There are a total of seven continents on earth: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. This category should contain questions regarding the continents.

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What continent is New Zealand on?

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This is actually pretty contested. If you go by the seven “traditional” continents (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica), New Zealand wouldn’t be on any continent. It is, however, part of Oceania, which is a large geographic region (very similar to a continent) including Australia, New Zealand, and about 10,000 other islands in the Pacific Ocean. The coolest answer to this question, though, is that New Zealand is on its own continent of Zealandia. Some scientists argue that what we think of as the islands of New Zealand are just the peaks of the mountains of Zealandia, and the rest of the landmass is submerged. This theory isn’t widely recognized, but it is pretty neat.
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Which continent is Israel on?

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Israel is part of the continent of ASIA, specifically in the region called "the Middle East." "Southwest Asia" is also being slowly adopted as an alternative for the term "Middle East." Israel is very close both to North Africa and south-eastern Europe, but is not part of Africa or Europe. This is because the internationally accepted demarcation of the border between Asia and Africa is the Suez Canal; and the demarcation between Asia and Europe runs through the Urals and the Dardanelles, making Israel an Asian country. It is important to note that for UN Security Council rotations, Israel is considered part of the "Western Europe and Others" group, since the Arab nations blocked its entry into the Middle East group. It also shares a lot of legal and cultural traditions with Europe. It is also worth noting that like several other Middle Eastern and Caucasus countries, Israel is allowed to participate in the Eurovision song contest. Additionally, Israel plays in the European Football Cup.
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What continent is Russia on?

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Russia is typically considered part of both Europe and Asia. There's some dispute over where the border between the continents actually is (in Russia and beyond), but most people say the part of Russia west of the Ural Mountains is European and the eastern part is Asian. That means more of Russia's landmass is in Asia, but more of the population lives in Europe, as the biggest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are both on the European side. If this frustrates you—"Why can't everything fit cleanly into our categories!"—I have bad news. Russia isn't the only country that spans multiple continents; Egypt, Greece, and Turkey do it, too.
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What four continents do not touch the equator?

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North America Europe Australia Antarctica
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Which continent is the least urbanized?

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Antarctica - it has no cities.
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What continent is Lanzarote in?

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Lanzarote is a Spanish island located off the Atlantic Coast of Africa. Politically it is a part of Europe but physically it is a part of Africa.
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What two continents are completely in the southern hemisphere?

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Antarctica and Australia are completely south of the Equator. South America, Africa, and Asia all have land located south of the equator, but they are not completely south. Asia and Africa Asia and Africa
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Which continents does the equator pass through?

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The equator passes through South America and Africa, and through Asia in Indonesia.
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What continent is closest to New Zealand?

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Australia is the continent closest to New Zealand.
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What were the old names of some African countries?

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Old names of modern African countries: Dahomey (Benin) Upper Volta (Burkina Faso) Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)* Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Tanganyika (Tanzania) Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) These only include names at a sovereign level. Many African countries were named differently during colonial times, but they were colonies at this time and not nations. Upon independence is when most of them changed their names. Côte d'Ivoire is just French for Ivory Coast, however, the country has refused to have their name translated in any other language which is the reason why it makes the list.
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What continent has the lowest birth rate?

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Antarctica has the lowest birth rate of any continent as it has no permanent population, making the birth rate 0. Of the populated continents, Europe has the lowest birth rate at about 2 children per mother.
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What continent is Mexico on?

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Mexico is part of North America, along with the United States and Canada; it is also commonly said to be on the continent of Central America, but it is not, as Central America is a region, not a continent. Central America is made up of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
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The Atlantic Ocean touches what five continents?

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North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Antarctica.
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What continent contains Egypt?

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Egypt is found at the northeast corner of the continent of AFRICA, but the Suez Canal, which runs north to south inside of Egypt forms the border between Africa and Asia. Therefore, the Sinai Peninsula, which is on the east bank of the Suez Canal is in ASIA, specifically, southwest Asia. Long story short, mostly in Africa, but a little bit in Asia.
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What continent is Windhoek on?

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South Africa, capital of Namibia
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What continent eat roasted ants?

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Roasted ants are very popular in Columbia, South America.
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Name the continent that the equator does not pass through?

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The only continent that the equator does not pass through is North America, Australia, Europe, and Antarctica.
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How many continents make up the Eastern Hemisphere?

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There are five continents in the Eastern Hemisphere: Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe The western third of North Africa is technically in the western hemisphere (west longitude). Only about 25% of the land area of Antarctica is in the western hemisphere.
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Which two continents did homo sapiens spread to more quickly?

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Homo Sapiens originate from Africa, Europe, and Asia. They spread to Australia and then North America during the Ice Age. This was due to land bridges being formed during this time period. South America was only connected to North America, so to reach this continent the Homo Sapiens had to first pass through North America (which is what they did).
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What continent is Lebanon on?

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Lebanon is found in the Continent of Asia, more specifically the Middle East (Southwest Asia), north of Israel and south and west of Syria on the Mediterranean coast. Lebanon is part of the Asian Continent.

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