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Analog television will be switching to digital television by June 12, 2009. In this category, you can talk about the requirements of digital television, converter boxes, and reception, just to name a few topics.

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How do you get a TV manual for your sterling TV?

Sterling Tv's are the exactly same as Technika and they are dotted about all over the web. hope this helps someone out :) ...
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How do you know balance in airtel digital tv?

SMS bal to 54325 from the Registerered Mobile Number that you gave during installation. ...
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Can S-VHS record widescreen?

S-VHS will record widescreen video as long as it is standard definition. VHS does not support high definition at all. A feed from a source on either a composite or S-video connection will be recorded whether it is 16 : 9 or 4 : 3 format. In Europe, widescreen format has been used in standard definition broadcasts for almost 20 years. Many VHS recorders in Europe can also capture an indicator within the signal to show that it is in a widescreen...
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Do you need a digital TV box for every TV in the home?

You do actually need a digital tv box for every television in the home. However if you do not need digital channels for every room in your home just aim for the TVs you watch most, to receive digital channels you only need the digital box for that certain tv. ...
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Can you get a DVR digital video recorder that you can use to record TV shows without having to pay a monthly fee to some company?

Yes you RCA makes one, I just bought one on eBay for $150 and it works great. Records 40 hours of shows, TV guide on screen, or program like a VCR. Quality is great, no problems so far. ...
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How can you find the remote code for TCL lcd tv for your comcast digital converter box?

I've read elsewhere that Logitech Harmony universal remotes will work using RCA codes, they suggested L32HD31 as your TV to get it to control the TCL tv and comcast. I have used 10047 and 11781 as the remote code for a TCL LCD TV on my Comcast digital adapter remote. They are each RCACodes, that work perfectly on TCL , as RCA is owned by TCL. ...
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What is DTV?

DTV stands for Digital Television. It is a new standard for high-definition television broadcasts. Additional Information Currently TV stations are broadcasting in ANALOG and DIGITAL. Analog signals are waves (like radio waves), so broadcasters can only transmit one station on one wave (the old channel dial basically changed the frequency so you could see different channels). Digital broadcasted signals are much more efficient. You can send a digital signal that contains multiple channels. A converter box, either separate or built into the TV, reads the digital signal and...
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When was the UK TV watershed created?

In 1958, the Nuffield Foundation funded social psychologist Professor Hilde Himmelweit at the London School of Economics to look at the influence of television on children in Great Britain - prompted by the increased popularity of television since the introduction of commercial broadcasting in 1955. The end result of this was the publication of "Television and the Child". Professor Himmelweite's research - which questioned over 4000 children - found that, although parents couldn't be held responsible for what a child might see on...
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What channel is NBCSN on Direct TV?

Channel 603 is NBCS-HD on Direct TV. It moved to channel 220 near the other sports channels. ...
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How do you convert a 1978 El Camino into a 4 speed?

Assuming that you have an automatic transmission, this is a pretty involved process,so ask your self if it's worth the effort and expense.You need all the parts for a manual transmission swap. These would include, a manual transmission,a bell housing,a clutch and pressure plate,throwout bearing,another type flywheel,all related linkages,all related linkage and pedals for inside the car,another type of shifter,and possible driveshaft and crossmember change. It is possible,but not an easy option. . See the garage-scene web site link to the right. If it...
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What is a CRT?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. CRT is the traditional technology used for televisions and computer monitors. It preceded the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and plasma technologies that are now being used on new models. Technically speaking, CRTs are vacuum tubes. Images are created when a beam of electrons scans back and forth across the back of a phosphor-coated screen. LCD and plasma screens are slimmer and usually lighter than a CRT. But will never be as good for uniform picture brightness and colour. The...
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What is digital television?

Digital television, or DTV, is a new standard for high-definition television broadcasts. Old tv was a signal transmitted to your house over the air or by cable, but the picture was actually a variable voltage going up and down to tell your tv which picture tube color dot to turn on and how bright. The voltages might vary from say 0 volts up to 1 volt. It does this very fast, there are a lot of dots!!! With digital tv, the movie...
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What is the average price for a 37 inch LCD TV?

Question: What is the average price for a 37inch lcd tv?Answer: The average price for a 37inch lcd tv is around 500 dollarsWhy Good: This answer is great because it tells you exactly what you are looking for. ...
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How can you update a Euromax EM5000 digital satellite TV receiver?

open box and remove a black chip which is big squre looks then connect the cable it will automatically update ...
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What is best uhf antenna for tv reception?

Store bought. They have many different varieties. The best come with internal signal amplifiers. You can recognize these easily cause they usually cost more and have to be plugged in to a 120volt outlet. Be sure that the channels you want are all in the UHF band, some HD TV stations are still in the VHF band (2-13). Some additional info, If you can see the transmitting tower from the roof or where your antenna is to be mounted, avoid the...
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Can LCD televisions handle a lot of bumping and jarring?

It all depends on how hard. Transporting in a moving truck. It better be standing upright. NO flexing the product or hard jolts. Every thing has a limit. Think of it as fairly delicate. Common sense applies here. The screen will not take hard hitting to it's face. Any area that gets damaged is a complete loss of the panel. The cost of the product, unless you want to save it for 20 years, when the price lowers. ...
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Is private tv and radio subsidized?

We're not sure what you call "private" TV and radio. Those media are inherently intended for wide distribution, since it's pretty difficult to limit the recipients of a radio signal to a select group. Most radio and TV "stations" operate for the purpose of profit. The product they sell consists of your eyes and ears. Their customers are the businesses that buy time on the broadcast signal, in increments of 10 or 15 seconds, which they use to pitch their product to you. The purpose of...
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How do you upgrade a Euromax digital receiver?

you can not upgrade it because you can't find software for it.
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What would cause a Sharp Linytron television to have no picture and no sound yet the fuse is OK?

TV's have a built-in power supply (Switched Mode Power Supply - SMTP) to convert 110V AC to the required DC voltages plus the Extra High Voltage (EHT) for the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). If the fuse is OK and both sound and video are not present, then the fault is almost 100% with the power supply. Some older TV's have a fusible resistor in the SMTP that "opens" whenever there is over current - check a thick resistor (usually a wirewound...
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Does the sony trinitron wega kv-27fs13 have a built-in digital tuner?

No. It does not. As a rule, most every CRT television (tube TV) will only have an analog tuner. ...