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What is a Punjabi?

Punjabi is like the best way

Hyperbole and Superlative

What does hyperbole do?

Hyperbole can be used to overstate any type of situation or emotion, and can be used humorously or seriously.It is most often found in poetry, as poets use it to make comparisons and describe things in more embellished terms.

To work on own initiative?

By seeing things that need to be done and doing them without asking someone. By making improvements to things that you have noticed could be made to make life easier. by doing things above and beyond your job description because you can see that someone needs help.

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Nintendo Wii

What are the 5 oceans of the world?

Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean


What is sapiosexual?

Academic Writing
Newspapers and Magazines

What is an editorial?

An editorial is an article in a newspaper or magazine (or television or radio) that expresses the editor's personal bias.

it is exactly what it sounds like that one thing that is written and read for is an editorial.....
written by Jacob H...
Editorial is not like sub-editor. It is a place in newspaper for reporter to give their idea.
Computer Terminology
USB Flash Drives

What is a high speed usb host controller?

A hi-speed USB host controller is basically a 2.0 usb port that replaces the 1.0 usb ports that were created a couple years ago. It's faster than the 1.0 usb ports, its still the same shape, but 2.0 has more power and better hardware incorporated. USB 3.0 is also available that is much faster than 2.0.
That's the general term for USB2.0, it operates much more faster than USB 1.1 which is know as non Hi-speed.

To find out if you have Hi-speed USB2.0 capable hardware:

In Window XP:"Right click my computer, then "manage", select device manager and scroll down to USB controllers. Click the + then look for the word "Enhanced" in either of the host controller listed. If there's 1 with Enhanced, then you have USB2.0 capable hardware.

See the related link for more info about USB1.1 and USB2.0

English Alphabet History

What is the dot above the lowercase 'i' and 'j' called?

My friend, you are in for a treat: That tiny little dot is, I kid you not, called a tittle. It comes from the Latin word titulus, which means inscription or heading. The humble tittle started off as a larger mark in 11th century Latin manuscripts, helping to differentiate the letters, and shrunk to the dot we know and love with the invention of typeface in the 1400s.

The word is seldom used today, which is a real shame, but it does have ties to the phrase "to a T"—it started off as "to a tittle." I don't know about you, but I think we should bring it back.

Literature and Language

What is the meaning of canal?

A canal is a long, narrow stretch of water that has been made for boats to travel along or to bring water to a particular area. A canal is a narrow tube inside your body for carrying food, air, or other substances.
Chickens and Roosters

What is the feminine of cock?


Business & Finance
Planet Mars

What is the meaning of 'Have you ever been bonded'?

The concept of employee bonding is really an insurance matter relating to the employer’s efforts to protect itself against wrongful acts by its employees. In industries where employees have direct access to money or to property, the employer will often be keen to protect itself against the impact of employee theft. Also, certain businesses will be required by their customers to provide proof that they are bonded. For instance, customers of commercial cleaning companies might demand the cleaners be bonded. This provides both peace of mind (that the cleaners are trustworthy) and financial protection in the event of theft.
Travel & Places
The Difference Between

What is the difference between interstate and intrastate?

Interstates go out of state, and intrastates stay in.


What does lasting impact mean?

Something that leaves a permanent mark on something else, such as when the earth was struck by a huge meteor eons ago that wiped out the dinosaurs; the meteor had a lasting impact on the planet.

English Language

What does 'prove someone s undoing' mean?

In this context, prove means, turns out to be. Undoing means ruin, disaster. So if something proves to be someone's undoing, it means that this thing, whatever it is (a life of crime, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, etc.) has ruined someone's life. Heroin addiction proved to be Frank's undoing.


What is CAYTOA?

CAYTOA is the International Mail Processing Centre in Toronto.


What is a male mistress called?

Since it’s a male mistress I’m gonna say a cross dresser

Prepositions Conjunctions and Interjections

What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is any conjoining, connecting artifact, or can be the union formed by a joining or combining.

Astronomy - any apparent close approach of objects in the sky

Logic - A conjunction is a compound proposition that is true if-and-only-if all of its component propositions are true. It can also be the relationship among the components of such a proposition, usually expressed by AND or &/or.

Part of Speech - A conjunction is a word that links words, phrases, or clauses together. You would use it when you were writing a story or report. To remember all of the coordinating conjunctions, just remember FANBOYS [for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so]

Conjunctions can be any member of a small class of words distinguished in many languages by their function as connectors between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences (e.g. as, and, because, but, however) or can be any other word or expression that performs a similar function.

