Questions and information about Chennai city in Tamil Nadu state in India

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Total black money in India?

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According to a Swiss Banking Association Report (2006), "India has more black money than the rest of the world combined." India has stashed almost $1.456 billion in black money in Swiss banks. Black money is income obtained by illegal activities that is not reported to the government to avoid income taxes. See the related link for a report from the Times of Bombay.
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Where can you find the BA result of Allama Iqbal Open University?

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Check the related link for the official AIOU result website.
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Who is the women freedom fighter of tamilnadu?

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Rani velu nachiyar of sivagangai, who was the queen of sivagangai was one of the women who took part in freedom struggle from tamilnadu.
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What is the gold price per 10 grams in Indian rupees in Dubai?

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10 gm gold price in Dubai Gold Price Close Today : 1097.30 in American dollars per ounce by Change: 7.30 or 0.7% for 24K gold the price today is $38.66 per gram or = 762.32 Euro per ounce = 680.1 in GBP Pounds and = 24.55 Euro per gram = 21.9 in GBP Pounds
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Anna university exam timetable for 5th sem cse?

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cse 5 th sem exam timetable on 2008 regulation in the year 2011-2012
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TN 2 question paper of last 3 years?

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i want 10th science question&answer paper in last 3year's state board english medium in tamilnadu...
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List of schools in chennai?

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Complete updates list of schools in chennai can be found at
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Is tycoons empire is an approved NBFC by RBI?

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Is tycoons empire is an approved NBFC by RBI.
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What are the top 10 MBA colleges in Chennai?

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The list of Top 10 MBA colleges in Chennai are - Loyola Institute of Business Administration Great Lakes Institute of Management Institute for Financial Management Sri Sairam Institute of Management Studies SRM School of Management St. Peter's Institute of Management Velammal College of Management ITM Chennai Rajalakshmi Engineering College DMS Vel Tech Chennai
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Top 10 ranking institute of chartered accountants in the world?

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Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
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List of trains from warangal to chennai?

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answer for your questions can be get thought IRCT , Indian railway details search,
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How can you check your present balance of PF account?

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You can check your EPF balance from the finance department of your employer. Or, if you know your PF account number, you can check it online at the EPF website. Refer to the website in the related links section for details on how you can check it online. You can request your employer to provide the details. Contact the finance department of your company.
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What ug mean in pharmacology?

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A µg is a microgram, or 1/1.000.000 (1 millionth) of a gram.
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Can apple cider vinegar pills cause hives?

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no unless you are allergic bye bye balls balls
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Solved question paper for MBA 1st semester?

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Economic reforms on account of growth but equity Explain,
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MA result balochistan university quetta?

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Please out the MA Political Science results because all student wait for result
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Where can you download free Tamil songs?

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download it from