Spot and derivative markets for trading goods which are uniform in all aspects

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Where can I find the latest gold price?

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See the link below for latest public prices.
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What food product is a major commodity in Argentina?

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First of all it is wheat. Argentina is one of the mjor wheat suppliers in the world. Soybeans and Maze are there as well, but the volumes are not that big. It is also an important local beef supplier.
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Corn price is elastic or inelastic?

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Corn, like many food items is (relatively) inelastic. Many people will continue to buy it regardless of price, as they need it for sustenance. Actually, corn pricing is quite elastic, since the demand for corn encompasses at least five major purposes: human foodstuffs (excluding sweetners), food sweeteners, animal fodder, biofuels, and plastics-substitutes. Corn, while a core staple of many diets, is quite replaceable by other grains, and thus, demand for corn for human consumption can often be satisfied by wheat or barley or rice instead. Corn pricing has thus historically been quite elastic, with demand changing quickly depending on other substitute's pricing and new uses for corn. The elasticity of corn pricing is shown by the large change in demand when prices change in each of its primary markets: foodstuff corn demand is offset by foodstuff grain demand as corn prices increase; sweetener corn demand is offset by sugar demand; animal fodder demand is offset by hay, grains and synthetics; biofuel corn is replaced by grain or non-organics; and petrochemical platistics replace corn plastics. In each of these cases, there is a ready source of alternative, which is at least reasonably comparable in pricing; thus, changes in corn's pricing directly effect the demand for corn, as people either chose the alternative more (when corn's price goes up), or chose corn over the alternative (as corn's price decreases).
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How much is one tenth of a piece of gold?

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It depends how big the piece is: a gram, an ounce, a ton...
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What is another word for commodity?

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article, asset, belonging, goods, material, object, produce, product, property, and specialty.
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What are some commodities having elastic demand?

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usually branded and expensive commodities have elastic demand because its quantity demanded is effected highly by its change in price
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What is the ticker symbol for Pillsbury?

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Pillsbury does not have a ticker symbol. It's a brand name that was purchased by General Mills (NYSE: GIS), but anti-trust action forced General Mills to "split" the Pillsbury subsidery. The J.M. Smucker Company (NYSE: SJM) uses the brand name along with General Mills. Each corporation manufactures products with the Pillsbury brand on them, with General Mills producing frozen/refrigerated items, and Smucker producing frostings and dry baking products.
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How can you get free steel price update daily?

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you have to subscribe to websites (or their feeds) that feature current free scrap metal prices. Also facebook and linkedin have many forums where people discuss the latest scrap prices around the world
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How might merchants manipulate the price of commodities?

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Merchants try to manipulate the price of commodities by controlling the amount available for sale. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When Brazil grew most of the world's coffee, they could control the price by only selling it when it would fetch a certain price. At that point, a number of nations in Africa started growing coffee. At that point, the price of coffee collapsed. It is possible to manipulate commodity prices in the short run but not in the long run. In a short time, the large sugar cane fields of Florida could be harvested and turned into rice paddies. Besides controlling the amount they are willing to sell, price manipulation can be the result of direct collusion between merchants: that is, regardless of how much is being sold, merchants could agree that they would never charge less than some price $X for the good. This type of collusion is usually done through cartels or trusts, but, particularly in the medieval times, was a practice of guilds and mercantile associations. It also can happen today when a market has a very few merchants (2-4 at most), and they come to an "unofficial" agreement around pricing. Additionally, merchants and/or nations can manipulate or control prices by tariffs and import quotas. From the times of mercantilism, colonial powers used this system to embellish the economies of the home nation at the expense of the colonies they controlled. Rarely did the Power be in the business of growing cotton for example, however, the merchants that were were part of this self contained profit system with the control of prices in collusion with their governments. Merchants can also control prices and commodities by means of monopolies that are created by governments. Reference to this is mentioned earlier by the first contributor.
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Disadvantages of Commodity money?

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There are two. One is, there can never be more money than there are commodities to cover it. If you decide that one dollar is equal to one gram of gold, and there are only 1 million grams of gold in the world, there can only ever be 1 million dollars. The other is, if you can find more of the commodity you can destabilize the financial system. Money gains worth through scarcity. If gold is 1 gram = $1, and you find a vein of gold with 1 million grams of gold in it, you have just made all the money in the world half as desirable as it was before.
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What is the abbreviation of the word NIFTY in the stock market?

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It's not actually an abbreviation. Nifty is the S&P CRISIL NSE Index 50, which is the Indian equivalent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Because there are 50 stocks in it, people started calling it the "Nifty 50," and later just Nifty.
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Paragraph on price hike of essential commodities of India?

