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DIY, or do it yourself, is a wide range of projects you may decide to pick up around your house. Many types of home repair or home improvement can be done by the home owner, with the right knowledge.

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How can you increase water pressure?

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If your home is on city supply there will be a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve ) where the pipe comes into the house. This can be adjusted, or if more than 20 -25 years old, possibly needs to be replaced. - If you are on a well, adjust pressure at the pressure switch and if necessary pump up the tank air charge.
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What is got an earful?

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To "get an earful" is to have someone talk a lot at you, usually about something they are passionate or upset about. Example: "Upon arriving home after curfew, I got an earful from my parents on responsibility." To get an earfull is to be told off, to be reprimandedm it is a colloquism
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How do you install a trap primer?

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You purchase a tap set for the laundry tub that has a built in trap priming nipple and then run 1/4" Polyethelyne tubing from that nipple to the trap in the floor drain. Floor drain collars with trap primer nipples are available. The tubing may be run under the poured concrete floor of the basement. Each time the water is used in the laundry tub, a trickle of water is also sent to the trap, preventing it from drying out.
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How do you write a conversation between two friends discussing their holiday plans?

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Writing dialogue is not as hard as you're letting it seem. You have dialogue all the time -- it's called talking. If you honestly cannot think of what your characters are going to say to one another, you need to go take a break and go somewhere out in public. Sit somewhere in the middle of a crowd for one to two hours and just listen to people talking. Then, go home and write down some of the things you heard people saying. That's dialogue. When you need to have your characters talk, just pretend it's you and a friend (or several friends), and have them say something you'd probably say in the same situation. Then imagine what your friends would say in reply, and go back and forth that way. As you become a better writer, your characters themselves will "tell" you what they want to say, because they become like real people to you. nikil:- hi rupesh, how r u ? rupesh:- fine and you . nikil:- me too. what's up? rupesh:- Nothing special, i m frustrated to whole day of work. nikil:- Me too. Do one thing, we all friends are going to hill station, why are u not join us? rupesh;- When u will go? And where r u? nikil;- We are going to nanital at 8th March. Are u coming ? rupesh;- of course why not? its my pleasure to join all of u . nikil:- Ok done, i inform to all. OK bye
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How do you take the static off of a couch?

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the simplest way to remove static from your couch or any other place is by simply taking a few of your fabric softener sheets that you may use for laundry and just rub them all over the couch. Not only will it remove the static it'll make it smell good too!
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What is a trait for someone outgoing?

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Someone who is outgoing has many traits, such as being forward, upfront, loud, spirited, talkative, or lively. Someone who is outgoing does not have a fear of public situations.
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How do you wash off anti-theft dye?

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Sorry, many criminals would love to know this but the truth is it only fades with time. There are several products on the market now. Some leave trace amounts only visible under U/V light and others will leave magnetic trace that will set off alarms in stores. Purple and red dyes are semi permanent and will remain for weeks. No amount of washing will remove it.
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How to grow giant orbeez?

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Put them in coke or Pepsi and they should grow the size of a baseball
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How do you unlock Soundwave in Transformers 2?

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You can't he is part of a downloadable content pack from Xbox Live it cost 800 Microsoft Points and it includes 11 playable characters and 3 new maps for Live
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How do you fit into a 3x5 index card?

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You write as small as possible but still visible. Don't stress before u no it I'll hav 850+ words! Hope this helped and good luck :)
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How do you find a leak in underground copper pipe?

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i think the only way is to visual inspect it. True but that is if you already know where the line runs and have a good idea where the leak is underground. However if you dont have this knowledge you will need to plot where your line runs and walk the area with a pole and look for a place that is excessively damp and probe the area with the pole not too hard or you may rupture the line worse. When you have found said leak (general area) get a shovel and start digging till you uncover the area to be fixed. Then depending on your leak shut off the main cut the pipe where leak is then solder a copper sweat sleeve 1" longer than your removed area to the pipe.
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How to worship a girl feet that is on a video?

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Buy her shoes of her liking, especially a pair that is sexy and a pair of comfy shoes, because her feet get tired.
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What is a tea chart?

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a "T" chart is a chart that is basically shaped like a "T". On either side there can be two different topics ex: on one side of the "T" there could be muffins and on the other side there could be cakes and you could compare the differences and/or similarities or maybe even likes and dislikes about the two. hope that friendus your question!
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How do you convert weeks to hours?

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There are 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day. Multiply the number of weeks by 7. That gives you your total number of days. Then multiply that total by 24. So, for example, 2 weeks x 7 = 14 days. 14 days x 24 hours = 336 hours. There are 7 days in a week & 24 hours in a day. Take 24 x 7 =168 for 1 week. So, if you want to know how many hours is in 5 weeks, you take 168 and multiply it by 5 and that gives you 840.
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Where can you download the book 'How to Rap The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC'?

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You can purchase and download the ebook from the Kindle Store found on Amazon's website for a good price (approximately $7 to $8 USD).
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How do you write a word name for 111013?

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One hundred eleven thousand thirteen
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What should you put into a get well soon package?

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Well, make or buy a card and write a warming message with who it's to and from and top it off with a smiley face. Get a comedy or sweet movie. If you have a child, get your child to draw a cute picture. Buy something useful, like a pen or pencil with a nice design on it. Then get something they want. Woman: a beautiful flower vase wrapped in bubble wrap. Man: A toolkit or fishing set. Child: a Webkinz or Zhu Zhu pet. You could also put a litte teddy bear!
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How do you install a 240 volt light switch?

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I'm guessing you want to know what a 240v switch is? If you look at a 120v single pole switch, you will see two brass screws on one side. This type of switch is designed to interrupt current flow in one conductor. A 240v switch is really a double pole switch. It has 4 screws and is capable (and required) of interrupting current flow in two conductors simultaneously. This is an NEC requirement. It allows a local means of disconnect instead of having to go back to the breaker, and a multiwire disconnect is required to disconnect all ungrounded (hot) conductors at the same time. That way one 120v leg cannot be shut off while the other is on. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB SAFELY AND COMPETENTLY REFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicator to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.
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How do you turn white paper yellow?

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Some paper has a high amount of lignin. Lignin is part of a tree. When it is exposed to oxygen and sunlight for a long period of time, it turns yellow along with the paper. Unless you have dye, than you can't "make" paper yellow instantly. But you can drown it in coke but it won't do much.
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What should you do to obtain all necessary nutrients?

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You should take Multi-Vitamins and eat the required amounts of servings of each food groups every day.
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How do you make 5 dollars fast?

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Usually, there is enough change and odd amounts of cash around the house; check where everyone drops off their keys and ask if you can have their change.