Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular means anything of, relating to, or involving the heart and the blood vessels (arteries and veins) A healthy heart and circulatory system is vital to life. Ask questions here about how to keep the cardiovascular system pumping.

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Cardiovascular Health

Is a heart rate of 45 per minute too low?

It depends on the individual, but if you have a strong heart (usually athletes) a resting heart rate can be below 50 without any negative effects. But, in most individuals a heart rate of 45 can be something that might need to be treated with medications or a pacemaker.

Pulse rate < 60 beats per minute is known as bradycardia.


Cardiovascular Health
Death and Dying

Has a person ever been scared to death?

Yes. Notably (and unfortunately), this happened in 2008, when a fleeing bank robber broke into a 79-year-old womanҀ™s house to hide from police. The woman died of a heart attack, and the robber was given a life sentence for causing her death.

While every cardiac event is different, hereҀ™s some information about what fear does to your heart: When you feel youҀ™re in danger, your brain orders a surge of adrenaline to course through your bodyβ€”this triggers your fight-or-flight response, which, among other things, raises your heart rate. The intent is to pump blood to your muscles and other vital organs, preparing you for battle or escape, but in extreme circumstances and risk-prone hearts, this can cause a heart attack.

ThatҀ™s horrifying, but death by fear is rare. HereҀ™s Vincent Bufalino, MD, in his interview with the American Heart Association:

Γ’Β€ΒœYou can have a sudden cardiac-related event related to an adrenaline surge, but I think it would be a stretch to say you could get that from someone coming in a werewolf costume to your front door. [Something that will give you a heart attack] is the kind of thing that you can't prepare for. If it happens, it happens, and you hope your body doesn't overreact to that event.Ҁ

So, yes, someone has been scared to death, but this isnҀ™t something you need to worry about.

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Cardiovascular Health

What is resting heart rate for a 52 year old male?

60-100 bpm is average

Cardiovascular Health
Muscular System

Is too much muscle bad for your heart?

The heart is a muscle, if you are asking whether having a heart diagnosed as being "enlarged" (or cardiomegaly) is it bad for you, the answer is it could be. That can be a finding from radiology or other imaging that may indicate the heart is building up the size of the muscle by having to beat harder and/or faster to compensate for some other problem that is not allowing proper circulation of blood. You may need further testing to be sure if there is an underlying problem and if so it can be addressed so you can prevent further heart enlargement and the strain of its extra work.

If you are asking if having extra weight and size from large muscles is hard on your heart, then again, it could be. Usually weight issues that cause problems with your heart are due to obesity (excess fat), rather than excess muscle. The excess fat does more to damage your circulatory system than just make your heart work harder and it leads to other associated diseases and disorders that are also bad for your heart (such as diabetes and hypertension).

Muscle actually is a more dense tissue than fat and, therefore can weigh more. Carrying too much extra weight, regardless of the source of the weight, can make your heart work harder just to keep everything oxygenated. However, usually those who have extra skeletal muscle are also doing other good things to offset this minor effect of the weight of muscle (cardiovascular exercise, good nutrition, etc.). Their bodies do not have excess fat that causes many problems since they are working out. The end result is often that the exercise and proper foods that are good for your lungs and muscles will offset any issues from the extra weight of the muscle.

But, too much of a good thing can also end up being bad. Extremely and abnormally large muscles can be hard on all your body systems.

Cardiovascular Health
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate

What is a normal 26 year old male blood pressure?

normal BP for a person done growing, male or female is 120/80. However it has been noticed that women of slighter build usually run lower like 110/70.

Cardiovascular Health
Respiratory System

What is the role of pons and medulla oblangata in regulating the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how is it effected by exercise?

The pons and medulla oblongata are part of the central nervous syst. (CNS) During times of physical or emotional stress, the autonomic nevous syst.(ANS) stimulate the sinoatrial node (SA) and the atrioventricular node (AV) and the cardiac muscle itself. When the demand declines the heart adjusts, the parasympathetic nerves slow and steady the heart.

