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Ever since money was invented, we've been involved in business and financial transactions. Questions here are about all commercial, financial and industrial activity related to the economy, investing, and stock markets. This includes questions and information about production and manufacturing, exchange and distribution of goods or commodities, and management of money and other assets.

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What is the difference between margin and margin?

The difference between Gross Profit Margin and Operating Profit Margin is that the gross profit margin accounts for only Cost of Goods sold, but the Operating Profit Margin accounts for both Cost of Goods sold and Administration/Selling expenses. ...



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What accounting standards are used in Fiji?

The accounting standards used in Fiji are the International Accounting Standards, but are harmonized in various ways to be able to be applicable in Fiji. ...

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How do you calculate brass in sand?

The word "brass" refers to a measure of quantity for loose material (like sand, metal, etc). This term is common in India. One brass equals one hundred cubic feet volume. Calculate the volume of sand and divide by 100 cubic feet to get the number of brass units. ...

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Is there a refugee girl in Dakar Senegal asking for help?

Please do not fall for this nonsense. There are a hundred scam mails running around with the same story, they just change the girls name. The basic answer is that people claiming to be in such camps are trying to defraud you. Very few people in a refugee camp, if any, would have Internet access. Especially to the extent that these people have. If you have received an email from a person (especially a female) who claimed he/she is residing in a refugee camp...

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What is an antiglycolytic agent?

Actually, an antiglycolytic agent prevents gylcolysis, the breakdown or metabolism of glucose (blood sugar) by blood cells. ...

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Who owns public companies?

Public Limited Companies are owned by their shareholders. Because only public limited companies are listed on stock markets, all of whom are by definition, virtually anyone with enough money to buy shares on the stock market could be a potential co-owner of a public company. ...

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What is the expansion of PBDIT?

profit before depreciation, Interest and taxes

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What is contra in stock trading?

When you buy stocks, the actual stocks get delivered to your trading account only after 3 business days and you pay for the stocks only when they are delivered BUT you are already the owner of the stocks BEFORE they are delivered or PAID FOR. As such, if you sell those stocks within that 3 days, a cash difference of your profit or loss will result in your account without ever owning the stock or paying for them. This is known...




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What are the disadvantages of sponsorship?

In general from a rights holder and brand perspective, servicing the sponsorship can cause issues. If there is a lack of resources to activate the sponsorship, it will create pressure on the overall program. Sometimes its better to generate revenue in other forms for an event, conference, team, etc and concentrate on delivery a great program using your resources, than to generate sponsorship/ partnership that may provide much needed funds, however requires a level of commitment and expectation from a third party that...

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What does 'pays even money' mean?

In gambling...I'm assuming that's what your asking it just means it pays the odds of 1:1 its the same thing. ...

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Is CEO and owner mean the same thing?

The owner of the company means who has 100% financial interest over the assets of the said Co. As the name indicates, CEO or Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the day to day operations. Business decisions are approved by CEO. The CEO is an Executive who is paid remuneration along with various fringe benefits by the Company for his rendering service to the Company. additional: The owners(s) will often establish a board of directors. The CEO who may also be a...

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What is full form of MFI?

Micro Finance Institutions. These are institutions who are generally supported by govt. in order to provide finance to small entrepreneurs. MFI stands from Micro Financial Institutions. ...

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How long are NHL intermissions?

They usually put 15+ minutes up on the clock, but from the rulebook: 77.2 : Play shall be resumed promptly following each intermission upon the expiration of seventeen (17) minutes or a length of time designated by the League from the completion of play in the preceding period. ...

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Concept of Taxation in Islam?

The concept of taxation is quite different in Islam. Islam doesn't tax Income, it tax saving. Hence what ever you left after your expenditure or what ever you left as saving after your expenses are taxable in Islam. This would be significant impact on economy. Your expenditure is someone's income. So if your savings are taxed, you tried to expense out more. Hence more you expense ,more income is generated for other society members. The process doesn't stop here. It would be an...


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What is the longform of TDS?

Tax deducted Source

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What is plaintiffs bar?

Hi, in the court of law there is 3 sections of the court room, The judges desk, the defendant bar where the person that was accused of doing the crime, and there is a plaintiff bar where the prosecutor sits, or if its not a murder case, just a regular old case like stealing, damage of property etc. its the person who is suing. ...

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Where can you obtain industry norms?

Dun & Bradstreet, The Risk Management Association, Standard and Poor's, Value Line, and Prentice Hall. ...

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What is the difference between fax and email?

Fax is an electronic machine by which some printed matter can be sent as it is to a distant receiver's fax machine. Where as the email or electronic mail is typed on the computer screen and is instantly sent to a recipient by quoting his email id to be visible at his computer screen by searching his inbox. Apart from basic difference, there is some similarity in nature of both equipments. A fax machine scans the document as an image, trasmits that information...

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How many digits in a UK bank account?

somewhere between 7 and 9 digits for the account number, 6 digits for the sort code ...