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The eyes are organs. They detect light, regulate the light through a diaphragm, focuses it through adjustable lenses and converts them into electo-chemical impulses in our neurons by photoreceptor cells called rods and cones. The image is converted into a set of electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain via neural pathways that connect the eye to the optic nerve and visual cortex of the brain. In short, eyes are very complex optical systems that convert light to distinguish objects and movement around us.

Asked in Eyes, Domestic Dogs

What age do dalmatian puppies eyes change colour?

It varies from individual to individual. Some puppies will already be born with brown eyes, and some of the blue eyed bunch will never change color. Generally, if the eyes do decide they want a color change, it's a trait that happens constantly during puppy hood, albeit the changes are usually just darkening/lightening, and not actual color changes. Usually you wont see their final 'adult' color till after they are 1 year old, and even after they hit the 1 year mark,...

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How do you put your contact lenses in your eyes?

Wearers of contact lenses share their views: I use the EyePOD Contact Lens Kit to easily insert and remove my contacts. I just take the adapter, put it on the EyePOD, place a drop of water on the center of the adapter, place the adapter on the contact (my fingers never touch it anymore, no more worrying about how clean they aren't) then open my eye wide, look into the center of the adapter, and bring it to my eye, a...

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How rare is black hair and blue eyes?

The occurrence of crossing over those two genes is more rare because they are farther apart on the chromosome than dark hair and dark eyes or light hair and light eyes; dark hair and light eyes are about as uncommon as light hair and dark eyes. Depending on the area of the world, it can be either very common or very uncommon. In some areas, like Ireland, it can be more common because when there are more people with that combination...

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How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

Expect to pay between $2,000 and $2,500 per eye for LASIK by a reputable surgeon. You may have seen add for the LASIK as low as $299 per eye. Don't trust them. There are a number of unscrupulous LASIK provider who use 'bait and switch' tactics by advertise prices for packages that are designed to exclude almost all cases. In fact, this is issue had gotten so bad several years ago that it warranted a congressional investigation. LASIK surgery varies in cost, and...

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What could cause twitching in your fingers and thumb along with a strange feeling in your forearm?

I just recently experienced twitching in my thumb while trying to write. I had carpel tunnel surgery about 14 years ago and have had no problems so far till now. Just recently I also started experience pain in the middle of my hand traveling up my arm. This could all be related to the previous carpel tunnel problem. I don't know. Old axiom: "If you hear hoofbeats, suspect horses" applies here. In other words there are a myriad of injuries or diseases...

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Can allergies cause blurred vision in one eye?

Yes they can. I have noticed this especially with pet allergies. I try my best to keep my hands away from my eyes as much as possible to prevent this. ...

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What happens if your eyes flash yellow?

Do not fear, you are not a werewolf nor a were-animal. You have some form of hepatitis and should seek medical aid quickly. ...

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How do you prevent bloodshot eyes?

Bloodshot eyes, There are several causes for bloodshot eyes including alergy- so avoid eye makeup and skin products. Avoid alchol, could you be alergic to a pet? Cats can often cause this reaction. There are several over-the-counter products you can buy today that can help clear up red, tired eyes. You can use some of these products every now and then to help clear up bloodshot eyes. But, if you use them too much, you can get a condition called, "Rebound Hyperemia." Eye drops...

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How many liters are in a yard glass?

my yard glass holds 2.5 litres so aroung 7 and a half stubbies

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What does what's your 20 mean?

i.e., what's your location. It's CB radio talk. (CB borrowed a few items from the old Police/Fire/Emergency "10-Code" list. "10-20" meant "What is your location?" ...

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Can fever cause eye pain?

Yes.. it's very normal to have eye pain with a fever/// Because of the blood flow diff. b/c of tempaturess =] ...

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Does anyone have black eyes?

It is commonly held that black does not truly exist in nature, and that anything appearing black is merely a very dark colour (brown, for instance). The truth is that black is simply the absence of light, and if something is perceived as dark enough to appear black, then so long as the lighting conditions are unchanged, to all intents and purposes, the object (or its pigment) is indeed black. We can produce black inks, yet viewed under light of an appropriate frequency,...

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Why do your eyes hurt when you have a fever?

actually your eyes do not burn when you have a fever but they do hurt when you have a cold or the flu. ...

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Is the black line around the iris band in a dogs eye bad?

Nope. All dogs have it. It's not bad at all, it's very natrul it actually helps the eye.. ...

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Can you close someones eyes right after death?

Obiously. It is respectful to close someones eyes after they die.You just simply use two of your fingers and rest them on the eyes and carefuly pull the eye lids down. ...

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How do tears prevent pathogens?

Tears are secretions of lacrimal glands from the eyes which contain an enzyme lysozyme, which is bactericidal and kills pathogenic bacteria by destroying the cell wall of bacteria. ...

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How do fish sleep without eyelids?

Sleep is a state of rest for the body wherein functions not required for merely keeping the body alive are generally reduced to some degree. It's often difficult to determine the neurological states of nonhuman animals, so the answer to that question involves a little guesswork. In the case of fish, it can be presumed that sight functionality is dealt with similarly to the way we deal with being unable to shut off our hearing while sleeping: unremarkable input is generally ignored by...

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How do you put contacts in your eyes for the first time?

Have a look at for a full how to guide of putting lenses in, very useful! ...

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Do men or women have better depth perception?

Men have better depth perception

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Is Gentamycin Eye Drop safe for the children?

Yes, as long as the antibiotic is not expired, and has not been contaminated by something else, gentamycin is safe for children. ...

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What happens if honey gets in your eyes?

You just rush to the tap and wash it off or better yet if you happen to have warm water nearby the better, it makes the honey soften and easy to clean off. Honey is acidic and could give you a pink eye if you don't wash it off immediately. Make sure you use lots of water but don't rub your eyes too hard, just softly to allow it to flow without force (assuming its not a whole jar in your...

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Can Systane eye drops be used on cats?

You should never use a product that is intended for humans on any animal. Schedule an appointment with your vet about your cat's eye problems. ...

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What are side-effects of getting Listerine spray in your eyes?

Just runny eyes, make sure to wash them out with water though

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What happens when you get raw egg in your eye?

Not much. Rinse it off and you're good to go.

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What does slipped through my eyes mean?

It mean's like if you slipped through someone's eye's you sneak pass them so it pretty much means to sneak pass someone without them noticing. P.S.:sorry if I miss spelled something's. :) Hope I helped. :) ...