed a deal to make the long-awaited sequel to his 1981 classic History of the World: Part I. Titled simply, History of the World: Part II, press releases indicate that the sequel will cover roughly 800 years, starting with a Viking Funeral, which somehow leads to the accidental discovery of America by Columbus, and spanning to a future world run by invisible robot overlords. The studio also confirmed that Brooks' new script, which he reportedly began writing back in January, will definitely include the promised "Hitler on Ice" segment, and will star Will Farrel. Narrator duties, fulfilled by Orson Welles in the original, will be taken up by Maurice LaMarche, the voice actor best known for playing "Brain the Mouse" and providing the voice of Welles in Tim Burton's 1994 film Ed Wood. April Fool's from! On why it took so long to produce the sequel, Brooks has stated, "I really wanted to do this project before the Wayans Brothers got their hands on it and messed it up, and I needed the cash." Though this has prompted some critics to worry that Brooks is only cashing in on prior success, many fans on message /b/oards across the internet have responded positively. One such fan, identified only as "scroob71" on, wrote, "I am so excited for this! Now all he has to do is make Spaceballs 2 and I can die happy, even if I am a 37 year old virgin!" April Fool's from! At press time, these was still no official word as to whether or not Brooks would be directing the film himself, but the IMDB page for the movie seems to indicate that this will be the case. Sources close to Brooks and Twentieth Century Fox also hinted that there would be an open casting call for many of the roles in the film, a process that would be the basis for a reality television series scheduled to run in the fall. Evidence for this will likely be dug up by The Smoking as soon as they are done uncovering the seemingly infinite front companies of Sacha Baron Cohen. April Fool's from! Finally, Brooks denied rumors that he was set to make a cameo appearance in the forthcoming film World War Z, based on the novel of the same name by his son, Max. Brooks stated, "You're kidding me, right? I may be Jewish, but I'm not that broke!" April Fool's from! This film will be the first true sequel to any of Brooks' films. His 1968 opus The Producers was remade as a musical with an all-gay cast in 2005, and he spearheaded a failed attempt to launch an animated version of Spaceballs in 2008 that had many children in test audiences stabbing out their own eyes. History of the World: Part II marks Brooks' first directoral efort since 1995's Dracula: Dead and Loving It.
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Who is director of film wanted?

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Wanted is the name for a number of Films including a 2009 Bollywood Hindi Film directed by Prabhu Deva see related links
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Where was 1986 Christmas Snow filmed?

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Christmas Snow was filmed on location in Okmulgee and Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Has anyone famous worked with Koach K. Rich?

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50 cent , Nicki Minaj , Plies , Fredro Starr the list goes on I see he has done a Movie titled AFTER HOURS THE MOVIE looks like its going to be good.
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Where can you write to Steven Spielberg?

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On a sheet of paper ( 100 Universal Plaza, Bldg. 5121, Universal City, CA 91608 )
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Who is the highest paid film director in the world?

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The highest paid director in the world for making movies would be, James Cameron. This is because he also writes his movies as well as directing them, this year alone he earned over $200 million. There are other directors such as Lucas and Spielberg which still earn money from movies that they have made in the past, Lucas earns about $170 million just from the Star Wars franchise. Hope this helped.
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Has a woman ever won the Academy Award for Best Director?

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The first and only woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director was Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker in 2009. There have been four other women nominated in this category: Lina Wertmüller in 1976 (Seven Beauties), Jane Campion in 1993 (The Piano), Sofia Coppola in 2003 (Lost in Translation), and Greta Gerwig in 2017 (Lady Bird).
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Does Quentin Tarantino still despise Oliver Stone?

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The label is "Artistic differences." Oliver Stone has put thought, hard work and truth with fiction into his movies and I prefer Oliver Stone to Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino is narcissistic, his movies are copy-cats of others and seems to make more fun out of making money than getting things right. I will admit (a fluke I am sure) that Pulp Fiction was different and a good movie. Here is a short biography of both men. Oliver Stone born Sept. 15, 1946 in New York, NY and best known as a controversial director of JFK and NATURAL BORN KILLERS. He is a successful screenwriter, producer and film director whose work during the 1980s and 90s was consistently controversial. Stone, a veteran of the Vietnam War, began as a screenwriter in the late 70s, with credits that included MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (1978), CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982 and the movie that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star) and SCARFACE (1983 with Al Pacino). He won an Oscar for Best Director for his semi-autobiographical film about the ground war in Vietnam, PLATOON (1986 starring Willem Dafoe), and within a decade had made a string of successful and controversial films. His more controversial films include JFK (1991) and NIXON (1995), historical dramas about Presidents John F. Kenny and Richard Nixon (1995), which earned Stone a reputation as a historical revisionist and paranoid conspiracy theorist. He had a bout with drugs and was difficult to work with often flying into rages. His 1994 movie NATURAL BORN KILLERS came under fire for its graphic violence, again making Stone a lightning rod for harsh criticism. His movies U-TURN (1997) and ANY GIVEN SUNDAY (1999) did little to diminish his reputation for controversy. Stone won another Best Director Oscar for BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY (1989, starring Tom Cruise). An infantry specialist in Vietnam, Stone was decorated with a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. ************************************ QUENTIN TARANTINO born March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee is best known as writer and director of Pulp Fiction. A high school dropout and video freak, Quentin Tarantino took Hollywood by storm in 1992 with the cult hit RESERVOIR DOGS. His combination of clever dialogue and brutal violence hit a new peak in 1994 with PULP FICTION, which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and revived the career of John Travolta. Tarantino also began to dabble in acting, appearing with Antonio Banderas in DESPERADO (1995) and with George Clooney in FROM DUSK TIL DAWN (1996). In 1997 he had a solid, if not spectacular hit with Jackie Brown, starring Pam Frier. An overnight success by Hollywood standards, Tarantino is considered a genius by some and a snotty imitator by others, adding to his mystique as a moviemaker. In 2003 he announced that his film, KILL BILL (starring Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu) would be released in 2 parts. The 1st part was released in 2003, and the 2nd part was released in 2004. Here are more opinions and friendus from other FAQ Farmers: * Quentin Tarantino hates anyone who sees past the facade and can identify what and who he really is. A more salient question is, "Does Roger Avery still hate Quentin Tarantino, and why?" Plagiarism lies at the heart of the answer, and Roger was not the one doing the plagiarizing. Google "Quentin Tarantino" and "plagiarism" and see what well-known Asian films come up. He has a lot of enemies here in Los Angeles. * Who really cares who hates who? I personally prefer Tarantino over Stone. Stone is too much into these conspiracy theories. And what is this answer about plagiarism? If you bother to do a bit of research, you would have known that Tarantino has always said that this movie is based on City of Fire (if I remember correctly). Plagiarism is something that someone has copied but said that it was original. So he did not plagiarize "City" to make "Dogs". * No matter how successful someone is, there's always going to be "haters". I think that Tarantino is one of the best young directors working today.
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Is mel brooks dead?

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Mel is not dead, he's alive!!!
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What film characters wear jeans?

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the guys, but sometimes, or mostly, the ladies.
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What movies did James Cameron write?

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James Cameron wrote or co-wrote several movies. Some of which include: Avatar (2009) Titanic (1997) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) (Characters) True Lies (1994) (screenplay) Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) The Abyss (1989) Aliens (1986) (screenplay/story) Terminator (1984) See Sources and related links for additional information.
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Is Ron Howard Roman catholic or Protestant?

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He was raised Protestant (probably a Methodist).
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How old is Spike Lee?

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US director Shelton "Spike" Lee is 60 years old (birthdate: March 20, 1957).