Cathedral and Church History

A cathedral is a Christian church that houses the bishop, while a church is a structure or building that facilitates the meeting of Jesus Christ’s followers. Their history can be traced back to the apostolic times.

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Cathedral and Church History

What is a cathedral official?

one who takes care of the church!!

First of all a cathedral is a cathedral and is never called a church. Cathedral and church officials vary, and could be deans, archdeacons, is a committee that takes care of religious buildings,

Cathedral and Church History

Can a church minister get married?

The Bible dose permit a man to be married; yet they are best not to be. It states that some like Peter, left their wives. It dose requires woman to be alone, so it will not interfere with her/their marriage.

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Cathedral and Church History

How many UK cities have 2 cathedrals?

Portsmouth is among only a few British cities that have two cathedrals; the Anglican cathedral of St Thomas, in Old Portsmouth and the Roman Catholic cathedral of St John the Evangelist, in Edinburgh Road, Portsea.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth was founded in 1882 by Pope Leo XIII. Vatican policy in England at the time was to found sees in locations other than those used for Anglican cathedrals and the Ecclesiastical Titles Act forbade a Roman Catholic bishop from bearing the same title as one in the established church. Accordingly, Portsmouth was chosen in preference to Winchester.

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Cathedral and Church History

Why are most swords shaped like a cross?

Actually, many swords are not shaped like a cross, but swords like scimitars and sabers are curved. As for straight swords, many are shaped like very elongated crosses. The hand-guard at the top, by the handle, is intended to keep your hand from sliding down the blade from sweat, injuring you, and it prevents the other man's blade from hitting your hand. The blade and handle make up the large part of the sword with the hand-guard near the handle end. The shape of a cross wasn't entirely intentional, it just happened to be the most convenient shape to mass-produce, while keeping the hands of the wielder safe.

Cathedral and Church History
Reformation History

When did the Protestant Reformation take place?

In the 16th Century

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Cathedral and Church History

What do cathedrals look like?

Cathedrals are very large churches. Their appearance depends on when and where they were built. Usually they were stone, but some were brick. Many were highly decorated, but some were relatively undecorated. In general they were very big, and many were positively huge.

There is a link below, at which there are pictures.

Henry VIII
Cathedral and Church History

What other names is Henry VIII church given?

The Church of England (c of e) and the Anglican Church.

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Cathedral and Church History

What is the function of Westminster Abbey?

It is primarily a house of worship, like any church or cathedral. It is also the location for coronations, weddings of the prominent, funerals of the prominent.

Cathedral and Church History

How many gargoyles are in the Notre Dame Cathedral?


Cathedral and Church History

What do you call church singers?

church choir members.

They are choristers

Cathedral and Church History

Where would you find a nave apse atrium and narthex?

They are all found in Churches.


Cathedral and Church History

How many years separate the start of the building of Chartres Cathedral and the building of the mosque at Timbuktu?

20 years

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Cathedral and Church History

Why was becket killed?


There were a couple of friendus.

1. A first argument with King Henry the Second. Henry made Becket the Archbishop of Canterbury, hoping he would help him reform the church courts. But he did not. Instead, he made God his new master.

2. A second argument. Becket began to excommunicate (sack) all the monks who followed Henry in the Cathedral of their jobs. Once again, this made Henry furious, causing him to fly into a rage.

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Cathedral and Church History

When did church bells ring again in World War 2?

When the war was over.

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Cathedral and Church History

What is the setting in Dante's purgatorio?

his setting is in the 7 layers of hell. hahahA

Cathedral and Church History

When was the Seville cathedral built?

The groundbreaking was in 1401 and the consecration in 1507... so it took about 100 years to complete.

Cathedral and Church History

What is the difference between a basilica... a cathedral... an oratory and a church?

In the Roman Catholic Church, a basilica is a designation for an important church building. A basilica is designated by the pope to buildings that carry special spiritual, historical, and architectural significance. Once a basilica -- always a basilica. A basilica may or may not also be the cathedral of the diocese. This is the highest permanent designation for a church building. The word basilica derives from a style of church based on the old roman basilicas which were houses of Law.

A cathedral is a church which holds a bishop's throne (called cathedra). It means it is the central church of his diocese. A cathedral may or may not be a basilica. It is the home church for the bishop or archbishop of a Catholic diocese. A cathedral may not always be a cathedral, depending on the decisions of the bishop. Hierarchally, the cathedral is the most important church of a diocese. A church is a building in which the public sacrifice of the Mass takes place. An oratory is more like a chapel, which is a place where people celebrate private Masses. An oratory is a structure other than a parish church, set aside by Church authority for prayer and the celebration of Mass. Examples would be chapels in airports and colleges where all of the functions of a parish aren't required. Private chapels are permitted in Catholicism, but if Church authority had not sanctioned their particular creation, they are chapels, not oratories. All of these are churches in that they have a consecrated altar and are used for celebrating the Sacraments.

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Cathedral and Church History

Why was Notre Dame Cathedral built?

Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris, decided to build a new cathedral for the expanding population, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Although construction started in 1163, it was not completed until roughly 80 years later in about 1240s. Built in an age of illiteracy, the cathedral retells the stories of the Bible in its portals, paintings, and stained glass.

It has over 4,999 gargoles and has priceless paintings.

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Cathedral and Church History

What is a basilica?

The Latin word basilica (derived from Greek, Basiliké Stoà, Royal Stoa), was originally used to describe a Roman public building (as in Greece, mainly a tribunal), usually located in the forum of a Roman town. In Hellenistic cities, public basilicas appeared in the 2nd century BC. Basilicas were also used for religious purposes. The remains of a large subterranean Neopythagorean basilica, dating from the 1st century, were found near the Porta Maggiore in 1915; the stuccoes on the interior vaulting have survived, though their exact interpretation remains a matter for debate. The groundplan of Christian basilicas in the 4th century were similar to that of this Neopythagorean basilica, which had three naves, and an apse. After the Roman Empire became officially Christian, the term came by extension to specifically refer to a large and important church that has been given special ceremonial rites by the Pope. Thus the word retains two senses today, one architectural and the other ecclesiastical.

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Cathedral and Church History

How long did it take to build Notre Dame?

I don’t know 200 years maybe

Cathedral and Church History

The table in the most sacred part of a church is called?


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Cathedral and Church History

What year was the cathedral Notre Dame built?

Construction started in 1163 AD.

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Cathedral and Church History

Sida ay isugu xigaan qabiilka tumaal?

tumaal geeymale siyaad adan cadoow

Cathedral and Church History

What is a triforium in a Cathedral?

A shallow gallery of arches within the thickness of an inner wall above the Nave

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Why is southwell diocese important to the national school?

because the national school started in the gates of St. Marys Magdalene church which is part of the southwell / Nottingham diocese.


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