A condiment is a seasoning or sauce added by a diner to food to achieve a specific flavor or to complement a dish. There are also dry condiments such as a mixture of seasoning and herbs.

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What is the worst condiment?

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Tabasco hot sauce - it doesn't even taste good, it just tastes like peppers and a LOT of vinegar.
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Is there a difference between ketchup and catsup?

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No, not in the actual condiment. The two versions are merely alternate Westernized spellings of the original fish-based Chinese sauce that ketchup hails from. This proto-ketchup became popular among Western traders in the late 17th century. As it gained traction in Europe, the sauce went through many incarnations (including a walnut-based version) before settling on the tomato goop we know and love. That’s why it says “tomato ketchup” on some bottles—it seems redundant today, but that’s only because no one goes around asking for walnut ketchup anymore. “Ketchup” is the more popular spelling, and it became so in the mid to late 20th century. Heinz was an early “ketchup” adopter, and other big brands switched over as it gained more market share. But either spelling is technically acceptable—for example, the USDA exclusively uses “catsup.”
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What is the specific heat capacity of fish source?

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To work out the specific heat capacity of fish source sauce you would need to first find out the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of the substance by 1oC
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What can you season french fries with if you don't have ketchup?

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In some parts of the world it's common to use mayonnaise on french fries, I think in England I've heard malt vinegar is traditional with fish and chips. Ketchup is only a condiment, you can have your fries however you'd like. Maybe you could just try them salted to taste, or with some pepper or other herbs and spices, or even salad dressing like ranch or Russian?
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How do you remove the salty taste from rice?

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keep rinsing the rise under cold water, until the water is just a little bit murky. boil water without salt.
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Did Ronald Reagan ever say ketchup should be considered a vegetable?

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No. The USDA or whoever sets standards for school lunches once listed Ketchup as a vegetable .
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Where can you buy chili sauce?

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In the condiments aisle, usually above ketchup. EG. Heinz Chili Sauce a shop
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Who owns the peacock brand for spices and condiments in Tamilnadu?

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M/s. VENCATACHELLUM condiments. The first people to export Spices and Pickles to Queen Elizabeth of England.
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How can you make Oscar Mayer Sandwich Spread?

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All you have to do is put the Oscar Mayer hot dog in a blender and then spread it on a sandwich.
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Can ketchup be stored in stainless steel?

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Most forms of stainless steel are subject to acid corrosion. As a tomato product, ketchup is acidic and probably should not be stored in stainless steel. Ketchup is usually stored in glass or plastic containers, which are usually less costly than stainless steel, so there is no reason to consider using stainless steel except in bulk manufacturing situations.
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Why is relish a mechanical mixture?

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Relish is a mechanical mixture because you can see 2 or more things of what is in it. For example, trail mix is a mechanical mixture beacasue you can see all the different kinds of nuts and cranberrys.
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What is the difference between ketchup and cocktail sauce?

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ketchup is red and made from tomatoes cocktail sauce is white cocktail sauce is generally made by mixing ketchup, lemon juice and horseradish. Tartar sauce is white not cocktails sauce!
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Does Bacos contain bacon?

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While there are a lot of brands of bacon bits (using real bacon flavor), the "classic" Betty Crocker brand is made of soy, (and no MSG, if it bothers you). It's a great way for vegetarians and kosher-eating people to have a "bacon-like" experience.
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Can ketchup remove green from your hair?

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Usually it can, but sometimes hair needs a little more. I used to use apple cider vinegar when I had a pool. All I did was take a pitcher of warm water and about half a cup of the vinegar, or more, mix it, and rinse my hair with it after shampooing. Vinegar has a certain acid that smoothes the hair folicle as well, so not only should it remove the green, your hair should feel nice as well.
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What makes fancy ketchup so fancy?

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The “fancy” designation, which you’ve probably seen on Hunt's bottles or McDonald's ketchup packets over the years, actually used to be the USDA’s highest rating for ketchup. It has (somewhat mysteriously) fallen out of use recently, though; its current equivalent is U.S. Grade A ketchup. Ketchup can get an A, B, or C grade. To get an A, ketchup has to be at least 33 percent solid and have good color, consistency, flavor, and finish, as well as earn at least 85 points on the USDA’s 100-point scoring system. The USDA still uses “fancy” to describe the quality of some other foods (apples can even be extra fancy), but by today’s standards, “fancy ketchup” is as meaningless as it sounds.
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What has the most calories mayo cheese slice ketchup?

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Depends on the type of mayo an cheese but, likely the mayo. Ketchup's only fault is all of that sugar they put into it.
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Is wasabi the hottest pepper?

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No, Wasabi is a Japanese condiment that is made from a root vegetable that is like horseradish. Much of the "Wasabi" available in the US, however, is made from colored horseradish and not from the original Wasabi. Wasabi is spicy, but it is not as hot as the hotter chile varieties like Habanero, Scotch Bonnets, or even Cayenne. And it is a different type of "heat" that is much more aromatic than chiles.
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How long does canned pork last?

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Till the date on the can, unless you open it then I would say the most 2 days to be safe...maybe it's just me and my food in the fridge phobia of eating poisoned food... :/
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Does heinz ketchup have garlic?

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Yes, Heinz Ketchup is available in glass bottles in India with two varieties, one is the normal Heinz Ketchup, and one is an alternative which does not contain any traces of garlic or onion, two vital ingredients in the original ketchup. This is due to the large amount of Indians who refrain from eating garlic and onion for religious and cultural reasons. Heinz has acquired the former foods division of Glaxo India and gained the Complan, Glucon D, Glucon C, Sampriti Ghee, and Nycil products and brands.

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