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Divorce refers to the final termination and cancellation of a marital union, its legal duties and responsibilities, and the bonds of matrimony between the parties. It requires a legal process and may involve issues pertaining to spousal and child support, child custody, property distribution and division of debt.

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How do you get past hating the man you are married to when so much has gone wrong?

If you have children it may be better for them that you two divorce as amicably as possible, rather than be in an unhappy home. Even if you are going to counseling, if you are not happy in this marriage, in the long run the situation will not improve. The liberated opinion: "get a divorce." You ever wonder why this country is so messed up? Work on the problems. Work at it ... don't give up! Stop it right now. Stop thinking...
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People whose marriages made it less than a year, why did you get divorced?

“I was married in August and left by Christmas 2009,” wrote fieldoftrees. “[I] dated him for 4.5 years beforehand.”“There were so many warning signs, and he got more controlling after we were engaged. I say ‘more’ because I didn't realize he was controlling at the time. It is always so gradual.”“He demanded his engagement ring back several times,” fieldoftrees said. “He started telling me he didn't like my best friend (who hated him). [He] didn't...
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What happened to Barbara Bray Edwards after divorce from Grifiths?

Statements on Google said that both Barbara and her adopted son, Andrew Samual Griffith died of alcoholism on January 17, 1996. I'm thinking this may have been a type error....can anyone confirm? I checked for punctuation in this statement to separate the date and cause of their deaths, but there was none. ...
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How do you get over your ex wife when you have to see each other because of the children?

You should keep your conversation restrict to about children only. You should try to accept the fact . Avoid contacting them unnecessarily (for no reason). You do need to see your ex from time to time for a couple of reasons. One reason is so your children will still see their parents as "their parents", not a "parent and another parent", especially if they aren't yet grown. It's important for the kids to still feel they have both parents as a 'unit'. Another...
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What are some possible solutions of divorce?

Sack up and divorce, or stay together.
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How does joint custody affect children?

Opinions from contributors: The critical factor appears to be conflict between parents. With relatively little conflict between parents, joint custody is associated with better outcomes for children. Joint custody is not all as pleasant as it seems. Some kids don't really care, but for kids like me who are use to being around both of my parents it is really hard to deal with. I am 17 and my parents got a divorce about 2 years ago. Since then I hardly ever see...
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What do you say to a friend when he tells you he is getting a divorce?

Whatever you feel. However, it is common to give him advice to "be able to move on and forget about it" and something along the lines of "you could do so much better". Your friend would like some reassurance and just a bit of friendship is the key. Keep them distracted and give some memories of past to make him feel better. After that, just treat him properly. ...
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Does an extramarital affair necessarily mean the end of a marriage?

If a spouse has only one extramarital affair then it does not mean the end of a marriage, but only that the marriage is in trouble and most of it is caused by lack of communication so each spouse knows how the other feels. Sometimes spouses are married so long that the magic has gone out of their marriage and they may need to get away together on a bit of a romantic holiday even if it is just a weekend...
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What can you do about an ex-husband brainwashing the children to believe the divorce was your fault?

We both took the high road; however my sons, now in their twenties, do realize what the issue was with their father. As the first entry states: children are smart. If your husband has court mandated custody of visitation, there is little you can do legally. Your son is likely to encounter narcissists in his future. In a way, he will be better prepared to cope with them, more alert to their existence and chicanery and more desensitized to their abuse. For this you...
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Can you marry your fiance if his wife refuses to give him a divorce?

no, your fiance has to be divorced first before he could marry another. if you forced to get married despite the divorce not granted, your marriage to your fiance is a void marriage -- not legal and existing from the start, and if you get pregnant and got kids, your kids will be illegitimated children because despite your marriage to your fiance but if he remains tied up with the first wife in the first marriage, in short, not divorced, then...
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What legal options are available to a spouse to prevent a divorce from being granted?

United States I am an attorney who practices in family court. Most states are "no fault" divorce states in which you can merely assert that the marriage is "irretrievably broken" as a basis for a dissolution of marriage. Now, if the other partner friendus the petition in writing to the court denying that the marriage is "irretrievably broken" the court may require the parties to undergo some marriage counseling to determine if the marriage can be reconciled before granting the divorce. However, judges...
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How does an inmate in Ohio start with divorce procedures?

