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What does ships within 24 hours mean?

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It means that within 24 hours of placing your order, it will be dispatched from the depot/warehouse. After that it depends on what order type you specified as to when it gets to the address.
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What is the proper way to connect an ammeter?

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Are u talking about a amp meter? If so there is 2 kinds one is a clip on that simply goes around the wire that u are wanting to check amps other goes in line u will need to find a junction or cut the wire current goes in one side of the meter reads amps then out the other.with out loss of current. Be more specific next time then I can helped u much better.25 years experience industeral electrical tech. +++ Actually, although 'amp meter' is closer to what it is, they are usually called 'ammeters', often in print as well as speech.
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What is the difference between cr2025 and cr2032 batteries?

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CR2025 = Diameter: 20 mm. Thickness: 2.5 mm. Capacity: 160 mAh, CR2032 = Diameter: 20 mm. Thickness: 3.2 mm. Capacity: 220 mAh
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What are the uses of logic gates?

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Logic gates are in fact the building block of digital electronics; they are formed by the combination of transistors (either BJT or MOSFET) to realize some digital operations (like logical OR, AND, INVERT ). Every digital product, like computers, mobile, calculators even digital watches, contain logic gates. The use of logic gates in digital world can be understood better by the following example: the single bit full adder in digital electronics is a logic circuit which perform the logical addition of two single bit binary numbers (a,b,cin) a and b are the the two binary number of single digit (either 1 or 0) and cin is the carry input . say for example a,b,cin= 1,1,1 gave an logical sum output of 1 and a carry of 1 , a,b,cin= 110 gave sum= 0 and carry of 1. Now this adder can be formed by the combination of many gate like by using NAND gates only. or by using XOR , AND ,OR gates and so on. So, in a nutshell, the adder which is of great importance in your computer processor and also in many more applications is basically built from the logic gates.
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Who manufactures Insignia televisions?

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Insignia is Best Buys in-store brand. Best Buy actually contracts different manufacturers to produce the different products sold under this name. Even narrowing the scope down to Televisions, some might be produced by one company, others by a different company. Insignia is made up of all LG parts. best buy purchases them from LG, everything inside of an insignia tv is "last years" lg internals
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Should you wire a pool pump to 110 or 220 volts?

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The most important thing for safety is to wire the pump to the correct voltage marked on the pump. All else being equal (i.e. the cost of the pump), use 220 -- the higher the voltage the less electricity lost to resistance and heat. ANS 2 Most modern pool or spa pumps are convertible (at the motor connection) Connecting to 220 is definitely more efficient. Ans 3: 110 v is safer, with a lower risk of shock. For a pump of 1 HP or less the power lost in the wiring is very small if the right wire is used.
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How do you buy Mobile Phones from Egypt?

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Well, it's pretty simple. Unlike the U.S, you don't have to buy a plan or anything. Just take your money, go to the shop, pay and get your Mobile :). Then buy a simcard, which is equivalent to about $3. Whenever you need to use the phone, buy a recharge card for the amount of money you want (very cheap) and recharge your pone credit :D
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You have two Sleep Number beds with two separate remotes but both remotes control both beds how can you separate them so that they only control one bed?

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. I'm Stephanie and I work for Select Comfort's online Customer Service team. I am very sorry for the issue you are having and would love to help you. If your beds are over 2 years old, you will want to do the following steps: Unplug both of the base units. Plug in one of the base units. [You must complete the following initialization process within 60 seconds of plugging unit in.] a). Use the remote that goes with the base that is plugged in. b). simultaneously press both the firmer and softer buttons on the right side of remote. The display will count down from 10 to 1, then " -- " will appear, then "C1" will appear. c). Release both buttons when the "C1" appears. d). While C1 is displayed, again simultaneously press both the softer and firmer buttons. "1C" will appear. e). Release the buttons and the proper sleep number will be displayed. f). Allow the remote to go blank. Unplug the base unit that you just initialized and go through the same process with the second base and remote. Allow the second remote to go blank. Plug the first base in. Now each base will only respond to its specific remote. Note: If you attempt this sequence a second time immediately following the first without unplugging the unit, you may cause an E0. If you see an E0, simply allow the remote to go blank, then you should be able to use the remote with no issues. If you still experience issues, unplug the unit, wait 20 seconds, then follow the sequence for initialization once again. If your beds are newer than 2 years, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-411-2270 and we will help you troubleshoot. Thank you for choosing the Sleep Number bed.
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What are the qualities a electronics professional need to excel in his field?

