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Boxing Day is a holiday - hot on the heels of Christmas - that is celebrated in parts of the British Commonwealth. It falls on the first weekday after Christmas and, according to tradition, is the day when Christmas gifts are given to service workers, such as housekeepers, postmen, etc.

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What is the origin of boxing day'?

December 26 is called Boxing Day in England and other countries in the Commonwealth, but it is unknown exactly when it first began.

Boxing Day seems to have originated in the mid nineteenth century in England. Some historians believe the name 'Boxing Day' came about because the boxes placed in churches where parishioners deposited alms (coins) for the poor and needy were opened, and the contents were distributed on December 26, which is also the Feast of St Stephen. (St Stephen was the first Christian martyr.)

Others believe that the Boxing Day tradition originated as a holiday for members of the upper class to give boxes containing food, clothing or money to tradespeople and servants, in much the same way that many employers offer their employees bonuses today. These gifts were usually given in boxes; hence the name 'Boxing Day".

Oxford English Dictionary says this comes from the Christmas box; the verb box meaning: To give a Christmas-box, and then leading to the term boxing-day.

An extension of the above theory is that when Christmas holidays were much shorter than they are today certain services often only had Christmas Day as a holiday and returned to work the day after. These included services such as the mail, newspaper or milk delivery. Householders would give them a Christmas gift or, as it was commonly called, a Christmas box on this day to thank them for their service throughout the year.

The common theme, however, is that Boxing Day has absolutely nothing to do with the sport of boxing.

Likewise, it does not gain its name from the overpowering need to rid the house of an excess of wrappings and mountains of now useless cardboard boxes the day after St Nick arrived to turn a perfectly charming and orderly home into a maelstrom of discarded tissue paper.

The name also has nothing to do with returning unwanted gifts to the stores they came from, despite its common association with hauling about boxes on the day after Christmas.
as after Christmas families had extra food left over so they would put it into boxes and bring it around to their neighbours
It was custom for tradesmen to collect boxes of gifts for charities and homeless. Now its just a holiday boxing day dates back to around 400 A.D. but its true origin remains a mystery.

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What is boxing day in french?

Boxing Day does not exist in France and nearly nobody knows about that. Hence the absence of French translation.

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Why do Canadians Celebrate Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th. It is a statutory holiday in the federal jurisdiction and in Ontario. If it falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the working day immediately preceding or following Boxing Day is considered a legal holiday.

Boxing Day, also known as the Feast of St. Stephen (after the first Christian martyr), originated in England in the middle of the nineteenth century under Queen Victoria. It originated as a holiday for members of the merchant class to give boxes containing food and fruit, clothing, and/or money to trades people and servants. The gifts were an expression of gratitude similar to the bonuses many employers offer their employees today. These gifts, usually given in boxes, gave the holiday it's name, "Boxing Day".

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Boxing Day

What rhymes with boxing day?

For example you could have:

I was waiting for my Grandparents on Boxing day,

So I played dolls and cars with my sister Fay.

Also look up words with the ending ay because they all rhyme with day.

Hope this helps!

(If not please can you tell me!)



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Boxing Day

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Is Burger King open on boxing day?

stop being fat

Boxing Day

Is there any grocer stores open on Christmas day in Sydney?

no, because people want to spend time with their family not shop.

Boxing Day

Is KFC open Boxing Day?

Yes :)

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Boxing Day

What is the origin of Boxing Day?

Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen's Day, is celebrated on December 26 - the day after Christmas. It was a way for people to make contributions of cash or goods to those less fortunate. Some say it began with the opening of alms boxes in churches during Christmas season and the contributions were distributed the day after Christmas to the needy.

Boxing Day is celebrated in Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and many other Commonwealth countries. Today many families and businesses donate time, money or services to those individuals or charities who are in need.

It was also the day when the master/mistress would distribute the Christmas Box (a gift or money) to the servants. Once upon a time people like the postman (mailman), refuse collector and milkman would call at the houses they serviced for a Christmas "Box" and woe betide the person who didn't give one. Nowadays we just "tip" the people when we see them.

Boxing Day originated during the Victorian era. Family households would celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day but this meant that their servants had to continue with their normal work and so, in effect, missed out on the celebration. To compensate for this, families would set aside December 26 as the time for their servants' Christmas. Work duties would be dropped to a minimum, with family members assuming some of the responsibilities of the servants, such as keeping the fireplace stocked with coal, greeting visitors themselves and supplying the servants with a good Christmas dinner. The term "Boxing Day" refers to the gift that the family gave to each servant - wrapped in box. Despite the good-will shown to their servants there was no mixed lunch or partying the night away together. Decent families still kept a reasonable distance from their servants.

Boxing Day

How tall was the boxing day tsunami?

about 25 meters (80 feet) tall.

Boxing Day

Why did the boxing day tsunami happen?

An underground earthquake occurred moving every centimetre of the earth. One of the plates slid under the other allowing water to zoom back into the gap and then came back out as a huge wave. Because Dan decided to practice his diving

I hope you learnt your lesson Dan

Boxing Day

What time did the Boxing day tsunami hit Indonesia?

7:58 am is the tiime that the tsunami first hit Indonesia.

This answer was submitted by "Geog 1(Georgraphy)".

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Is Boxing Day the same as Black Friday?

I think in a way they are...I mean they both are days for discounts and shopping in America and Canada

Boxing Day

Why is there a day called Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a public holiday or bank holiday in many countries like UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some other Commonwealth Nations. This is the day after Christmas, December 26 of every year, in most of the countries. This name comes from a tradition for employers to give Christmas gifts to their staffs in a box on the day after Christmas.

Boxing Day

How much will Kinect be on Boxing Day?

It's a hundred bucks that's how much I got mine for this boxing day

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Is it PO box or PO box?

It is a P.O. Box - meaning Post Office box.

Boxing Day

Can you order an HBO boxing match on the Internet?

well if u pull down ur pants and poo on your motem then it will work =)

Boxing Day

Does Ireland Celebrate Boxing Day?

Yes, they do. However, it's commonly referred to as St. Stephens Day.

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How are opponents chosen for boxing events?

how opponents are chosen

Opponents for boxing matches are chosen many different ways. On the professional level, fight promoters will seek favorable matchups for their up and coming prospects, opponents who either have a name value but are washed up, or opponents that have a style that will be easy for their fighter to defeat. Also, the promoter of the fighter in the main event will usually stock the card with other fighters from within his stable, to showcase them at the same



Boxing Day

When was the last time a tsunami happened?

this year in march the japan tsunami

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Do trains run on boxing day in Switzerland?

All connections are served 365 days/year... with an astonishing (according to an international study) delay rate of approximately 1%. We're talking about delays of 5-20min.

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Which countries do not recognize boxing day as a public holiday?


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When did Christmas fall on Boxing Day?

By definition, boxing day is the day AFTER Christmas.

Boxing Day
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What time does next open on boxing day?


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Boxing Day

What day do you celebrate Boxing Day on?

you celebrate boxing day on December 26


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