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There are many types of cleaning that need be done around the house. There are also many methods, tips, and tricks on how to clean. These question and friendus about types and ways of cleaning.

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What hours is Target open on Easter Sunday?

According to their ad, Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.
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Is Target open on Easter Sunday?

All Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.
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How do you remove nail polish stains from your carpet?

I'm a material researcher and I've reviewed this extensive answer. There are many inaccuracies and bad advice here, along with extremely effective and absolutely clear recommendations that should work very well. Nail polish is, for practical intents and purposes, a form of nitrocellulose lacquer. Nitrocellulose, the first plastic ever invented, is an excellent coating material for human cuticle, and that's why it's used in nail polish. But if it spills and gets on something unintended, it can make a difficult stain. To effectively remove...
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How do you clean syrup off hard wood flooring?

A large bottle of pure sugar cane syrup broke on the kitchen floor. I am not sure exactly the type of flooring, but it is a ruddy red color like brick but smoother tiling. I don't think it's terribly delicate. My first mistake was mopping with soap. That seems to have spread the disastrous mess to new levels. I have also hand scrubbed with a degreaser and mopped again with water. It is still incredibly sticky, like to the point where if...
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How do you get rid of bacon smell in a room?

-Spray air freshener -Open all the windows I live in Florida and have my air conditioner on all the time. Whenever that happens (I'm guilty of burning bacon a lot, lol), I take my air conditioner's filter and spray Febreze on it, then put it back into the air conditioner and let the air run. The fresh, clean, and pretty smells get through the whole house, getting rid of the burned bacon smell as it travels through the house. Doing it this way...
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Where can one buy Natchez Solution furniture polish?

They have a website and also they advertise in magazines, one being Real Simple, which is where I ordered 3 bottles over 7 months ago. I paid via PayPal, but never received the product. I have called and been promised delivery. Nothing. I have emailed and had a promise of delivery. Nothing. I have emailed again, but had no response whatsoever. I do not recommend ordering this solution. Me too! I have emailed and called with only one response and no product....
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How do you get pine sap off your hands?

Often soap and water is not enough to get pine sap off your hands. Try rubbing your hands with oil or butter first, to loosen the sap. Then follow with warm water and dish soap. Rubbing alcohol also works but be sure to moisturize your hands after, it can be very drying. ...
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Where can you buy Murphy's oil soap?

Most stores carry Murphys oil soap. You can try Walmart, Target, etc.
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How do you get rid of gasoline smell that spilled on concrete floor?

Concrete is porous! It Will go away by its self! I work in the oil industry, and getting rid of smells, stains etc.. is a routine for me. The product I use to clean, remove smells from oil based products, gasoline, is called "Citrol" you can do a Google search to find a supplier. I purchase it from a local vendor called Howard Supply Co., they are located in many states, so perhaps one near you. It comes in a aerosol, so...
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If there is rust in your water supply how would you clean it to fill a small rectangular plastic pool?

Rust in your water is caused by iron in your water supply. You can get a water softner and use the softened water to fill your pool, or you can fill your pool with the rusty water and use a scale and metal out chemical that you could purchase at any local pool dealer. If you choose to purchase the scale and metal out I would recommend taking a sample of your water so that they can test to find out...
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Can you use dawn to clean leather car seats?

yes and when dried, use hand lotion to restore the finish
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How do you take the static off of a couch?

the simplest way to remove static from your couch or any other place is by simply taking a few of your fabric softener sheets that you may use for laundry and just rub them all over the couch. Not only will it remove the static it'll make it smell good too! ...
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How do you clean hardened cheese off dish brush?

Simple :) Just either pour boiled water onto the hardened cheese, or put it in a bowl/basin of boiled water. It will come off quickly. (This could melt the brush though). Alternatively, just put the brush into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes and it will be cleaned by the end of the cycle. ...
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What is the best way to remove fiberglass from your skin?

friendus Duct tape. The hair may go away too, so be warned. Take a piece of duct tape and place it on the skin and it will stick to the fiberglass fibers that are still above the skin. Remove the duct tape and the glass goes with it. If the fiberglass has worked its way below the skins surface, nothing can be done. Take a hot shower, not too hot as this will make your pores swell, you only want them to...
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Can you wash polo shoes in washing machine?

Yes but you have to do the followings to do; 1) Form-dry with some sponges inside. Do not dry in a tumbler. 2) Remove the yellowish rings with our 'neBrown' spray 3) Re-glue on loose rubber lines. ...
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How do you clean an urine from a inflatable mattress?

To clean urine from an inflatable mattress blot up as much as possible. You can then clean the area with soapy water. If the mattress has an odor you can use a product such as Urine Gone to clean it again. ...
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What nail polish goes best with tanned skin?

Contributors have said: The best nail polish for tanned skin would be any light color, for example a light aqua color or a pale purple because it brings out your tan. The NARS Orgasm nail polish is amazing with tanned skin. You can buy it from Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics. It sounds tacky but try a white nail polish with tanned skin. White really shows off the tan and, if it is painted nicely, it looks glamorous. Also a navy blue can look...
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How do you get nail glue off furniture?

Like candle wax. Perhaps this will work. Place a brown paper bag over glue, wax or similar. With a hot iron place on bag and iron. The paper bag will absorb the wax, glue etc and lift of fabric , carpet and similar. You may also use a pinch of kerosene oil for removing such stains from the woods. They are actually hydrophobic in nature and help in the removal of such paints from the wood. They also won't affect your...
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How do you remove limescale from granite worktops?

Try quickleen-s. It remove all granite stains including water and limescale. Try an online search. ...
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What are the 4 steps to hand washing dishes?

1. Scrape off loose food and rinse off dishes. 2. Fill the sink with very warm water and a squirt of soap. Use sponge or dishcloth to wash 3. Put silverware in front area of sink; all handles on one end. 4. Wash non-greasy dishes first: cups and glasses 5. Wash plates, bowls, serving dishes 6. Wash silverware and then pans You can rinse dishes as you go or at the end of the process. If you have someone drying the dishes as you...
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Does fiberglass rust?

Rust is a term reserved fro the oxidation of metals. Glass cannot "rust"/"burn": it an oxide already. However, fibreglass is made out of glass and plastic, the former can crack and the latter may loose its plasticiser (i.e. old plastics items go brittle), so old fibreglass is brittle and powdery. ...
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How do you get wax out of microwave?

I heard that u can use alot of wax. first sature it then let it sit for awhile and then wipe away.. :) A good way of removing wax from any surface is to place an ice cube on the wax, leave for a couple of minutes and you should be able to lift it off. ...
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Why is there sand in your washing machine?

debris from ur clothes over time collect in ur washer