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A: This was asked before and the criteria remains the same a very hi reasoning quality to think concepts and troubleshooting along to know which book to look up for an answer. Nobody knows it all nobody can. To complex, to many fields Just an addition to the above answer, I agree that choices are broad, but, then its a good thing also. By Identifying your interest area, you can be a master of that one specific field. The initial step is to know the various specialization in the field of Electronics, having a superficial knowledge of them and then decide, what intrigues you most?. I hope that part is already covered. Next step might be in the identification of the current direction of the research going on. For this, reading magazine articles are more useful over journals. I hope this was helpful.
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What is digital object counter?

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Digital object counter is a device which is designed to count the object which passing from above it or by touching it or whatever depending upon the method of getting signal from the transducer or smart devices. But main work of digital object counter is the counting of things or objects. it can be done by using LDR or THERMISTOR or VDR (these are used for sensing that a object is arrive or present here ) etc .
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Full form of ME?

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The meaning of ME in terms of information technology as below. Millennium Edition (Windows 98 Edition for New Millennium ).
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When did DVD's come out?

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DVDs first appeared in the mid-90s, roughly 1995, although they did not overtake VHS for some time after that.
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Is an Australian plug the same as a New Zealand one?

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Yes both have the three flat pins, in the shape of an arrow.
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What was the talking drum made of?

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It is made of a tree named padouk . the sound can hear far away. small drum is made of bamboo.
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Do you need a service provider for my Apple iPad?

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You will need a service provider if you buy one that supports 3G. In the United States you can get a 3G/Wifi iPad that will work on either AT&T or Verizon. There is also a Wifi only version available, though you will need access to a wireless Internet connection in order to download apps. You may only need a internet service provider if you IPAD 3g/wifi
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What else is a computer tower called?

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A computer tower, also known as a computer case, is the enclosure that holds many components of a personal or office desktop computer. A computer tower can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can also be made from a wide range of materials including steel, plastic, aluminum and more. The sizes of a computer tower range from small mini-towers to medium sized mid-towers and all the way up to full-size towers, depending on what the computer is being used for and how powerful it is. There are several computer components that can be commonly found in the computer tower of a home or office computer. Typical components include the motherboard, hard drive, power supply, optical drives and floppy drives as well as other parts. The locations of these components within the computer tower is usually dependent upon the size or shape of the tower itself, but they are also found typically in the same places on the tower for the sake of convenience. For example, the CD, DVD or floppy drives can usually be found in the front of the computer tower for easy access, while the power supply is usually located in the back to keep the cords out of the way.
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Why negative feedback used in amplifiers?

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transitors amplify signals in a very non-linear fashion. somehow (i don't know how), adding in the negative output of the transistor (negative feedback loop) makes the output much more linearmostly for stabilization, but there can be other reasons in specific cases.
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How do you make an app for nook color?

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Well, you can't technically unless you have a nook color you can download apps when they come out in the summer; your nook color will upgrade itself. If you don't have one than no you cannot get an app for nook color. Sorry ^.^
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What would happen if there was no electricity?