Conjunctions are traditionally categorized into several types: coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions and correlative conjunctions. Some examples of each follow.

* Co-ordinating conjunctions: and, or, nor, for, but, yet, so

* Subordinating conjunctions:because, since, while, before, after, unless

* Correlative conjunctions: if...then / either...or / neither...nor / both...and / whether...or /not only...but...also/

The coordinating conjunctions can be used to link sentences together where neither is subordinate to the other. Subordinating conjunctions introduce subordinate clauses. Correlative conjunctions come in pairs that must appear together in the same sentence.

Some conjunctions can also link phrases that are smaller than whole sentences. For example, the coordinating conjunctions and and or can be used to link almost any phrases so long as they are of the same type:

  • nouns: I like [cats] and/or [dogs].
  • noun phrases: I like [this cat] and/or [that dog]
  • verbs: The cat [scratched] and/or [bit] the dog.
  • verb phrases: The cat [scratched the dog] and/or [bit the mouse].
  • prepositions: The cat climbed [up] and/or [down] the tree.
  • preposition phrases: The cat climbed [up the tree] and/or [down the wall].
  • adjectives: I like very [energetic] and/or [playful] cats.
  • adjective phrases: I like [very energetic] and/or [extremely playful] cats.
  • adverbs: It climbed very [energetically] and/or [playfully].
  • adverb phrases: It climbed [very energetically] and/or [extremely playfully].
  • sentences: [The cat climbed up the tree] and/or [the dog barked].

A conjunction connects words, phrases and clauses. The 3 types of conjunctions are coordinating, subordinating, and correlative. Coordinating are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. Subordinating conjunctions include as, since, if, although, and because. And correlative conjunctions come in pairs: either/or, neither/nor..

English Language

How can you describe a leaflet?

a printed sheet of paper, usually folded, to be handed out to the public, free of charge.

Name Origins

Manhandled is it considered a form of abuse?

Yes it is. Being Manhandled means a man putting his hands on a women and tossing or jerking her around

Math and Arithmetic
Linear Algebra

What is a math dictionary?


Idioms, Cliches, and Slang

What is the meaning of piece mill?

It's piecemeal - to do a job in small steps or pieces instead of all at once.

Latin to English
English to Latin

What is declension?

Declension organizes the non-verbal parts of speech so as to indicate case endings gender, and number. Case endings help relate the different parts of speech to the verb, and to the rest of the sentence. In the specific example of Latin, the cases are called as follows: nominative, for the subject of the sentence; genitive, to show possession; dative, for the indirect object; accusative, for the direct object; and ablative, for objects of prepositions. Gender indicates whether an object or person is feminine, masculine, or neuter. And number indicates whether the object or person is singular, in the case of one; or plural, in the case of more than one. In contrast to Latin, declension isn't strong in English. There are traces of its influence in the differentiation between singular and plural. There are even fewer traces in the differentiaton between cases. Nowadays, it tends to exist in the pronoun forms of he/him/his, I/me/mine, she/her/hers, they/them/their/theirs, and we/us/our/ours. And there are even rare sightings of gender, other than examples such as blond and blonde.


What is Blancita?

I've modified the previous answer here because it disregarded Spanish spelling, but was otherwise correct for the pronunciation "blahn-KEE-tah":

"Blanquita", with "qu" instead of "c", means "little white girl" in Spanish. The root word is "blanco"/"blanca" which means white. and the -ita is used to show affection or it could also mean little. Most people think this is derogatory or mean, but in reality, it's not. it just depends on what way it's used.

If you were asking about a word or name pronounced "blahn-KEE-tah", this is a good answer. I've never heard of "Blancita", which in Spanish would be pronounced "blahn-SEE-tah", and would be meaningless AFAIK.

Teen Dating

What does it mean when you hit climax?

Orgasm during sex

and it can also mean to hit the high point or peak.

"The man hit the climax of his speech, when he quoted Winston Churchill, to the delight of the crowd."

and another example of 'climax' is:

"The music reached a climax when the violin solo ended."

Example Sentences

How do you use passersby in a sentence?

Passersby are people who are passing by, for example on the street. Sample sentence: We were arguing so loudly that all the passersby turned and stared at us.


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