A food made from proteins and animal fat (generally cow, goats, buffalo and/or sheep).

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What has more calories cheese or mayo?

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According to CalorieKing, the amount of Calories in "average all brands" mayonnaise and cheese are 376 and 400 respectively; however you may want to check with the different brands and varieties, as some cheeses and mayonnaise have reduced fat. It also depends on how much you have portion wise. So in short, cheese has more calories on average per 100 grams. Keep in mind that regular mayo is almost all fat because it's made of oil and a small amount of egg yolk, with just a bit of lemon juice or spice for flavour. Most kinds are going to be 80% pure fat, give or take. No cheese has a fat content that high: more typically high fat cheeses are about 30% fat and many are much lower. Some cheeses, such as triple cream brie, will be much higher in fat.
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Can you put cheese in the compost?

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No, you shouldn't put cheese in the compost pile. Dairy products, greasy or oily foods, and meat attract foraging wildlife. Generally, once a hungry critter finds a food source, the stop becomes permanent on the animal's nightly rounds.
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What does Edam cheese taste like?

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Mild and creamy with a strong scent of feet
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What cheeses have a tangy taste?

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Any sharp cheeses such as sharp cheddar or sharp mozarella.
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Is Sainsbury's ricotta cheese vegetarian?

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Yes, eating cheese is not eating meat. It might have rennet (a coagulant) in it, which can be derived from either animal (most common) or vegetable sources. So, depending on how strictly vegetarian you are, you may or may not want to eat ricotta. You can try going on the company's website to see if if specifies the coagulant's source. By law, all vegetarian products in the UK must be symbolised with a green V on the packaging so they can easily be spotted by vegetarians.
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How do you clean hardened cheese off dish brush?

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Simple :) Just either pour boiled water onto the hardened cheese, or put it in a bowl/basin of boiled water. It will come off quickly. (This could melt the brush though). Alternatively, just put the brush into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes and it will be cleaned by the end of the cycle.
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Why does a cheese contain sodium chloride?

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Salt (sodium chloride) serves as a catalyst and/or a speeder-upper for many reactions, including the ones that turn milk or cream into cheese. There are cheeses that can be made with little or no salt, but they are almost all soft cheeses, ones that are made in a short period of time (such as mozzarella). Aged cheeses pretty much need salt to keep things going until they turn into something that's recognizable as cheddar or gruyere or whatever.
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Can you substitute monterey jack cheese with mozzarella cheese?

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You can but Monterey Jack undictincted flavor compared to mozzarella. That is why Monterey Jack is usually blended with another cheese like colbly to make colbly jack cheese. It is also blended with jalapeño peppers to make pepper jack cheese. So in my opinion I wouldn't substitute them because the flavor of just monterey jack lane is very different than mozzarella.
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Does ricotta cheese melt?

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Yes that's how you make lasagna.
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Where can you buy lipase powder?

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Many brew shops with carry cheese making products including lipase
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How do you tell if mozzarella cheese has gone bad?

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If the cheese is hard. Answer 2: Hard cheese is considered expired, however, with proper ingredients, the cheese can be added to another culinary masterpiece and is not expired.
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What role does bacteria play in cheese making?

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cheese is made by bacteria go Packers for Super Bowl 2011
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What happens when you eat mac and cheese every day?

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Well, since both macaroni and dairy are complex carbohydrates, it may be fine to eat if you follow it up with moderate to vigorous exercise. But if you just sit around after eating it, you're body will change the carbohydrates into fats for storage. And, the cheese is a source of cholesterol. You don't want to clog your arteries with LDL (Bad cholesterol). Long story short? All things in moderation. If you are a hardcore mac 'n cheese fan, trying eating it once a week to avoid excessive weight gain.
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How do cows chew cheese?

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Cows don't chew cheese. They're herbivores, they chew grass and hay and such, and chew, when they're sitting around and relaxed, partly digested forage matter that they regurgitated from their reticulo-rumen tract called cud. Milk is produced from cows (normally for their calves, but in the case of dairy cows, for human consumption), and the fatty content of milk is made into cheese and other creamy dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, and butter.
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How much fat does cheese steak have?

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Well depends on what kind of cheese steak or Chkicken cheese steak you get There is some fat in the cheese steak because of the cheese and alittle bit in the meat. So it really depends on the size also.
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Do you have to refrigerate velveeta before it is opened?

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No. It is ultra-pasteurized , but once opened, must be refrigerated.
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Is mold on cheese safe to eat?

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Generally, no. Food that has grown mold is usually a sign of it being spoiled. Consumption of mold can cause health hazards to humans such as respiratory infections. However some cheeses like, blue cheese, are deliberately cultured with mold in it. This probably not only gives the cheese a distinct taste but also helps prevent other molds from establishing themselves thus giving the cheese a longer shelf life.
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Do you need to refrigerate nacho cheese?

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Yes you need to refrigerate it, in order to keep it from spoiling!
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How do you make cooper sharp cheese?

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All cheese is made by curdling milk, straining out the curds, pressing them into a form. Different types of cheese are made different by using various curdling agents, different types of milk, aging the cheese for various lengths of time, etc. Sharp cheeses are usually aged longer than mild cheeses.
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Does cheese help you grow?

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Cheese does contain protein, so it can build muscles and help you grow.
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What eats cheese?

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Me and mice
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Do Canadians eat macaroni and cheese?

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As a Canadian, I can vouch that in fact we do eat macaroni and cheese such as Kraft Dinner. I personally prefer homemade macaroni and cheese. It can be a survival tactic for those in university and college who know no other way of preparing a meal.