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Who sings the song for NFL commercial with fans riding to games?

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The song is called "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.
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What is the song played in the Nikon D3100 advert?

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Artist: Radical Face Song Title: Welcome Home
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What is the song used in the ''Naturally CTV'' promo?

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The song is called "Naturally" and it's by Selena Gomez & The Scene.
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Who sings the Avon commercial Unspoken?

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fergie is doing a fragrance for Avon called outspoken
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Who sings the song on the Dead Space 2 commercial?

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Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
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Who sings the current Lowe's commercial song?

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The song is "Don't Stop" by Gin Wigmore.
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What are some camp hi hill songs?

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Do you need the lyrics as well? Or just the names? Because there are SOOOO many! -Alligator -Birdman Zoom -Baby Shark -Rare Bog -Da Moose -Swimming Pool -Little Red Wagon -The Donut Shop -My Bonnie -Disco -Crocodile -Princess Pat -Moon on the Meadow -Tarzan -Desperado -Boom Chica Boom -Bo Diddly Bop -Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy -Friends Are Nothing (Till They Camp Together) (Sign Language Song) -Make New Friends -Little Red Wagon -There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly -Little Cottage In The Woods -I Love The Forest -We Come From The Mountains -Oreo Cookie **There are PLENTY more but these are all that I can come up with right now...I'll post more when I remember more
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Who sings the song in the IKEA kitchen advert?

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Man like me are the band who sing the song in the ad. originally done by jona lewie who also appears in the video.
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Who wrote the Oscar Mayer bologna song?

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It was written by Christian Comedian, Mike Williams. He sold it to them and can no longer sing it in his shows.
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What does the song 'kings and queens' mean that was by thirty seconds to mars?

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It is about God coming back to earth to get the people who believed in him to come to heaven and to save those who didnt. Trust me its true, I asked him when I got VIP tickets to his concert. He said they are a christian band but they dont mention it because they want more publicity
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What is the song on the city beach commercial?

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Band: 'Save us for summer' Song title: 'Rocking your Body' Latest City Beach commercial 2010. They are AWESOME!!!
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Who sings the new McDonald McRib commercial?

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The song is "Love" by Matt White. The commercial features a guy and girl that look like they are about to kiss but then they start eating a McRib instead. See the related link for the YouTube video of the commercial.
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Who produced lg Refresh Steam Washer ad?

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If you mean the song, it was produced by Paul Brill, specifically for this commercial. It sounds very similar to Jens Lekman's "Sweet Summer Night" and the Vandellas "Heat Wave". As for the woman? So beautiful and easy on the eyes...