Often called as a Temple City of India, Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha. It is also the biggest city of the state. Bhubaneswar is now a center of religious and economic importance in the region.

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What is a breading station?

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The station at which a chef will cover a piece of meat or other food with bread crumbs.
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What is distance from karjat railway station to panvel railway station?

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Distance from Karjat Railway station to Panvel Railway station is 24 Kms by train and about 20 Kms by road.
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What is the lunch timing in Punjab National Bank?

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PNB lunch timing is 02:00 pm to 02:45 pm
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Who is tulasi munda in orissa?

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Tulasi Munda is a noted social activist from state of who was awarded in by Tulsi Munda has done a lot of work to spread literacy among the tribal people. Tulsi Munda has released hundreds of tribal children from a future as exploited daily labourers by setting up a school in Orissa's mining area. As a girl, Tulsi Munda had herself worked in these mines as a labourer. It is an interesting fact that when tribal children go to their schools, they are out-performing many children attending general schools in the rest of the state. If only the others could be as forward as such 'backwards'. Padmashree Tulsi Munda pioneered what is today in Orissa a phenomenon, the growing strength of women . she many school stated in the barbil (keonjher) she was born in 1947 jul 15 . this school name is Adibasi vikass samity serenda. ramesh samad stream - BBA
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Where is world bank head office in world?

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It is located in Washington DC
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List of ministers in orissa assembly?

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who is the finance minister of orissa?
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Who is the first Indian woman to get Bharat Ratna award?

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Indira Priyadrshini Gandhi was the first Indian woman to be awarded the Bharat Ratna award. - Nagesh CB
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What is the importance of Bhubaneswar?

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Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa. It is also called as the temple city and having lots of temples inside it....In a few years it is going to be a most beautiful city to live. Finally, it shows proud of Orissa.
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Explain the power and function of chief minister?

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explaine the power and function of chief minister
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Can any body tell me the source at Bhubaneswar in India how I can buy a music CD album Pyara Bharat by Rajasree Mukherjee in Indian currency?

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Sangachhadhang sangbodadhang sangbomonan This is traditional vedic song.This song is normally performed as an inaugural opening song for many Indian cultural programme which creates a harmonious & peaceful environment to the audience.
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What is the capital of orissa?

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Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa (state in SE India).
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Is Grimsby the only railway station that requires a valid ticket to exchange for a key to the toilet?

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If you havent a valid ticket then why are you on the station? And the station used to have a lot of drug users going in the toilets, so they decided to lock it.
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Is Bargarh in Orissa?

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Yes, Bargarh is in the state Orissa. It is in the western part of the state. Official Website -
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When did BIG BAZAR started?

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it started 23 Mar 2010 Surely it cannot be 2010. Please provide right answer. It should be 2001.
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What is Bhubaneswar?

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Bhubaneswar is the fast growing city in India. Growing started after 1999 cyclone . which destroyed 70% trees and 30% buldings and roads, after that due to co-operation of people and government.Now bhubaneswar is growing so fast. There are only two planned city in India , one is chandigard and another is bhubaneswar.Bhubaneswar is having all facilities which are there in all metros like shopping malls,forum,pantalooan all brand outlets , pubs ,discos,star hotels , amuzement parks,zoo,sea beach near by,river ,lakes .roads are very good . road planning is so good that , there is no traffic problem ever.bhubaneswar is also called as city of temples and green city.
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What is the Bhubaneswar passport office contact number?

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Smt. Padma Mohanti Passport Officer A-17/12, Surya Nagar Unit VII,Bhubaneswar - 751003 Tel No - 0674-2394005/2533831/2393986/2533831 Fax - 0674-2394005 E-mail - other babu - 0674-2397834 0674-2393991
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What is MOD account with State Bank of India?

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AAn acoount of which even some bank managers are not clear .If you withdraw a part ,will it be breaking of your term deposit or a simply withdrawl from your account ,the remaining amount will earn the same rate of as it was fixed at the time of making MOD.
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Where is bharath?

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Bharath is the other name for the India in the Indian languages.
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Is IMIS Bhubaneswar good?

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Ofcourse its good.