== == You must make an appointment with the Warden and then it will be taken before a Board. Usually you will be granted a lawyer from the State to start divorce proceedings. Your request is very common. Sorry to hear about your problems and hope it all works out for you in the future. While all states have established divorce procedures, the standard of evidence and the types of divorces allowed can vary from state to state, so its best...
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Who should file in an uncontested divorce?

Uncontested Divorce means that there are no contested issues in dispute between the parties. All factors, i.e. marital home, assets, debts, custody, visitation, alimony, child support, even the family dog, have been amicably resolved between the Husband and Wife. Parties have the option of filing with the Pro Se, or self help division, generally found at the family division at the Courthouse. Otherwise, attorneys are happy to assist parties in filing uncontested divorces for a minimal fee. Both parties must sign and agree with...
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Can you get a divorce if your spouse is incarcerated?

Yes, a person serving a sentence in a state or federal facility can have divorce petition (or other legal actions) served upon them, and has the legal right to respond through the prescribed facility regulations. ...
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Can Egyptians get divorced?

Yes, they can. For the Muslims on Islamic laws.
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How can you find out if the lawyer forged the judges name on a divorce decree?

Visit the court and request to see the divorce file. The original decree should be in the file along with an index of all the documents in the file. You can check the case index for the date the decree was entered. The court clerk can assist you and answer any questions you have about the decree being issued or being a forgery. Visit the court and request to see the divorce file. The original decree should be in the file along...
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How do you get divorce from Albanian?

Just like you would do with non-Albanians.
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How long does a spouse have to be separated before getting a divorce in Florida?

Florida law does not require a separation period before obtaining a divorce. Perhaps you are referring to the Marital Separation Agreement, which is the process of distribution of joint property/assets. ...
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Legally what power does your wife have to move on with a separation and divorce if you refuse to sign the papers?

If most states, you do not need to prove "fault" to get a divorce or legal separation. She can hire an attorney and proceed however she deems fit. Answer She has every right to proceed with the divorce. She does not have to have your permission to get a divorce. Answer She does not need your signature. If you refuse to sign to acknowledge that you received the petition/complaint, she will have you served. If you refuse to sign a settlement agreement, she will ask...
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How do you get a divorce?

First, you need to file a petition for divorce, and then you are required to have a conversation with a divorce lawyer about your case. The divorce lawyer will explain your legal rights and available legal options to handle your divorce case in an effort to obtain positive results. During divorce, you may need to take various emotional or sensitive decisions regarding your children and your future. For that, you can get help from your divorce lawyer and further you can proceed...
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How can a person who is in the US 8 months as a tourist from Mexico get a divorce in the US if the spouse lives in Mexico?

A person from Mexico that is currently here in the US and would like to get a divorce from a spouse in Mexico can file for a divorce. They must provide:name of spouse he/she would like to divorce still in Mexico, address, and provide information on how long applicant(person filing for the divorce in U.S.) has been in the U.S. with documentation like a ITIN, used for tax purpose and were the applicant works. Can be done without a lawyer, but...
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How can you find out if there is a marriage certificate or divorce in the state of California?

Contact "Vital Statistics" Write to: CA Office of Vital Records M.S. 5103 P.O. Box 997410 Sacramento, CA 95899-7410 I recently requested a birth certificate and found a postcard in my mailbox about 2 weeks later from the State. It informed me that the average processing time for birth and death certificates is 4 weeks. However, for marriage and divorce certificates, it's up to 2-3 years. Perhaps a public records company could find the information for you. My guess is that it would...
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Is Melissa Evitts divorced from Brock Evitts?

brock evitts sr needs to die a slow and agonizing death and to answer your question no they are not and by the way divorced is spelled wrong ...
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In a divorce what states are considered to be in a woman's favor or a man's favor?

Check the divorce laws for both your State and and your County. (Search Google for "Michigan Washtenaw".) Many States are "no-fault". New York favors the husband. In California you can be "Cruised" if your husband files for divorce prior to your tenth anniversary. (To be "Cruised is to have spousal support preempted.) Many attorneys want to be "fair" and will cede your positions before you get to court. All judges are human and many are prejudiced. A judge from the ghetto will...
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How do you file for divorce if your spouse has been deported?

Visit your local court and seek help filing a complaint for divorce. The court will advise you. ...