For breathing:

Neural centers that control respiratory rhythm and depth are located mainly in the medulla and pons. the medulla sets the basic rhythm of breathin, it contains a pacemaker or self-exciting inspiratory center. When its neurons fire, a burst of impulses travels along the phrenic and intercostal nerves to excite the diaphragm and external coastal muscles, respectively. The medulla also contains an expiratory center that inhibits the pacemaker in a rhythmic way. Impulses going back and forth between medulla centers mantain a rate of 12-15 respirations/min. Pons centers appear to smooth out the basic rhythm of inspiration and expiration set by the medulla

Cardiovascular Health

What is the difference between heart murmur and heart arrhythmia?

Heart arrhythmia is when the beats are irregular. It can be too fast or too slow as well as irregular rhythm.

Murmur is just the sound that can be heard as the result of turbulence of fluid (blood in this case) flowing in the heart as it pumps. The turbulence normally occur around the valves because of the changes in flow there. There are serious valvular diseases causing no murmur where as some obvious murmurs are perfectly benign.

Cardiovascular Health
Blood Pressure

What does 150 over 60 blood pressure mean?

150/60 = systolic bp / diastolic bp .... this means your systolic BP is elevated and needs to be taken care of unless you were really stressed out or exercising when the BP was taken. Otherwise a BP of 150/60 is treatable medically (pills) or you can try diet and exercise if you are overweight that will bring it down also. Textbook normal is 120/80 but your 60 diastolic is fine... cardiologist would say the lower the better as long as you are not dizzy or constantly fatigued.

Cardiovascular Health
Idioms, Cliches, and Slang

What does I 'heart' you mean?

It means, I love you.

Cardiovascular Health
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate

What are normal body parameters?

Premature: Heart rate=120-170bpm

Respiratory Rate=40-70

Blood Pressure=55-75/35-45

0-3 months: Heart rate=100-150bpm

Respiratory Rate=35-55

Blood Pressure=65-85/45-55

3-6 months: Heart Rate=90-120bpm

Respiratory Rate=30-45

Blood Pressure=70-90/50-65

6-12 months:Heart Rate=80-120bpm

Respiratory Rate=25-40

Blood Pressure=80-100/55-65

1-3 years: Heart rate=70-110

Respiratory rate=20-30

Blood Pressure=90-105/55-70

3-6 years: Heart rate=65-110bpm

Respiratory rate=20-30

Blood Pressure=95-110/60-75

6-12 years: Heart Rate=60-95bpm

Respiratory rate=14-22

Blood pressure=100-120/60-75

12-18 years: Heart Rate=55-85

Respiratory rate=12-18

Blood Pressure= 110-135/65-85

Heart rate: 50-100 beats per minute, depending on physical age and conditioning.

Respiratory rate: 12 breaths per minute

Blood Pressure: 120/80mmHg but this is seen to rise as people get older due to increased arterial resistance.

Cardiovascular Health
Heart Rate

Normal heart rate for 93 year old?

64 to 95 BPM.

Cardiovascular Health
Blood Pressure

How do you lower blood pressure in a hurry?

be seated and breath normally

Avoid fructose. A summer 2010 study within the Journal from the American Society associated with Nephrology shows that reducing on sugar, particularly fructose, may cure the chance of developing hypertension. Experts found that individuals who consumed 74 grms of fructose or even more every day had a 77 % the upper chances for low blood pressure amounts of 160/100, that is considered hypertension.

Cardiovascular Health
Heart Disease

Is there a cure for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

Even though there is no specific cure available, there are effective medicines. They have to do with the thinning of the septum. They will not cure it completely, though it will relieve many symptoms (which itself can extend life).

Cardiovascular Health
Blood Pressure

What happens when your blood pressure is 189 over 125?

A blood pressure of 189 over 125 is not safe. The blood vessels in a person's body would be under great stress, and the high blood pressure could cause damage to the body's organs. The brain is particularly affected by high blood pressure. Anyone with this high of a blood pressure should go to an emergency room immediately.

Cardiovascular Health
Chickens and Roosters

How many breaths per minute do chickens have?