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There are two ways of looking at the question, "What would happen if there was no electricity". First.... What if electricity didn't exist? Well, the universe literally would not exist as we know it, because electricity is streams of electrons, and without electrons, compounds (and thus most matter) wouldn't exist. If electricity (electromagnetism) did not exist the universe would not exist, since EM forces are an integral component of the (commonly accepted) standard model. Second... What if humans didn't know how to use electricity? We didn't know how to use it for most of our history, so I imagine we'd revert to a mid-1800's society, where machines were steam powered and we had to read for personal entertainment. We wouldn't be able to watch TV, go on the computer, talk on the phone. We'd have to play games outside, and use our imaginations more, like they did in historical times. Parents wouldn't be able to punish by taking away computers or cell phones because neither would run anyway. Imagine cold showers or baths; no microwave; no cold drinks in summer; even worse no air conditioning and no cars (Cars need electricity to run the fuel ignition system.) One could heat water on the stove (probably a wood stove, hot, sweaty, and smokey, why many old kitchens were walled off from the rest of the house). But, you didn't prohibit using Natural Gas for Hot water, or for the stove. One can even run an absorption refrigerator on Natural Gas or Propane, or anything that would run a compressor could run a freon based refrigerator. With a little imagination one could use a solar hot water heater too. Transport would be steam-driven, animal-driven or human-powered. You'd have a bicycle, a horse-drawn carriage or you'd just walk everywhere you went, and you'd go long distances by train. By now someone would have invented the horseless carriage, which would run on either a small boiler or maybe a diesel engine--diesels don't need electricity to run, and you can rope-start them if you have to. Remember the old cars had cranks out front. You'd get outside rain or shine and pull on the crank and hope it started... and pull again. Presumably this would also work with Diesel engines without any electricity, but the increased compression would make them a pain to crank to start. Glow plugs, of course, wouldn't work so you'd have to compensate with higher compression. I believe some Diesel engines use pneumatic starters, or perhaps you could use a pony-engine setup like the old caterpillars. Also, no radio in the car. No electric fans. Probably we would still be using carbide lights on the fenders. Everyone dreams about riding horses, right? That would likely be a big part of life Lighting would be by flames--candles or lanterns. You'd communicate via the mails, or you'd go visiting. Visiting was a very popular form of entertainment in the 1800s, and there were many social protocols--you dressed formally to do it, you made an appointment to visit, you left calling cards in a basket at the front door, and you had a special sitting room that was only used for visiting. You'd entertain yourself by playing games, but you'd play with other people. You'd also go to dances, you'd go to church (people weren't really any more religious then than they are now, but everyone went to church because in a lot of places church was the main form of entertainment). Food was generally fresh, or canned, and locally-grown. Meats were almost always smoked. Did you ever read in old Christmas stories about how the children got an orange for a gift? Oranges were special because they were hard to transport, so you might see one a year. If you wanted to see a play, you went to a theater. If you wanted to hear music, you went to a concert on the town square, or you had someone in the family who could play, or you knew how to play yourself. A lot of people had pianos or harpsichords, and for the non-rich there were guitars, banjos, fiddles, harmonicas and mandolins. Work was all manual. You made things, or you wrote on ledger paper. There wouldn't be any more thirty-second conversations. Women didn't just run over to a neighbor's house for a little while--if you wanted to do that, you'd talk to your neighbor across the hedgerow at the edge of your property. If you spent a couple of hours dressing, styling your hair and applying makeup, you'd spend half the night in conversation. And you'd LIKE it! You also wouldn't be there by yourself--usually people would gather in groups in parlors (living rooms), and discuss all sorts of things. No escalators, no elevators, and a lot more would be done by hand. There probably would be a lot less incidence of obesity, and less incidence of adult onset type 2 diabetes. Medicine, of course, would be simpler with no MRIs, PET Scans, CAT scans, Maybe simple X-Rays but, no Ultra Sounds. No knowing the sex of your child before it is born. No hand held calculators. There were mechanical calculators available, for quite some time, but they were overly large. Lastly, you wouldn't have a computer to be reading this. It would either be typed with a manual typewriter (ker-thunk), handwritten by candle-light or transcribed by monks in some monastery. There actually were some early mechanical computing devices... but for a mechanical computer device capable of doing what a modern laptop computer can do, think of something the size of New York City, and still no video screen to look at. People would go to bed to sleep at dark (about 8pm) because there isn't much to do after dark, by candlelight, in shadows. There'd be no outside lights so outdoor activities would be difficult or dangerous.
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How do you design a digital clock using logic gates?

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A; The design i pretty forward but to find and choose a clock with multiple of 60 seconds and counting down is a not easy task. to display the results also has no particular problems. Why go trough the problems by $10 woth of gas the clock is free.
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Is there a TV with a built in camera?

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Many smart televisions that have recently been launched have cameras built in. They are commonly used with applications such as Skype and other communication platforms. Televisions will increasingly have features built in that were once only found in computers as we see computing and television draw closer together.