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This category includes questions and friendus about computers and everything related to computers.

Asked in Computers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computers?

Disadvantages 1. It can potentially destroy your social life and interactions with humans if you do not maintain a healthy balance. 2. It may lead to health risks such as obesity and eyestrain. 3. It may damage your studies and life. 4. It can distract and deviate our thoughts and activities towards unproductive activities. 5. It could cause violation of privacy 6. It can impact the labor force 7. There may be an impact on environment 8. It can lead to distraction from work 9. It might...

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What is the Example of digital quantity?

A digital quantity example is provided by any digital microprocessor display where a discrete number is provided and the actual value is an irrational number. Some examples are the computer display of the values of pi, the square root of 2, the quotient of 3/19, or any other irrational number. A computer basically works with the integers 0 and 1, so it is a "digital" machine (it cannot deal with 3/19, or pi, etc with perfect accuracy). ...

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How do you play coral player movie?

Coral Player is an unofficial scam software. The purpose of the software is to make money from you. It has also been reported to infect computers with viruses. Furthermore, downloading most movies for free is illegal. See the related question for information on how and where you can download legal movies. ...

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What is the full form of PDA computer?

Personal digital assistant is the full form of PDA computer and it's also called pocked sized device ...

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Application of Computer?


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How do you build a computer?

Buy a: Case Power Supply (Sometimes comes with case) Motherboard Processor/CPU RAM/Memory Hard Drive CD/DVD Drive Peripherals, such mouse, keyboard, and monitor. An Operating System. Such as Windows or Linux. Optional Components: Video Card (For graphic intensive actions. Games and graphic design) Sound Card (Higher quality sound. Home theaters and professional music editing) Other peripherals, like earphones. Before you buy, make sure all parts are compatible. This is a simple summary of what to do, consult the manuals for each part for an in-depth guide. Place power supply into case. Put motherboard in place. Connect necessary...

Asked in Computers, Facebook

How do you put spell check on your Facebook?

Facebook does not have a built in spell checker. If you need one, use another program on your computer. Firefox is good, as it is also a web browser, that can have many addons, and by default, a built in spell checker. ...

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How do you change a hard disk drive?

Power down PC, unplug power. Open the PC, determine type of hard drive connection, most likely IDE. Buy similar drive. If your old hard drive is bad, remove old HD (need screwdriver). There should be a diagram on both hard drives showing where to place the jumper. Look at this and then place the jumpers on the hard drive, matching the new one to the old one (usually located in the back by the ide/sata and power plugs) to match the diagram....

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What is a plural form of 'wireless antenna' that does not end with an 's'?

A plural form of "wireless antenna" that does not end with an 's' is "wireless antennae". However, the usual plural of antenna is simply antennas. While this is true of North American English, in Britain the usual form of the plural is "antennae", and for insect appendages "antennae" is standard everywhere. ...

Asked in Computers

How do you close computer I want to shut down?

with the off button The safest way to shut down a computer is to use the operating system to properly shut it down. If you use Windows OS then you would go to your start button, click it, and go into <Shut Down>. For there you can choose Shut Down, Restart, Etc. These methods will save any data that you have not saved yet, close programs that are open, and properly shut the computer down. ...

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How do you find the history of any given website?

The WayBack Machine lets you trace the history of the websites for which it holds a history. (See links below) ...

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Where did Dov Moran invent the USB Flash Drive?

In Israel. More specifically, Dov Moran was then the president and CEO of M-Systems Ltd., an Israeli corporation headquarted in Kfar Saba, Israel when he invented the flash drive. The flash drive was trademarked by M-Systems as the "DiskOnKey" though the vast majority of M-Systems' flash drives were sold by M-Systems to other companies (IBM, Dell, Verbatim, Kingston etc. etc.) for re-sale under their own respective brand names. To this day, Israelis refer to all flash drives as a "DiskOnKey". ...

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If a computer is found to have an IP address of 169 254 1 1 what can you assume about how it received that IP address?

Automatically 169.254.x.x is the APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) range for Computers. This range in Windows is allocated automatically if no DHCP servers responds or is unavailable in the Network. IF DHCP server is selected in IP Configuration Settings then one can configure APIPA settings. ...

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Where to find miscellaneous settings in computer?

Press "Alt-4". That usually works.

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What is the name of first super fast computer?

The first computer deliberately designed to be much faster than the fastest computer available was the IBM NORC built for the navy, the first true supercomputer built was the Univac LARC built for LLNL (both LARCs built only had one of two possible CPUs installed), the first supercomputer built in quantity (9) was the IBM 7030 Stretch built for Los Alamos and the NSA, the first mass produced supercomputer was the CDC 6600 (it was also the first RISC architecture computer). Which "first"...

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How do you recover deleted AIM profile pictures?

Contact AOL, although i doubt it is possible to recover.

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What is power4gear hybrid?

Power4gear Hybrid is the latest software developed for Asus PC models which allows you to have direct control over power consumption/general power settings, and it allows the user to "overclock" (or speed up) the CPU which results in higher performance. This setting is called Extreme Turbo, and it can nearly double the processing power of your computer, but it also reduces battery life and increases heat. Overall it is a nice addition to a PC, especially if you do graphics-intensive work or use...

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Does 626 KB take up a lot of space on your computer?

626 KB is a rather small filesize. It is the equivalent of about 1 picture. 1,024 KB is one megabyte (1MB). A song is typically 3 to 8 MB, or 3,000 to 8,000 KB. Most desktop harddrives today are between 120,000 MB to as much as 1,500,000 MB. Laptops are typically 40,000 to 250,000 MB. 626 KB is such a tiny amount that it's often considered 'negligible'. Or so small it makes no difference. What is listed below is technically correct...


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What is psp xlink mode on your wi-fi adapter?

i don't i know much but it seems that it is a (program) that allow your psp to play online. and i mean games that are Ac hodc (not Internet) games only online! as to how to get it to work idk i trying to get it at the moment. (sorry I'm a bad speller) ...

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What is the full form of mkv?

MKV files means Matroska files, as well those containing audio ( movies ) or video only. .MKV file is an envelope for which there can be many audio, video and subtitles streams, allowing the user to store a complete movie with subtitles or CD in a single file ...

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What is enumeration type of test?

ennumeration type of test is more on memory recall.


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What does rem mean on an amplifier?

On an amplifier, rem. usually stands for remote. For an automotive audio amplifier, the remote connection could be for a gain remote. This is usually a dial at one end and a phone jack like connection on the other. This allows you to turn down the gain or volume on the amplifier wherever you wish to mount the remote. If there is a terminal (screw and clamp for attaching wires) under the rem label, then it is for remote shut off....

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What does it mean 'enter your desired job title'?

It simply means what your looking to be for ex. Cashier Most companies use standard job application forms so they just need you to identify the role you wish to apply for. Sometimes there is a job reference number too which will appear in the job advertisement and it is important to quote this in your covering letter and on the application form if it is required. ...