At rest and not under stress a male chicken (rooster) has a rate of between 12 and 20 breaths per minute. The hens rate is higher under the same conditions averaging 20 to 36 breaths per minute.

Many factors can influence these rates including ambient temperatures, stress and activity.

Cardiovascular Health
Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is 99 over 66 is this ok?

as long as you arent dizzy or overly fatigued... it's fine

Cardiovascular Health
Aging and Life Extension

How does using steroids lead to strokes and heart attacks?

What do steroids do? They increase your muscle strength and size. What is your? a muscle. What does steroids do to your body? Makes it larger increasing the stress on you're heart to pump the blood. That's why most over sized people die of some kind of heart disease. The heart can only take so much the bigger you are the harder your heart has to work.

Not too mention also that steroids also messes with your hormone level. Meaning your hair and teeth will die and fallout prematurely. Oh, yeah if you're a guy your balls will shrink, if you're a girl get use to that black thick hair that you had little of before and now have to shave weekly or daily.

They aren't worth it you risk all that for what a few muscles that are going to turn into fat anyway. If you're lazy enough to do put the work in to get that big in the first place, you're probably just as lazy to keep it in place.

Cardiovascular Health

What is vascular response to inflammation?

The vascular system is the first system to respond to an injury. First there is vasoconstriction of vessel walls of the arterioles. This is followed closely by vasodilation (widening) of the capillaries. When the walls widen directly after constriction, there is a rush of oxygenated blood through the network of capillaries throughout the body. This rush of blood flow causes 3 of the 5 cardinal signs of inflammation: heat (blood is warm), redness (oxygenated blood is red in color), and swelling (tissues are suddenly filled with blood). This rush of blood flow to the area of damage (even something as small as a papercut) is crucial to proper healing because the blood stream contains important healing agents, such as: platelets (clotting), multiple types of white blood cells (rid the body of bacteria and debris), and multiple nutrients and vitamins that are essential for cell repair and regrowth.

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Cardiovascular Health
Blood Pressure

Can a skinny person get high blood pressure?

Yes, any one can get high blood pressure, obesity is just one way to have high blood pressure start younger rather than older. Some people are predisposed to high blood pressure and they can develop the silent killer with no other risk factors beyond other family members having the same trouble.

Cardiovascular Health

What is the heart's responsibility?

The heart is responsible for moving blood throughout our body. The chief function of blood is to bring oxygen and nutrients to tissues in the body, and to carry away carbon-dioxide, lactic acid and other waste material.

Here is an analogy - a truck carrying food (oxygenated blood for left side of heart) is transported and makes several stops to deliver its food to various stores (your organs, cells). In turn it pickups the waste left from the used food (de-oxygenated blood) from these stores and exchanges it for new food (de-oxygenated blood gets pushed to the lungs and is exchanged for oxygenated blood) and the process repeats itself.

Cardiovascular Health

What if you feel dizzy and your heart skips beats?

Might be cardiac syncope. Dangerous if ventricles are involved. If this is the case, the reason you become dizzy is a lack of blood flow to the brain.

Cardiovascular Health

What is the normal heart rate for a 65-year-old?

what is the average heart rate for a 65 year old male

Cardiovascular Health

How food habit is related with heart disease?

Staying healthy is not just a matter of getting exercise or taking vitamins. It can also involve the foods we eat. A person who wants to have a healthy heart should avoid smoking; as for what to eat, a heart-healthy diet has fruits and vegetables and lean meats in it. It does not have much junk food in it-- eating too much fatty or high-calorie foods, as well as eating a lot of fried foods, can be very bad for the health of your heart, and can lead to clogging of your arteries.

Cardiovascular Health

Does your heart stop when you sneeze?

According to the Library of Congress' "Everyday Mysteries" section (refer to the link, below), sneezing does not cause the heart to stop.

NO. This is a myth. Your heart does not stop when you sneeze.

Follow the related link with information from the American College of Cardiology for the truth behind this much believed myth.

Cardiovascular Health
Blood Pressure

Is 115 over 78 a good blood pressure for a 38 year old male?


The answer is yes.


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