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When the cost of something becomes far more expensive than its original price.Price rise is a great problem of the day. It is a common phenomenon not only in our country but also in the world. Today the prices of necessary things such as food items, cloths, education materials, medicine and many other necessary things are going up by leaps and bounds. Price rise is caused by several factors like hording, population explosion, low productivity, natural calamities, wars, backwardness of communication, evil motives of dishonest businessmen, smuggling, black marketing etc. If the price rise is caused by the short supply of commodities, it is temporary. But it is very difficult to control the price rise caused by inflation. However, the people of low income suffer greatly and pass there days in constant anxiety. They find it, difficult to make their both ends meet. Price rise has terrible effects on man's character. It leads people to the path of corruption and moral degradation. Lows should be enforced strictly to bring the prices of the essential commodities within the purchasing capacity of the common people
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How much is a silver per gram today?

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Silver is $18.56 an ounce. The price of silver is constantly changing. You can always get the latest silver price you have an iPhone or iPod by using an app called Pennyweight (see Related Links). Simply entering the weight and selecting the purity will automatically calculate the value of silver based on the current market price.
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How much does Titanium cost for a pound in 2011?

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depending on whether you are looking for regular titanium range can cost $ 8.50 per pound and ferro titanium range can cost $2.25 per pound.
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Calculate change in working capital?

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just take current assets - current liabilities to obtain working capital. change in working capital is (Year 1 CA - CL) - (Year 2 CA-CL)
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How many ounces of gold are in a standard gold bar?

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Standard Gold Bar Sizes Gold Bars come in a variety of sizes - all of which have been standardized over the centuries. Modern gold bars are stamped with a purity (usually .999 or .9999 fine or pure) along with the weight of the bar and the manufacturer or mint that produced the bar. Standard Gold Bars come in the following sizes: 1 gm Gold Bars 1 oz Gold Bars 10 oz Gold Bars 1 Kilo (32.15 oz) Gold Bars Gold Bars are priced based on a "spot price" per ounce of gold (which can be easily located on various stock or commodity exchanges around the world) plus any premium cost for the various sizes of bars you purchase. This premium is based heavily on availability of supply and demand for specific bar sizes, manufacturers and/or other factors. Gold is fairly expensive for it's weight, which is one of the reasons people like to own gold as an investment. It is a very compact "store of wealth", meaning you could literally have well over $100,000 in small gold bars that would take up less space than a small shoe box and can easily be stored in a small home safe. In times of financial (like we are seeing now in late 2008) or societal (like war zones or destabilized governments) turbulence, people often turn to gold to store their wealth for the following very good reasons: Gold is very compact - taking up very little space for the value of money Gold is easy to store - it doesn't rust, decay or dissolve Gold can easily be traded - gold has long been used as currency, being traded for other goods or services Gold is independent - it can be transferred into any other currency in the world Gold maintains a steady value - the price of gold may change but this is more a reflection of the inflation or deflation of a given currency. Gold maintains a very stable value - where modern paper currencies fluctuate greatly and can become worthless very quickly (See Argentina Hyper-Inflation of 1980-2000) Gold is not traceable - it doesn't have micro chips, serial numbers that are tracked, etc Gold is not taxed - while you may pay sales tax to purchase it, it is not taxed as property (like your home or real estate) Gold has no inheritance tax either - because it is untraceable and is a simple possession You can purchase gold bars online at reputable dealers like APMEX ( to gain the advantage of gold as an investment and protection against inflation and troubled times. You can also purchase gold on online auction sites like EBAY, however, great caution should be used to avoid being defrauded. With the high prices of gold and other precious metals, it is better to make your purchases from trustworthy companies with excellent reputations.
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What is the rate of 22 carat gold in bahrain today?

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Everyday Indian gold price is available in the related link below.
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What is 'open outcry' in futures trading?

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An open outcry is a traders attempt to verbally shout either a buy or sell order. - - - - - Kind of. In an Open Outcry system, which is mostly used on commodities exchanges, traders use hand signals to issue buy or sell orders. They scream, too, but the orders are actually placed through the use of hand signals. This is going away, to be replaced by electronic signaling systems. Some traders prefer open outcry; they know the other traders in the pit and how they trade, and by watching them you can tell what to do on an issue.
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What is the difference between commodities and merchandise?

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Commodities are merchandise, but you might be thinking of bulk commodities and packaged merchandise. In that case, when you buy packaged beans you get a nice little bag with beans in it. Bulk commodity beans show up in a fiberboard drum or a dump truck.

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